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Rockstar deploys Grand Theft Auto 5 viral marketing

by William Schwartz on August 2, 2012

We might not have much to go on by way of Grand Theft Auto 5 news these days, but a recent bit of viral marketing has surfaced for the upcoming game. Fans of the GTA franchise will remember the Epsilon Program from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, well that initiative has resurfaced, updated with new information, and even has an @EpsilonismToday Twitter account.

The recently launched Twitter account only has a few tweets to its name, and follows the same farcical sensibilities as the website. The Epsilon Program is a fictious religious cult that has appeared in numerous Grand Theft Auto games. You can hear many references to the cult while listening to the radio stations or passers-by in-game. It is thought to be a parody of the Church of Scientology.

Scouring the site for any other details won’t bear any fruit. Perhaps Rockstar will release other sites like these in the near future that expand on what else we’ll be seeing in Grand Theft Auto 5 when it finally does release.

Say Something

    Eh no big deal if its current gen its gonna be so disappointing. But I’ll pirate it on pc and hopefully there will be some graphic mods

  • dickbasket

    Gamer entitlement at its finest, kids.

  • Frank

    Dude, its NOT gonna be next gen. They’re gonna make BILLIONS with this game. This can finally end CoD games releasing every year. I see why you’re nervous though. You an Xbox fanboy, and it still uses DVDs. You’re gonna have three for each part of the city that youre constantly gonna have to change. LMAO, if I were still an Xbox only player, I’d want it to be next gen too!


    Frank I think you missed the part where I said I’m getting it on pc. Silly ps3 fanboys :)

  • Universal

    I don’t believe its coming next gen, next gen was never confirmed for 2013.

  • CTUDirector

    Los Santos is a big part of the city. If it’s anything like LA Noire I’d be darn proud to have 3 discs.

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