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Nintendo: 3DS and Wii U realize former impossibilities for their brand

by William Schwartz on May 1, 2012

There’s no doubt that Nintendo has had remarkable success with their DS and Wii brands in recent years. They’ve baffled the competition by selling both products at breakneck pace, year in and year out. As Nintendo transitions from the DS/Wii era to the 3DS/Wii U era, investors and analysts alike have had their concerns about innovation within the new product lines. Nintendo’s President, Satoru Iwata, recently spoke about how the new consoles “realize what has been impossible” for the older hardware despite seeming like only “improved versions” of former products.

We believe that these systems offer unprecedented experiences, providing improvements from the Nintendo DS and the Wii.“The company (Nintendo) has made efforts in order to improve the good points of the Nintendo DS,” said Iwata. ” I do not think it would be the right decision if we abandoned everything and started from scratch. This same line of thought can also be applied to the Wii U… As a result, however, people in the beginning may be able to see things that are highly visible and may wonder if it is merely an improved version.” “We have designed and developed the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U so that each of them is able to realize what has been impossible with the existing systems, and we believe that these systems will be able to offer consumers unprecedented experiences, in addition to providing them with improvements from the Nintendo DS and the Wii.”

“We have designed them so that they can realize what has been impossible.Some of the differences that must be rather easily comprehensible with the Nintendo 3DS are such features as “StreetPass” and “SpotPass” communications, which have realized the positive surprises which were not possible with other prior devices. When the company can finalize the development of the software which takes full advantage of these unique functions, for example, if we can do so with the new “Animal Crossing” for the Nintendo 3DS, our consumers will be able to feel and realize that the new “Animal Crossing” is not only a richer version of its predecessors but also how positively such functions can affect their play experiences.”

Nintendo is set to reveal these new innovations for the Wii U at E3 2012, this June.

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  • AGamerOfConsoles

    Analysts have concerns about Wii U? What else is new? These analysts have been predicting Nintendo doomsday from when DS was announced. Its like they have some sort of beef with N trying to be unique or stand out from the competition.

    • Facelord

      It’s not about the Wii U being unique or standing out from the competition, it’s about the Wii U hardware being inadequate and Nintendo cutting way too many corners with their systems lately. From resistive touchscreens and awful battery life to low-resolution LCD screens and the inability to run modern Unreal Engines(the 3DS can’t handle UE3, Wii U can’t handle UE4) and smartphones stealing away a huge portion of the casual gamer market from Nintendo, I don’t expect Nintendo to repeat their success with the DS and Wii with their “next-gen”(and yet only a slightly hardware bump above last-gen) platforms. The hardware’s just not impressive to a gamer walking past a Wii U display at a store who already owns a PS3 and smartphones are eating the non-gamer casual market.

      You heard casuals assume that 3DS games play inside of their DS systems and they’re now thinking that the Wii U is just a peripheral for the Wii. This is their main market after they lost so many dedicated fans to the HD consoles. There are so many things wrong with the Wii U I just don’t see how it’d fare all that well. I expect Nintendo to either become a niche “always third place” company or for them to go third-party; personally I’d rather see Mario on my Vita than on the 3DS, that thing gives me headaches.

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