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Wii U won’t see Call of Duty micro-transactions

by William Schwartz on December 12, 2013


Nintendo’s Wii U won’t be seeing the Call of Duty: Ghosts micro-transactions that players on the PlayStation, Xbox, and PC are.

In a recent update from Activision, they explained some of the recently released content, like the Wolf DLC and Festive Holiday Skin pack, and revealed that they will not be coming to the Wii U.

At this time, there are no plans to release Call of Duty: Ghosts Micro Items on the Wii U™. We will inform the community if there are any changes and Micro Items are made available, reads a segment of the Q&A.

These “Micro Items” for Call of Duty: Ghosts are available on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. While they may never come to the Wii U, PlayStation owners will get the free holiday festive skin content on December 18th. Activision has not revealed when/if the Wolf Skin DLC will be made available on PlayStation and PC.

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  • RoadShow

    Is this an issue with the Nintendo Network and delivery of DLC and purchased content? I haven’t heard much about WiiU online capabilities and how smooth everything is.

    • Manuel Alejandro Mendez Saaved

      No, there isn’t any kind of issue with it, it actually works better than Xbox live and PS Network on the 7th generation, nintendo constantly launch DLC content for Pikmin and patch for games, people who play CoD on Wii U don’t brouth the DLC, simple as that.

      • RoadShow

        Hey thanks for the info!

        I can’t say that any platform is better than another online. I come from a PC background and have played XBL and PSN. They are all just as smooth and lag free as each other (and are just as susceptible to lag due to so many variables just like any online game).

        Pikman looks like a great game.

        • PattonFiend

          Yeah, Pikmin is a good game.

  • Rodger Jamjet

    This is complete horse dump!! Nintendo users are getting screwed over and for no reason. I’m beginning to wonder if everyone with their other two terrible consoles have inferiority complexes or something …

    • Volfos

      Screwed over by the lack of micro-transactions?

      Heh, am I the only one who sees this as an untentional selling point?

  • Jared Garcia

    I’ve learned to accept Nintendo won’t get all extra content. One thing I’ve convinced myself of is that I have all the intended content on the Nintendo version, so really I’ve got 100% of the game. Others need he DLC to feel like there’s all the content.

    • RoadShow

      Nintendo should have done more with the WiiU. That’s what the problem is. They tried to win back the core market but didn’t put the money into the technology to make it viable.

      It’s still a good console and worth a purchase at least for the core Nintendo titles. I almost have to wonder if these 3rd party publishers just don’t put as much time into the WiiU. Looking at Frame rates Ghosts is horrible on WiiU compared to all other platforms, even the PS3 and 360 and that’s just not right. They should be able to make it work but probably didn’t put the time into it.

  • Zkull

    Nintendo just wants you to save money instead of having you spend it on a mediocre game.

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