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Xbox 360 hits 50 Million Units Worldwide

by William Schwartz on January 6, 2011

The Xbox 360 has sold 50 million units worldwide as of the announcement by Steve Ballmer at CES ’11.  In the keynote, the CEO addressed the large number of units and also spoke on the 30 million users that have Xbox Live accounts tied to those 50 million 360 units.  Up 5 million from just November 2010, which would indicate that people are signing up for the service at a rabid pace.  

If my calculations are correct, which they more than likely aren’t because I was playing my gameboy under the desk during Algebra class, that’s close to one per second over the last 60 days.

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  • ragglefraggle1

    i wonder how many of those buyers rrod & rdod & repurchased it 10 times lol.

    • Kingme

      Probably about 4 million of them. 4 mil times 10 would mean about 40 mil, so yeh only 10 mil havent had to buy a new console, talk about lucky. I got a better chance of winning the lottery than having a 360 that doesnt breakdown in the first year, actually in the first month, wait more like the first week.

  • MLD

    i dont see how ppl think its a insult to say how ppl rebuy new 360s…….

    its actually a anti ps3 comment because your openly admitting that people would rather try another risk with 360 then buy a fully functional ps3 :P

    • ragglefraggle1

      actually dont most people try 2 save up 4 a ps3, but xboxs stupidly high maintenance costs a pretty penny. & what about ur crying kids who wanna play any game NOW. if anything, its not anti ps3, but more a show of MS’s moneymaking scams & xbot ignorance

    • Elcido6

      most people are not going to jump to PS3 if they wanted to, if they have a bunch of games for 360 already, common sense.

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