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Skyrim publisher files trademark for “Dawnguard”

by Bill Hess on March 21, 2012

Bethesda Game Studios’ parent company, ZeniMax Media recently filed a trademark for “Dawnguard”, giving fans of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim hope that an announcement on DLC is soon to arrive.  Even with as many accolades and clamoring fans waiting for an announcement, Bethesda Game Studios has managed to dodge questions about the upcoming content for almost six months.  Then again, the trademark filing could be for something completely different as its hard to tell from the trademark alone.

The Mythic Dawn play a large part in the overarching plot of The Elder Scrolls timeline, Bethesda could be revisiting the side story in Skyrim.  It’s definitely a possibility.

Bethesda has remained largely quiet about Skyrim DLC but did say that the development team is looking at not only content, but ways to make the game better going forward.  Whenever the Skyrim DLC does arrive, expect it to be more expansion-like than other DLC packs.

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  • That Guy

    if theres one company ill never have problems buying dlc(not that micro dlc in oblivion) from, its bathesda. shivering isles could be a game in itself.

    • Fateshift

      Technically speaking; it is.
      Bethesda FTW

  • SKIN503

    Whatever they do I’m sure it will be great! But all these boundry breaker vid’s and rumors have got me so pumped and the events that have taken place over the last 200 years since Oblivion would make a revisit to Cyrodil and Morrowind just straight EPIC! I want to revisit the Ghost Gate to Red mountain so bad I can taste it. I hope in time Bathesda makes this possible but if not like I said it will still be great.

  • Cool dude

    Sounds cool


    Didnt even finish it lol got so sick of it

  • Jittery Flump

    I really hope they start including common sense mods in patches/DLC etc. Like they have with these new kill moves in the next patch, would be an awesome way for them to keep the game fresh for everybody, also I can’t wait for this DLC, I’m sure it’s going to be massive, Hopefully a return to Cyrodil or Morrowind at some point and please please please some more spells!

  • Allen

    Where the fk is my comment? This really is just an Xbot site, I thought it was more than that but I guess I’m just wrong.

  • Allen

    New site name: “The flamming Xbots”

    • That Guy

      whan xbot?

    • That Guy

      *Whats an xbot?

    • Allen

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    • Cool dude

      Well if you dont like this site, why dont you just make your own?

    • Cool dude

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      They haven’t done anything to you, what gives YOU the right to do anything to them?

      If your comment also included swearing and bad language, yes, its also one of the reasons why it should be deleted.

      This site needs a “Flagging” button.

    • MJAB Brad

      what is your problem Allen. The xbox is not that bad really.

  • ShockedPumpkin

    I would like to see where the Khajiits come from, they’re awesome!


      Elswyre……. duh

  • Argonian Man

    Allen seems mad.


    CAN WE PLEASE INVADE AND TAKE OUT THE Aldmeri Dominion frigging nazi elves

  • That one guy

    So do you want a major company to make no profit allen? By now you should know that they want money but who cares? All companys do things like microsoft. We just got over it. You know evil and such?

    • Cool dude

      Just shut up…

  • M

    They should include more side quest and maybe a new main quest that involves the daedric

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