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Mass Effect 3 to introduce “Heavy Melee” Class

by Bill Hess on April 21, 2011

Of all the new additions we’ve heard about Mass Effect 3, one new big game changer is the inclusion of the Heavy Melee class character.  According to recently leaked information, the Heavy Melee class is what it sounds like, a melee based character that relies on combat attacks that are upclose and personal.  The class is rumored to include melee kicks, punches, and a “swat turn”.

This new combat feature should liven up the combat in Mass Effect 3, where the Commander will be a much more adept fighter this time around if you give him the right specialities.   Our source claims that the combat will have a much faster pacing than in previous Mass Effect games, with much larger environments and dynamic landscapes.  The info also reiterates what was revealed by Game Informer in their recent preview, in Cerberus now acting against Commander Shepard.  However, the recent intel describes the enemies that Shepard will be facing as a variety of mechs, assault units, and ninja like shock troops.  It’s also rumored that the planet scanning system will be completely re-done for Mass Effect 3, one of the biggest complaints of a near flawless 2010 release in Mass Effect 2.

Mass Effect 3 is scheduled for release this fall on PS3, PC, and Xbox 360.

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  • Gman

    So it would be like commando perk in MW2? Lunge forward and instant kill?

    LOL imagine Shepherd do some fancy fighting combos on a Krogan.

  • SKIN503

    Im still a little disappointed Miranda Lawson did’nt show off at least a thong In ME2, Bioware did a great job on her curves lol

  • andrew

    YESSSSS i hope it also has some sick biotic melee combo attacks, hopefully the fighting mechanics and cover system are redesigned to add this in, otherwise it would be pretty hard to use this class…just my opinion.

  • luke

    that does sound really cool but why don’t they just like put more extras in the other classes

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