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Playstation 3: Hackers respond to lawsuit, release all tools to public

by Bill Hess on January 12, 2011

Fail0verflow is the group responsible for a majority of the work that was done in the PlayStation 3 hacking community.  Making it possible for the lay person to install custom firmware on the PlayStation  3 ultimately bypassing the system security.  More recently, Sony filed a lawsuit that named multiple persons including the head of this group.  In response to the lawsuit that Sony has filed, which ordered the group to terminate any activity,  fail0verflow has released all of the tools they created in the process.

“LEGAL TOOLS that do not contain any keys or any SONY software created by the team fail0verflow (please clone this repository and avoid to the big fish eats the small fish using the money and the recurses of one Multinational against talented people that seeking new hombrew uses in the PS3 console and the return of Linux)”

Claiming that:  ” you can’t put Pandora back in it’s box”

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  • fuckhackers

    you c0ckscking d!ckheads, you have sh!t on LINUX for 4 years, zero activity, zero apps, now you have full mouth of – return linux to us, bullshit you retards.

    • YOUR_MOM1213

      Attack of your mom Thumbs UP
      hahahahhahahha GO GEOHOT N FailOverFlow F**K all u Cryin like little P**sys it got hacked and it will still be continue to be hacked by other people like me i will help them n so will others!

  • sony BAN them HARD

    “LEGAL TOOLS that do not contain any keys or any SONY software created by the team fail0verflow (please clone this repository and avoid to the big fish eats the small fish using the money and the recurses of one Multinational against talented people that seeking new hombrew uses in the PS3 console and the return of Linux)”

    4 years with PS3 LINUX, no progs from juvenile idiots from – fail bla bla, you are LIARS !!!

    • Xs

      It took 1 year. One fucking year because sony wanted to screw around with their fanbase and just general purchasers. They took it upon themselves to get those keys, and they did. They’ve had AsBestOS for sometime now but it was very hard to activated.

      And these guys are much much older. These are quality hacks, not some scriptkiddies.

      • lowut

        took one year? are you THAT retarded?

        you are pretty much clueless.

      • ban them HARD

        QUALITY WHAT – programers ? NO !!!, idiotic teen “hackers” like that imbecil geofuck by whom activity was OtherOS removed, sure thingy !!!!

  • Anon

    Bunch of idiots. Would have probably given the guy a bit of credibility if his spelling and grammar wasn’t so atrocious.

    Homebrew? There is nothing you’ll be able to do on the PS3 which you can do on your PC with a fraction of the hassle. Homebrew is just a shameful excuse to get some piracy going. Same goes for the return of Linux, it was a petty excuse for a poor man’s PC at best. Linux wasn’t any good on PS3 and to my knowledge no one ever achieved anything from using it. Again, just an excuse for piracy.

    • Hahaha

      WTF? Do your research before trying to sound smart. You sound like a dumb ass. That’s like saying “I don’t need Facebook or Twiiter on my phone, I got a PC for that” It just adds to the experience and fun you can have using a device. Plus, OS wasn’t the cause of the PS3 piracy. It was the PS3’s security breach codes. And how did these you call “idiots” get it? Sony’s security staff gave them a simply equation for these “idiots” to solve. What company is stupid enough to give them a hint on their security breach? Apparently Sony is. So if anyone is to blame or be called “idiots” is Sony for motivating Fail0verflow to crack the breach

    • DD5

      You’re a retard. If you don’t know what the difference is between RISC and CISC, PPC and x86, or even the CellBE architecture, you’re a retard claiming that a PC can do the same thing. It can’t. x86 doesn’t have the PPE/SPE architecture; you would then be claiming that you don’t need a GPU to play games on your PC as well.

      • Leandro

        Wake up. The PS3 is just a pc with a different architecture. EVERTHING Ps3 can do, pc can. It just need to be done in a differente (and easier) way.
        >>>>Homebrew is just a excuse to piracy in PS3 (period).<<<<

        All these 'talented people' should go to jail. Because of these stupid sh*t now Ps3 is just a console with a lot of pirated and gigantic ISOs over internet.

        Thank you for nothing.

    • Xs

      Its a legal safe haven, we shouldn’t have to put up with Sonys shit. And watch Fail0verflows talks. They did not develop anything for piracy, they did not support such thing. They jsut wanted their linux back. And so do I, and even if they ported every wii homebrew over to the PS3, that is reason enough to have it back.

      • Leandro

        And do you really believe in it? “We never supported piracy… our programs can do it, and can do it very well, but it has nothing to do with it…”
        Yeah, ok.

        • Scott

          Not that I really care either way but I believe piracy was a motive. I mean, why would you openly admit that you were attempting to steal something? That’d be a pretty stupid move on their part.

          • HenryFord

            It has nothing to do with either piracy nor homebrew-developement. They just wanted the access to the hardware they bought – nothing wrong with it. If it gets used for piracy, that eventually would have happened anyway, if it gets used for homebrew, that too would have happened eventually. The PS3 is capable of A LOT of things, but Sony restricted the access so that a lot of the ideas and innovations couldnt come to the PS3. Just take the PS2 for example – with the PS2 being hacked it began to be a full media-center, you could play a lot of video-formats on it, Emulators, etc. . I never hacked my PS2 because of piracy, I actually believe that good developers have to be paid as such, but because of the wide varity of possibilites it delivered to me. Heck – it was possible to use an USB-Stick as a memory-card which were freaking expensive.

            There is nothing wrong with the console being open – in the end, both sony and the customer could profit from this. But Sony will just sue everybody (again), kick them out of their system and never mention it again.
            It is the completely wrong way, they are punishing legit customers (for the average customer it is way to technical to install and apply any hack, the amount of customers you loose through piracy on consoles is VERY low). VALVE recently pointed that out as well, the open-platforms (ie PCs) will always be the center of innovation.


    I have to disagree with the point that no one has done anything useful with Linux on the PS3… Actually there were many articles written on the exact subject that universities and government agencies found that by using Linux based PS3, you could group a bunch of PS3’s together and make a supercomputer. It was the cheapest way to make a supercomputer, and it was not to shabby!

  • Hackers FTW

    Good luck! Unlock the true power of the PS3 darkside.

  • zeus

    “you can’t put Pandora back in it’s box”

    That makes no sense. It’s a box containing all the evils, given to pandora.

    Obviously written by the 13 y/o genious who thought “Fail0verflow” was a good name.

    • Xs

      Glad you know a late 20’s, year old man when you see one.

      • Axe99

        He might be late 20s biologically, but grammatically and emotionally his age is very much still open to question ;).

        Any gamer that doesn’t realise piracy is the single largest threat to their hobby is, plain and simple, and idiot (it only takes one look at the path of major games on the PC over the last 10 years, or PSP over the last 5, to cotton on). By doing this, Failoverflow has made piracy on the PS3 far, far easier than it was previously. It doesn’t matter whether he approves or not – the consequences of his actions will be piracy, and gamers will suffer. By doing this, he has declared himself the enemy of gamers, and as a gamer I’m finding it very, very hard to support him.

        • Aaron

          You are obviously the idiot. Piracy has been happening since the invention of disc based consoles. Let’s see……Dreamcast,PS1,PS2,XBOX,XBOX 360, PSP and now the PS3. Aside from the dreamcast the game companies have been raking in the cash. As a matter of fact, the most pirated games tend to be the highest selling ones, games like Call Of Duty are highly pirated yet break game sales records. The reason you may ask? because a very small amount of those gamers (people like me and others in the scene) have the knowledge needed to perform these mods and hacks whereas people like you lack that technical knowledge and it seems that people like you make up the majority of the world. To correct your ignorant statement that so many people seem to believe, piracy DID NOT destroy PC gaming, When games are more accessible on consoles and you can just put a disc in and play without the compatibility issues and glitches that plague PC games, why wouldn’t people play on consoles instead? Combine that with the fact that consoles tend to have AT LEAST a 5 year life span compared to a PC that costs 3 times as much to run the same games that will be outdated within 1 to 2 years and you have the REAL reason PC gaming has died.

          • Axe99

            How long have you been around Aaron? Piracy existed well before disc-based consoles. Piracy started on PC, and has always been strongest there. And the amount of knowledge you need to play a pirated game could be written in the margins of your average football fixture, it’s hardly university degree stuff. I could pirate games when I was in primary school (and, to my shame, did a few times – I was pretty young and naive at the time, after all) – it’s not that hard.

            The reason why hacking on consoles has always been less than that on PC (which it is rampant on – there are numerous devs that have stated publicly that they now lead on console now because piracy has cost them too much money on PC – and it’s routine now for the number of torrent downloads of PC games to be significantly larger than steam and retail sales combined) is because, up until now, you had to physically modify your console (‘chip it’ to get piracy to work – this both costs money and is a pain to do. However, with the latest PS3 hacks, it’s as simple as plugging a USB key in, clearly a much easier and cheaper process.

            As for the death of PC gaming, you might be a bit young to realise this, but the cost and time of the ‘upgrade’ cycle is significantly less (in real, not nominal ,clearly) and far slower than it was back in the 1990s, when PC gaming was king (and the SNES, then Playstation and N64 were pretty big as well). While there are benefits to playing on console (the ones you list are the reason I play on console these days), those benefits are marginally less now than they were then, which calls into question the logic of your argument.

            Obviously, I don’t know you from a bar of soap, but your argument sounds like a pirate trying to justify their behaviour, rather than someone who’s been around and has an in-depth knowledge of gaming.

            On the by, you do know that CoD:BO had over 4 million torrents downloads? It was hardly pirated by a ‘niche’ audience. Indeed, if it wasn’t for piracy, it could have potentially had its highest sales on PC. But, thanks to piracy, it had no chance.

          • Aaron

            I’m 33 and have been an avid gamer since the days of Atari so yeah, I’ve been around a while. Yes you are correct, piracy has been around a lot longer than just disc based games so I’ll correct myself. It was never a problem before disc based games and digital media. The portion of people pirating in the 90’s we’ll say was a much smaller percentage than it is now, even though today it’s still an insignificant percentage. Yes, “the amount of knowledge you need to play a pirated game could be written in the margins of your average football fixture, it’s hardly university degree stuff” HOWEVER it takes some decent technical knowledge to create the software or “hacks” needed to run the pirated software. Yes, it’s much easier to pirate on a PC but part of the problem is that the developers of most OS’s don’t really support the gaming community and therefore piracy runs rampant. Things evolve. PC gaming will die because it’s archaic just like 8 tracks and eventually CD’s and soon to be DVD’s die out. I understand your need to hold on to what you once held dear but such is the way of technology-evolve or die. As far as your stance on PC upgrades go, you are sadly mistaken. I am not too young to realize anything. My first computer was a commodore 64 and my first taste of “online” was with BBS’s so I feel I’ve been around long enough to make an educated opinion. I have a better PC than anyone I know and probably as good as anyone you know and within 1 to 2 years should I want to keep up with the gaming world on my PC I will have to spend a considerable amount of money. Money that I wouldn’t have to spend on a console. With a console, the games are developed around the hardware and with PC’s the devs just make the games and it’s the PC that has to evolve to keep up.Yes, I am a pirate and yes, to a certain degree I am trying to justify what I do but more so trying to educate those who think piracy “ruins” the future of the gaming and the console. Like i said, it’s too easy on PC-to the point where my 7 year old daughter can do it but not so simple on consoles which is why the major companies continue to post record sales year after year. Microsoft and Sony are not losing money and neither are most of the major companies. So yes, I am a pirate who also happens to buy any game that I would ever play online thus my collection of over 100 retail games that I purchased with my hard earned money. In closing, regarding your post that “CoD:BO had over 4 million torrents downloads? It was hardly pirated by a ‘niche’ audience.” yes I am aware of that but were you aware that the console versions earned over $650 million dollars worldwide in the first 5 days of release for what is essentially an exact copy of modern warfare? Yeah, poor game company’s that we’re destroying with our piracy. I know piracy is wrong yet I do it anyways which puts me on even ground with the game corporations who do sneaky and underhanded things to consumers KNOWING it’s wrong. The only difference is, I don’t earn billions of dollars a year and yet I still contribute by purchasing games. I respect your opinion however. You’re entitled to your’s the same as I’m entitled to mine.

  • david

    Couldn’t they just leave the PS3 alone. This hackers were part of the “Free” world. What i mean by that is….They wanted to get this hack going so they wouldn’t have to buy any more games and just get them for free. I suppose that they wanted to make money on piracy games. They can make a bunch of them and sell them. I also think that they were looking for attention. They wanted the whole world to see them and get some publicity. They probably didn’t get enough attention at home because dad is probably never home.Well…they get the attention and now they are in trouble. They shouldn’t be allowed near a computer anymore for the rest of their lives.

  • Jesse Ventura

    Sony FTL

    Next time keep all the features you use to sell your console you pricks, hope you fail the generation now and I get all your games for free! :0

  • TheGamingArt

    jackasses need their heads put back in the box. Didn’t they play God Of War, they’re obviously not in it for the gaming community.

    • Xs

      Ummm… No, their not. They said at least 5 times in their speeches, they dont care for the gaming, will not code for the gaming and will not pirate the games.

      What the fuck are you talking about?

  • alex

    piss off ps3 hackers, i dont want to play a game ive payed 40 quid for only to be sp[awn killed, shot from outside the map and rapid fired on, a la halo hack a lot game. or modernwarefare 2 , which on some maos, is unplayable due to hackers. better now, but a few months ago, it was awful. halo 3 in its day was a hack frenzy, until the banhammer actually caught some people. those games were full of glitches anyway, and exemplified by the easy hacking of xbox.. ps3 has always been watertight… thats why i brought it… – fuc* off hackers…. get back on ur pcs.

  • Vaistrat

    You can’t put Pandora “back in the box”, indeed, she was never IN IT to begin with, the myth is as follows: Pandora was GIVEN a box, her curiosity led to the box bein opened, and all of man’s maladies and pains coming out of it.

    But yeah, we get the idea, hell has broken loose, and there’s no way of turning back.

    I myself won’t be downloading any modern copyrighted software, just abandonware and software I already legally own, you know, since I just *ucking fancy having a legal copy on my HDD.

    By the way “Linux wasn’t any good on PS3 and to my knowledge no one ever achieved anything from using it” aren’t you an ignorant, egotistical *unt, go back to your legally owned lady gaga CD.
    BTW I won’t be answering any further comment, so don’t bother.

  • Diago

    All this UNLOCKING ITS TRUE power Bullshit has to stop.
    NOBODY will make apps for the PS3, This has happend for one thing and one thing only.

    It will break the entire Online scene, so fuck all you cheap ass scrubs.

  • ….

    fuck pirates. hope sony sue them so they will see that even things happening on the internet can have consequences.

  • edge

    The good thing about the PS3 being hacked is that Sony can now patch the holes releases a new update and tighten up security for the upcoming new releases and exclusives.
    Then we can get another update that doesn’t have the features we want for our PS3.

  • melmacj

    The biggest joke I hear is people want to use Linux on ps3. That is a plain lie first of all Linux was terrbile slow on ps3. If you want to use Linux that bad use the platform it made for…PC. If Sony left linux on PS3 I bet money less than 10% of it’s install base would use it legally.

  • D.Vader

    You may not be able to put Pandora back in the box, but you can sick a strong legal arm on some people and make their lives hell for a long time.

  • fo

    what a pathetic loser…

    there is no big fish or small fish… there are scum bags who are trying their best to play pirated games and there is a company that is trying to protect its rights.

  • Xeno

    Once again hackers ruin everything. What disrespect from overflow. Sony asks that they terminate any and all tool kits that they are sending out and overflow is just like “fuck you” and releases more hacks. You realize all this does is allow more ways for people to hack games and make cheaters infest games. But thats what you all fucking want isn’t it? To cheat.

  • dfsf

    cool but makes you wonder why he would release it while being sued…. (a lawsuit that sony will lose but still…)

  • l3linde

    …….you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system, and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.

    – Morpheus

  • Aaron

    Wow. Look at all the honest people here. Sniff sniff…..You all need a fucking tissue. I suppose these are all the same people that are okay with game companies splitting a game up in to segments (DLC) and charging people double what a game should cost to get those parts. The manufacturers spend their resources ripping people like you off so why should us hackers and pirates be any different? As long as the piracy is able to be kept from online competition then calm down a little. There’s no such thing as an honest person which makes all you “honest” gamers a bunch of hypocrites. And who cares if the linux feature was never use or if it will ever BE used…..WE FUCKING PAID FOR IT! It’s MY choice to never use a feature I paid for, NOT Sony’s. I have plenty of expensive tech laying around my Man Cave that I NEVER use. It doesn’t give the company who made it the right to come in to my house and take it. Get over yourselves.

  • Mitch

    haha, you guys are such babies. Stop crying for Sony, you guys are gonna get awesome apps, and free games if you wish. If you want a clear conscience download a game from a developer and send them 30$ and call it even. Why anyone wants to blow all their money on games when they could get it for free blows my mind. Be part of the 2% who pirates and it doesn’t affect the industry in a significant way, if I had the means Id pirate ever COD, just because they’re milking it like a cow.

    I agree, great games for a small audience shouldnt be pirated, but fuck cash cows lol, theyll be made wether the small minority pirates or not.

  • evergreen

    okay wanna be mark zuckerberg, go sit on a pike til you die. honest people trying to make a living dont want to get cheated out of the hard earned money from their games(not even talking sony here, i mean people like media molecule) because some punk thinks he’s hot sh!t. Many of them just want to make great games with the money not even a priority, and you my sweet little as*hole are going to run the industry into the ground because no one will have any motivation to make these great games if people are just stealing them in the droves. And what about all the poor indie devs, i mean there goes their livelyhood, and all of their amazing games. Its not just sony who loses here, its everyone. Telling you to go F yourself doesnt quite do this situation justice so ill just leave it at i hope you get thrown in prison and get molested by the dirty neo nazi and end up killing yourself to stop the pain and embarrassment.

    • Aaron

      Calm down baby girl. Nobody wants to hear about your fetish for sweet little asshole. Try doing your research and get educated before you start calling people out and maybe try a little maturity. You can present your opinion intelligently and we’ll all understand.

      • evergreen

        I am honestly overreacting a little but only because i am an aspiring videogame designer, this kind of stuff just really pisses me off. It’s not activision who suffers from this, but rather people trying to get a brand new development studio off the ground. but Ill speak with your so called civility to get you to understand. Something like this could be crippling to up and comer devs on the ps3. As for people that claim that they dont care about downloading free games, good for you, i hope you dont but you are pretty unique. Look at the iphone/ipod touch jailbreaks, while some claim that they just want to have stuff on their ipod that apple wont let them have, 90 percent just want free apps. people saying that they want to just tinker around with the XMB are just belittling the real issue. i know that i said some harsh and largely unintelligent things but excuse me for having some passion.


    Fuck sake, doesn’t anyone get it? Hacking isn’t just about the opportunity to rip games…personally I don’t give a shit about the free games (I actually earn money to buy games…its the creative expression of freedom for these guys to create apps and other tweaks here and there, ever thought of all the improvements that could be made to the current xmb. It’s impossible for Sony to have enough man power to always make the tools we all desire, the hackers provide the opportunity for this…in my honest opinion the hackers are doing Sony a huge favour, especially in this time of the PS3’s life cycle.

    If you want some evidence of how terrible hacking is, why don’t you check out the iphone (now legal), and whilst your at it why not check out Kinect, the applications created for it by ‘hackers’ have now made Microsoft seriously consider it as a PC peripheral.

    • evergreen

      im sure the apple devs are really appreciative of all the free copies of their $3.99 game that are getting around. Also the i dont believe hacker is an appropriate word for the kinect “hackers” they are more like moders. Its different because while on ps3 it allows for piracy, it doesnt on kinect

  • Danu

    These damm sony fanboys are just plain stupid period heheheheee
    I dont give a F about homebrew or no free game bs
    All i want is to put my 70 ps3 retail games on my harddrives
    If you like to change disc games instead of Quick access then im happy for you..
    But i want the best features to make my 600 ps3 better by hacker or sony i careless zzz lol
    Its really sad that all these so call iam honest i dont blah blah bs talkers
    Yet they hope all these bad things happen to these young people hope you blah blah bs..hahahaha
    That just shows you how great of a person they really are..zzz
    I have even seen a fanboy saying that buyin use games are just as bad as piracy sayin game makers dont get any money from use game sales..HAHAHA WOW people are so STUPID these days it aint even FUNNY:(
    I bet they will die for there great sony PS3 with favorite game makers..heheehehe

    • evergreen

      you have some grammer mistakes in there

    • Derp

      Sony don’t get any money from used games. Think about it for a minute. A friend gives you a used game, you sell it to someone else, does Sony come and get money off you? No, they don’t. Your local EB Games, or GAME, or whatever do the exact same thing with games. Once they receive a second hand game/hardware no money goes to the manufacturer, it’s all profit to them.

  • Hackers make me laugh

    I love all the hackers trying to justify stealing lol. If you pirate a game it is theft. It is no different then walking into a store and sticking something in your pocket. If you took something that costs money and didnt pay for it then you STOLE it. And to those saying that they are just getting the big bad game companies back for selling games in sections (DLC) , it doesnt make what you did right. Your still a thief. No game company forces you to buy any particular item. On a final note by releasing those keys today they just made it possible to pirate even after saying that they didnt support it. So who is the Hypocrite now?

    • theOutLiar

      It’s not hypocritical. It’s a casualty of maintaining basic freedoms.

      They may have enabled piracy, but their actions were based on principles of freedom to computer.

      For Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo, the ends justify the means – for them, profits justify restrictions on freedom to innovate.

      For fail0verflow, the ends are people – people who have the right to do as they please with what they bought and not to be subjected to byzantine restrictions for the interest of a select group of people.

  • Dirk

    It is to bad the people who hacked the PS3 chose to do something minor with there talents before most likely going to prison. I can see the potential they have and what it costs and that is just sad.

  • twingo

    In my opinion this generation of games (the last 3 years) has been the best in my life (I’ve been playing since Atari VCS, gameboy, snes). Each day I finish work and sit infront of the TV with my ps3, PC, iphone or DS and enjoy what’s here. And that’s largely thanks to the hard work by designers, writers, artists, programmers, musicians, management, testers and the whole damn gaming sector (inner circle). Then there’s the outer circle of hard working people like web designers, journalists, food shops, truck drivers, shop assistants, cleaners, people working in factory manufacturing chips for the dev kits, etc, etc who also support the hard working studios. Now if suddenly a game company suffers in profits, guess what? Many people in the inner and outer circles will lose jobs and the quality of my hobby will suffer due to less resource. So if hacking is okay and not paying for games is fine by you – I dare anyone to walk into a supermarket and say you have the right to free food – afterall it’s a human right to not starve right? Down with piracy – it destroys our hobby.

    • William Schwartz

      I have been reading these comments all day, and that was one of the best I’ve heard. Well said.

    • Derp

      Only a minority of people pirate games, just like a minority of people steal from supermarkets. Both makes a shitload of profit regardless (Your local supermarket make MASSIVE profit even though they lose billions due to stealing). Bad Indie games will always sell a small amount whether there are pirates or not. You only have to look at games like Minecraft to see how well an Indie game can sell (which sold a decent amount in alpha), and that was on PC where anyone can download it for free if they wanted to.

      I pirate games, but I buy the good ones that deserve my money. I don’t believe in playing full price for some 6 hour game, or a milked product like the last few Call of Duty games. But real gems like Fallout 3, well I bought that full price for both PC and PS3, as well as buying CoD4 on 3 systems. Basically what I’m trying to say is, games and companies will never go broke as long as they put out something that the users want. You only have to look at World of Warcraft, look at the bullshit amount of money they are making, because they are giving users what they want, you don’t see piracy effecting them.

  • twingo

    On another note. If homebrewers ‘really’ want to make games, experiment, etc and show it of to the whole wide world there’s no platform better than the pc. After all every game in the last 20 years has been developed on pcs first then optimised, tested, debugged on consoles, handhelds, etc. Do homebrewers seriously think they can program an iphone app without a mac? Do you think you can program a game like call of duty just by using a 360/ps3 and nothing else?! If these hackers actually contributed to the development of games and made games better I would happily applaud them. I’d love to see if these smart ass hackers break themselves out of prison. That would be a fine boast!

    • theOutLiar

      If only Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft didn’t create artificial barriers of entry in the video game sector, if only the capitalist market worked as it should, your theory might make sense.

  • Q&a

    I love who ever did this.

    games should be 20$ on release date or else……..

  • Mark

    So tired of the Linux removal being justification for this crap. NOBODY used Linux, period.

    Yeah it sucks they removed it but the only ppl that care are pirates using it as a rallying cry.

    • theOutLiar

      The military has been using linux on the PS3 since it came out.

      • Mark


        • theOutLiar

          So your claim was invalid, stfu or gtfo.

          • Mark

            So the military had 2500 PS3 running Linux, still doesn’t make my point about nobody using it invalid, dipshit.

  • zomg bbq

    May I remind all hackers/pirates that when you buy a console you are entering an agreement with the console maker that you will not change or alter anything that the console already has.

    So don’t spout this crap onto the internet about denial of rights or that it’s unfair, you chose to ignore what the console maker asked you not to, they are bound to be pissed and you are very likely to end up with empty pockets.

    • Derp

      I’m sorry, but where did I sign this agreement? Upon purchase, it was not made clear by the staff who I purchased the PS3 from, or from a formal note of agreement. It is my own knowledge that what I buy is mine to do whatever I wish.

      I’d also like to point out that PS3 hacking isn’t just for hacking. Modding for PS3 games could be huge. Look at games like Counterstrike that have been pretty much rebuilt by mods, all new types of games modes, maps etc that have become popular in other games. Imagine the possibilities of extended content made by modders for games like Uncharted and even basic, new tools for LittleBigPlanet that the developers may have not thought about. Modding is one of the few things that makes PC better than consoles.

  • Coty

    Honeatly these ‘hackers’ just want free games. If they were so smart and wanted a open source console. It would maoe more sense for them to develope one with their own hardware and sell it themselves. Either they are lazy theifs or they really arnt as good as they think they are…. Stop ruining things for honest people. U didnt develop ps3 so what gives u the right to code anything for it. I mean u have communication access panels on your house. But.even though its on your house it is still illegal for you to tamper with it!

    • theOutLiar

      It’s not about free games.

      This is a matter of the legal freedom to use a computer how you see fit.

      Imagine if you weren’t allowed to install Windows on your computer because it wasn’t ‘signed’ by Intel.

  • HaxorSUx

    …and all this has snowballed because people just couldn’t just enjoy a console and it’s library of games and content.

    The ultimate choise…If you didn’t like what the PS3 had to offer you could have just not purchased one and left it to those who like what they had.

    Your not serving anyone but your own ambitions and whoring the spotlight.


  • theOutLiar

    The comments here seem to fail to recognize the importance of DOING WHAT YOU WANT with what YOU BUY.

    It’s YOUR hardware. Not Sony’s. They should know this. They do know this. They neglect it so they can sue groups like fail0verflow.

    Also, fail0verflow are unlikely to be native English speakers – don’t call them “retards” because of their spelling, you dumb fucks. They are demonstrably more resourceful and intelligent regarding Sony’s technology than you are.

    You should be thankful for the fact that fail0verflow managed to achieve the full potential of a machine that they bought and offered you a toolkit to do the same.

    The fact is that a number of the major computing corporations (Apple comes to mind in particular) desire complete control over what is allowed to run on the hardware they produce because a) it limits their liability (something a disclaimer can do), b) it allows them to subvert your exposure to knowledge, and c) it’s a huge cash cow when they sue the balls off of people who only want a computer to compute at it’s fullest potential.

  • xxx

    Damm, hackers, f..U all!

  • Ryuseiken

    Anyone else realize that Pandora was never in the box? It’s called Pandora’s box because she’s the one who opened it.

  • frizzyhairedmegabitch

    Just a bunch of assholes trying to run down Sony. Make your own hardware if you’re so talented. Douchebags.

  • nigger pls

    LOL at slaves caring about million dollar corporates more than their own consumer rights.

    Protip : I do whatever I want with shit I bought.

  • wookieeassassin

    First of all, the person above defending the group’s English is flat out wrong. George Hotz is American. I don’t know about the rest of the group, but at least he could have corrected the grammar, etc. . Here is his wikipedia page:
    Looks like a real winner huh? Also, Pandora was never in a box, she opened a box that released all the evils into the world. They are apparently only intelligent in knowing how to hack shit but in everything else they’re dumb as rocks.

    I believe the OtherOS option is still there for people who chose not to update to the latest firmware and didn’t agree to the terms of service. For newer PS3s, yeah that sucks. Yes, people did use it for Linux, like the US military, but most people couldn’t give a shit about that.
    I experiment with Linux on my desktop and that is enough for me, because you know, Linux is the most functional of a full fledged PC.

    These hackers are fucking dickheads. These are the kind of people that I’d like just to have their asses kicked. They act like they are freedom fighters or some bullshit. I can assure you they are not. Sony is not oppressing them in any great way. There are actually real freedom fighters doing things like hacking through Communist and Fascist countries’ Internet communication controls or people working for governments disrupting the networks of terrorists. So these guys are freedom fighters? Don’t make me fucking laugh.

    Yeah, I agree that you should be able to do whatever you want with hardware that you own, but the problem is that the way it currently is, having access to all the hardware allows you to (fairly) easily pirate games, which is quite illegal. If there were a way to have the console open so you could do whatever you wanted to do with it except illegal shit then yeah, of course that would be great, and if possible this is how it should eventually be. Really though, there is already a shit ton of stuff that you can do with the PS3 already: music, video Blu-Ray player, games, internet and so on. Anyone bitching about some consumer rights violation really should have just purchased a normal PC.

    What these dickheads have done is they have busted the security wide open, posted the keys online (which will never go away now) and therefore have enabled anyone with some time and moderate know how to pirate games with relative ease, as well as pretty much ruin a lot of the games you can play online via the Playstation network. Normally Sony could patch this using firmware but these guys thought it would be cool to release the master cryptographic key to the internet, the key that is built into the hardware, meaning Sony can’t change it or do anything to undo what has been done.

    This would be great for consumer hardware rights except for the whole thing about opening widespread game piracy and online hacking. Modern Warfare 1 and 2’s online experience (although it already had hackers to begin with) is pretty much ruined from what I hear. That means that everyone who purchased the game with the intent of playing it online is having THEIR consumer rights pissed on. Also, everyone that bought a PS3 is at least going to feel some effect from this because the piracy rate will increase and there will be at least a small decrease in the amount of developers that are going to make games for the system. So really, anyone who bought a PS3 is having THEIR consumer rights violated because a group of losers (and really should be considered criminals) were bitching about their consumer rights being violated because they couldn’t use the shitty Yellow Dog Linux distro on their PS3.

    theOutLair: yes I should be grateful that a group of losers that greatly enabled people to basically ruin two of the most popular Playstation Network games, cracked PS3 security in such a way that it will cost Sony millions of dollars and therefore reducing the quality of the online experience and the number quality titles on the PS3. All of this in the name of being able to play OGG files or play with some shitty version of Linux. Yeah, these guys really did me a fucking favor. I’d say you’re about as stupid as they are, in terms of common sense.

    All you people that think you are freedom fighters because you are against big companies restricting minor things on their hardware: grow up, get a life. There are corporations doing real things like disrupting the environment in developing nations, killing people due to gross negligence, instigating corruption in national governments, etc.You think Sony is the devil because you can’t play with Yellow Dog Linux on their PS3? Try doing half the stuff Sony allows you to do on the Xbox 360 or the Wii, you won’t be able to. Also, just because someone says these hackers are doing the wrong thing doesn’t mean they are Sony apologists. Sony isn’t a saintly company or anything, but no company deserves for this shit to happen to them unless they’re actually doing something criminal. Taking Linux off the PS3 because people are using it to find vulnerabilities in the system is definitely not criminal in any reasonable sense of the word.

  • wookieeassassin

    I do disagree with not being able to backup games or movies that I own and think it is a violation of my consumer rights, but pirating games and other things is just as wrong as stealing a physical item.

    While I hate piracy, I do dislike copy protection, etc. because it just ends up being a pain in the ass for people like me who get the game legitimately and end up having stupid install limits and/or have rootkit-like software installed on my OS (I’m talking about PC stuff here). There are some people out there who actually buy the retail version of the game and then get the pirated version so they don’t have to deal with all the copy protection shit.
    Also, even though I have 3 other DVD players in my house, it isn’t technically legal for me to be able to play a DVD or Blu-Ray movie on my computer without buying some special software (in the United States at least).

  • ERichtoffen

    Really, I think Sony has good reason to do something about the hacking. Ignorant players who have nothing better than to pirate games, rather than getting a job and buying them, need to be put to rest. failoverflow (Zero is not a letter dumbass) should be put down. What failoverflow doesn’t know is that if he gives these tools to any one soul, it can corrupt Sony’s playstation empire, thus causing PlayStation Network to fail.

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