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A Sneak Peek at Mash-Up Packs for Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition

by Bill Hess on August 7, 2013


Minecraft Xbox 360 players will be getting a couple of big updates in the foreseeable future.  First off, 4J Studios is putting the finishing touches on Title Update 12, and the highly anticipated update should arrive sometime in August.

Minecrafters will also be getting a Mash-Up Pack option on the Xbox 360, which allows them to use downloadable texture packs.  All of the details about this new feature haven’t been revealed, but 4J says that players will have the ability to try the textures with no time limit, but you won’t be able to save with these trial packs.

Though earlier, the developers had thanked their Twitter followers for helping Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition reach the 5 million sales mark. Apparently that’s a pretty big milestone for the developer, and they were awarded a plaque.  In an image that was posted to their Twitter account, Minecraft Xbox 360 fans have gotten a glimpse at the mash up packs, or at least a menu that has them in plain view.

We’re still waiting on official word from 4J Studios of when to expect these new updates for the game, but it sounds like Title Update 12 could arrive at any day now.

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    • Sideways_1M

      Dude, that is just low. Like a whole new level of low.

      • first

        shut the fuck up motherfucker i will fucking kill you bitch

        • Absolutley_no_one

          what in the actual fuck^^^^^^^?

  • Facts First

    I will buy all the packs, all the skins, all the maps. Minecraft is better on the Xbox 360 than on PC.

    • Sideways_1M

      *cough* BS *cough*

      • I’m better than you, face it


        • (place name here)

          if you got a crap PC it is

  • Ok


  • Jake

    When is the update coming

  • Docter Edward Richtofen

    Can they just tell us when the hell it’s out?!

  • Docter Edward Richtofen

    I mean, they say its out July 31 and it doesn’t now they Say August! But when in August?!

    • Sam

      they actually never said July. Those are just rumors, don’t trust what anyone other than 4J studios tells you.

  • War5torm

    Hopefully all the these updates will be on the Xbox One version. I have stopped playing Minecraft on my 360 because i’m going to have to start over when I get the new xbox

    • Jokerz9889

      once the time comes use modio to transfer

  • muerto1

    Why would you even bother if you can’t save your work.

  • Odd

    I’d rather get a custom skin editor than Texture Packs

  • brad

    no way it may be true or BS!!!!

  • Deadly Angel 2


  • Maya

    I have never played pc but I’m so psyched for the new update

  • kirkykong

    Are mods being bought to minecraft xbox 360

  • Berdie56

    The new update came out but texture and mashup packs wont show up in the mincraft store? Anyone else have this problem?

    • The Jedi Of Minecrafting

      Its not a problem they just haven’t released them yet ;)

  • that won doode

    Minecraft 2 we want all your Money
    Seriously notch now we have too PAY FOR TEXTURE PACKS

    • kirkykong

      Why do we have to pay for texture packs and skins when the people on the pc get them for free

      • poopknocker

        because it costs notch to update minecraft, oh wait… didnt xbox stop charging developers for updates?

      • shadocourt14

        we have to pay cuz microsoft is an all exclusive enterprise they have topay developers to make the dlc’s but on pc people are able to go in the minecraft.jar files themselves becuz mojang allows it microsoft will never let that happen they dont want peolpe to be able to go in there system and change things with out them knowing it and becuz people are being payed to code thexture packs rather than others doing it for them selves

  • Jack

    Fuck u guys,don’t like PC? Don’t talk about it,same if u don’t like Xbox 360,there both good for different things,

  • CCCow

    xbox 1 = faggatron

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