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Massive list of Wii U titles leaked

by Bill Hess on May 7, 2012

It’s expected that Nintendo will have plenty to talk about this year at E3 2012 with the Wii U’s launch imminent.  An employee of Blockbuster UK has apparently taken a few snapshots of the company inventory computer programs, that have outed quite a few titles that can be expected from Nintendo’s next gen machine.  Some of these games we’ve heard of, some not.  The leaked screens indicate titles like Splinter Cell 6, Metro Last Light, and other big third party titles will make it to the Wii U.

This could be a huge indication of what we’ll see from Nintendo and its third party partners at this year’s E3, but with only a month to go until the show, we’ll find out for sure in the coming weeks.  When Nintendo announced the Wii U, it did so as a company looking to incorporate more types of gaming experiences into its portfolio.  Promising to have something for everyone, these core titles like Splinter Cell 6, Assassin’s Creed III, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Darksiders II, and others, are definitely making good on that promise.

You can find the allegedly leaked list below.  While we can’t be 100% sure that it is in fact legitimate, so these titles may or may not be set in stone.

 Nintendo Wii U Games List Leaked?

  • Aliens: Colonial Marines –
  • Assassin’s Creed III –
  • Batman: Arkham City –
  • Darksiders II –
  • Dirt 3 –
  • Formula 1 All Stars –
  • Game Party –
  • Ghost Recon Online –
  • Just Dance 4  –
  • Killer Freaks from Outer Space –
  • Marvel Super Heros –
  • Metro Last Light –
  • Monsters Party –
  • New Super Mario Bros Mii –
  • Ninja Gaiden 3 –
  • Pikmin –
  • Rabbids Party Land –
  • Raving Rabbids –
  • Rayman Legends –
  • Shield Pose –
  • Splinter Cell 6 –
  • Sports Connection –
  • Tekken –
  • Your Shape 2013 –
  • Zombie –

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  • Corwinsr

    As an ex-employee of Blockbuster in Houston, Tx I can that 1. That is definately an authentic screen, 2. Even district managers don’t have the ability to modify that listing and 3. Omg, I can’t believe BB uses the same old crap point of sale system in the UK as here in the states!

  • Joshua Rizk

    Come ONNNNNN no Blops 2 or GTA V :( and is this a launch list or a E3 list?

    • Adriana

      It’s been four years since the Wii first debuted but if you haven’t jupmed in on the bandwagon, now is a pretty excellent time to do so. In the eyes of the public and industry alike, the Wii is seen as a very accessible gaming machine with games that are simple to pick up and play much like the original Nintendo Entertainment System was back in 1985. To a lot of gamers, though, they see the system as not having a lot of worthwhile titles to play. People are constantly saying their Wiis are in the closet or collecting dust. They’re not lying. I have a lot of close friends who literally have their Wiis boxed up in their closets. The reasons are probably because of the Wii’s lack of a unified online infrastructure or it’s lowered graphically fidelity in comparison to this current gen’s home consoles. But here I am, buying my second Wii. I consider myself a hardcore but well-rounded gamer. I like playing the Call of Duty and Halo games that everyone else is playing but I like the Marios, Kirbys, Metroids, Zeldas, and just about everything else, too. The motion control of most games is tacked on and extremely gimmicky, but it can still provide for a very fun experience when done correctly. I’m also an extremely retroactive gamer. I like, like, like games of ancient and that’s one of the largest selling points of the Wii for me. I’m 22 years-ancient so a lot of these ancient games I play are first time experiences. The Virtual Console feature of the Wii is a very large library of ancient games you can download from the Wii’s Shop Channel with a straightforward pay-per-title payment structure. You can download games from past Nintendo home consoles from the NES to the Nintendo 64. You can also download games from other non-Nintendo platforms such as the Sega Genesis, TurboGrafx, and even arcade. There are also Wii exclusive downloadable Wiiware games and a limited variety of apps such as Netflix so you can stream movies and TV if you’re a subscriber to Netflix. So obviously lower quality graphics don’t bother me, though, I must admit the maximum resolution that the Wii can output at 480p is rather disappointing, especially as time goes on. It won’t bother a lot of people, especially kids, but I game on my PC too at super resolutions so I longingly wait for the day I can play my Nintendo games in HD. The overall reproduction of games in the Virtual Console though is mostly spot on, which is more than I can say for a lot of other retro ports of classics. The Wii can also play Gamecube games by simply inserting the games and plugging in a Gamecube controller. One thing that is a bit disappointing is that not all ancient games are on the Virtual Console. Nintendo tries to release more when they can but it can be hard for them at times due to licensing royalties and fees, especially when the license holding companies don’t exist anymore and multiple parties own the rights. Anyways, that’s my opinion of the Wii in general. Here’s some of this product’s specifics: 25th Anniversary Wii Bundle What makes this bundle different than other current Wii bundles is that the system and included remote/nunchuck are Red to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the release of the NES and Super Mario Bros. I’m guessing because Mario’s clothing is mostly red but it’s a unique and supposedly limited color for the Wii. The bundle also comes with two games: New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Wii Sports. The other bundles (Black or White) come with Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort. You may or may not have already played Wii Sports which has fun pick-up-and-play games such as tennis or bowling. Wii Sports Resort is in the same style but has other games that utilize 1:1 motion such as sword fighting or archery. If you end up getting this bundle I highly recommend still getting Resort as you will get an additional Wii motion Plus attachment with the game. All bundles come with either a Wii motion Plus attachment (which gives the remote more accurate 1:1 detection and is required for some games such as Resort) or has it built in the remote. New Super Mario Bros. Wii This game is in the same 2.5D style of New Super Mario Bros. for the DS with it’s 3D rendered visuals but classic 2D platforming of older Mario games. The games look very similar but the levels are largely different with the added option of 1 to 4 players. I loved the DS version but I thought that playing it with more people would get kind of frustrating. Well, it really is, but in that kind of crazy, fun kind of way. You can cooperate and compete. Helping each other to make that distant platform or hog all the coins to yourself while throwing your brother or sister into a pit as you make your way to the end of the stage. I questioned my family if they wanted to try playing the game with me and they did. The next day I didn’t reckon to question them again because I was interested in something else I was playing, but they

    • Auth

      Although the Wii U was announced, it has yet to be realesed. Anyways, to answer your question: Yes, there will be Wii games made post console release.There is no definite answer as to how long it will continue, but production of past generation consoles usually continues for a few years after the next console is realesed. The Nintendo Gamecube, the last generation home console from Nintendo, continued to have games developed for it until 2008, which was 2 years after the Wii’s release. The Wii could continue being a secondary console, as Sony has done with their PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 consoles, however it’s up to Nintendo. If you would like a speculated answer, then i would guess that game production would end in 2015 at the latest for Wii games. It may be sooner considering the lack of good titles realesed for the system, however, this is just a guess. I could be right, wrong or be completely wrong though. Nonetheless, i hope this answers your question,~Barolb

  • RT

    Between the time that they introduced Wii U and now, I could’ve made this list. Most of the people who frequent gaming sites should already know this list. I learned nothing new from this list

  • RT

    Between the time that they introduced Wii U and now, I could’ve made this list. Most of the people who frequent gaming sites should already know this list. I learned nothing new from this list

    • Max

      Agreed, its ridiculous. The only thing remotely new is Splinter 6, which while cool, doesn’t really tell us anything we didn’t know.

    • Ervin

      Will games still be made for the original Wii once the Wii U is reseelad?I only just got a Wii last christmas so i probably won’t be buying the next Wii system. So what i wanna know is will Wii games still be made, or will they stop making Wii games when the Wii U is out?


    Wow I wonder if they will improve the graphics much? Anyway the wii u actually looks pretty cool.

    Also I found some leaked game play footage but not sure if its legit??

  • Etaylor1016

    most of these titles have already been confirmed by nintendo 

  • Ben Fiske

     um no thats not leaked footage but funny.

  • Matahari

    What should Nintendo call the Wii U ctnoroller?The Wii’s ctnorollers are called wiimotes (or Wii remotes, if you’re lame), and the NGC ctnoroller’s were called wave birds (only true of the wireless ones, I know).What should Nintendo call the Wii U’s ctnoroller?I’m thinking the WiiTab, or WiiUTab, but what do you think?

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