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Rockstar looking for developers to port GTA V to PC

by Jason Marschall on July 9, 2013


Rockstar Games has recently posted a job opportunity on their website, and it’s looking like good news for those that are still holding out hope that GTA V arrives on PC.  Rockstar Leeds says that they are currently looking for “a talented graphics programmer to help bring our latest titles to the PC platform.”

This developer will work with other Rockstar Studios to keep the quality bar high on these PC ports, “delivering the highest quality PC experience possible”.

Many Rockstar fans have been waiting patiently for the developer to announce a PC and next-generation version of their highly anticipated GTA V.  While Rockstar has yet to confirm any concrete details about a PC version of the game, this could be a sign that they are at least getting the ball rolling in the right direction towards a PC release.

Just recently, when asked about the possibility of the game on next-gen consoles and PC, Rockstar told fans that they have nothing to share.  Grand Theft Auto V is due for a September 17th release on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.  Stay tuned, later today Rockstar Games will release the first gameplay trailer for GTA V.


Grand Theft Auto V Gameplay Trailer

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    It’s ok its not that big of a deal there’s better games coming out anyway.

    • megafilipe

      wha the fuck?

    • Sniper@

      Hi Capt. ASS CANCER…..

  • Facts First #XBOXSWAG #YOLO

    Plenty of indie games and free to play stuff to keep ps4 and pc players happy why they don’t have other games to play.

    • Keith

      Are you trying to say xbox is superior? Man you gotta be fuckin’ retarted look at your username..

      • megafilipe

        lol in case that he changes lets make this name in the hall of shame “Facts First #XBOXSWAG #YOLO”

  • lollipop man

    They should get Nixxes Software BV to port it over.

  • OriginalBryGuy

    One would think they would have tried to find a way to port it to the PC a long time ago. Why are they just now talking about this?

  • Jeff


  • Sensible man

    GTA V is coming to PC and I’ll tell you why.
    Rockstar are a profit making games company. Remember that. They are in it for the money as every company is.
    GTA V released for Xbox 360 and PS3 first. Then at a later date is released XBONE or PS4 when these are released. Gamers will buy the 360 or PS3 version first then up grade to a XBONE or PS4 and buy that version. Double profits. $£$£$£$

    As both the XBONE and PS4 are based around PC architecture GTA V will be released for the PC but at a later date. Say Q1 of 2014.
    It doesn’t make good corporate sense and not good for the shareholders or gamers if Rockstar do not release GTAV for the PC.
    RELAX IT IS COMING (I seem to remember I’ve said that before to someone. LOL)

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