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Xbox 360 to Get Cloud Storage in Fall Update

by Bill Hess on November 14, 2011

Xbox 360 to Get Cloud Storage in Fall Update

Earlier this year, Microsoft unveiled a new cloud storage feature for the Xbox 360 that would likely be implemented in this fall’s dashboard update.  The cloud based system will allow users to store save files, and other important system data, that can be accessed without a physical storage device.

One important piece of information that has not been revealed about the feature is the storage capacity.  Xbox 360 users will get 512 MB of Cloud Storage with the fall dashboard update.  This is a good bit of storage when comparing it to the PlayStation 3.  Sony’s version of cloud based saving gives PlayStation Plus subscribers 150MB of storage as an added benefit to the subscription.

There’s still no ETA on the release of the fall dashboard, but many believe it will arrive just in time for the rush of sales during Black Friday.

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  • nick


  • Bacon

    N Xbox people say playstation copies everything from them

    • Cool dude

      N PC people playstation copies everything from them.

    • Brian

      Your comment hurts my brain.

    • Brevs

      Wow im not even going to begin on how stupid that comment was.

  • Cool dude

    512 mb… nice

  • bozmanbeyond

    Why would I need this???? I already have 320gigs +4gig internal and a 16gig thumb drive and a external 500 gig HHD, so why?

  • that guy

    i have 3TB so i dont need a cloud.


      so when you go to your friends house you take along your 3 tb hard drive? o wait no you dont because you have no friends. now i know why playstation users dont seem worried about this – they never leave the house!

  • Paul

    Apparently you all don’t understand the point of cloud service, if you did you wouldn’t still be talking about your hard drives.

    • bozmanbeyond

      So please enlighten us to what I can use and why I need a whopping 512 MB of unowned virtual space.

    • Cool dude

      Well, I think. Cloud gaming is that you can access your “memory” from any Xbox 360/Ps3 consoles. Like going to your mates house and showing off your MW3/BF3 classes without the need of bringing your personal Xbox 360/Ps3 hard drive.

      Well, I think thats how it works.

    • That Guy

      cloud gaming and cloud storage are two different things.

  • A113n

    The only thing good about cloud service is if your hard drive fails or if you forget to save your game data prior to sending your console in for cleaning and or repairs.

    Other than that it’s pointless and Micro$oft will probably charge an additional $60/year just to use it.

    • Cool dude

      Shut your mouth. No one asked you to bring your hate. AGAIN

    • A113n

      Cool Douche, you are why I am on this rampage. I was being nicer, I was respecting but you just keep running your mouth, lying your ass off and just plain being a dick.

    • Cool dude

      Me? Running my mouth?? Listen to your self!

      “lying your ass off and just plain being a d**k.”

    • A113n

      Well I apologize for my remark about Micro$oft charging for this service and calling you a douche. Everytime I see them adding anything to it that’s what I think of though. They really do only care about getting that extra buck out of your wallet – but I’m sick of this too cool dude. have been for a while – you and I were doing okay but then it started getting worse and worse again, lets try to make this more fun again okay?


    • Cool dude

      Micro$oft, old habits die hard aye Allen?

    • That Guy

      oh you console players and your witty names. in the end youre just fighting over second place.


    this is awesome now if i go to a friends house i dont have to take a memory card with my saved profile or saved games on it. just log on to the cloud!

  • AKA Zzz

    Allen’s mad because his subscription service offers him less than our subscription service ROFL

  • That Guy

    to give every xbox live user(about 20 million) 512 mb it would take roughly 9.7 petabytes. relatively small compared to many other things.

    • Cool dude

      Avatar the movie took 1.1petabytes.

  • Bio Predators

    Lets not forget the underlying reason for the cloud service. XBox or PS3 users have a collection of game saves and stats on their system which could be accessed from a secondary console if on cloud, so you can go to your mates house and play and improve you game stats without your mate leeching your skills to improve his. But, and here’s my point, most of us have someone else in the family that hates your game playing time (wife, mother, dog that needs a shit!!) so with your second console in your dedicated games room (bedroom!) you can let the “other” watch their crap (Big Brother, X Factor, I’m a Celeb, O.C., True Blood, Eastenders, Corrie, etc, etc) because we all know that Microsoft and Sony really want us to spend MORE money and get a friking console in every port we visit e.g. kitchen, bathroom, shed, holiday villa, caravan, work staff room, toilet (not a bad idea), and so on.

    Or it’s more likely to do with the up and coming XBox dashboard update to push us closer to a pure hybrid digital system XBox 720 (unconfirmed title) in a couple of years.

    Wow, that was one hell of a rant, now it’s your turn.

  • staKz

    WTF is the problem. Its a ADDED feature. If u have 3,000,000 TB of storage then dont use it!!!! Plain and simple. If they didnt offer this feature you would complain on why they dont have it. And imo 512mb seems like a decent amount to save some of your saved games on to. (Obviously more than PS3). Oh, and for all u Ck suckers who commented just to show off your 1, 2, 3 ,4 Terabyte drives how bout you take that big block and shove it up your as ses

  • QuasidodoJr

    If you go over to someone else’s house to play video games, you’re probably still very young. I never go to a friend’s house to play a game or show them my progress. The only way I used to transport my console for gaming was during the few years my friends and I liked to get together and play Rock Band and/or Guitar Hero, drink some beers and have a good time.

    512 MB would not carry over all of my song DLC, however,. So, what’s the purpose of having this?

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