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Xbox One is getting better

by William Schwartz on February 16, 2014


The first major Xbox One Dashboard Update has rolled out, and with it, a number of changes and additions have been made for a better experience. The first of two major system updates to come over the course of February and March, this first one focuses on two major features that probably should have made it in at launch.

Most importantly though, it appears that a sharpening filter on the Xbox One has been removed.  This means that games being upscaled to 1080p will have a softer look that can take better advantage of antialiasing.  Following the update, you’ll find that a number of games have a completely different look to them on the Xbox One, well at least the ones that used the system’s upscaler features.  Think Dead Rising 3, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Battlefield 4, the Titanfall Beta, and others.

The good news for Xbox One owners is that this is likely just the first of many tweaks that the upscaler will see over the course of the life of the console.  While this might have been the most important feature for videophiles in this most recent update, it certainly wasn’t the only thing.  A number of features were added to the console, including the promised controller battery indicator, and better storage management tools.

The first is an update to the home screen which shows off battery life for the Xbox One controller. At a glance, you can see just how much battery life you have left, by click the Xbox One guide button on your controller.

Also, Xbox One users have been given more control over how they choose to manage their Xbox One HDD and download queue. You can now see clearly just how much space a specific game or app is hogging on the HDD, and can add or remove them from your system. Games and Apps have been separated into two distinct lists, with each able to use the queuing system.

There’s a list of other features that also made it into this update, you can find the highlights (courtesy of Major Nelson)  below.

  • Ability to delete game and application save data
  • Improved installation and DLC management
  • Improved UI for accessing friends, achievements, messages, and party chat
  • Game DVR app to be included in the Xbox OneGuide as an app channel
  • Update to the boot progress indicators for system update
  • Improve consistency of UX for update & install progress
  • Separate game, application, and install queue lists
  • Addition of USB keyboard support
  • Improved NAT detection
  • Network Troubleshooter improvements
  • Blu-ray quality improvements
  • Significant performance and stability improvements

Don’t look now, Microsoft is listening to fans, and the Xbox One is getting better.

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  • dude

    Hhhhhhhmm…Microsoft is behind and they will continue to be behind Sony for a very long time. Here’s why: 1) They poorly marketed their machine from the beginning, flip/flopped they’re decidedly poor policies and lost consumer confidence. 2) The Xbone hardware architecture and operating software isn’t tailored for game developers. 3) They didn’t bring in Indie Games until the 11th hour. 4) The Xbone is “hub-centric”, meaning it doesn’t do any one thing very well right now. 5) Microsoft’s console is less powerful and has less RAM buffer than does the PS4 therefore it’s terrible at displaying games at 1080P resolutions. 6) Microsoft is also in bed with Hollywood and the TV networks so they bowed to their will instead of its consumer base…you the game purchaser. For all of these reasons and more I’ve purchased my first PlayStation the PS4 and I’m excited. Oh yeah and where is Halo 5? Microsoft is really behind with their game division and rumors are in the mix that the new CEO may sell it off to the likes of Amazon or Google. If they decide to keep it and work hard to catch up things will get better. I think they’ll do alright in the long run. Although M$ is greedy and a bit incompetent right now, I think in around 5 years or so things will be much brighter for them. I will get a Xbone when the next big Halo game arrives, but until then I’m in no hurry and Sony just gained a new fan of PlayStation.

    • GK15

      They need to cut the price. All bad marketing, power differences and other things aside, I think the biggest thing hurting the Xbox now is price.

      Kinect is more for casuals than hardcore gamers and it doesn’t justify a $500 purchase for them. Hardcore gamers might be willing to pay more for power (see PC gamers), but the PS4 has the edge there as well.

      We can thank the mastermind Lloyd Christmas aka Don Mattrick for coming up with a that strategy, lol.

      • RoadShow

        Dude why do you beat around the bush?

        XBox one is a fine console. Microshaft only need to make games with gold valuable (like you said) and drop the paywalls for basic features no other hardware on the planet paywalls. It’s pathetic, it disgusts me and it’s basically the last hurdle I need them to complete in order for me to stop hating on them so much.

        Xbox will always suck so long as they have horrid customer policies and core principles. The $500 price tag and refusal to allow xbox without kinect is only an example.

        X1 is much better than 360 and what you say is all true.

        Like SmartApps says below, it would be very interesting to see where google or amazon would take the xbox brand. Both have great customer policies to date.

        • GK15

          I still think the $500 price tag is the biggest thing hurting it.

          • RoadShow

            Yeah but seriously a lot of people were just forced into paying for xbox live and then became used to it.

            Everyone I know that got a 360 only got it because (A) their friends had it so they had to get one too or (B) they were too short sided to see past Halo.

            IMHO a lot of people jumped ship simply because the timing went right for them. They never liked paying for XBL and PS4 turned out to be the more powerful console.

          • Ershell Franklin

            they have to pay for ps4 now so that’s non-sense. you shoul also add that people got 360 for (C) its a great console (G) the perks of having it were the best out.
            the xbox one isn’t that much less powerful than the ps4.

          • RoadShow

            Xbox 360 & Xbox one without xbox live:

            Single player games
            Disk based movies

            PS4 without PS+:

            Single player games
            Disk based movies
            Free to play online games
            Cross game chat
            Video Chat
            Friend Spectate/Take over mode
            Internet Browser
            Streaming Services
            Video capture/upload

            Why do you think 360 is a great console? It was the only one pay to play, worthless xbox live, almost no exclusives the last 4 years in a row, no free games & no free exclusive content.

            360 was fun yes, but compared to PC, Nintendo and Playstation it costs the most and gives the least.

            30-50% PS4 power advantage is not minor. 720p native VS 1080p native is also not minor. I’ve read that many didn’t expect there to be such a big gap right out of the gate. Both will improve over time but PS4 will always have the advantage. Beginning of gen multi plats perform better on PS4, Middle of the gen exclusives shine, end of the gen PS4 has longer legs.

            Xbox one is a good console and I have far fewer complaints about it than I did 360. If you went xbox just ignore the fanboys (me included) and enjoy it.

          • Lonny

            Xbox live is worth the money for what they gave you. That’s why Sony has been trying to improve their online gaming. I have a PS3 and PS+ but the playstation store is horrible, it’s slow and for some reason keeps knocking me off of PSN.

          • RoadShow

            WTFE you lie.

            (1) PSN has been on par with XBL since at least 2009. The only difference is cross game chat and $60/yr = $ 300 every 5 years.

            (2) XBL gave nothing for 12 years. Sony came out with PS+, made XBL look like $hit and made the subscribers feel stupid and or ripped off.

            (3) You say XBL is worth the money. Why? The only thing you can possibly say is that (A) it has less updates (B) It has faster loading times and that is even debatable.

            XBL is very worthless. I’m happy to see games with gold on 360 but the only decent game to date is Sleeping Dogs. Or I should say the only game that isn’t a 6-7 yr old $5 bargain bin game.

            I suppose even 2 free $5 bargain bin games are worth the $5/month membership but not really. Xbox 360 & X1 are bricks without xbox live so xbox would be far better off with a subscription model like PS+ so that you can get some better games.

          • Lonny

            Quit being a fanboy. I like both systems and plan on getting a PS4 when H-Hour comes out but when it comes to multiplayer games xbox has a better set-up. Sony likes to cut multiplayer support much sooner then Microsoft, the original xbox had multiplayer support for all games for over 5 years after the 360 came out. Now they are offering dedicated servers to developers for all their games. Sony might have matched that but they chose to bring out Playstation Now instead which is cool but I’d rather keep my PS3. I played Titanfall beta on those dedicated servers and the games had minimal lag unlike p2p the 360 had.

            Sony also started giving you free games because their servers were hacked and all the credit card info was stolen. It’s a great deal for PSN users but the reason they started it was because they screwed up. Have fun being a PS fanboy while I enjoy all the great games on both systems.

          • RoadShow

            (1) What are you freaking even talking about!? Sony doesn’t cut multiplayer games any more than xbox does, examples please. Usually only very old games servers are shut down.

            And excuse me but in every single multiplat title so far PS4 is far better. Better resolutions, better frames per second and overall more stability.

            (2) PS4 has dedicated servers too and PS3 had more than 360. Also PS3 has double the cloud storage of 360. PS4 is far more popular, any games that need dedicated servers will get them. You are the one being a lame fanboy acting like xbox is the only place to play. PC is and always will be king. FREE online play. PS3 and PS4 is just as good as PC and xbox.

            (3) WOW just look at you and all your DISINFORMATION BUDDY!

            PS+ came out in June 2010. Since then they have given:

            125 free PS3 games
            4 free PS4 games
            37 free PS vita games
            73 “other” free games – PS one classics, PSP or Mini’s

            The hack happened early 2011 and only because PS3 was finally jailbroke and Sony sued Geo Hotz. Xbox let pirates go rampant on 360 which is why they weren’t hacked. Anon hacked Sony as well as the FBI and several other big corporations.

            Xbox live was down for 2 weeks in 2007 with 1 low ranked game as compensation.

            PSN was down for 3 weeks in 2011 due to the hack with 2 high ranked games from a list of 5 to choose from. Free weekend of HD movie rentals & PS+ for 1 month (tons more free stuff).

            No one lost money in the hack.

            Xbox live accidentally banned tens of thousands 3 different times in 2011 alone.

            Xbox live accounts hacked by the thousands, microsoft points stolen, credit cards charged for more points which were also stolen. NO ONE LOST MONEY ON PSN BUT THEY DID ON XBOX. This is related to Fifa and Forza if I remember correctly.

            As most idiot blind xbot trolls like yourself, I expect you to run and hide from this information and probably not change your ways.

            Xbox sucks in every MEASURABLE way. Yes it’s just as fun as Playstation. But if you compare xbox to PC, Nintendo and Playstation it measurably SUCKS!

            Exclusives, exclusive content, what you get for your SUBSCRIPTION, past support & scams, current paywalls of basic features no one else anywhere else paywalls.

            Best of all many of their “exclusives” are on freaking PC with free online play the PC way.

            Now FANBOY. Get off your high horse and stop spewing disinformation.

          • Lonny

            less then 3 years after Socom 4 came out they are shutting down the servers. This also wasn’t the first time that they pulled servers from games. The only ones xbox cut were from the original xbox games and those closed in 2011.


            I can still play Prefect Dark Zero from 2005 on the 360 if I could find people who still play it. The problem with dedicated servers for Sony is that it’s the developer that provides these and not Sony themselves. So who is spewing misinformation now.

            I may prefer xbox but I still like Sony and I also like having both around because it keeps both companies honest. I also like great games on Sony like God of War series, Socom and The Last of Us.

          • XBox guy

            Stop with your pointless shit, the only reason the sales are up in PS4 is that it sold 2 weeks earlier before Christmas, so you got all these parents just buying the new thing for there kid early and now, its just simply cheaper. its all the price. and when this price drops to 400 which is soon. x1 will be on even playing field and then everyone will buy it. Also we have titanfall. like that’s enough said there ps4 players will buy xb1 just to play titanfall. More sales

          • RoadShow

            Wow I could never imagine being as stupid as you are.

            Titanfall has about the same pre-orders as Infamous Second Son.

            Titanfall isn’t xbox exclusive and a relatively low range PC can play it.

            Titanfall is only 6v6 and old looking graphics.

            And ROFLMFAO about your sales excuse.

            (1) Xbox one sold more in the US during the holiday because of the excitement of a new console. Holiday sales and the fact that PS4 was sold out everywhere.

            (2) January was the first month PS4 had decent supply (still was hard but more supply than December) and it doubled the sales of X1 even in it’s precious territory the US.

            (3) All the polls before launch and after launch agree that microsoft has lost tons of marketshare.

            (4) Just look at the price cuts already going on for Xbox. Then look at retailers like Wal-mart and Target that are throwing in a free $50 gift card on X1 but not PS4 just to try and move some more units.

            You are delusional and denial is your only sanctuary. Fking idiot.

      • Sniper@

        excuses, Excuses , Excuses…………Its not Our fault made an overpriced piece of crap……blame us all you want……..but inside the truth is killing you……..tell me where did M$ touch you?

        • GK15


          Hey there Facts. Is this your anti MS trolling account?

          • Sniper@

            That is so last year,,,,,,No one takes facts seriously (neither me)

          • Sideways_1M

            Sniper! Where you been, buddy?

          • Sniper@

            Hey bro…….finished law school……..back to trolling, hw have u been ?

          • Sideways_1M

            Great! Hit the triple-o on TopGear…

          • Sniper@

            yeah, but so many new guys and so many new trolls……….

      • mdrieber

        you people act like hardcore gamers even come close to making up a majority….. the kinect is ONLY $100 more and it offers soo many more capabilities that the ps4 cannot… its not all about gaming period… you ever heard of going outside??? its on tv now you know the 60 minutes of activity a day…. thats like saying the wii was going to lose cause it had worse specs and wasnt for gamers….

        • GK15

          I’m an Xbox fan who is looking at this objectively. When PS4 outsells XB1 on it’s home turf 2:1, that is obviously not a winning strategy so far.

          And thank you for bringing up the Wii. The biggest reason the Wii was successful was because it was only around $200 in it’s prime.

          MS needs to cut the price of they want to truly compete with PS4. Period.

        • RoadShow

          The wii was only popular because:

          (1) Priced much cheaper than competition
          (2) Innovative motion controls that got grandma/grandpa and mom/dad into it (albeit for only a short time).
          (3) Retro gamers like my self could finally play NES, SNES, Genesis & N64 games wirelessly for the first time and on a 21st century style NES controller (wii mote)
          (4) Wii fit came at the perfect time. Soccer moms, Retirement homes, kids centers & gyms all purchased wii for the wii fit.

          But the WiiU has none of that going for it.

          • Sideways_1M

            Almost. Wii Fit U is a thing, right?

          • RoadShow

            Yeah but Wii Fit U isn’t wildly popular, new or innovative.

      • Kelvin Roy Leek

        its a good job most sales don’t go to hard core gamers, if you haven’t already made your choice of console you cant be considered a hard core gamer! so all future sales will be to casual gamers!

        • GK15

          I still think $500 is too much for casuals. They make up a huge amount of sales, but it’s not going to happen at this price point. I’ve been saying this since day 1.

          And people who are on the fence will go for the cheaper console 99% of the time.

          Generally the more expensive hardware is more powerful while the cheaper one is more for casuals. XB1 has found itself in the awkward position of having less powerful hardware at a higher price point (Kinect). Only a bumbling fool would have a strategy like this imo (Lloyd Christmas aka Don Mattrick).

      • zainfazal3000

        Exactly, if the Xbox One is weaker then the PS4 okay fine, power is not everything. but the fact that it costs more and is weaker is the problem. I believe it is only a matter of time before MS is bullied by either Sony or the consumer to release a cheaper Xbox One that comes without the kinnect. It will happen. The XB1 is a good console with a lot to offer but the $500 price tag is what is hurting it more then anything.

    • SmartApps

      If Xbox was sold to google or Amazon it would be interesting to see what direction a company like that would take things.

    • Johnathon Allen

      And yet your comment has no relevance as last gen it was sony who was in microsofts shoes and look where they ended up. man play your games, enjoy em , stay off the internet in your spare time. there is no sense in even giving a shit about which is better because if either were to disappear it would be a bad thing for all gamers alike.

      • dude

        …It’s “stay off the internet ON your spare time.” Not IN you spare time. I can’t crawl inside of time. Otherwise you have made a few good points.

    • Kelvin Roy Leek

      you can have all the poor games you like at 1080p 60fps grapics don’t make a good game! oh and then there’s titanfall who cares about halo when we got that so go and play your poor games at 1080p .

  • JT

    you wrote all that and no comment……… lol

  • GK15

    And btw I heard the Titanfall beta is now open for everyone so download away!

    • Mattress

      I played it into the wee hours of last night. The game is simply epic. It is so much damn fun

      • GK15

        I played for a few hours yesterday as well. Certainly is a lot of fun! I like some type of story to flesh out the game universe, so I’m interested to see what the campaign mode brings.

        • tFan

          No campaign. Multiplayer only.

          • GK15

            There’s supposed to be a multi-player campaign.

    • mkal

      Yep, it was closed until no one was interested so they opened it for all. Nothing spells disaster like an epic failure which is the title Titanfall.

      Besides if it was good everyone who was smart would just get it on PC.

      • mdrieber

        yeah thats why its amazing and they opened to stress test it…… your idiocy is truly mind boggling.

      • Kelvin Roy Leek

        lol they were selling beta codes on ebay for $40 twitter and fb was full of people begging for codes

      • GK15

        I can’t tell if you’re trolling or if you really just don’t get it.
        Everyone overwhelmingly wanted to get in actually. And it’s a good thing they made it open for the fans.

      • Carlos

        That’s weird so many people were trying to get in, but could do they decided to stress out the servers and let every one try it, and hell when I get this game I’m never playing ghosts again, maybe campaign but not multiplayer.

    • jaskdavis

      The graphics are not “Next Gen” but… Holy shit, this game is so much more fun than I thought and very fast paced. Seems like the Textures should have another layer or two when the retail version is released, but the fire and lighting are pretty good. Surprised to see this Beta run so smooth, even though I have yet to experience glitches, there are probably some. The training is waaayyyyyy to long but thorough and hopefully they up the resolution to 900p (1600×900) before release. I will be getting this game… AFTER I get my PS4 that is ;)

      • GK15

        I was thinking the same thing about the graphics. They aren’t bad, but they don’t scream next Gen at you either. The lighting is great though. And the game is definitely a lot of fun!

  • Orion

    Hmmmmm. Microsoft isn’t behind and never was and never will be. Here’s why:

    1. They marketed their machine as it should have been. All about the games.
    2. The X1 hardware architecture and OS is specifically tailored for pulling every possible bit of juice available.
    3. Over 1000 indie developers are registered for id@xbox, so they must be doing something right
    4. The X1 is hub centric while doing everything else right, highlighted by this update
    5. Microsoft’s console may be less powerful but Triple A developers are now realizing that the power gap is not significant because it can reach 1080p, highlighted by the Sniper Elite dev saying this update will enable it to be super easy to achieve
    6. Microsoft is not in bed with Hollywood or TV networks.
    7. Microsoft has more 1080p 60fps exclusive games than the PS4
    8. Microsoft has more games in the pipeline that are publicly known than the PS4

    Oh yeah. And Halo 5 is coming in 2015, Spring most likely. For all those reasons, I have purchased a X1 and I am freaking extatic. Microsoft is ahead in their gaming division and will not be sold off because the leaker of the Amazon rumor admitted he started it cause he was bored. FamousMortimer. Check his twitter. He back tracked as soon as it went public. He knew exactly what he was doing. Trying to sabatoge the Xbox brand because he is the ultimate fanboy. Microsoft isn’t greedy or incompetent right now. In the next 2 years, things will get even brighter for Microsoft with their new CEO and Bill Gate actually stepping back into the company for a more hands on role. I will be here for Halo, Titanfall, Quantum Break, and other unannounced projects. I’m glad I didn’t fall for the 1080p 60fps hype that Sony gladly perpetrated instead of focusing on games, like Microsoft has been. Only at the announcement of the actual console did Microsoft talk about being a Media-Hub. Ever since then, a good 8 months, has been all about games. Something Sony wasn’t prepared for with their lack of enticing games at launch. I mean, they say their machine is a game machine right? Where are their awesome games?

    • Orion

      And I wasn’t being sarcastic about the games part. They usually have some pretty good exclusives, when they’re there.

    • RoadShow

      LMAO you are delusional.

      (1) No they didn’t and it’s obvious. Sony was more about entertainment with the PS2 and PS3 but went too far on PS3. It caused delays and high prices. Microsoft is arrogant and screwed up big time on X1.

      (2) LMAO yeah keep telling yourself that buddy.

      (3) Xbox followed Sony’s lead (which 360 really started) on indie’s and Sony is still the better place to put an indie title from what I heard. M$ were cocky at first and had to do yet another 180 to get where they are now.

      (4) Xbox one lacks friend spectate/take over mode and one guide means nothing to anyone outside the US and nothing to many in it. Millions upon millions have been cutting cords ever since Netflix streaming has come out. Netflix growth continues to amaze investors.

      (5) I will say X1 will get easier to get 1080p native and 60fps but PS4 will always have the advantage. It is pathetic the advantage PS4 has as of date. All the big publishers, every single AAA multi plat game is far better on PS4 and it’s not over yet. Beginning of the gen PS4 has better multi plat peformance. Middle of gen it’s exclusives shine, end of the gen it has longer legs. PS4 wins in all 3.

      (6) Yeah it is but WTFE I don’t care.

      (7) Perhaps at this time. Sony has an army of studios and microsoft didn’t even support 360 for half it’s life (see the last 4 years in a row) again you are delusional if you think microsoft will somehow better support X1 this time around. They didn’t do it on orig. xbox and they didn’t do it on 360. Keep dreaming, microsoft are greedy and screwed every gamer over they have touched.

      (8) Again delusional. See last 4 years of 360’s life and army of Sony studios. 2.75 fking billion per year on xbl + revenue from ads on home page and xbox is the only platform not to have decent exclusives 4 years in a row.

      Halo 5 will come too late to help much. It will sell well and X1 will be a successful console but will always be behind PS4 all generation and has lost it’s stronghold market the US. I miss halo but it’s not worth supporting xbox and their horrid customer policies and core principles.

      • Mark Gibson

        You are so silly lets talk again after 4 more Xbox one updates look out…..

        • RoadShow

          Yeah I’m sure PS4 won’t be getting any updates whatsoever.

          Besides none of what I said can be fixed with updates. it will get easier for Xbox one to get 1080p native and 60fps however PS4 will be collecting those games while xbox one waits and ps gamers will be collecting free ps+ games again while xbox gamers wait.

          All while collecting free exclusive content on the best AAA multi plats. Destiny, Watchdogs, Assassins Creed & Metal Gear just to name a few. Sure microsoft took a play from sony’s book and is giving some away now instead of pay to play timed dlc; dlc paying xbox live members still have to pay for. But it pales just like games with gold in comparison to sony’s offerings. Xbox has Fifa 14 & Metal gear.

          • Carlos

            What free is metal gear giving? Deja Vu? Microsoft had Jamais Vu, with Raiden BITCH!!!!!

          • RoadShow

            Xbox one finally gets free exclusive content instead of pay to play timed DLC that paying xbox live member still have to pay for.

            Xbox one so far has it for Fifa 14 & Metal Gear

            While PS4 has it for Destiny, Watchdogs, Assassins Creed & Metal Gear

            Besides 1080p VS usual xbox 720p native

          • Carlos

            Upscaled 720 is almost as good as native 1080p

          • RoadShow

            Yeah you think so! LMAO

            1080p is roughly double the resolution of 720p so yeah…it’s not “almost as good”.

          • very_disturbed_by_roadshow

            You are such a foolish, blind, raging troll. I don’t really have an opinion on consoles, but now I will never buy a Playstation anything just to ensure that I never ever have to share an experience with you. I wish you were banned from the internet.

          • RoadShow

            I really hope you never do. Looking at the sales lead we don’t need you anyways. The support of xbox ruins the gaming industry but I suppose the only way you can leave your filthy smear on the world is to ruin something.


    • SmartApps

      You act like Sony is just sitting there doing nothing, as if it too wont get better.

      • Carlos

        Honestly the ps3 had minor updates but never any major operating system changes its whole life cycle, Microsoft was changing the 360’s os to make it better for its users and it did get significantly better. That ps4 ui will be there for the next 10 years. You know Sony doesn’t have to get better when they can ride off the resolution gate. Then people will truly see what they want. Prettier picture or awesome games.

    • Sniper@

      See…..this what legalizing marijuana does to people

      • RoadShow

        I know we on the same team but I’m 100% for marijuana legalization.

        (1) Take the biggest cash crop away from drug cartels.
        (2) Tax it and put the money into schools for anti drug abuse & law enforcement to go after hard core drugs.
        (3) Finally stop associating pot heads with criminals.
        (4) Stop calling pot heads druggies. Being called a druggie makes people think they might as well experiment with harder drugs since their family already basically feels like they do just because they smoke pot.
        (5) Save the billions per year it takes to incarcerate minor pot offenses.

        • Sniper@



          • RoadShow


    • You are flat out wrong

      Shit, you are deluded.

      By the way, Sony announced 12 games for the PS4 since E3, Microsoft announced 1. More games? Yeah, definitely deluded.

    • dude

      You make me laugh! R U Steve Ballmers son?

    • Carlos

      Thank you for speaking the truth, you made me see the light in the Xbox one! Can’t wait for titanfall and halo 5!

  • PS4 Butthurt Express

    PlayStation fans are in pure butthurt mode today. Have fun with Killzone. And enjoy your alone time with inFamous. I’ll be rolling with TITANFALL. Maybe, just maybe you’ll get a chance at Titanfall 2. We already saw what Microsoft does when they like a franchise. At least Microsoft is willing to spend the money for decent new exclusives. Instead of the same old rehashed worn out infamous and killzone franchise. LOL, they were mediocre last gen, they are mediocre this gen. Bu..Bu..Bu..It’s for the gamers!

    • Lacerz

      I’ve been playing Titanfall all weekend. Not sure what you’re talking about. I am glad Microsoft fixed the crushed blacks though. It had an ugly effect on the games.

      • mdrieber

        youre clearly a sony pony now be gone child you haven’t played titanfall yet you cant afford a true gaming machine (xbox one)

        • Lacerz

          Ummm… the PC requirements are pretty low. It’s obvious they ported it from the X1 build. Shame, since it could have been so much more.

      • Carlos

        He said he would be rolling with titanfall do if you didn’t Understand that, it means he is going to buy it. Dur dur

        • Lacerz

          English isn’t your first language, is it?

          • Carlos

            Actually it isn’t you butt.

    • SmartApps

      I get what you’re saying. But to say Sony is the one who rehashes the same game franchises over and over is inaccurate. I mean 4 Forza, Halo and Gears games in a single generation? And this considering Gears was the only new big IP on the 360. Everything else was carried over from the original Xbox and milked to death.

    • Sniper@

      What did the PS4 do to your Butt?!?!?

    • RoadShow

      You know there are a bunch of butt hurt xbots when idiot facts first gets thumbed up.

    • dude

      Oh yes, Titanfall. It’ll definitely be an Xbone system seller and will look great at 28fps and 900p. I think I’ll play it on my pc! Great! Not an Xbone exclusive.

      • Carlos

        It’s going to look even better at 60fps if you would get rid of your old 30hz tv

  • SmartApps

    Xbox jumped on that casual gamer/motion/3d bandwagon. They thought that was the future….they are now learning (just like Nintendo), that it isn’t. Xbox now needs to have a Kinect-less system that is cheaper than the PS4, and start cranking out some quality games. Gamers want a “games first” machine, and the casual crowd doesn’t even care…they’ve moved on to mobile.

    • DutchOven

      Good points, but with Forza, Dead Rising, Killer Instinct, and now Titanfall, feels like “games first” for me at least.

    • Guest

      Pretty sure Sony was on that bandwagon too, all that killzone 3d/sharper shooter/wonderbook crap, these guys just need to let Nintendo handle that area

    • mdrieber

      how???? nintendos wii was ONLY casual gaming and it won last gen…. so you think a machine with advances like kinect that is BOTH casual and hardcore gaming is going to lose…. you fanboys are a joke

      • Lonny

        sure the wii had more hardware sales but they sold almost no software compared to the 360 and PS3.

  • Matthew Bryant

    Funny that everything they added was already present on the PS4 in November… Just saying. I guess it’s better late than never.

    • mdrieber

      yeah lets just hope the ps4 now adds effective motion / voice controls into its options and games… oh wait i forgot it wont ever be able to

      • Mark Danger Hopps

        ps4 voice commands are better than the xbox’s at the moment lol


        Who wants motion control? even xbots only say they want it because it’s forced on them, if they had the choice they’d have a cheaper system with no kinect… know that’s true

  • canada

    Ya well I like the Xbox for the Media stuff not so much the games and my dad well he uses the Skype feature every week for bisness as far as playing games well not interested I’m child’s play to much anymore but when I am I suppose I’ll pick up a game or two for it after all in my mind its more of business tool then a toy .

  • You are flat out wrong

    lmao this comments section is an Xbot support group thread. Shitbox is done, deal with it. Hopefully it does get sold to Amazon so they can make a decent go of it.

  • EzRider

    Works great, ps4 was released to early, no games lol I have both systems and my ps4 is on the shelf waiting for H Hour. My xbox one does everything and I can multi task and stream my ps3 through using the tv port

  • Greer Lukáš

    Days ago I got a brand new Xbox One from a giveaway here: honestly I don’t think that everyone will win the giveaway, but it’s definitely worth a try.

  • HazEm MazEn

    so you still cant change the HDD on the xbox one huh ? i feel bad for xbox owners. you might want to take a look at this article here :

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