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Xbox 360 Again Leads Home Console Sales in US

by Bill Hess on April 15, 2011

The Xbox 360 was once again the number one console in the United States for the period ending March 2011. According to data that was recently released by NPD, the Xbox 360 sold 433,000 units in the month, followed by the Wii at 290,000, and Sony did not announce their numbers.. again. They did however say that they have 50 Million PS3’s in homes globally. So with a little maths, and clairvoyance, you can possibly come up with a number for yourself.

Microsoft said that Xbox 360 sales were up 28 percent year over year. This due largely in-part to a carry over effect from 2010, where the console maker had great success with the launch of the Kinect motion controller. However, Microsoft hasn’t released one single first party game so far in 2011. So it’s certainly not the games that are making people buy their systems. Perhaps consumers are looking to the future, which Microsoft has been promising is going to cater to both the core gamer and the casual Kinect-centric user with a bundle of titles to be announced in the near future.

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  • Elcido6

    flame war troll much?

  • GreenRIngs

    I think the consoles wars was over once Sony stopped announcing their numbers it was the white flag of shame and defeat. They just wanted to save face, and call it something else. I mean noone wants to buy an unpopular, second-rate, overrated piece of foreign crap when they can get a good old Xbox 360 with better 1st and 3rd party games, better casual games, better online services, and an overall better experiences with the Xbox 360.

    Allen you can take that stick that you always talk about and shove it up your ass, and join Sony in getting ass raped this generation.

    • Mornelithe

      I’ll take my gaming PC over Microsoft’s old hunk of crap any day. Sony’s got what Microsoft wishes it had, internal developers =)

    • jorge

      Come on Green rings don’t go trolling & make us Xbox owners feel like shit.

    • Frank

      LMAO How is it that something “unpopular” be overrated? PS3 IS the better console. No questions asked. All the “good” 360 exclusives like Dead Rising, Saints Row, and Gears of War are like 5 years old. Best first party exclusives? Halo, Gears, Forza and……………? Best third party games? Why? Because most developers half-ass on the PS3 version because the 360 can’t handle games like the PS3? Look at Valve with Portal 2. We’re getting STEAM! 4 years ago it was thought to be impossible to put Steam on anything other than a PC. Wanna talk overrated? Xbox Live, nuff said. What exactly are you paying $60 for? Netflix? ESPN? Facebook and Twitter? And now Hulu? You need to pay to use a subscription service like Netflix and Hulu? Really??? So WHAT are you paying for? You need gold to download demos! LMAO You’re paying $60 for demos and cross game chat. What a JOKE!!!

    • Allen

      Wow, Greenrings attacked me before I even commented on this report.

      he must be feeling the noose around his neck. His poor console is lagging behind, taking the 3rd spot to Nintendo and Sony. Loosing ground everywhere, no 360 love in 2011, just Kinect love which is a joke!

      Kinect appeals to little elementary kids. Have fun playing with your 4 & 5 year olds, we have some shooters to play on the Move!

    • 360’s My Bitch aka Silenthawx

      Better first party games and Microsoft do not belong in the same sentence. Call me arrogant but I can’t think of any aside from Fable.

    • Frank

      Plus, ass raped? REALLY? PS3 is behind a few million despite launching a year later at $200 more expensive. Rape would be say…150 million vs 24 million. You know, PS2 sales vs. the Xbox…LMAO

    • Duke

      I like how you hide behind your American sales wall but can’t look at the facts an take in PS3 has more worldwide sales, a market that MS should be aiming for if they want any hope of beating Sony which they won’t because they as arrogant morons think isn’t important just the same way you are.

      Better 1st party games?
      you wish! Quality over quantity isn’t it? too bad you have neither. You have Gears, Fable and Forza which are your only good exclusives. Halo is not a good exclusive, its a title you hide behind, sure its a massive title but it has no quality, it was the original Xbox’s go to title and you still hide behind it, claiming each game is better than the last but they aren’t!

      Overrated? bahaha i laugh at that hypocritical comment.

      I like how you state it is foreign, i bet your a Neo-Nazi Skin Head. Its also funny because your console is built in China to keep cost down, made in China with an American sticker on it.

      Your online services are overrated, you believe that because you pay $60 that you have better services, you dont! you pay $60 to chat to friends? honestly who cares, you talk to your mates all day at school or work, who cares when your at home.

      Sure you have better casual games, but you have hardly any good core games compared to PS3.

      To get ass raped, there needs to be a large margin and you have to actually be on top you ignorant dumb s**t

      Have America, Sony will have the rest of the world. I bet you will find there is another 6.7 billion people around the world.

  • Mornelithe

    US is simply not enough to carry the 360 anymore (well, it was never enough to carry it beyond the Wii)…now the PS3 is outpacing it worldwide (no matter what fanboy spin the media puts on it). Seems like the 360 is definitely starting to lose steam.

    • ragglefraggle1

      losing steam…
      “lol” double meaning hehe

  • Allen

    LOL, one thing I learned is that just because Sony isn’t saying the numbers, don’t mean that it aint good.

    I’d say PS3 took easy 2nd place in the US for that month. PS3 has been outselling 360 on all the sites I’ve looked at.

    Recently on Amazon the 4gb version of 360 sold higher than PS3 but I can say all of Jan. Feb. & March PS3 outsold 360.

    The 4gb 360 is a total rip off and scam. Just a way to get you in then you have to pay $120 to $140 for the 250GB HDD.

  • chris

    u can get a 250 gb HD on amazon for 50 bones

  • Nathan Worrall

    Oh behave all of you fanboys, the PS3 is not outselling the 360 in the slightest it is pretty close each selling more in different months but at the end of the day the 360 has more overall sales than the PS3 and the Wii has more than them all.

    • Allen

      And that’s based on what? Patcher?

      Your an idiot.

      US sales is not the entire world moron.

      PS3 globals sales have caught up on the 1 year lead and 5 million console lead the 360 has. It’s now about 600,000 difference. With PS3 having about 900,000 more “active” consoles.

      Get your facts right

    • Frank

      No…unfortunately he’s right Allen. The 360 IS outselling the PS3…in AMERICA. I think other then a price cut, there isn’t much Sony can really do. Unless they get a game like GTA V as a timed exclusive for like a year, which I doubt because it will take waaay too much $$$. People in this country are sheep. They see something on t.v, hear their friends talking about it, then they want it because everyone else does. This country is the reason why Activision and EA half ass on CoD and Madden and games like Uncharted, Bioshock, and hell even 360’s Gears get no love. -_-

    • 360’s My Bitch aka Silenthawx

      Point: America is not the entire market. In contrast 360 is getting ass raped in Japan, but it is not worth mentioning because it isn’t “the world.” Time to look at the bigger picture instead of focusing solely on America.

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