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Microsoft slashes the price of Kinect for Xbox 360

by William Schwartz on August 22, 2012

Microsoft announced earlier today that the Kinect will be permanently reduced to $109.99 in the United States. The company also noted that the price will be permanently dropped in North America, Latin America and Asia Pacific regions where the Kinect is sold.

Starting in early October, the Kinect will also see a price reduction in Australia and New Zealand. According to Major Nelson, “There are no price drop plans for EMEA or Japan.”

For core gamers the Kinect has been hit and miss. An initiative in recent months however has seen a few game implement the Kinect voice commands feature in really great ways. Skyrim, Mass Effect 3, and the upcoming Madden NFL 13 to name a few.

The price reduction has already gone into effect in the U.S., retailers like Amazon, GameStop, and Best Buy have already marked the accessory down from $149.99 to $109.99.

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  • HighGuy

    Isn’t it funny when we look back at the hype of the PlayStation Move vs. Kinect. Both accessories had a lot of promise to revolutionize the gaming industry. PlayStation Move flopped big time, but at least the Kinect got some decent core gaming applications out of the deal. Both of them were overhyped big time.

  • Allen

    Someone just commented about Kinect. Any truth to this?

    I would be more concerned about IR light damaging and harming kids eyes
    making them go blind by using a technology that was pushed to the market
    for profit without proper testing and review.

    Pure IR light damages the eyes and will damage the eyes of kids eyes
    that are growing and eyes developing. Its shameful to think a company
    would rather profit from technology and releasing a technology that
    should have been scraped from the beginning. The reson others havent
    done this is the same reason. Since MSFT would rather settle lawsuits in
    the background, companies that distribute this technology should also
    be sued for selling it.

    I see lawyers all over this in the future. Research has already showed
    that its damaging to eyes. Once your vision is gone its gone forever.
    Shameful company.

  • Allen

    Move has sold over 8 million units. I know it didn’t match Kinect but it didn’t have the budget either. My family visiting; 1 with a Wii with Wii motion plus, the other with a 360 with kinect both said move was a Wii wanna be. I just stayed quite, knowing that I had my PS3 in the car with my move, Killzone 3/Resistance 3, Start the Party and Sports Champions and let the games show for them selves.

    The one with a 360 is now going to get a move, his wife (my sis) liked move more than Kinect and admitted kinect lags. He’s keeping the 360 just for Halo (because he hasn’t discovered Battlefield apparently) but admits I’m right – the only people that buy a 360 or at least that should buy a 360 are those who must do so to play with their friends or for some reason can’t live without Gears or Halo. Much better games out there people.

    And Wii motion plus, LMAO, it’s just about the same without the plus and the sword game I played in it didn’t even capture the 3D world or actual moves like PS move. Plus you still lost your position all over the place and had to still hold with the 2nd hand in an awkward style to navigate correctly.

    Move just needs more demo units. The implementation is great as it doesn’t force you to but rather give you the option to motion game. So these numbers again are pretty good – 8 Million was sold well over a year ago if I remember right. Try it before you dis it, I tried kinect – dance central is the only good game there then everything else is fun for 15 mins before I start picking apart the lag and misreading command.

  • Paul

    Here goes Alice again, spamming Xbox stories with her I wish the playstation was popular garbage. I bet if you put the same amount of effort into having a life you would still be a homosexual.

  • Allen

    LMAO fuck you ass wipe. First post was just a question, I reposted from the news site I first saw this on, looking to see if anyone knows about this.

    2nd is straight up and for real facts so you don’t like it then go fuck yourself. Good day sir.

  • Cool dude

    Good day? How can we have a good day when you just keep trolling?


    Allen is upset that Sony copied the Wii with their weird dildo thing

  • HighGuy

    Allen is a weirdo, man chillax

  • Rick

    The move is dead, neither sony or 3rd parties are showing interest in it anymore. All your exciting family events mean nothing when the majority of pa3 gamers could care less about it

    • RROD$2PLAY

      Well I suppose if you were blinded by something like say…your ego you probably didn’t notice these:

      PGA Tour 13; PixelJunk 4am, Sourcery, Ninja Gaiden 3, The Amazing Spiderman;MLB the Show; Start the Party Save the World

      The sharpshooter on the move is really cool IF YOU EVER TRIED IT. The sword fighting and accuracy of move is awesome IF YOU EVER TRIED IT.

      I’m sure you are happy having nothing but kids games and lack of quality core games along with no way in hell that you could ever in a million years get a shooter….on your supposedly bad ass “shooter” console. Xbox is weak, your line is weak, your hardware is weak and you’re weak.

  • Rick

    Well I’ve owned and played Killzone 3, R3, Sports Champions, House of Dead, and Start the Party, not to mention various demos. Cool for Killzone 3 and R3, yes, good for competitive play, no, I found it to be a disadvantage in close quarters. Sports Champions and Start the Party are mediocre party games. Sure Sports Champions has better graphics and accuracy then Wii Sports, would have been awesome released in 2007, but now it’s just a rehash. House of Dead Overkill was pretty awesome though.

    Not praising Kinect here, but Move is a dust collector, you probably comment more about it then use it.

    • RROD$2PLAY

      Fair judgement but no, not a dust collector. My kid loves Eye Pet, Start the Party, a few games from PS Store I can’t remember the name of and I like KZ3, R3, Start the party (the whole house and all family loves), MAG, 007 Goldeneye, MLB the show & I have PGA for company.

      I’ll admit that I don’t pick it up every week but just like all my other games there are times you can’t peel me away from them and the move. They need their own Star Wars game as the sword fighting is perfect and it looks like a light saber.

      Gotta LMAO at your comment about it compared to Wii Sports Resort. The sword fighting in that game (wii motion plus) is so pathetic. I actually didn’t find any of the games other than their aicraft one to be that much fun. Wii mote is not accurate for crap and I think it’s a mistake for Nintendo not to upgrade it. Or perhaps they realize that motion gaming isn’t all it’s cracked up to be all the time.

  • Cool dude

    Allen, calm down.

  • Allen

    Counter Strike. Without going into mouse/keyboard option for PS3 it’s the best thing ever. LMAO, 20 headshots in a 10 round session winning every round. (only 5 rounds)

    • Cool dude

      Nice… enjoying aim assist?

      Retarded noob.

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