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PlayStation 3 Hackers Using Developer Network to Access PSN

by Bill Hess on April 12, 2011

Just when you thought the PlayStation Network was safe and secure with the recent firmware updates that barred hackers from accessing the network.  A new loophole has been found that allows jailbroken PS3’s to access the developer network through a recently released custom firmware.  Apparently, the custom firmware makes your PS3 into a rebug unit.  This is said to be what developers that create the games use to test content on the network on private servers.

The hack which grants the user access to developer network called dev-PSN, is then used to access the normal PSN servers by finding the address of public servers.  As you can see by the image that was sent in by one of our readers, hackers are already gearing up to get back on the Call of Duty Servers which caused quite a stir in the community with many PSN users complaining of wide-spread cheating across the game.  The hack is said to be available to all games that have a public server address.

Hopefully this circumvention method is short-lived.

Source: Josh

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  • Rob G

    I dont mind the “hackers” aslong as they don’t fucking cheat. I can’t understand why people want to cheat. How is that fun?

  • Hoppsy

    This is why i fully support sony taking hackers to court, The vast majority of gamers are hurt by hacking and jail breaking and a relativley small community of hackers ruin it for general gaming community.

    The sad thing is really good things can cross over for example mods for the pc versions of games like fallout have been found to work on ps3 by hackers

    Thats something we all can win from but sadly there will always be the A** holes who cheat in public games and totally ruin the enjoyment of your average gamer

  • Fanboys are retarded

    “It’s not about whether you win or lose, but how you play the game.”

    Whatever happened to that? Why do people have to cheat? It’s the biggest evidence of lack of skill that you can possibly show. Not to mention that in the end, those of us who don’t cheat are the ones who are going to suffer if Sony decides to use blanket punishment in order to combat the hackers and cheaters. There’s already a dirty rumor circulating that Sony is considering making consumers register their purchased games online before they can even play them. Let’s hope this gets nipped in the bud so this rumor stays just that.

  • JustMe

    Terrorist material these freaks called hackers are!

    • Jakey Bee

      Ugh… just when we all thought the PSN was secure from cheaters and pirates, they find a loophole. It’s only a matter of time till someone fucks up Black Ops or something. Thanks, hackers.

  • brownringz

    thats what you get for playing black , gayboys! hahahaha!

  • jman

    Oh my god. Will they go away and get a life. All this trouble for what…so they can cheat?! Whoever does that has to be the bigest loser in the world. Get a life and stop trying to ruin games for the rest of us.

  • Gman

    And this is why I fully support Sony’s action against those insidious hackers. Seriously all those ‘noble’ BS they claim towards consumer freedom and user creativity, is just a pretty wall of words covering the malicious hacks and cheats.

  • Me

    As long as there are games, there will be cheaters. I would say it is human nature to find a and ‘Easier, softer way….’ But cheaters never prosper, and often tire of it cuz it takes no skillz. 99.9% of cheaters are NOT coders, just script kiddies using other work. I’ll bet big money that George (who does have real skilz) never even thought to code a trainer for any game, to easy.


  • iliketopiss

    I wouldn’t mind the hackers if they just gtfo away from us. they cracked a system. gratz now u can can play super mario brothers, but what gives them the right to acess our network? let them pay for their own servers so they can use their “leet hacks’

  • iliketopiss

    cuz i dont want non of that shit.

  • John

    Why not just ban someone who cheats online instead of bitching about someone with jailbroken PS3?

    • Hoppsy

      becasue banning doesnt work, they start a new account and do it all again.

      • Shawn Schaitel

        and its for that reason sony is rebuilding the psn from scratch on ps4 in which none of the previous usernames will be useabvle

  • brian

    no wonder i couldnt play i was geting scared and was going to throw my ps3 away

  • jungledeath


  • Mitchel_-B

    YAY!! i just wrote a C file that filters for game tweaks LOL the new Socom will be fun!!! (now to find a way round cheat detection) :D

  • nick raskin

    this is bull crap someone has got 2 do something

  • anton XMobGTAKiller23 PSN

    hackeing is for pu**y i play alot of game the first time i played black ops i was shoting someone and was like he cant die damn hackers

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