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Killer Instinct for Xbox One is not a “cash-in”, says Microsoft

by Bill Hess on August 9, 2013


Killer Instinct on the Xbox One isn’t “some hacked off remake”, according to Phil Spencer of Microsoft Game Studios.  Spencer says that the company has spent the time and money to make the return of Killer Instinct into a great fighting game.

In a recent interview with OXM, Spencer discusses their plans for this game that’s been asked for by fans ever since Microsoft acquired RARE.

“We are building this to be a great fighting game,” said Spencer.  “This is not some hacked-off remake.  We’re working with Mad Catz on control, we’ve got Rare people looking at it.  We’ve got people focusing on how it’s going to play because we want to build a great fighting game built for a live ecosystem.  This isn’t going to cash in on the name; it’s going to be a real frontline game that people fall in love with.”

Killer Instinct had a firm showing at E3 2013, but many were and still are wondering about the free-to-play aspects of the game.  Furthermore, Killer Instinct was recieved with a hall full of boos when revealed at Evo in July.  Time will tell if Spencer’s prediction holds true.

Fans have been asking for Killer Instinct for years, with it well in sight, there’s got to be some happy people about the fighter.

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  • jaskdavis

    Killer Stink is gonna stink! lol no, but really can someone tell me why the hell this game looks the worst out of the X1 titles graphically when they have to load very few textures in their small fighting arenas vs something as massive as Dead Rising 3? Oh and why the fuuucccckkk is this game running @ 720p? Sorry but this is sad, oh yeah and NO, Im not into fighting games :/

    • RoadShow

      I don’t understand this either and I do say it’s a cash in. This “free to play” title with only 1 character available without paying? I suppose it depends on how expensive each additional character is.

  • skapoo

    Of course Killer Instinct is not a quick cash in, that’s why you have the talented team behind Battleship and Green Lantern making it…

  • Codi

    I haven’t played killer instinct since I had it for my super Nintendo and I loved it on there

  • Duke

    This is a free to play game right? But to keep playing and not get bored of it after 30 minutes, you need to purchase additional characters…

    Where as Sony is offering DCUO, Planetside 2 and Warframe on day 1 (I believe)… 3 big MMO titles and yes I know that if you want to access every bit of the games you need to subscribe but you are not limited to a small fragment and can play well into each of them….

    Just 1 of those is more appealing than Killer Instinct. But 3… Come on that’s a great deal… Looking forward to the launch… Just a few more months to go and with Gamescom just around the corner, I look forward to what else each console will announce (games included).

  • njb

    this remake makes the Fighting Community upset.
    Somehow MS have ruined a fighting game.

    Just because its made by Rare doesnt make it good. It basically MS slapping Rare’s name on a product to sell.

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