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Most Call of Duty players are on Xbox 360

by William Schwartz on March 14, 2010

This Sunday Xbox Live’s Major Nelson released his weekly podcast. One of his guests this week was Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling.  On the show Bowling divulged some new information about the upcoming DLC.  We recently released the playlist data that was found on the Xbox Live Marketplace listing on Saturday.

Bowling elaborated on the inclusion of the old maps from Call of Duty 4 : Overgrown & Crash.  Both were said to have “improved graphics” and “upgraded features from MW2″  but also stated that there were no “Geo changes” to the maps.  Also included in the upcoming DLC, Infinity Ward will be patching in some other new playlists and gamemodes.  “New Hardcore modes” were mainly mentioned as well as new maps rotations for existing modes.

In the interview Bowling also addressed Modern Warfare 2’s recent achievement of 25 million unique users claiming that the “the majority of these users are from Xbox Live”.  This could give some insight as to why the Xbox 360 players might get access to this downloadable content ahead of gamers on other platforms.

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  • javs

    thanks but no thanks, i am not going to buy this ridicously overpriced pack for 3 new maps and 2 old ones.

  • Dion

    The reason is because Microsoft paid for timed exclusivity. And also, this isn’t news. The fact that the Xbox 360 caters to the mindless people that just like to shoot things has been known for ages.

  • VR-4nic

    So glad I got this game on my PS3 my 360 took another crap last night! Its not the RROD this time though. The thing wont even turn on, its like its not even getting any power. Maybe my power brick is bad? Any ideas anyone?

  • KylesdBest

    I'm so glad they are adding new features and maps to the playlist besides just making the new maps. That should make the game much better. Sucks there were so many glitches in the game. I think alot of people dont like it anymore for that.

  • shawn

    i hate sony fanboys shut up dion take your dumb comments to gamespot i think infinity ward should worry about fixing this game instead of milking the gamers for more money i already traded this peice of crap in hell the map pack should be free for all the hardcore vets who stick in the trenches and still play this game with all the bs that go's on in it

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