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Xbox One Cloud a Gimmick? Nvidia proving its more than just a buzzword

by William Schwartz on July 28, 2013


Ever since Microsoft revealed the Xbox Live Cloud, many downplayed the technology as a gimmick.  There seems to be a line in the sand and an ongoing argument as to what is, and what isn’t, possible with the cloud.  From a common sense standpoint, there are a lot of applications that seem like they would make good use of cloud computing.  Things like matchmaking, stat-tracking, and other information intensive portions of games could definitely benefit from a low cost and efficient constant connection to the internet.   But the portion of the argument that has most people disagreeing resides in the realm of graphics, and improving the “power” of hardware through the cloud.

Sony’s lead architect on the PlayStation 4 recently came out and explained that the cloud isn’t necessarily the best place to “boost graphics”.  Mark Cerny said in a recent interview that there are things that work well in the cloud, and there are things that don’t.  But that doesn’t mean that others aren’t trying to get these things to work better.  And by things, we mean offloading some elements of game’s graphics to the cloud, and reserving computational power on the hardware itself.

One such company is Nvidia, which is working on the Cloudlight System.  Detailed in a new research paper out of Williams College (thanks NeoGaf), the Cloudlight system is used for computing indirect lighting in the Cloud to support real-time rendering for interactive 3D applications on a user’s local device.  The developers working on the project explore some of the tradeoffs that working with the cloud actually has, but one thing to garner from this new research, is that it is indeed possible to improve graphics through the cloud, it just might not be the most the efficient way to do things right now.

But with the rate that technology increases, we could very well see the cloud become more efficient in the ten years that next-gen consoles are projected to stick around, and most certainly after that.  While we might not see better graphics on Xbox One launch titles because of the Xbox Live Cloud, as technology gets better and more efficient it most certainly could happen in the future.  For now, we’ll have to keep an eye on how these researchers and developers continue to learn about using this technology.  From the sounds of it, the Xbox One cloud might not be so much of a buzzword as it is ahead of its time by a few years.


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  • Broc kelley

    If DEVs come out and say that they are going to work to let us have modded games on the Xbox One, I don’t know a single person who is going to get a PS4 regardless of the graphics or the price.. Fallout 4 w/mods : console seller, period.

    • Matthew Bryant

      It’s only a console seller if Bethesda doesn’t maximize the console. I can guarantee that Bethesda will use most of the resources, making modding not only difficult, but graphic mods (which are by far the most popular) will be basically impossible. There’s a reason why PCs have modding. It’s because you can upgrade your PCs and three years later an amazing game that doesn’t look as good as games that come out then can look that good. You can’t make that happen on a console.

      • adr

        I don’t think bethesda will actively avoid mods, hell these released fallout 3 and new vegas modding tools, still I am intrigued to see if the X1 can hold its own against PC’s. mods and all!

        • Sam Christianson

          modding on any consoles is impossible. But not like people think, the reason why there arent mods on console is because one, its illegal, and two anything that would resemble mods like dlcs will cost money. why because uploading anything to the xbox live market place costs money and will have to go through a Microsoft certification process.

    • Matthew Bryant

      Besides, even the most popular mods for Fallout 3 only had about 1,000,000 downloads. Most people who buy the game for the PC do not mod. I love graphic mods. Morrowind, Oblivion, Fallout 3, New Vegas… all look amazing on my PC thanks to graphic mods. It’s still not the system seller you’re pretending.

      • Broc kelley

        If you think graphics mods are the most important mods then you’re right, but there’s a lot more to games then that… Look at Halo Reach and it’s Forge, that’s the kind of thing I’m talking about; I’m also talking about the things like the massive skyrim add-on mod that made a game 1/3 the size of the original skyrim, and none of that was improving the graphics. Fan-made Mods= Fan-made DLC = fanmade lore.. Finally, games can be as dynamic as the people making them. Imagine Star Wars, or Mass Effect– hundreds of people could create thousands of explorable worlds, making the $60 you paid for the game completely worth it…and you’re talking about graphics mods lolz, think otuside the box buddy.

      • Broc kelley

        And, with the newly found power of the cloud- these hundreds of add-ons which will be STATIC until they are on screen, could all be stored on the cloud…it’s a match made in heaven, which would have ended better IF all consoles still required internet..but you take the good with the bad

    • Iamnosuperman

      The PS3 allowed mods (Unreal Tournament but it was limited). Publishers will never allow it as it would ruin a very profitable DLC business they have going. So keep dreaming for consoles with mods as it will only happen when the publishers decide to play fair

      • Broc kelley

        Which is why I’m helping make a petition to somehow widen the DEVs profit margins so they can do this… We need to either create an official used game market, one in which DEVs get a percentage of the gains, or we need to eliminate used games sales all together..Not a very popular approach, recent history would say, but I’ll take Mods, cheaper new games, and no DLC over no used games from gamestop everyday of the week…

        • Nikola Kostic

          Thats not the only problem. If everyone could write and download mods and by extension other stuff you open up the console to viruses. I highly doubt it has to dow with used games lol, more like security/privacy issues

          • Broc kelley

            Agreed. Major Nelson’s role at MS is mainly PR, and what better way to sidestep the “can this console have mods” question, than to say it’s up to the DEVS.

            The enhanced security and debuggers needed would cost a lot of money, and the only realistic way to have it be done, would be to have MS do the security while the DEVs sell mod-creating rights to people who are capable and have the tools to create mods..much like they do with the DEV kit’s on the ps3/360 and will be doing on the ps4.

            Now, since every Xbox One console is a debug kit that get’s rid of those people that the DEVs would have to pay…I know plenty of people who would love to create playable mods for the games we know and love, and I know plenty of people with the PC power to do so..Which is why I’m trying to rally support for a petition to somehow get Mods into games. I’m not sure what needs to be done, besides what I listed above, but I want to get people’s eyes open to this huge opportunity. This would erase the need for expensive DLC; offering a bridge between what MS was trying to do and what Steam does, while also not piling on the always online DRM crap. If you would like to sign the petition, or know anyone who wants this to happen , let me know…there’s no point in making a petition no one will sign…

          • Broc kelley

            Goal: Help establish a mod-market for console games.

            In an effort to form a more perfect market for both the producer and consumer, we the people hear by stand against the liquidity trap that holds our dollar hostage. We wish to incite the reclamation of our beloved culture as the forerunners to the Magnum Opus out of this oversaturated market. With us we bring hope to the crass atmosphere that envelope the developers of our fine culture and heritage. No longer will they be cut out; with your help no longer will they be lost in their proclivity. With their profit margins widened we stand. With 3rd party retailers we wage fiscal warfare. We need, and you want, a market where your developers get the funding they want and need. With such reclamation we need a leader. We ask you to bring back what was once sublime, and give us a market that we supply. Our creativity will guide us. Using the debug kits found in your new console, mods beget profits, but no one will invest. End this liquidity trap. Offer developers the security they need to support mods, make sure developers get a piece of used game sales at 3rd party retailing outlets, and we the gamers will see your coffers filled. We ask only that our skilled youth have their go, just as they will in the self-published indie game’s market.


          • buddynugget

            lol and you dont think mods would have to go through a certification process through the mod tools to make sure they are safe.. thats exactly what would happen. especially on xbox live it is known for its great security and strong online foundation. there would be barriers in place to make sure things like that wouldnt happen. Microsoft would require it.

        • paupersdeserveonlydeath

          GameStop needs to die instantly. They ARE the destruction of the industry.

          • Sam Christianson

            They ARE dieing out. just like Hollywood video a blockbuster. as far a pc is concerned they practically are dead. its only a matter of time before xbox and ps handles the game market like steam with a mass majority of transactions being digital and all data being stored to the console itself. it may not be this generation but itll happen

      • Broc kelley

        Hey, I made a petition. Please take the time to read through it, and if you would like please share it with whoever you know that would like to sign it. Thank you very much.

        Goal: Help establish a mod-market for console games.

        In an effort to form a more perfect market for both the producer and consumer, we the people hear by stand against the liquidity trap that holds our dollar hostage. We wish to incite the reclamation of our beloved culture as the forerunners to the Magnum Opus out of this oversaturated market. With us we bring hope to the crass atmosphere that envelope the developers of our fine culture and heritage. No longer will they be cut out; with your help no longer will they be lost in their proclivity. With their profit margins widened we stand. With 3rd party retailers we wage fiscal warfare. We need, and you want, a market where your developers get the funding they want and need. With such reclamation we need a leader. We ask you to bring back what was once sublime, and give us a market that we supply. Our creativity will guide us. Using the debug kits found in your new console, mods beget profits, but no one will invest. End this liquidity trap. Offer developers the security they need to support mods, make sure developers get a piece of used game sales at 3rd party retailing outlets, and we the gamers will see your coffers filled. We ask only that our skilled youth have their go, just as they will in the self-published indie game’s market.

    • keysy

      Broc allowing for modding is something that comes from developers not console makers. secondly in ten years i dont want cloud graphic upgrade i want a new system .

      • buddynugget

        lol i want a new system every 5 years. this last one was way too long. if the cloud can truly stay on track with PC somehow graphics wise than i wouldnt care if i had the xbox one forever lol. but that doesent seem logical especially at this moment in time. 5 years should be the max.

      • Broc kelley

        I made a petition on to help MS and Sony get mods (user-made content) on their next gen consoles. The petition also demands they help DEVs get a portion of used game sales.

        Below is the explanation of what would happen if the petition was a success. Below that still, is the actual petition letter. Please click the link and sign, spread the word of this petition to everyone you know. When Major Nelson said, “it’s up to the developers if mods happen” he opened an avenue for us to speak our opinion. It is our duty to stand, and help the developers we know and love succeed, and in doing so doors will be opened for us as well:

        Mods are equivalent to downloadable content, but mods are made by the fans for the community. With fan-made content we can have things like a skyrim add-on that is 1/3 the size of the original Skyrim, and is free! These things exist, and on the next Xbox console you will have the ability to create such content. We need the support of the DEVs and the support of Microsoft to make this happen. Please take the time to consider this awesome opportunity. If you are against Microsoft, please contemplate the ramifications of this change on the rest of the market. A Mod (fan-made content) is great for everyone, and spurs innovation in the minds of the developers. the PS4 will also have a debug kit available for purchase to those who have the skills to create game content.

        We are also signing this petition so that the devlopers, the ones we know and love, can get the money they deserve for selling these games. When you buy and sell used games you give no money to the people who worked thousands of hours to create those games. If this petition passed, as a consumer, you would not have to change the way you buy and sell games; the 3rd party retailers that are stealing money from the developers would be held accountable for the money those developers deserve.

        In turn, we would get games that offer many more hours of gameplay per dollar that you payed for them. We would get the same content PC owners recieve at places like Steam, and we would get game prices that match Steam’s as well. Anyone who has the skills to create content for games, should sign. In doing so you are showing the industry that we no longer want downloadable content that costs as much as the game you purchased that content for. It is time to take a stand for the future of gaming.

    • paupersdeserveonlydeath

      MS is going to make every Xbox One a devkit, which means sideloading your own apps and emulators and stuff. Instawin! $0ny PauperStation can GTFO!

    • dave mcnair

      There’s no reason why you would have modded games on one system & not another. Plus the big games wont allow it anyway (DICE on pc anymore etc) sad but true. Anything Microsoft announce outside of strict exclusives Sony can do too. But its more like ms copying Sony so far…

      • Broc kelley

        My goal is not a modded Xbox One and that is it…I want mods everywhere and on every system..from consoles to cell phones. But, it is much easier to get people to change one thing than it is for them to revamp the entire industry. If this goes through the change will ripple across the entire industry

        • dave mcnair

          It was hard enough to get Micro$oft to reverse its DRM policies. They know that developers wont allow people to mod their own games because it would lose them money. They want people to have to pay for map pack & DLC (sadly) You will get the odd developer who thinks differently but I can’t see it becoming the norm any time soon.

  • Matthew Bryant

    So the article basically completely disagreed with it’s title…

    • redavutstuvader

      did you read it wright

  • Facts First

    I came here because I sensed massive butthurt ripples in teh force. i was correct.

    • Apples

      But there isn’t any …?

      • Facts First

        That’s because the butthurt is so strong that playstation fanboys can’t even speak right now. Give them time and ointment and perhaps in a day or so they’ll try to respond. They are still reeling over using half their RAM for OS.

        • Kamille

          if they comment it’s butthurt and if they don’t it’s the same thing anyway… WTF?

        • datdude

          Facts first is apparently just another confused soul who believes everything he/she reads in print. Good luck with that.

        • Guest

          PS4 will have cloud computing

          • paupersdeserveonlydeath

            With less than 3% of what MS will provide with Azure. 9000 servers versus 300.000. PauperStation FTL!

          • buddynugget

            no it wont. Mark Cerny said their service will compute parts of video streams which is what Gaikai offers. Its the only thing it offers. Those PS1/PS2/PS3 games from gaikai will stream as you play. have fun with the lag.

            p.s. youll have to buy them games again too even if you own them :'(

          • paupersdeserveonlydeath

            $0ny = lies, overhype and underdeliver.

    • Nikola Kostic

      Haha every site I read this guy is there boosting xbox and trolling everyone with his yao ming face. news about consoles just wouldn’t be the same without him :) btw a dev came out and said the half ram report is false and it will regardless have more ram than xbone. Look it up

      • redavutstuvader

        he said half ram is exaggerated it is still close to half ram (4.5-5 ) kill zone is even using 4.5 in their own documentation

      • roozbeh

        Hate to burst your bubble but sony confirmed it

        • Nikola Kostic

          Ok show me.. the only article from sony was the one that explained flexible ram and that specifically said we will not say what amount is reserved for games yet (most likely because they dont know, since theyre not finished with the OS). Claiming they will only have 4.5 gb is same as when people said the final console will have only 4gb cus of dev kits.. as we see this stuff changes drastically until launch

          • roozbeh

            the fanboyism is strong in this one

          • Juan Romero

            Just like the Xbox One, the PS4 will have a Hypervisor in place in its OS (or at least, I would hope so, or else the PS4 really does have half its RAM used).

            For the Xbox One, if a game requires 6GB of the 8GB, then the hypervisor will suspend things and scale down the OS so that the game can use 6GB. If the game requires 7.5GB (which is quite massive tbh, and is perhaps a bit of a stretch), then the hypervisor can suspend everything in the backend OS, and let the game use 7.5GB. This system has been in place in Windows since Vista and with Microsoft’s Virtual Machines, and it just so happens to be very good. Can’t say the same for Sony.

          • Nikola Kostic

            It would be pretty idiotic of them not to have some kind of solution to that lol. as you say i hope both consoles do. I just dont understand why the report had to say: you have a guaranteed 4.5GB.. why so little.. also i dont like how sony is trying to compete with microsoft in every aspect aka the rumor of 3.5Gb OS.. I get them going after the casual audience, but Id rather have microsoft do their own thing (a multimedia console) and sony theirs (a gaming first console). and in that respect i was really hoping that they didnt allocate more than 1Gb of the OS to it..

          • Juan Romero

            These consoles are doing a lot more than just playing games now, and any console that does nothing *but* play games will fail miserably (look at the Wii/WiiU, which can’t even play DVDs/BluRays out the box). The increase of RAM usage by the backend OS is to be expected as features get added on, and the 3GB/3.5GB thing is just a safe placeholder which can easily be adjusted with future updates and optimisations, so that Microsoft/Sony won’t have to gimp future console improvements due to some games requiring more RAM constantly (like how the PS3 couldn’t add things like cross game party chat due to its strict/limited RAM setup). I very much doubt the OS will actually use all 3GB/3.5GB all the time, as not even an unoptimised Windows 8 installation uses that much.

          • Nikola Kostic

            Thats exactly what I said in one of my other posts. It will all change with time. And obviously I dont mean purely for gaming but if windows 8 takes 1gb I really see no point in allocating anything more than 2 for a ps4 os. The wiiu failed for different reasons. Casual gamers didn’t see it as a huge leap in functionality from wii, and hardcore gamers saw it as extremely outdated.. and it cost quite a lot too

          • Juan Romero

            Windows 8 without prefetch data takes up around 500MB of RAM. I would say the 3GB/3.5GB is just to give apps a bit of flexibility to work alongside games.
            These are more than just games consoles now, these are entertainment systems. Background OS’s are needed these days without the console feeling aged/gimped, or lacking in features which we take for granted now (like seeing when someone in your friends list is online).

  • Phil Balliet

    Xbox One is going to pwn the PlagueStation.

    • Joe

      Might be the worst pun I’ve ever heard. Congrats.

      • snecet

        id say not near as bad as the “pukebox” ive seen a couple of times…just, bad.

    • gigantor

      pwn. funny.-) ( ’cause it’s NoT true.)

    • datdude

      You mean the same way the Xbox 360 is pwning the PS3. And by pwning I mean trailing in worldwide sales despite being released more than a year before the PS3 and counting red ring replacements as “new sales”? Way to pwn, Microsoft. Way to pwn.

      • buddynugget

        360 is 1mil units ahead of PS3 sales as of 2 weeks ago according to forbes. 78.2mil for 360 77mil for ps3. nice try though lol.

        • RoadShow

          LOL bull $hit, I’m dying of laughter at your ignorance. Show us proof because Sony out shipped 360 last year and caught up early this year. 40,000/week more in PS3 favor on average.

      • Juan Romero

        God forbid Microsoft doing this well for so long without Japan to help them through the track. Microsoft kicked Sony’s ass this gen and you know it.

    • HyperTallih

      PS4 is going to pwn the spybox one.

      • roozbeh

        hey you done trolling on major nelson?

        • HyperTallih

          WTF you are talking about.

          • roozbeh

            you know what im talkin about now.
            oh and jason voorhees says hi.

  • Roadshow=Unintelligent

    Roadshow MUST be crying like a little $%@&

  • redavutstuvader

    it’s funny how if MS says it, it must be a lie , but if Sony or some one else says it its true. Don’t Sony fanboys realize MS is an integral cornerstone to the industry, but their liars all of a sudden, every single time Sony lies, it is quickly forgiven by not acknowledging it happened.

    • paupersdeserveonlydeath

      It’s the hypocrisy of the $0ny PauperStation N4Gtard and thus the NeoFAG!

    • jaskdavis

      Hardware in the X1 most don’t have a clue about:


      “A small but important feature which has been over looked by the general public is the audio capabilities of the XB1,

      the XB1 is sporting a dedicated sound processor called SHAPE (Scalable Hardware Audio Processing Engine)
      This offerers 6 function blocks which are dedicated to specific tasks:

      1. XMA Decoder: Concurrent decodes of 512 XMA format voices. XMA is a perceptual codec developed for Xbox 360 offering user-tunable quality and typically providing between 6:1 and 14:1 compression.

      2. SRC: A high-quality dedicated polyphase sample rate conversion block allowing for high performance and high-quality frequency resampling of 512 mono channels of audio data (whether for format conversion, Doppler effect, or pitch variation).

      3. Mix Buffers: Dedicated accumulators for 128 in-place mix channels without needing to access memory, and with additional channels available virtually. These mix buffers also provide coarse metering and clipping detection for debugging and monitoring.

      4. FLT/VOL: A module providing both volume scaling and a state variable filter implementation for more than 2,500 voices/mixes, analogous to the software-exposed XAudio2 per-voice filter available on Windows and Xbox 360. The filter can provide low pass, high pass, band pass, or notch filtering, and exposes Q and cutoff/center frequency parameters. It is used most commonly for distance and occlusion modeling.

      5. EQ/CMP: A module providing up to 512 channels of 3-band equalization and dynamic range compression. The EQ is comprised of three serially cascaded biquad filters. The compressor has a hard-knee response, and supports both side chain and expander functionality.

      6. DMA: SHAPE has dedicated DMA hardware for transferring audio data to and from the unified memory space. This enables scenarios that include transfer without a sample-rate converter, transferring final mix channels, and CPU-based processing in the middle of a SHAPE-based audio graph.

      Also contains:
      ACP (Audio Control Processor)

      The ACP provides state management and scheduling of all other audio hardware components on the North Bridge. CPU involvement in intra-frame processing and the synchronization/latency it might introduce is unnecessary.

      ASP (Audio Scalar Processor)

      The ASP supports scalar float and vector integer operations. Voice chat codecs—both those that manage wireless communication between a voice chat headset and the console, and those that are used to compress/decompress voice data for networked voice communication—are provided in hardware. Additionally, this processor supports xWMA format decompression in hardware; on Xbox 360, xWMA was solely a CPU-side decode option

      AVP (Audio Vector Processor)

      The AVP supports vector float operations, and is designed primarily for MEC (multichannel echo cancellation) and other noise reduction for the next-generation Kinect audio input. It supports both speech recognition and chat/arbitrary audio input use. MEC and other noise reduction processing allow for a more intelligible stream of the player’s spoken audio data even from a far talk microphone that is typically positioned closer to the output speakers than to the player.

      What does all this mean, to put it simply the audio power this processor has the 8 core CPU in both the PS4 and XB1 do not have the processing power to emulate what this dedicated bit of hardware does.

      This means that basically zero CPU will be needed to run even the most complex sound requirements. sound is quiet a heavy CPU user.”

      15 years ago we used to have dedicated processors for audio, When last gen started, it was decided to shift that to the CPU . As it turned out this was something of a resource hog, so now we’re back to dedicated processors again.


      LZ-77 Move engines to work behind the scenes (background threads) for hardware

      compression & decompression on the fly. Which is really important with working with data from and

      to the cloud.

      NOTE: Make no mistake this is HUGE. It allows the Xbox One hardware to decompress assets from

      the cloud on the fly in hardware and inject directly and instantly into the memory for the GPU. A

      cloud based game can change on the fly either by code or assets.

      • EPIC

        I did not know that! Thanks :)

  • gigantor

    All these new names commenting, ,. did you contact Reputation Management? -mathMaticks_ {it just hit n4g an hour ago, most of these are 7-3, hrs.}-atow.

  • Sheldon Prescott

    This article explains my thinking on Cloud. It may not give a huge improvement to games when Xbox One launches, but I’m very sure that in the years to come, it will get better and better, but “certain people” seem to write it off immediately. The arguments against it are mainly how things are RIGHT NOW, but I’m pretty sure that things will get much better in the years to come.

  • redavutstuvader

    No piece of hardware is ever used to it’s full potential , even Nasa used lot’s of old tech in the curiosity, since this is a fact, how could the cloud show it’s full potential at it’s start. things do not work like that.

    • John

      Cloud computing has been available for a long time now. Microsoft have done well to implement many of their products to the cloud. This is not the start.

    • liam

      MS has Azure cloud for quiet a few years now, a lot of companies already use is (aston martin etc)

      • Guest


      • obewon

        wtf,. does aston martin, have to do with gaming??? or are you just name dropping.

  • Broseo

    I’m fairly sure a handful of third world countries have a lot better pipelines than the U.S. does. Did any of you guys try SimCity? All the stuff the cloud computing was supposed to be “handling” was disabled within hours of launch due to major issues like 80% of players not being able to play at all. It was “handling” things like tracking minor statistics between 16 or less cities, or scoreboards. The game ran better when you unplugged your ethernet cable ironically(only for 10 minutes though!).

    The average middle upper class North American, Asian, or European is in the 1-3 mbps range with a .15 ms latency now. From what I can figure, we need 1000 times the speed we all pay 30-80 dollars a month for currently, for this to be even remotely useful in terms of “boosting power.” Good luck with that. This is a pipe dream and only a means of keeping more users constantly online for drm, tweeting, and posting achievements to social media to spam advertisements. Wake up.

    • datdude

      Finally, a commenter with half a brain and a modicum of common sense.

    • redavutstuvader

      XBOX ONE only requires 1.5 mbs

      For an optimal experience, we recommend a broadband connection of 1.5Mbps. (For reference, the average global internet connection speed as measured recently by Akamai was 2.9 Mbps). In areas where an Ethernet connection is not available, you can connect using mobile broadband.

    • samiup

      and of course, the engineers working on the cloud stuff have absolutely no idea what bandwidth is and never heard the term “latency”…

    • buddynugget

      umm average speed in the US is 7mb/s. And 1000x is clearly an exxageration. Also the SimCity debacle was purely a server problem. There was no cloud computing involved. At least not in the sense this article talks about. Azure is insanely big adding xbox live services to it wont even scratch the surface. games using dedicated servers wont scratch the surface. 300k servers they have specifically for xbox will carry them for a few years theyve prepared for 50mil xbox live users all logging on with room to spare. Alot of room to spare. And they are still buying data centers to grow this number even higher. What happened with simcity will never happen with xbox. You really dont understand any of this stuff at all.

  • chris9465

    I would like to see cloud computing used in RTS games like command and conquer……..hell i dont really care that much about graphics as far as CaC i just want a shit load of tanks……and a huge base to function from……….skirmish mode was always my favorite

  • Guest

    This is why the Xbox One with Azure is going to destroy anything the PS4 can offer. A realtime demonstration of a streamed raytracing model with local variation computation: NVidia CloudLight.
    http://graphics cs Williams edu/papers/CloudLight13/CloudLightTechReport13.mp4

    • Guest

      fuck you jason voorhees.

      • Guest

        Tallih Taxiservice
        Bonhoeffersingel 35
        1069NB Amsterdam
        Every pauper’s wet dream.

  • RoadShow

    I wouldn’t say it’s a complete gimmick but no, it’s not going to give any type of advantage to the xbox one. Micro$oft is known to over blow their features and quality products. Just like Windows 7 advertising “cloud” features it couldn’t even do.

    PS4 has better hardware, cloud computing and gaikai streaming technology. It also has a far better and innovative controller as well as free exclusive content just like ps3 did in many of the AAA multi plat games out there. Nothing but good things coming from the PS4, unlike Xbox one which is overpriced, still paywalls basic features and is grossly underpowered.

    If you want a weak console then the Xbox one is for you. If you want the top of the line gaming console with the hardware power that any hard core gamer would need then the PS4 is for you.

    • buddynugget

      your a straight up moron. The hardware specs are pretty much the same. Xbox gives free games away too. Who gives a shit about a paywall your buying a console to play games 99% of people are going to play online. Guess what you gotta pay for it on both consoles. $100 is not overpriced considering all the extra functionality you get. HDMI pass thru, Kinect etc. PS4 doesent have cloud computing it does have gaikai streaming tech but youll need an above average internet speed to use it and so far its only for backwards compatibility which isnt even accurate because youll have to buy all those games again if you wish to play them. The xbox controller is still way better WAY BETTER. Force feedback triggers kid improved D-Pad same perfect size no battery bulge. The PS4 controller has a frickin touchscreen thats it and the damn LED light is always on. Get your facts straight. Both consoles offer their own variety of good/bad. They are even keeled now and the only deciding factor anyone should be thinking about is GAMES and features.

      • RoadShow

        A great article on Eurogamer right now about PS4 hardware. here’s a screenshot (links usually get moderated).

        Xbox is all about ripping you off and that is why paywalling basic features no one else in the world paywalls is a big deal but it is. It’s just a way for M$ to force a few more subscriptions to it’s worthless service.

        (1) If it weren’t for Sony and PS+ xbox live wouldn’t give free games – 12+ years xbox live gave nothing then PS+ made fun of XBL by offering a highly valuable “optional” “subscription” service. LMAO @ you and any other xbox gamer paying for xbox live while I sit back and get all these huge free titles each and every month.

        (2) XBL free games are only confirmed to last for 6 months an no mention of xbox one. While PS+ will be giving at least 1 free game a month on PS4 + free PS3 games + PS Vita games and doesn’t paywall those basic services.

        HDMI pass through? So the fk what? Who the fk has a cable box anymore? Everyone I know got rid of it or is going to get rid of it meaning that the one and only thing xbox has is DOA.

        $500 is too much for a console, that’s what PS3 released at (20gb version).

        PS4 does have cloud computing, look it up moron.

        Xbox controller is still $hit you mean. You may like it, doesn’t mean anyone else does. I fking hate that awkward POS. You can’t even hit all the buttons without straining or taking time to re-arrange. PS3 is perfect but regardless there are 3rd party controllers if you have to have 360 style.

        I hate xbox, the xbox one is loads better than 360 but it’s still a POS and not worth it. I’m all about being elite. There is no eliteness in Xbox. With the 360 it lacked every single good thing the world had to offer. With the xbox one welcome to 2007, no disk swapping like it’s 1995 & having not one tiny scratch on your games. Sleek sleeve slot but what’s this? Still a huge ugly external power brick? LOL.

        You have but to look at a companies past to see it’s future. Xbox does nothing but screw the consumer over at will. Did to PC gamers, did it to orig. xbox gamers. did it to 360 gamers and tried to do it with the Xbox 180.

        • buddynugget

          My god you are really stupid. First off I don’t need to look anything up PS4 may in the future have the capability to use cloud computing per Mark Cerny but it does not and will not at launch. The pS3 controller is infamously horrible. Not my opinion that’s the general consensus. PS stole every idea they’ ve ever had from MS. Big example being trophies. So what if xbox starts giving away free games just because Sony did it first. With free to play game model being huge next gen that’s most likely what you’ll be getting with PS+ in regards to your free game every month. Lets take a look at the first one Driveclub guess what its limited. Unless you shell out $60 than your going to be playing a trial like version with only half the content. Just like killer instinct on xb1. Its apparent to me your a huge fanboy. Ill be enjoying both my consoles but i just can’t stand when people like you misinform people. Your the one that needs to go look something up. Just one last thing HDMI pass thru can do a lot more than just plug in a cable box.

          • RoadShow

            Wow you are on disinformation piece of $hit aren’t you?

            PS3 already does cloud computing and PS4 obviously has it as well. You are some dumb piece of $hit that acts like Sony doesn’t have anything good.

            1st off look up PS2 game called kinetic. Hands free PLAYSTATION 2 game, hell Xbox even stole the name.

            your list is 1 item long. Achievements wow!

            Drive club is not as dumbed down as you say it is and you have no idea what it would cost to get the tracks not with drive club. You are a fking idiot trying to over look that M$ is continuing to not give $hit for it’s worthless subscription while Sony is committed to continue to bring huge great free games to it’s service.

            I fking hate xbox, it always has and always will give the least at the most cost.

            And fk you about the controller. There are millions out there that feel just like I do. Fking hate xbox controller, even the new one they still don’t have blue tooth/gyroscope or built in recharge batteries. Sony did nothing but great things with the dual shock 4, it didn’t lose any of what made the ds3 great but instead added and innovated.

            Please tell me what else you might want to plug into your POS xbox. The PS3 already is the one and only box I need hooked up into my TV and was for the last 6 months until I finally decided to plug my Wii back in.

            PS3 – 3D blu ray player, upscale DVD to HD, online movie rental, online streaming services, auto connected to both my Windows 7 & 8 PC’s and used them as my home media server accessing all the music, movies & video’s I have but on my big screen TV with my 7.1 surround sound – internet browser & wifi since launch.

            360 – No blu ray, no browser for 8 years (Pandora & a million other great things 360 didn’t have for 8 freaking years), no wifi for 5 years – add $100.

            360 does connect to PC’s too but I don’t think it auto connects.

            What’s so freaking funny is that metacritic has a great article up right now on top rated 360 VS PS3 games of the generation. There are only 3 Xbox exclusives in the top 25 while PS3 has 8. Also many on the xbox list had free exclusive content on PS3 or were given away for free on PS+.

            Most of xbox’s supposed exclusives are on PC or Mac with free online play. It gets no free exclusive content so has been missing out on what PS3 gamers get to enjoy for being a free to play PS gamer.

            I LOL @ ignorant fks like you. There is no need for xbox other than to keep sony on their toes.

          • buddynugget

            Your just proving my point man lol. Anyone who reads up n the next gen consoles everyday will know what I mean. I’m not downtalking the ps4 either dont know why you think I am. Like I said before im buying both. But you arguments about the xbox one are mostly based off of the 360 false or are just ludicrous biased opinions. I’m done arguing with you ts obvious your the type of person who doesent care what the facts are and doesent know how to be unbiased in a debate.

          • RoadShow

            LOL yeah you go ahead and think that and no I don’t give a fk that you are getting both. That just goes to show how fking stupid you are. M$ hasn’t even fking gave hardly any games for the last 3 years in a row, where was your multi billion in revenue then? HUH? M$ just sat back, gave nothing for xbox live forced subscription, took your money and only put 1 billion into next gen games. They make 2.75 BILLION per year you know right?

            I’m not making $hit up. Telling exactly how it is, the xbox one is loads better than the 360 but it still has lots of problems. 1st off M$ will fk you over time and time again any time they want and have proven that over and over again. X1 is too expensive, paywalls basic services, didn’t innovate for $hit, far outpowered which will be apparent later in the generation easily.

            I personally hate xbox with every bit of my being. I don’t fking care you don’t feel the same way. Doesn’t mean I have to change for you. Stupid little fks like you are what’s wrong with the world.

            I bring nothing but the facts and yeah we will fking see. I can’t freaking wait for launch.

          • buddynugget

            Lol you crack me up. People like you are the real problem. You bring nothing but negative comments with only your opinion to back it up PERIOD. Not all revenue can go directl into games. At the end of the day both companies are businesses and are only in it for the money. Last generation mcrosoft absolutely sucked at getting exclusives I agree. Now they are throwing a billion dollars at getting morr exclusives. Thats not a negative that’s a positive nice spin though lol. As much as i love them Sony could never do that and that’s exactly why they didn’t come out and say something similar. Really you just come off as a butthurt fanboy grow up.

          • RoadShow

            Oh only my opinions huh?

            PS4 wouldn’t be pay to play if it weren’t for xbots, game news sites & retailers not giving a flying fk that they were supporting xbox and them ass raping the gaming industry. The worst part of it is; is that xbox 360 wasn’t even fking needed.

            (1) Almost all Xbox 360 games are on PC with free online play the PC way. Halo CE & 2, Gears of War 1, Mass Effect 1, Left4Dead, both Battlestations, Alan Wake & all the fables. Leaving only some Halo’s, some gears & wanna be GT.

            (2) Xbox & M$ fked over the gaming industry time and time again: 1) Made Halo 2 for PC Vista only – no PC game limited to 1 OS, scam to force upgrades – Vista doesn’t have the excuse of incompatible direct x which 7 & 8 could be a reason 2) Dropped all service/support/games on orig. xbox as soon as 360 was here, again forcing upgrades – it was M$’s job to sell you a product you could enjoy for years. They didn’t give a rats ass 3) RROD happened and it happened so M$ could gain market share and it worked. It was the consumer that suffered – up to 55% failure for 5+ years. 4) 5) Tried to implement horrible always online, DRM & gifting/used game policies.

            (3) Xbox 360 is the only gaming platform pay to play (forget about PS4 for the moment). PC, Nintendo, Playstation – it’s all free everywhere else. The xbox live subscription is literally just access to basic features

            (4) Xbox 360 is the only streaming platform you gotta pay for the right to access. Roku, Netflix blu ray players, Smart TV’s, laptops/desktops, tablets, smart phones – every other single device doesn’t make you pay $60/year just for the right to purchase a sub.

            (5) Xbox 360 is the only browser (finally after 8 years) that makes you pay for the right to use it. Desktops/laptops, tablets, smart phones, all other gaming platforms, no one else any where else makes you pay for this. $60/year = $300 every 5 years.

            (6) Xbox 360 has no free exclusive content, despite being the only people in the world paying to play. PS3 gets the free online + free exclusive content in the best AAA multi platform games YOU CAN’T HAVE as a paying xbox live subscriber. The biggest titles of the generation Red Dead Redemption, Battlefield, Batman AA & AC, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Far Cry 3, LA Noire, Mafia 2, Fight Night, Assassins Creed as examples.

            (7) Xbox 360 is the only gaming platform with ads on home page.

            PS3 – Sleek sleeve slot
            360 – Old CD tray

            PS3 – No multiple disks
            360 – Disk swapping like it’s 1995

            PS3 – internal power supply
            360 – huge power brick

            PS3 – browser since launch
            360 – no browser for 8 years

            PS3 – wifi since launch
            360 – No wifi for 5+ years, add $100

            PS3 – constant price drops, cheaper than 360
            360 – overpriced, despite no expensive blu ray, the only one pay to play, the only one with ads on home page and the only one to paywall basic features.

            PS3 – PS+ is a valuable optional service giving thousands of dollars of free AAA quality games each year.
            360 – 11 years gave nothing for subscription. 2 years after Sony made M$ look like fools with PS+ they are giving 2 games away for 6 months, unconfirmed after that & no mention of xbox one games.

            In every single measurable way xbox sucks donkey balls. In every single way a person enjoys a console – games, hardware, quality, entertainment. Xbox sucks. It’s not that it’s enjoyable, it’s that with xbox you gotta put up with a whole bunch of BS, xbox is the furthest thing from elite status. Costs the most and gives the least.

            Please tell me how any of that is a fking opinion.

          • buddynugget

            1) Halo: Combat Evolved was exclusive to the OG Xbox not xbox 360 when it first launched. Microsoft launched the PC version 2 years later with upgraded graphics and extra content for PC and it was exclusive to windows another thing MS owns. The same goes for Halo 2 a Windows PC version was released 3 years later in 2007. Mass effect 1 and gears of war 1 were the same way they were later ported to PC but at launch they were exclusives. ME1 was also ported to PS3 many years later. I dont see how this has anything to do with anything negative towards MS. This is actually a positive that they expanded the games and offered them to PC users later on and added extended content and graphics upgrades to each one. Good on you MS. On to 2.

            2) So Microsoft provided incentive for people to upgrade to Windows Vista big whoop. Honestly it was stupid of Microsoft to do. For one Vista was horrible XP 10x better secondly almost anyone who is a huge halo fan already had an xbox and the game. Microsoft didnt drop support for the original xbox until 2010. They cant support something forever especially when nobody plays on that system really anymore. 7 years was plenty. FYI thats 3 years after 360 came out and each person received 3 months of free xbox live and 400 MS points which to say the least is generous considering they didnt have to give anyone anything. The population of xbox live on the OG xbox was so low im surprised they didnt do it sooner. Cant lie to me man ive owned all these consoles since their respective launches. So people got to enjoy the OG xbox for 7 years and could still enjoy them just without xbox live. 3 errr 2A) RROD.. Now as this is a huge negative and a worry of mine for this next gen it absolutely wasnt to gain market share. The RROD was caused by them upgrading things at the last second which in retrospect im sure they are taking every precaution necessary with this next console. Also GameInformer did that study where it said it was 55% and they were wrong. It was more like 35% (per SquareTrade) and although it was a hassle everyones warranties were extended by a year allowing for everyone to get a free replacement. Only the first 2 batches that were shipped out (keep in mind thats millions of units) were effected. Thats what using cheap solder to try and meet demand will do to ya lol. This is one thing you got right but you think it happened the wrong way. Lets keep going shall we.

            3) This has been a thing of debate forever. The added security in my mind is worth the $5. Also get cross party chat and the downloads are 10x faster. The paywall to access apps on xbox live kinda sucks thats something they should change and fast. I wont forget about PS4 either lol. They are charging so they can maintain upkeep and add better security and offer faster online speeds. Exactly the reason MS charged for it. Thats why for 5 years Xbox Live Gold beat PSN into the dust. The points can be argued all day long but the instant games library IMO makes PS+ the winner (not PSN that still sucks).

            4) Your correct. $60 is wrong though. I have never paid $60 for my year of Xbox Live gold. There is always a sale somewhere where i can get it for $40 or less. Like i said above this is something they need to change.

            5) Your grasping at straws here lol. Who the hell uses a browser on their console anyway.

            6) Most of that exclusive content was in game items and outfits. WIth the exception of AC3 and FC3 which got exclusive game content such as missions and DLC. Xbox got other exclusive content to other games. They also get timed exclusives more often than not. These are things i know i dont care about. Seems your all about it lol. Not really groundbreaking in the way of 360 vs PS3. Which again are both great consoles. Im merely entertaining your lies here so we will move on but you were right on this one.

            7) I only 1 teeny square on my home page with an ad on it. 99% of the time its because its a sponser for a huge sale xbox is having. Not really a negative since were getting great prices for ignoring a 1×1 box.

            8) Really cd slot vs tray. Not even worth arguing.

            Disk Swapping vs No disc swapping – My guess is your talking about like the 1% of games that come on multiple discs for xbox. This was the trade off Microsoft made for faster read speeds with smaller space on discs. Thats why loading times are considerably worse on PS3 and are much much better on Xbox. Not really a negative. I think in all my 7 years with xbox only 3 or 4 games have had multiple discs at least that ive played. With all the time i saved on loading screens for the xbox games it made up for having to switch a disc out.

            The power brick – Again a trade off. To lower system temps on the xbox they removed the power supply. PS3 runs hot as hell and thats the reason. So clumpy power supply (annoying as hell) = cooler xbox. Power supply inside = overheating the PS3 with couple hour gaming sessions. Numerous times ive had it shutdown because of overheating. Its a big problem. Google it if you want. They said the PS4 runs way cooler thank god. Also Xbox One has no power brick and will run way cooler than the PS4 will.

            Browser – who cares lol.

            Wifi – Only on the higher $600 models at launch. The 20gb version didnt have the wifi. The xbox 360 was $200-$300 cheaper than the PS3 when PS3 launched so $100 for the wireless adapter not really a win for PS3 lol.

            Cost – They are the same price if you account for the hard drive space. Apparently you forgot when they announced it would cost $600 at launch or $500 for the 20gb no wifi version. The xbox 360 was $300 and $400 at launch. So whos ripping off gamers and who isnt lol. That was a joke dont get mad.

            So that was mostly you just spewing lies but you did have a few (2) good points. Anyway your whole point was look at their past to see where they are going. Stupid point i might add. But they way i see it they will keep innovating offering a great experience and will need work in some areas like always. Just like Sony. I dont know how this argument turned into last gen when it was supposed to be about next gen but your tired lies deserved an actual truthful response. I double checked every bit of this by relooking up things as i wrote this comment back to you so there is no room for error. Your just a negative person clearly a fanboy i hope everyone takes your words with a grain of salt. Like i said before next gen choice comes down to two thing and two things only. Features and Games! Both companies are obviously making a huge push for exclusives. PS4 making a bigger push towards indie with their same approach to AAA. Microsoft concentrating on making indies happy by announcing self publishing and removing update fees for all developers and by making an incredibly bigger push towards AAA games. Both systems have something to offer everyone your negative thoughts and opinions on MS, even though very little was backed up by facts you did manage to make a point or two that everyone with an xbox already knows about but most of it was just opinion or over exaggerated. I wasnt going to continue this argument but i think anything and everything you have to say is summed up in this comment now so this will be the last one no matter what else you do to provoke an argument. So good day mate hopefully sometime soon youll grow up and educate yourself before spewing out loads of BS like this again.

          • RoadShow

            LOL you still have nothing but here we go.

            (1) My god you are dumb. Xbox didn’t allow $hit. They didn’t use the billions in revenue to keep their exclusives exclusive. You sat there and paid out your ass and lost one by one and no, you fking idiot. PC is not M$, they make the OS only, if it were a M$ platform you would have to pay to play it online. AND IT DOESN’T MATTER. Xbox only has like 3 true exclusives – Some Halo’s, Some Gears and wanna be GT. THAT’S IT AND YOU KNOW IT.

            (2) Bull $hit, it was dropped as soon as 360 was here and it was because of some back end deal M$ had with someone to do with a hardware component. I don’t care for the excuse – M$ didn’t give a $hit about it’s cosnumers. ALSO WTF you talking about? Halo was 100 times better on PC than orig. xbox and that console didn’t sell for $hit. No fking incentive, look at you defending the fk out M$ for forcing upgrades LMAO. RROD – huge issue still plaguing xbox’s today. This didn’t even start to go away until they completely redesigned it (without adding a $0.25 plastic buffer to protect disks I might add).

            (3) You are fking full of $hit. I will say XBL has faster downloads but it is no more secure or in any way any more quality online play other than cross game chat. Xbox live accidently banned tens of thousands 3 different times in 2011 alone, accounts hacked with M$ points stolen, credit cards charged for more which are also stolen.

            (4) There is no need to fking charge for $hit. Online play has always been free. Every single gaming platform and yes it’s fking $60/year. You think everyone goes out and finds these deals? Almost everyone I know gets it on their b’day and those peeps buying it don’t know anything about getting a deal. So many pay $60, it is $60, you gotta know where to look to find it cheaper, almost no one does that. PC, Nintendo, Playstation, Tablets, Smart phones it’s all free to play. But you have effectively killed free online play by supporting the bull $hit so now we can all look forward to paying $180 – $240 per year just to do something we historically have always been able to do for free. Thanks.

            (5) ROFLMFAO yeah that’s okay. Just another fking feature you don’t have, supposedly don’t need oh look M$ added it, now it’s all of a sudden a valuable feature? MY fking god M$ makers of Bing and Internet explorer couldn’t fking put a browser in their flagship hardware for 8 years while Nintendo, peeps that don’t know $hit about high tech, don’t even bother to put DVD playback in their consoles has had wifi, browser & sleek sleeve slot since launch. All of which Xbox can’t say. LOL for so many years Nintendo had more features than 360, fking pathetic.

            (6) Fking show me one game xbox actually got free exclusive content. They get pay to play timed DLC only. DLC every can have. DLC you still have to pay for and it’s only from like 2 publishers – Activision POS COD games and Bethesda. Oooh huge benefit. LOL multi billion per year in xbox live revenue but free to play PS3 gamers get free exclusive content in all the best games you can’t even have. All that content PS3 gamers still get to have from your side but you can’t have ours. Like the $10 comic on Mass Effect 2 – another exclusive M$ couldn’t hold onto – rubbing salt in the wound xbox gamers had to pay more for.

            (7) So it’s still the only fking gaming platform with ads on home page. You are defending them again. Just over looking one thing after another. huge deal, fking cheap asses. Xbox is fking cheap but you pay the most.

            (8) elite status. Something you haven’t been able to claim…ever. I’m sure you don’t understand.

            1% games that disk swap? Uh whatever. Almost every game that is a disk swap are high end titles but I don’t fking care. Just defending another thing against xbox. Overlook everything.

            Dude fking xbox has always been more expensive. Wifi + hd DVD + console + pay to play + battery recharge packs pay all that and still don’t get the elite status PS3 has had since launch.

            Xbox doesn’t give anything better. You can play almost every game that’s it’s supposed exclusive on PC with just a cheap graphics card on your school laptop. it has no incentive, in every single area it lacks. The history of the company disgusts me, what it’s done to my beloved gaming community disgusts me. If I supported that POS I would be sick to my stomach every time.

            You seem like a respectful person so I will apologize for coming off harsh. But I hate Xbox, always have and always will. i will never stop pointing out their faults. I’ve said it a hundread times – the xbox one is far better than the 360 but it still has many flaws.

          • RoadShow

            Yeah, M$ gives more huh? Despite pay to play, despite the only peeps in world with ads on home page, despite no free exclusive content, despite putting up with so much BS with xbox, lacking in every single way.

          • RoadShow

            That’s what I thought. I bring the facts and the dumb xbots that acted like they knew it all just thumb down and run away. That’s the thing. No one can give me one valid reason they didn’t give a $hit that M$ was ass raping the gaming community. Just fking sat there and acted like everything was normal when M$ just fked everyone over with forced upgrades, unreliable, overpriced, no exclusives, no exclusive content, pay to play, pay to stream, pay to browse, disk scratching, disk swapping POS.

          • Roadshow=Unintelligent

            Sad!! Your very uninformed/educated

          • Jeremy

            Your shitty grammar and sentence structure makes me laugh. You should go to school for once.

          • Jeremy

            “Your just proving my point”

            HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA! The stupidity is strong with this one.

          • Jeremy

            Oh look, a retard calling people stupid.

        • Roadshow=Unintelligent

          Does sony pay you to be on this website roadshow?? Nobody cares what you have to say about either system because your facts are always 1 sided!!! sony sony sony suck it up princess! Microsoft is gonna unleash the biggest motherfucking Hadoken upon sony fanboys and you will crawl back to your corner and die like the ps fanboy you are!

          • Roadshow=Unintelligent

            you need to leave mommy and daddys basement and maybe get out in the world and learn something!!

          • RoadShow

            LOL, I bring the facts and you dumb pieces of $hit just sit there and act like i’m wrong. You don’t tackle me and what I lay out head on, you always avoid the conflict like a little bitch.

            All you have to do is admit that the only fking reason you got 360 is because your friends had one and you wanted to game with them.

            Some people got one because they couldn’t open their eyes enough to see that there are other games than just Halo but mostly peeps got a 360 because that’s what their friends got. That’s the 1 year headstart – 8 million people snowball in the first console generation where online play is a major factor for ya. Something Sony underestimated.

            LOL you think that if 360 can’t beat PS3 despite that entire year head start, millions of RROD rebuys, a supposedly superior network, HALO & a more popular motion control that the X1 even has a chance? LMAO X1 is going to be nothing but a #2 all gen and yes, we will see who is right

      • RoadShow

        Well whatever. Xbox has done nothing but scam, force upgrades and give the least for the most price.

        1st you are a dumb ass about your free games comment. 12 years of giving nothing and finally 2 years after PS+ made xbox look like fools xbox is giving 360 games only away – only 2 a month – of really old games – only confirmed to go one for 6 months and no mention of xbox one games.

        PS+ will give 1 free PS4 game away a month + free PS3 games + free PS vita games. The instant game collection.

        The xbox one is no different than 360, it’s better in some areas but –

        Still paywalls basic features like browser/streaming/cross game chat.
        Still huge ugly power brick.
        $60 controllers yet still no good innovations and what’s this? a $25 batter pack making each $85 ROFMFAO
        No free exclusive content like that confirmed for PS4 – Destiny, Watchdogs, Assassins Creed
        Like I said above – no free games like PS4 will be getting

        then everything else. look at their past to see their future, they will fk you over time and time again.

        • Mattrimkevx

          And Sony has done nothing but lie and tell untruths (there is a difference). You may not be a Phony fanboy but you certainly are an MS hater.
          You own the PS+ games less than you would own games in the original digital drm plan for xbox one games.

          • RoadShow

            Um y ou forgot something really important. EXAMPLES?????????

            You are full of $hit. I’ve never seen Sony do anything harmful to the gaming industry. The only things peeps have against them is what? The CD root kit of the 90’s? Big fking deal.

            M$ fked over PC gamers, Fked over orig. xbox owners, fked over 360 owners and tried to fk over X1 owners.

            The 360 was grossly under quality, lack of exclusive games, lack of real exclusive content & lack of standard features the entire generation.

            The fact is, it cost the most and gave the least while also crapping out at a rate unknown to man kind before. 3% dude – 3 fking percent is industry standard failure rate. At the very best numbers (33%) RROD was over 10 fking times that.

            It’s just that not you or any other xbot loving mother fker can even come at me with $hit. You just state your fking “opinion” without stating any facts or replying to mine.

            LMAO, Xbox isn’t even fking needed. There are literally like 6 games that are truly exclusive to 360. In the top 25 all time rated games per metacritic there are only 3 true xbox exclusives with many of the top rated xbox games – better on PS3 with free exclusive content or were given away for free at some point on PS+. I just LMAO at that fact.

          • Mattrimkevx

            >Xbox dies
            >Sony monopolizes
            >Gaming industry crashes

            All the PS3 exclusive titles combined sold less than halo and forza…
            The xbox 360 easily outclassed the ps3 this generation, and it’s going to do it again.

            Please explain how MS screwed PC gamers?

          • RoadShow

            OMG what did you just say? Forza hasn’t sold for $hit. GT5 sold over 10 million fking copies. M$ just keep release one after another Forza because Gears, Halo and Forza is all 360 has had all freaking generation. Halo CE & 2 on PC, Gears 1 on PC, Left4Dead on PC, All the Battlestations, All the Fables & Alan Wake.

            Xbox has had almost no exclusives all gen, nothing but the same old same old, along with none of the free exclusive content any old free to play PS3 gamer got in all the best games of the generation. Already listed but just so you don’t forget the names are the biggest of the gen – Red Dead Redemption, LA Noire, Fight Night, Batman AA & AC, Battlefield, Far Cry 3, Mass Effect 2, Mafia 2, Assassins Creed. All 360 has gotten is pay to play timed DLC everyone can have and DLC 360 gamers paying for live still gotta pay for.

            Forza 3 – 5.38 million
            Forza 2 – 4 Million
            Forza 4 – 4 Million
            Forza Horizon – 1.45 Million

            total = 14.83 million forza copies this gen

            Gran Turismo 5 – 10.49 Million
            Gran Turismo Prologue – 4.13 Million

            And yeah, Halo sells very well, it’s Halo. If it weren’t for Halo then 360 would be nothing. Halo was far superior on PC and it’s not worth supporting Xbox or pay to play $300 every 5 years just for fking Halo.

            360 couldn’t beat PS3 despite a year head start, all the RROD rebuys, a suposedly superior online network, HALO, and a more popular motion control.

            LMAO, where’s your fking exclusives? Should’nt exclusives be selling the hardware? Or is it that xbots got nothing to buy?

            And hell Gears has lost it’s way so here’s to hoping one of the E3 announced exclusives goes well. Titanfall sure will be nice…..on fking PC with free online play.

            I do agree that Xbox is great for keeping Sony on it’s toes. PC is a world away and Nintendo doesn’t push $hit.

          • Mattrimkevx

            >Disregards my post because of lack of examples
            >Lacks examples and makes up statistics in own post

            FYI Sony lied about last gen, they said the PS3 was going to have more I/O ports than it actually shipped with, they also failed to commit to their 40+ exclusive games, releasing only just over 20.

          • RoadShow

            See all you got is disinformation.

            What was this BS you were trying to say about exclusives? There are 50 on this list alone and that’s just the last 3 years. The difference between you and I? You spew BS and I just want people to know the truth and make a reasonable decision.

          • Mattrimkevx

            talk about spreading lies, that picture is so bs, where’s the other halo games, the other forza games, the indie games?
            PS. exclusives games is not about quantity, it’s about quality.

            Go ahead and buy a PS4, you’re obviously too far brainwashed to bring back to reality.

          • RoadShow

            Open your fking eyes moron. Very top line

            EXCLUSIVE 1ST PARTY RETAIL GAMES 2010-2013

            Games on 360 but also on PC and Mac are not listed. This list is accurate from what I can tell. I didn’t make it but did check it and it hasn’t been wrong yet.

            You are a pathetic piece of $hit with no evidence yet criticize people that do have hard facts and evidence.

            You deserve Xbox POS. Pay those bastards for fking nothing, costs the most and gives the least.

            Despite being the only one pay to play, the only one paywall basic features like browsing and streaming, the only one with ads on home page, overpriced hardware, overpriced accessories.

            Despite all that the fking 360 fizzled out 3 years ago. Go fk off, Sony has done nothing but give the best of the best. More AAA exclusives, free exclusive content, 3D blu ray, browser/wifi since launch, correctly priced hardware, reliable hardware.

            PC, Nintendo & Playstation all have true exclusives. Almost all of xbox’s are found on PC but what’s sad for you is that they are free fking online play the PC way. You are a dumb pathetic piece of $hit for even paying xbox for live.

          • Mattrimkevx

            This ladies and gentlemen is what I mean by too far brainwashed already.

            Again, it’s quality over quantity. Unless you like empty multiplayers.

            And here’s the real image:


            The image is still crap though because it shows games for the vita as well, by that logic it should also show alan wake for the 360 because it is owned by Microsoft studios.
            And anyone else notice the massive amount of jrpgs? Seriously it’s nearly half of the listed games.

            I’m not sure if you’re aware of this but PS+ is also mandatory for online play with the PS4…

            The issue I have with you, is that you don’t even have “hard facts and evidence”, you’re just pulling biased reporting from anywhere you can find it.

            And lastly whats up with your and other’s dislike about a power brick, I found it very useful with the 360, let me know when the console was properly in standby mode.

      • Jeremy

        “Your a straight up moron”

        HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You’re a straight up moron.

    • Jeremy

      On IGN, the more dumb you are, the more praise you get. They don’t take kindly to smart people around here.

  • paupersdeserveonlydeath

    Ah yes, but now nVidia has proven it. Must suck being a $0ny PauperStation lemming.

    • Nikola Kostic

      Nvidia hasnt proven anything, it said it might work the way you imagine it in a decade.. regardless, the ps4 is bad enough but xbox one is just downright shit. From the early demos these consoles struggle to get 1080p and 30fps.. if this doesnt improve by launch im just gonna build a gaming pc

    • datdude

      Who the hell is this loser? Pauperstation? Really? Is that what counts as witty or clever in your mind? Seek help.

  • paupersdeserveonlydeath

    Now that nVidia has shown the tech…can you imagine what could be done with Windows Azure on the Xbox One with hundreds of times more computing power (it’s the second largest and fastest expanding cloud)?
    Also, having the possibility of turning every Xbox One into a devkit mean you can do whatever the F you want with it, including sideloading of apps like emulators.

    Oh boy, the NeoFAGs are hurting bad. Poor $0ny paupers!

  • jaskdavis


  • dave mcnair

    Yes don’t hold your breath for any crazy cloud power happening any time soon. It’s not just Sony architects who have said it can’t boost real time graphics. DICE devs have confirmed the same thing amongst others. I’m no expert but I know when to listen to one. This is hopeful ‘pie in the sky’ type stuff & history will prove this. It’s ideal for certain things & has been discussed inside out. It it what it is & not some black magic like some would have you believe. Their heads are in the clouds..

    Why does no-one who ever writes these articles recognise that Sony also has the exact same tech available to them (& in fact they’ve also invested heavily in it) The big difference is they realise its limits & don’t need to exagerate neither it’s current nor future potential for its uses.

    • ikkakopPSfanboys

      Sony definitely does not have the exact tech available to them. Gaikai is a joke compared to Azure’s server park. More butthurt $0ny fanboys comin’ up.

      • dave mcnair

        Sony definitely DOES have the same tech available to them. What you’re talking about is increased server allocations & hopes for its implementations. One realistic, one not so. Cloud gaming. Do you even know what it is? Check it out. I did back at the start of the year & I’ve a funny feeling MS & Sony did way before me. It’s not something that one company has & the other one doesn’t. I don’t know which point this is ever going to set in but the sooner the better for all concerned. It’s constrained by bandwidths primarliy regards its real life applications.

        recommended reading/s? try Eurgamer/Digital Foundry’s ‘In Theory: Can the Xbox One cloud transform next-gen gaming?’

        or if you don’t have the attention span, this American guy actually sums it up fairly well if you search Youtube :- ‘Xbox One: What is Cloud Gaming? | PS4 Cloud Gaming | Azure vs Gaikai’

        also Nowgamer’s article ‘Xbox One: The Power Of The Crowd’ (circa June20) even though not really about the Cloud alone, is still worth a pop & as a summary pretty much ‘nails it’ in my book as far as stating the obvious goes.

        • whoeverrico

          Xbox One What is Cloud Gaming? | PS4 Cloud Gaming | Azure vs Gaikai

    • RoadShow

      LOL lots of xbots on this page. Blind, ignorant, running from the facts xbots.

      • William Brinton Sandbrink

        And, you are what? A “PLAYBOY”?

        • pauperszijnzokkdom

          No, he’s a $0ny PauperStation N4Gtard.

          • William Brinton Sandbrink

            Nice! That is very similar to what I call a retard..

    • William Brinton Sandbrink

      Hahaha.. It’s because Sony is hiding in the past, and doesn’t have a clue on what the future will bring. Sony has done nothing, but play it safe, and at the same time their pointing fingers at Microsoft for doing something different, and tying to push for the future. Such an angel in disguise, Sony… Bravo!

      • dave mcnair

        It’s actually its own customers that have largely been pointing the finger at microsoft. Sony haven’t had to do anything other than stay true to themselves. People & gamers (for the greater part) aren’t so stupid.

        • William Brinton Sandbrink

          Yeah, you are right in a few ways, but not all. People don’t want to move on, and that was Microsoft’s problem.

  • Nikola Kostic

    Why not, ill sign the petition. I think mods are a good idea and especially since i havent heard sony discuss such stuff it might be just what xbox needs to win over some gamers

  • William Brinton Sandbrink

    I’ll put it this way… Microsoft has a huge lead in cloud computing technology, and some of their launch exclusive titles use the cloud. Now, it may not be such a defining line right now, but within a few years the technology will greatly improve, and the cloud will become a major threat to home based hardware. Also, within those few years, the slight difference in hardware between the Xbox One, and PS4 won’t completely surface, especially to the naked eye. Besides, Microsoft never officially released the specs of their CPU, GPU, and what RAM is inside. I’m not saying the rumors floating around aren’t true, just saying it’s not inked in blood, and set in stone.

    • dave mcnair

      They’ve got more servers allocated toward it (that they had lying around unused/wanted) & have based their concept around everyone having lightning fast broadband speeds. If ‘The Cloud’ ever becomes worth looking at for gaming beyond the likes of streaming then you can gaurantee Sony will be doing the same & asking their developers to explore it. The idea that M$ has any sort of advantage with this technology is a myth. Time will prove this to be the case. If you want to know more read Eurogamer/Digital Foundry’s in depth article on the matter :-

      ‘In Theory: Can the Xbox One cloud transform next-gen gaming? Or has Microsoft got its head in the clouds?’

      Or don’t bother & keep holding out for a revolutionary turn around that will never happen. Cloud gaming is great for everyone but it has its limits based on infrastructures. Making out your system can be more powerful (& highlighting how much powerful it is than its last gen incarnation) just makes them look more & more desperate as time goes on. But don’t stop now Microsoft – you’re clearly on a roll :)

      • Guest

        Poor pauper…

      • William Brinton Sandbrink

        See, that’s the thing.. Microsoft is ahead of their time, and planing for the future. Setting every piece together, and looking forward, for the long haul. Just like the Kinect, talk all you want about the PS Eye, but the technology, and software powering the Kinect is far beyond what the PS Eye is capable of achieving. All the way down to voice commands, UI functions, and motion control games without a prop. Touch screens are the big deal now, but what will replace touch screens? Any guess? Motion. Now, take that technology and pair it up with Microsoft’s research IllumiRoom project, and if you want you can always add a few props, but you’re not relaying a piece of hardware for the actions, and reactions your body naturally makes. Even the “stream” or digital system Microsoft created offers more benefits then Stream, and the old Physic way of gaming. No, the price of games won’t drop for a few years out, but Stream went through the same dirt, now look at it… Microsoft was smart to listen too the community, and do a switch with DRM, giving the people the same sort of system we all grew up with, but will also give those who prefer the new age of gaming (which is digital) shortly after launch. You’re already a doubter when it comes to cloud computing technology, oops I mean Microsoft, so I shall not type another word about the “Cloud”…

        • dave mcnair

          Tempted to say (justifiably) ‘TLDR’ with the ranting/lack of formatting etc (sorry just a personal annoyance of most sane people) I skimmed through it & get the just of it..

          My beef isn’t with the xbox or with the gamers who choose it over Sony, it’s Microsoft that I despise as a company. I’ve had enough contact with them just from using a pc from time to time. How anyone can defend their forward thinking, recent policies & backtracking is completely beyond all comprehension. “You can’t just switch off features a console built around always online & DRM” etc etc.

          If Microsoft were so ahead of their time then why were they a generation late bringing out their first console after Sony had first with the groundbreaking PS1? It was also a console that let you play your audio cds but it truly heralded the advent of quality 3D graphics in the home with games like Ridge Racer, Gran Turismo & Wipeout, Metal Gear Solid etc. It made console gaming cool & opened it up to a much larger group of people to play. Many classic games started out on it & the same can be said for PS2 when it came out.

          It was the biggest selling console of all time & deservedly so. It saw the release of exclusives like the first 3D entry in the GTA series with GTA3. A truly defining moment in console gaming. Sony were only finding their feet online with PS2 but the quality of the system for its time was never in question, neither were the quality of its games. Also being able to play DVDs on it was a great feature.

          The same again can be said for PS3 (with its exclusive bluray player) but it suffered from coming out much later than 360 & struggled to catch up. But Sony was in it for the long term & any games shop will usually price a 2nd hand PS3 higher than its equivent 360 neighbouring it. PS3 was the first console that Sony had to be popularly played online. They still would never charge for such a serveice while they knew it wasn’t as good as XBox live was. So it was free & there were no complaints from users.

          Regards comparing camera technologies, well I think it, along with the Move’s & everything else like that are just niche features & most true gamers don’t bother about them. Hence why Sony made it optional to keep the price down & never poured as much wasted money into the technology. I’m surprised MS hasn’t back tracked on that one as well as everything else, but give them time right? The attraction for them seems to be their obsession with monitoring everything you do so I’ll pass on that one & maybe get a camera down the line if there’s any real attraction or use for it.

          The PS3 has proved to have the better exclusives overall & what’s been achieved with its own games would not completely have been possible on 360 without major surgery. Fair enough the multi-plat games on the system were generaly slightly more stable under the microscope (lens of truth etc) because the 360 was more like the PC the games were originaly developed on. That’s why it was only the PS3 exclusives that lived up to the machines true potential.

          But devs that know their stuff when doing multi-plat games still sometimes choose to make PS3 their lead platform. BF3 was lead console & the best recent example being the incoming GTA5. Sony’s machine is the one that most devs WANT their game to be on & there’s not been one game outside of what I could play on PS3 that’s made me ever tempted for an XBox. To be honest the only one was Mass Effect but they eventually released it on PS3 because the game was good enough & there was enough interest in it to make the switch.

          There’s enough FPS’s & shooters so the same couldn’t be said for Gears Of Wars & Halo etc. If Titalfall turns out to be any good & bring something fresh then I’ve no doubt you’ll likely see it & anything else appearing on PS4 down the line. I doubt it will always work the other way around for XBox One going by both history & what we know so far.

          The whole Cloud thing just sums up the corner they’ve backed themselves into. Trying to talk up such features is nothing more than PR spin to re-instill lost confidence in their product because everyone from Digital Foundry to DICE developers have backed up the idea that they are the ones who have their work cut out for them keeping up with what’s possible on PS4.

          The gamers don’t even care about this stuff, they just want the best value for money from their ‘games’ console & with as little feeling they are going to get shafted in some way down the line. For those people Sony’s machine is the safest bet & everything we now see MS do is trying to convince us all otherwise.

          There were 4 key moments to MS f**king this up. One was when they came out & showed how focused they were on competing with Apple & TV TV etc. Another was when Sony announced their specs & blew the XBox out the water regards what was expected by Microsoft & its gamers. The 3rd & 4th were it’s announcements of its DRM policies & then of course its reversal with its 180.

          It didn’t make it look like they listened to what fans wanted – it showed they only cared about sales figure targets because of the timing of the announcement post E3. I know loads of people who are switching to PS4 mainly because of the way they did this & are just looking forward to getting away from MS at this point. They’ve had enough bulls**t as much as they enjoyed their time on 360.

          Since then it’s been an impossible uphill struggle for them to recapture consmers faith after it was Sony who maintained the very ownership rights that they’d now keep either way. Microsoft new look like a confused dictatorship who are eating all sorts of humble pie after realising they’ve been beat on just about very single level that your average gamer (biased or un-biased) cares about in the real world.

          Fair enough they looked at what Sony had achieved with PS1 & went after it with their original XBox which ended up competing with PS2. They stole a march on Sony with the release of 360 way in advance on PS3. They looked at what Sony & Nintendo had & clearly thought how can we do it better & lure fans away. They disn’t just want a piece of the console pie to share put it that way.

          But they showed how greedy they were & obsessed with capturing every market by going after Apple & the Input 1 on your TV. People by & large who feel burned by Microsoft, quite rightly now think Sony’s went full circle as again being the better company/console of choice worth backing. Or they just want a true games console & not something that looks like a 1980’s inspired TiVo box.

          I’d sum it up by saying you’ll see many XBox fans concede that they’ll “probably get a PS4 down the line” etc. & how that “they’re not biased & want both machines” etc. You will very rarely see a Sony Playstation fan say the same thing but the other way around. And I don’t waste a single second wondering why on Earth that is. & neither should you.

          Happy gaming indeed.

          • William Brinton Sandbrink

            Just like me, I’m buying, and sticking up against the Xbox, and Xbox one. I don’t care what you will buy, or any gamer out there. Whatever system you like, or the exclusive games, just get what you like, or buy both. It doesn’t brother me any. The problem is you hate Microsoft as an whole. But, there is no reason to hate them. Just because, they’ve became an monopoly in the computing world, and got sentenced a ten year hold, by the U.S. department of justice.. Microsoft isn’t as evil as you think. Google, Apple, Sony, and many more, will do anything to make money. What Microsoft did back in the day, are the same things Google, and Apple are doing now, but no punishment will be placed upon them, because of all the competition out there now. How about that truth?

            As for Microsoft being late into the the console war, it’s because the PC could also play games, and had a huge supporting “fan base” or community around PC gaming. If you didn’t know, it’s because of Microsoft, that we all can play games on are own computer, or what I like to call it, a PC. What did Sony have? Nothing. Which is why Sony went into the console world. When, Microsoft felt it could introduce it’s self into the console platform, they did. Now, that Microsoft is a player in the game, after the launch of Xbox, they have never looked back, but forward. While looking into the future, they’ve brought online gaming to the console platform, and then they came out strong with the Xbox 360, a full year ahead of the PS3.. Microsoft than started gaining ground on the console market, but yet, that still didn’t stop them from pushing towards the future, coming out with the Kinect. When all Sony did was copy the Wii’s motion control, must I say it was a poorly done copy? No, cause we all know that.

            Also, just like you said, camera technologies are nothing but niche features, maybe right now. Which is why Microsoft is packaging every Xbox One with the Kinect, so developers will use it’s true capabilitys, and create high quality games/apps using all the Kinect’s features. All that spying crap about the kinect, and how it spy’s on you, is the only way all you Microsoft haters feel comfortable, and can sleep at night, knowing Sony, or any other company doesn’t have anything that compares to the Kinect. Besides, if that is the case, that the Kinect is spying on you, what about the cams on your phone, tablet, laptop, desktop? What about all those text messages, and phone conversions, even the sites you visit on the internet, and all those things you’ve Googled……? Just like I said before, what is the future? It doesn’t sit with an controller, or even touch screens. Motion is the future. But, you can’t hate Microsoft for being ahead of the game, nor you can’t hate them for also being in the present, Xbox has the best controller hands down!

            With the Cloud, I won’t talk about, like I said before. It’s not my fault you don’t see all the benefits this technology brings, even today, not to mention tomorrow. May the future hold the key. Yeah, you are right. Sony is taking the safest way out, but will that help them later down the road? I need not to speak about DRM anymore, I’ve already spoke the facts surrounding that topic. Microsoft was pushing for the future, it’s not their problem people don’t want to move on, soon they will, and Microsoft will be ready. Point blank. Meanwhile, Microsoft has listened, and adopted to the present, without leaving the future behind…

          • dave mcnair

            Why do you think its only Microsoft interested in cloud computing?? Sony were the first i heard touting its potential years ago. When its able to do more than handle ai, storage of data & streaming etc then fine but that’s when both companies will be able to make the most of it.

            all i really think about the cameras is i don’t care & neither does anyone else.

            You’re right that overall the old dualshock wasn’t perfect but devs are united saying its the controller of choice for next gen. Especially for fps’s. Both will be great though I’m sure. As will both systems in the end.

            i would say best bets to wait & see what the first few multi platform games are like, then meet back up for a chat then William!

          • William Brinton Sandbrink

            Yes, very nice talking to you, and after the release, and later down the road we will talk again Dave. Take care.

          • Andy Merrell

            The thing is, Sony has not invested near the amount of money into the Cloud system as much as Microsoft has. Microsoft has 300,000 servers and data centers all around the world to ensure the best connection for as many people as possible. These servers make it possible for all online games for Xbox One to run on dedicated servers. I believe the publishers will still have to pay for the servers, but Microsoft has made it monumentally cheaper than investing in their own servers. Microsoft has always been pushing online and its services to be the best out there and they will continue to do so. Sony has always been more about their exclusive studios that focus (not all) mainly on single player experiences. That’s great if you really want that, but it all comes down to personal preference anyway. I prefer an amazing online experience and the possibility of things like bigger, more thriving worlds in games (with help from the possibilities the cloud provides), and I leave it up to 3rd party games for my amazing single player experiences like Assassin’s Creed, Watch Dogs, GTAV, Bethesda games, etc.

            I just can’t wait till both systems are out in the wild to see how everything truly works but in the end, they will both be great consoles.

          • dave mcnair

            I know you’re right that Microsoft’s speciality has been to date being at the forefront of what’s happening with the online situation & all that goes with it. Whilst the PS3 was functional as an online gaming & media device, it was playing catch up to XBox Live which was well established by that point. But it was free then of course. Now Sony is charging for having an enhanced experience online (as they know that is the most important area for them to provide for & build on) it will at least be comparable to XBox Live & will perhaps have it’s own benefits & aspects of it’s own. One thing is for sure is that it will be great value & better than it was on PS3. To be honest, that’s exactly what PS3 gamers want. Cross party chat etc – It will all be there.

            Sony invested money to the tune of $380 million on Gaikai Cloud based gaming service as that’s where they thought the technology was best used at this juncture. This is mainly because not everyone has a great internet connection so it won’t be for everyone & its real life uses, applications & implementations are therefore restricted along with the worlds internet structure.

            Both companies have the same tech at there disposal but one is placing faith in it helping the console to be more powerful because it’s frustrated that it has the lesser specced model between the 2. It’s trying to convince everyone that it has greater ability to make use of cloud computing when all it has is an expanded amount of servers (that it already had lying around unused/wanted). All those servers cannot change the dynamic of what’s involved when it comes to generating computer graphics or experiences in any meaningful way. This view has been echoed from developers outside of both camps. The most recent being I read an interview from a lead DICE dev.

            I prefer online experiences as well to singleplayer games but I also love exclusives like Last Of Us etc. To be honest the only game I even care about at this stage next gen is BF4 & I’ve also heard the lead programmer (Alan Kertz) say that his choice of controller for next gen would have to be the DS4 between the 2. This was after tweeting looks like Gen 4 is Sony’s game after MS showed they were more interested in TV TV TV (search ‘DICE: Next Gen Belongs To Sony’

            There’s a popular opinion all around the internet that all the amount of servers in the world can never really truly affect the amount that can be achieved with Cloud Computing beyond storage of certain types of data some AI etc. There is not likely to be many developers making specialist games based on everyone having lightning fast internet speeds in order to make a game better or worth playing, put it that way.

            By the time cloud computing ever evolves to the point when it can do the types of things Microsoft are hinting at maybe being possible. You can bet your bottom dollar Sony will be doing the same. Until then Microsoft are just hoping they can keep the faith of MS devotees on board with them after the PR disaster from hell & low pre-sales figures. They’re planting false hope in gamers minds that there’s going to be a cloud based gaming revolution around the corner but the truth is experts all over the world are falling over themselves to suggest otherwise.

            But in the end you are right in that both will be great consoles. Sony has the purist games console of choice & has always been seen as the place to ‘play’ first & foremost. They want there to be nothing between you & wanting to play your games the way you want to play them & I have complete faith & trust that they will deliver on that tradition. XBox has become more of a Media Console that is more obsessed going after Apple & input 1 of your TV. The big mistake they made was being greedy after thinking they’d beat Sony & could go after the next big company. Gamers all over the world have realised this since at least E3.

            Another factor is the way Microsoft control their monopolies. They have become increasingly seen as an confused & ailing dictatorship in this regard with their policies & business strategies. They think because they’re the biggest in a sense they must be the best – another mistake.

            Sony showed where their hearts were by the way they’ve continued to support & invest in the smaller studios & independents devs of the world. They are the platform that devs all want their games to appear on. For my own hard earned cash, they’re also the company I like to invest in myself. They also have my support all the way & where ever it takes us – I know it’s gonna always be a blast & I feel nothing but love & trust toward them.

            Even the way they handled the network breech was humble & admirable. But that’s the Japanese for you vs Americans & their arrogance. They haven’t tried to re-invent the wheel (like no-one wanted) with PS4, they’ve set about addressing where they/PS3 fell short of MS/360 (controller, memory & online) & they’ve delivered the most powerful games console the world has ever seen.

            Microsoft did overtake Sony overall with 360 but the fact of the matter is with XBox One, it’s media centred focus, lower overall spec & confused policies etc – they’ve spectacularly dropped the ball. Hence low pre-orders, resignations, back tracking, boosting the cpu, talking up the cloud etc etc.

            It’s not rocket science but good luck to you/MS & in all honestly – enjoy your console & I hope it does well. A one horse race is NEVER good for anyone & competition is essential for the whole console gaming eco-structure.

          • William Brinton Sandbrink

            Such a Sony fan, or better yet an Microsoft hater.. Sorry, Dave, but you really are.. Microsoft is the world largest computer/software company for a reason. Which you don’t understand, either why, or how..? Xbox is the best selling point Microsoft has in the living room, and the Xbox (don’t care which one) can be a central part of the living room. Right? So, Microsoft then went upon creating a gaming device, which also offers DVR, live TV, HDMI Input in, and out, and etc.. Trying to tie down all the software sitting in your living room, on your entertainment center under one single, unified system. Can’t hate them for that. Their are trying to expand the capabilities a console can deliver, outside of pure gaming. With that being said, the Xbox One is no shape, way, or form less dominant is the gaming front, and will still complete with Sony on gaming side alone., but that has already be proven…

          • dave mcnair

            To be honest William i not only find Sony more appealing as a company, i prefer the sort of experience you get on their console. I think the xbox is their closest competitor but the only reason they caught up with Sony imho was due to the massive gap between the 360 coming out before the more expensive (cause of its bluray etc) PS3 was eventually released. I know Microsoft are ‘bigger’ in a sense like you say but in another sense Sony were out the traps way earlier with PS1 which at the time defined a generation. If you look at how Sony conduct themselves i think they have more to admire which their ethos & policies. I think a lot of their appeal is measured when compared with Microsoft. A lot of gamers & developers have found themselves disliking them for various reasons. I just think Sony have peaked at the right time & they deserve the advantage they have heading into this next generation. They have listened to both gamers & developers & made a point of fixing wherever ps3 went wrong. They should be commended for that alone & I’m glad to see them uphold user ownership rights regards drm (for both consoles it turns out) & also just remain focused on the gaming aspect itself & not waste resources on tv, apps or taking on Apple. I admire them i guess. I’m sorry too William, but i just don’t admire their counterparts, their products or how they have gone about things & continue to do so. No offense to their fans & I’m glad they are there to compete with Sony. Only wish Nintendo would pluck up their ideas a bit /again.

  • dave mcnair

    How many experts outside of the Sony camp need to downplay its potential at boosting a systems graphics before they believe them? Maybe in 10 years time when the world broadbands infrastructure is on another level it may begin to be possible. By then it will be ps5 etc… Xbox0 perhaps.

    • William Brinton Sandbrink

      Haha… Sony made a switch from 4g of Ram to 8, Sony declared it’s system is based off of yesterday, when they saw Microsoft extending the now into tomorrow, Sony took the advantage of it. What’s in the “Box” which is applied to both the systems… Really doesn’t matter. The PS4 doesn’t offer “that” much more it terms of raw power developers can use in the first three years. Not even, did I mention the much more user friendly, and superior tools Xbox One offers. Take the hardware in both, and compare the capabilities of each system three years down the road…. Hmm..

  • William Brinton Sandbrink

    Haha… Sony made a switch from 4g of Ram to 8, Sony declared it’s system is based off of yesterday, when they saw Microsoft extending the now into tomorrow, Sony took the advantage of it. What’s in the “Box” which is applied to both the systems… Really doesn’t matter. The PS4 doesn’t offer “that” much more it terms of raw power that developers can use within the first three years. Not even, did I mention the much more user friendly, and superior tools Xbox One offers. Take the hardware in both, and compare the capabilities of each system three years down the road…. Hmm..

    • dave mcnair

      Don’t think there’s much point in us comparing these systems until they’re out & we know more William. I’m sure both will sell well & be great at what they do. Reliability & user friendliness we’ll know soon enough. Cant say I’ve ever had any issues with Sony tools wise & they’ve always prided themselves on having a simple clean UI yet allowing flexibility to do whatever you like. I like what I’ve seen so far & all the signs are good. Looking forward to Gamescom so we can see more of what really matters.. The games themselves

      • Guest

        I like you Dave. I really do. Do I agree with you on some things? No. I know the same can be said with you, the other way around. You like what you like, and so do I. You’ll buy what like, and are used to, and so will I. Headstrong, we both are. But. I am not putting down Sony at all. They HAVE done some great things, from yesterday, and all the way up to now.. Besides, the more competition this industry has, the more benefits customers will have. Just like you said. Yes, we “all” need to wait, and see what each system has to offer, and which games we might enjoy more, before the judge in are heads bang the hammer. Gamescom here we come!

      • William Brinton Sandbrink

        I like you Dave. I really do. Do I agree with you on some things? No. I know the same can be said with you, the other way around. You like what you like, and so do I. You’ll buy what you like, and are used too, and so will I. Headstrong, we both are. But, I am not putting down Sony at all. They HAVE done some great things, from yesterday, and all the way up to now.. Besides, the more competition this industry has, the more benefits customers will have. Just like you said. Yes, we “all” need to wait, and see what each system has to offer, and which games we might enjoy more, before the judge in are head’s bangs the hammer down. Gamescom here we come!

        • dave mcnair

          Aye man guaranteed William, it’s just some friendly rivalry at the end of the day – a friendly game of baseball! Bring on Gamescom indeed & remember it’s never to late to join the rebel resistance & leave the darkside Lol.. Enjoy my analogy! – If PS2 vs Xbox was Star Wars, then PS3 vs 360 was The Empire Strikes Back. PS4 vs XboxOne will be Return Of The Jedi.. Thev’ve blown up their last planet the c**ts! They may have the biggest controlled monopoly, infrastructure & server count etc – but it’s what you do with it, the games & the creativity that’s unleashed on the platform that counts – peace bro :)

  • james braselton

    hi there yeah cloud gaming means no big game installs or big download wait times

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