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Skyrim mods on the Xbox 360

by Bill Hess on May 6, 2012

One of the big features of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that console players have  missed out on, are community mods.  Bethesda Game Studios released the Creation Kit tools for Skyrim, to work with the Steam Workshop to provide a seemingly unlimitless amount of downloadable goodness for Skyrim fans.  As they’ve been through the franchise for The Elder Scrolls PC mods have been a very popular addition to the game. Skyrim has been no different,  as Bethesda has recently announced that there have been millions upon millions of downloads for Skyrim mods on the Steam workshop.

But what about console players?  The closed systems of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 really don’t play well with mods, but save files, save files are something that can be altered on the Xbox 360 with a program called Modio.  The Xbox modders at videogamesinteractive have found a way to mod a Skyrim save file to give you some pretty neat powers, and character options that don’t come stock in vanilla Skyrim.

A recent tutorial was posted on their site, and describes a step by step method to patching your save file in Skyrim, that is said to be completely safe for your Xbox 360, so long as you don’t go online with it.  Being that Skyrim is an offline affair, it seems like the perfect candidate for a little experimentation.  In their tutorial, they show a Khajiit Greybeard as a playable character, definitely not one of your options when setting out in the world of Skyrim.  Aside from the character mod, it also gives the player every in-game spell, and shout in the game with zero cooldown.

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  • RootGamer

    Its a step in the right direction, but what about PS3 players (myself included)?

  • Anonymous Tom

    This is why Xbox 360 sucks. I remember the days on the Original Xbox when you could take your GameShark or Action Replay device, download a file from the internet, upload it to your Xbox and have tons o’ fun, specifically games like Halo 2 where you would be able to drive the Scarab or fly a Pelican. It was awesome.

    • Wh1pL4shL1ve

      By your argument. Your basically saying that every console this gen sucks? Becuase you cant download gameshark on the ps3 or the wii either. 

  • Blade1634989

    ok look for all the ps3 players im tiered of hearing you complain what about us what about us if its that big of deal sell your ps3 and buy a 360 yes i know ps3 online multiplayer is free and 360 is 60 dollors a year but the way i look at is for every game that comes out there are more gliches on the ps3 version then the 360 and computer. so my point is eather suck it up and go with out and keep playing on your crappy ps3 or go buy a 360 and your problem is solved im mean realy is it worth saveing the 60 dollors if your games glitch all  the time even after its been patched several times and is proven to have fixed it on the 360 and computer that my freinds proves the ps3 system is flawed so dont complain here complain to sony for charging you an arm and a leg for a system that sucks i know this for a fact because i had a ps3 for 4 years befor i got sick of being left behind and even after they were done patching my games the still were gliched so i sold it bought a 360 and have never looked back    

    • Deucetres4life23

      Ps3 games are glitches becAuse of lazy devs. Fanboy.

      • Wh1pL4shL1ve

        And what causes lazy devs? Hard coding hardware. And who has the hard coding hardware? the ps3. 

        • dasff


  • SlightlyAwesome

    Slightly misleading title. Mod stands for modification. This does not mod the game at all. But I wasn’t expecting anything anyway.

  • Sniperboy96

    Ps3 is stupid,Xbox could beat PS3 in SECONDS!!!!!!!!

    • Travisisgay01

      No your stupid for the fact that you don’t realize that ps3 and Xbox are pretty much the exact same, i will admit that Xbox firmware is better than ps3 but its all up to personal choices.

      • tallguy199

        You are right both console are really not different, just brand names. Really tired of seeing fanboys argue

      • kenpomaster20


    • Moises Munoz

      Change you´re name to stupidboy96

      • Nailcannon

        your* good english.

        • Moises Munoz

          Ohhh juses christ you’re the retard here

          • kenpomaster20

            At least he knows the difference between “your” and “you’re.” Oh, and it’s Jesus*

    • dasff

      of course x box is awesome like me asdfa

  • Bigjershby

    i played DBZ GT on my ps1 b4 any1 knew what DBZ GT was with agameshark and and paper clip yes a paper clip lol

  • lazyninja

    Modio has been around forever.  More 360 players should know about it.

  • Samuel Sargunam

    dont wanna get banned…

  • Aaron Lang

    Blade1634989 needs to learn some spelling and grammar.  

  • SkyrimKing

    it`s AWSOME

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