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Win A Pair of Turtle Beach Wireless Gaming Headphones

by William Schwartz on July 5, 2011

It’s that time again, but with July kind of dry in the new game release department, we’ve decided to go a different route.  One of the best investments that you can make as a gamer, is to purchase a pair of quality headphones.  Turtle Beach makes a line of fantastic headphones, so we’ve decided to give away a pair of one of their best products.  Up for grabs are the Turtle Beach Ear Force X41 Wireless Gaming Headphones that can be used on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, or PC for a truly immersive gaming experience.

If selected we’ll ship these bad boys out to you, brand spanking new, to liven up your fall gaming extravaganza that is about to unfold.

The rules are simple and if you’ve ever entered into a contest on our site before,  you know them already.  There are three ways that you can win these headphones, follow the instructions below:

Method 1: Follow us on Twitter and Retweet the message below.

[blackbirdpie url=”!/FanboyAttack/status/88245152908460032″]

Method 2: Like Us on Facebook, and leave a comment under this post.

Method 3:  Leave a comment on this page.  (Make sure to use your real email address so that we can contact you)

You can enter by doing all three, and you can enter as often as you like.  The winner of these Turtle Beach X41 Wireless Gaming Headphones will be selected at random on July 31st 2011 via

Good Luck!

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  • Talus

    These are some SWEET headphones. Great contest :)

  • Talus

    Also ‘Liked’ you on Facebook but there was no post to comment on there.

  • Domenic Paolo

    Thanks for the contest! It’s so cool! Consider me entered! :)

    Good luck to everyone!

  • dm

    great contest, great prize.

  • Mike

    Good luck everyone. Hope I win though! :D No hard feelings :)

  • Josh

    Thanks for the great contest :D

  • Rob Hestar

    Awesome,These would take my gaming experience to “a who nother level” as Eugene Struthers would say from mad tv :P.

  • Zentrix

    Give me one now!

  • Dblueguy

    I’ve used turtle beach stuff since 2006/7 and their products are awesome. I’d love to have a pair of these babies.

  • @IIBlazer

    I hope I win! I’ve always wanted a gaming headset. G’luck to everyone else!

  • @IIBlazer

    Can’t wait til the 31st! Thanks for the contest, AotF.

  • Josh

    Awesome! I don’t usually do stuff like this but there’s always a first :D

  • Loocekibmi

    @Josh, yeah I never win either. But, it only takes one time, right?

  • Donna K

    I liked you on facebook.(Donna Kozar)

  • Donna K

    I would love them. They look great.

  • Juan Sanchez

    Did ALL 3 Entries for this awesome giveaway! Good luck everybody ;)

    Twitter: @liljrSanchez
    Facebook: Juan Sanchez

  • Garrett

    Thanks a lot for the contest! :D

  • Marisa

    I want these soooo bad!!!! Turtle Beach is awesome!!!

  • Sean

    This is great, hope I win. I just had a cheap set of Radio Shack wireless headphones that just died on me.

  • EMS

    realy nice :)

  • Brian

    Free stuff! I want in!

  • Allen

    Hell yeah! I am very excited about these, I really need a pair. My wife hates hearing me kill people all day and I refuse to take my PS3 to a smaller tv.

    This is exactly what I need.

  • Kailon791

    Those are Amazing headphones, hope i can win ’em. Need to start my sound whoring lol

  • Porten

    Turtle Beach Kick Ass!

  • Ditto

    Winning a Turtle Beach headset would be awesome! Tweeted @dittotweeto, liked and shared on Facebook. Thanks for the chance!

  • Rafael

    Cant w8 til they annocunce the winner i wana win:)

  • David

    Thank you for the contest. :)

  • Xbox PSN

    Consider me entered as well. Turtle Beaches are some of the best headphones around. X41s are wireless as well. I need some!

  • Seven

    I could definitely use these, mine sucks :/

  • Bobby Stroup

    I really want these!

  • Eric

    didn’t see anywhere to comment on this contest on Facebook, but commenting here – entered on Facebook and Twitter!

  • Allen

    Just follow the link to facebook, there is an artical on facebook about this post, then just like it and comment. There are 19 comments on there now.

    Perhaps you have to like the overall facebook page before you can comment on it.

  • Nate

    These look sweet!

  • SN1-P3R

    I have a wired Turtle Beach headset and the cord always gets in the way. A wireless set would be awesome!

  • Lemonz

    I need them!

  • Sergio

    Pick me!

  • Brian Lepak

    I bought a Turtle Beach X11 headset a month ago and an Xbox 360s this month. Long story short the X11 doesn’t plug into my new Xbox when I have the HDMI cable plugged in. The X41 would solve all my problems but I can’t afford it till maybe my b-day (sept). Please give me any early birthday!

  • Jay

    Nice headsets, I really need a set.

  • Nicole

    Aesome Contest I could really use these thanks for the chance <3<3<3

  • Allen

    Okay, I just created a twitter account as well so now I retweeted and liked/commented on facebook.

    Attack of the Fanboy for life!

  • Xbox PSN

    Cool headphones. I’ll enter.

  • Rob G

    I hope I win

  • nick

    Hope I win these

  • AT00

    Hope these find a good home.

  • Marco

    You rock!!! Hope i win!!

  • Aaron

    You guys are awesome! Please pick me!

  • John

    For Skyrim!

  • Zac


  • UGLy

    Attck of the fan boy rocks!

  • matt

    i win

  • Juan

    Hope I win. Always wanted any kind of turtle beaches but can’t afford them. Also goodluck to everyone else that as enter.

  • Intentions

    Good luck to everyone else. I hope I win…but everyone else wants to too. Well good luck all.

  • Will

    These look great, hope I win!

  • Videogameget

    Oh man i really need one of those XD…

  • Maiko

    i would love to get a turtle beach headset, can i haz one? =)

  • Oziel Espinoza

    this is awesome i have always wanted to use turtle beaches but i never got the money to buy them. COUNT ME IN!!!

  • Melissa


  • Neil

    Awesome, just awesome….count me in!

  • RQ4life

    such an awesome giveaway! congrats in advance to whoever wins!

  • Brian Staulcup

    I want in!

  • n0udles

    A great contest and those Turtle Beach headphones look amazing!!! I really hope I win those!!

  • Evilteddy03

    cool. i hope i win. thanks for the contest


  • Centurion


  • narya1

    This is awesome! :D

  • Herbert torosyan

    Awesome, nice of you guys for giving away stuff, again lol.

  • ragglefraggle1

    nice 1 will

  • A Parker

    I (and my wife) would love these! Good luck everyone, but mostly me:-)

  • Cindy Moore

    Awesome prize! Thanks for the chance!

  • bikeman04

    Thanks for the contest! It’s so cool! Consider me entered! :)
    Good luck to everyone!

  • Suzila

    Great prize! Thanks for offering it!

  • Chris

    Fanboy attack you guys are great.

  • Chris

    Attack of the Fanboy you guys are great.

  • xboxa


  • Alyssa

    Nice giveaway!

  • AgentG

    Sweet headphones! Thanks!

  • Gearsofdewar

    Just like anyone else would want a turtle beach, to kill de campers!!!

  • CaptainH0wl

    Cool giveaway guys ^^ good luck everyone :)

  • Jhsto

    Good way of increasing traffic. Hopefully you ship worldwide. :)

  • Laura V.

    AWESOME giveaway!!!

  • oasis789

    count me in please!

  • Gabriel Mendoza

    these are sweet headphones! my cousin has them and i have to say they are awesome!

  • ilRadd

    Cool! They look like great headphones & I can really use wireless – my cats tend to chew the cords…

    Twitter: @ilRadd

  • Jeremy

    count me in, twittered and liked on FB. thx

  • Chronorayven

    Sweet I entered to win it. Thanks for this. :)

  • Werner

    Great competition, thank you :)

  • John

    Would love a pair of these!

  • Daniel Nguyen

    I’d love to win me a pair of headphones

  • Velikost

    Awesome contest, thank you!

    RT’d as @velikost

  • Karma

    oh how sweet would that be!! EARLY GRADUATION PRESENT!! LOL

  • Anders

    Hope that they can fit over my beer helmet….nothing like drinking and gaming immersion. Would love to win them.

  • benjamin

    hey… LOVE your website and your informative tweets! KEEP IT UP!

  • gunner C

    captain awesome needs a new pair of headphones.

  • jon

    I’m in

  • Skar

    Count me in :)

  • Volcombrandon

    Wow thanks for the chance to win an awesome gaming headset!! :)

    Twitter: @volcombrandon
    Facebook: brandon john

  • Grunt

    I need a new peice of hardware, my 360 has only half the case, i need something to offset how bad that is, help me

  • Andrew

    Please enter me to win these headphones. Thanks!

  • eugaet

    Thanks for the contest!

  • Keklar

    All 3 entries! Thanks for the chance :)
    Mark Litzinger

  • Jeffrey

    Turtle Beach, one of the best gaming headset makers!!

  • Wally

    Would love to get my hands on these!

  • Brian Staulcup

    Count me in!

  • James

    Nifty stuff, i would enjoy one of those

  • Gio Rollin

    I’ve been wanting Turtle Beaches for a while now, but I don’t have the money to get them. They would be so nice to have for the release of MW3 and Battlefield 3 , Oh and you can’t forget Skyrim !! :)

  • dwb6

    thanks for the contest!

  • Hadley

    My cat always chews mine up! Been 3 or 4 pairs already that I had to wait to save and buy over the course of months. I could use these! Ha! Thanks.

  • VincentAuron

    Was planning on buying these anyways, but it’d be nice to win them.

  • TJ

    Haa ! good luck everyone !! I did all 3! :)

    Twitter: @AnSw3rZ

    Facebook: @Tanveer Jonathan Haider

  • rogXue

    I’m interested to try the turtle beaches :D

    twitter @rogxue

  • T3CKG33K

    “liked’ you on FB but didnt ‘this post’ to leave a comment.

  • Edward Davis

    RT’d @magnetoelectric
    Anyone know the origin of The name Turtle Beach? Are they located in Florida?

  • jawdroppuh

    count me in for a chance at these dope ear muffs!

  • Setari

    Wooo, shared EVERYWHERE. Need these things, haven’t had any headphones for awhile now.

  • Steven Nguyen

    I hope I win these!

  • Jeremy Nguyen

    Will I be the winner?

  • Daniel Ng

    Crosses fingers.

  • Brandon

    Count me in! I’ve always wanted a set of these bad boys!

  • Sedge

    This is a response to the competition in order to attempt to win the headphones that I desire.

  • Milan

    You guys are great. Hope I win one of these tired of using my $20 Bluetooth :)

  • Vishal


  • kayln liggins

    i remember my friend having a pair simialar to these a coulple years ago and they were baddas so i would love a pair

  • King Turtle

    Hi. Mark me down for these headsets.

  • Vishal

    Hope I win! :)

  • Tyler

    I have the X11s but these are way better looking..

  • Bill

    These headphones are a MUST! Do want.

  • jawdroppuh

    Thanks for the chance to win these!

  • Evilteddy03

    Hope i win these.


  • Jack

    Thanks for the contest!

  • Doug M.

    I heard these actually shot people in Black Ops @DemanofSteel on twitter I can get rid of my crappy rocketfish headset

  • Patrick Liu

    I’m dying to have this one :D

  • Jeremy

    I don’t have a set of gaming phones yet. I would love to have some! I love uou guys!!

  • HC

    those look amazing, hope I win!


  • Mark Lee

    Count me in, thanks~~~ @muser_mark

  • karla

    amazing giveaway .. Thanx @kd_bra

  • Jimmer

    Turtle Beach makes great headphones. I had a pair of wired ones, and they rocked. I could hear people running up behind me in Black Ops. The 16′ cord was a pain, but the sound quality was totally worth it. Unfortunately I broke them and haven’t replaced them yet……..(hint, hint……nudge, nudge)

  • matt

    enter me in

  • Hadley

    Here’s my entry! Got my hopes up! Thanks.

  • SMFR


  • liggies

    These would be great good luck to all

  • Cindy Moore

    This is so great! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Gram

    Hope I win! Great contest.

  • Sue Barney

    Wow what a great giveaway :)

  • Sue Barney

    I liked u on FB :)

  • Nicole

    I am so in Thanks for the awesome contest<3<3<3

  • Cal

    I would like some turtlebeaches

  • nygf

    Thanks for the chance!

  • aj

    Wait there is two headphones?

  • heheheh

    me want

  • AT00

    These are awesome headphones

  • Linda

    Awesome headset!


  • coey

    awsome contest

  • frazer

    ive always wanted surround sound headphones

  • nygf

    Thanks again!

  • tao

    i want it!!! :)

  • Hadley

    Entry. Thanks! They look amazing; I’ve never seen those!

  • john

    yes i have been needing a better soundwhoreing headset to get all them dumb ass rushers but my always broke ass can’t afford them so can ya give a brotha a hand thanks alot

  • jc

    great prize. hope i am picked.

  • stevie g

    Tbh I can’t see myself getting a pair of ‘good’ headphones like these any other way

  • Cal

    Hope I can win !!! I need a headset

  • matt

    enter me in to win

  • Bobby

    I want turtle beaches,
    because when the sound reaches
    my human ears
    the noise I will hear
    will be so great.
    Please give them to me today!

  • nygf

    Mucho thanks for the chance!

  • Diane Bassette

    tweeting , “Liked” & comment:)

  • Wolfix

    I can already feel the rumble of a sniper rifle rattle through my brain!

  • Pewl

    this would be great gl every1

  • nygf

    Thanks very much!

  • AT00

    These are a nice set of gaming headphones

  • EaterofCerialMix

    I want that headset!

  • KT

    I wanted a headset for the longest time!

  • josh

    yes please!!! i would love a pair of these. its the only thing i am missing from the ultimate gaming experience. can’t afford them any other way!!! PLEASEE I REALLY WANT THESE <3

  • JonLuca DeCaro

    I love me some beaches. Especially when they are animal oriented. Lion? nah; Whale? Nah; Komodo Dragon? WTF, NO! Turtles! Woot woot! Turtle Beaches FTW!

  • JonLuca DeCaro

    Hmm so we can enter as many times as we want? Doesn’t that sound like it will invite cheaters?

  • JonLuca DeCaro

    ^^^ LOL this is my third entry :D Thanks for being able to enter as many times as we want!

  • JonLuca DeCaro

    Ok, here comes my flood of ENTRIES!

  • JonLuca DeCaro

    Flood Flood Flood!

  • JonLuca DeCaro

    Flood Flood Flood!!

  • JonLuca DeCaro

    Oh i love entering!

  • JonLuca

    Quickly and Slowly

  • JonLuca

    High and Low

  • JonLuca

    Up And Down

  • JonLuca

    Left and Right

  • JonLuca


  • JonLuca

    Party Rock — Lmfao! Thats what I’m listening to- Hopefully also on some TURTLE BEACHES!

  • JonLuca

    The Tech Game dot com lol

  • JonLuca

    I liek chocolate milk!

  • AT00

    These headsets are looking lonely.

  • nygf

    Thanks again

  • AndrewO


  • AndrewO


  • AndrewO


  • AndrewO


  • AndrewO


  • matt

    i really want these enter me in

  • matt

    ive never had turtle beaches please i want to win!

  • matt

    i want to win these so bad please i cant afford them so if i eon this it would ve a major help

  • nygf

    Mucho thanks again

  • Lowrey

    wish i had this headset, the technology that it is built with is just amazing!

  • nygf

    I’m crossing my 12 fingers on this one. Thanks!

  • Airwalker

    Hope I win, then I won’t have tohear turn down the volume.Thanks for the contest

  • Shawna

    I follow on Twitter and retweeted:

    I follow on FB (Shawna OBrien)

    Thanks for the cool contest.

  • nygf

    Thank you. Someone will be happy soon.

  • TheSnowman

    I’ll never be able to afford these, therefore I should win!

  • Tyler

    This is great. I’ve always wanted Turtle Beaches but never actually attempted to buy them

  • DeAngello

    Give it to me!

  • Andrew

    I’d love to win these!

  • Dany

    They could be very helpfull to my game play !!

  • Joao Pedro

    I want one X41 :D thumbs up from brazil guys!

  • AT00

    I’m still trying for these.

  • CrVs

    I liked you on Facebook!

  • QXer

    I want!

  • nygf

    Thanks. Cool headphones.

  • tao

    WANT. :)

  • AT00

    My neighbors are rooting for me on this one. Thanks!

  • Holly

    I follow on twitter! @prismperfect

  • Holly

    I like on facebook! (

  • Andrew

    I’m entering again here.

  • Andrew

    Putting in another entry for these great headphones.

  • jon


  • CrVs

    Can’t wait for tomorrow!!!!!!

  • Clifton Rawlings




  • Mr. Chris

    Sweet contest! Here’s hoping for a win!!!

    Twitter: @PriusGuy2004
    Posted comment on Facebook: Chris Hofer

  • Adam

    Didn’t see any rules about who can enter — can I win if I’m from Canada?

    Entered here/FB/twitter — thanks for running the contest!

  • Jason K.

    Entry placed :)

  • Ryan H

    I have never had a good set of headphones. I think these would be an amazing first set!

  • Rob hestar

    Done all 3 :)

  • george


  • Danielle

    I want!!!

  • RealtorAsh

    Sweet! Bought all the cool stuff like these for my hubby! I need some of my own!

  • Grant

    Turtle beaches= mine.

  • Mitchell orcino

    Awesome contest! I’m definently entering

  • grimsage

    I have nice 5.1 speakers but no headphones for when im playin n wife/kids are watchin a movie…im in ;)

  • Penguin

    After owning a Playstation for over 2 years, I think it’s finally time to get a headset. Hope I win.

  • Eric

    Awesome contest – hope to win!

  • Marcy

    I’d love to win these! I’ve use a friend’s before, and they’re amazing! I’m just too broke to actually buy myself a set! lol

  • Oh Malley

    Thanks for running this contest and love the site as always.

  • Dunyas

    I could really use a headset =P

  • iBobbbbbbbbbbbb

    These would be awesome to replace my headset that broke.

  • CrVs

    Those look nice! I wish i would get them

  • nick

    Who wins?

  • William Schwartz

    Thank everyone for registering for our contest. Our winner was drawn just a short while ago, and King Turtle from the comments section on our page was selected as the winner for this month’s contest. We’ll be having another contest shortly. Stay Tuned for more info.

  • Stacy

    This would be an awesome Christmas gift for my boyfriend

  • jeffweng


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