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Xbox One backwards compatibility rumored in the cloud

by William Schwartz on September 27, 2013


The Xbox One Cloud might not only be looking to enhance next-gen experiences, it might be the backbone for backwards compatibility on the console. Reports from The Verge suggest that Microsoft is showing a streaming functionality behind closed doors that allows Xbox 360 games to be streamed to Windows Phone and PC.

The report claims that this technology is still in the prototype stage, but latency is low and the games are being controlled via an Xbox controller attached through an accessory. While the rumors talks explicitly about other devices, it does not mention streaming Xbox 360 games to the Xbox One — but it’s not difficult to image a situation where Microsoft makes this an option for those who move on to the Xbox One.

Microsoft has been talking a lot about the cloud service that will power the Xbox One since the console was announced, but they have not addressed any backwards compatibility questions from fans. If they do in fact use the cloud to stream Xbox 360 games to the Xbox One, it would be a big win for Xbox fans, and an answer to Sony claims of backwards compatibility via Gaikai.

Sony’s doesn’t have plans to start rolling out their Gaikai initiative until 2014, it sounds like this functionality for the Xbox One is one a similar timeline.

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  • Mark Danger Hopps

    The cloud lol

    • jaskdavis

      Sound better then “Server” lol, what if everyone said “Server Storage”… actually I like that better lol XD

  • handsome

    xbox one is better than ps4

    • Wizard of Peace


      • jaskdavis

        No proof, just opinions.

    • RoadShow

      No it’s not. It is measurably inferior to PS4. I’m not sure if Xbox one can play free to play titles without xbox live though but I think this proves my point. None of this is lying or biased. It’s simply the facts and please let me know if I’m wrong and I will gladly update it.

      Ah man I forgot to update it for one other thing. Free video chat on PS4 unlike Skype on Xbox one which is the only platform that makes you pay to use Skype.

      • GK15

        LOL! Allen did you really make an Excel spreadsheet comparing them?

        • RoadShow

          LOL yeah :-) It was a slow day and I was trying to get my point across. Not trying to troll though.

          • GK15

            I thought it was hysterical actually, lol!

          • Mark Danger Hopps

            lol jesus dude!

          • OC Guy

            What point? Could care less about faster ram. The better games for me are on the X1… As far as I’m concerned, hands down the X1 is the better system. Worth every penny.

          • RoadShow

            LMAO what!? Ah I love the blind ignorance of xbox fanboys.

            (1) Just look at the last 4 years of 360’s life. HALF IT’S LIFE BRO! Almost NO exclusives. Despite XBL 2.75 BILLION per year in revenue + revenue from ads on home page.

            Sony delivered all generation Despite Free online play. Despite Free exclusive content in most AAA multi plats. Despite huge Free games with PS+.

            (2) Most xbox exclusives are on PC. Titanfall & Project Spark. The most hyped about and the most innovative title are on PC and with free online play the PC way.

            Xbox 360 “exlusives” on PC: Gears of War, Left4Dead, Battlestations, Fable, Mass Effect (before multi plat), Alan Wake. Pretty much all their good games and Halo CE & 2 were also on PC and those were the best and again with free online play.

            Then you can take pretty much any old PC and drop $200-$300 on a graphics card and some ram and play any of these games.

            (3) Sony is the one that owns an army of studios. PlayStation has tons of free exclusive content and Sony has proven that they will continue to support their console all it’s life cycle. Hell PS2 only stopped production last year.

            Xbox is hands down the absolutely worst place to play. It costs the most and it gives the least and supporting it screams that you are okay with a worthless forced subscription, paywall basic features and horrid consumer policies.

            I would never in a million years support xbox and no need to. There are only a handful of games I can’t play on my PC/PS4 and at only $50/yr to play online between the two along with huge free games via PS+ and of course that awesome free exclusive content with PlayStation.

        • corvusmd

          Yes, but only considering things in one direction…and using one feature to make 5 positive points…then completely skipping over every way that PS4 gets dominated.

          • Mark Danger Hopps

            i’d love to hear how the ps4 gets “dominated”

      • logik893

        I think you ate missing many points. how about Snap Mode, or the fact the Xbox has triple the apps the PS has. also, unlimited cloud storage to save games, or the dedicated servers… this spreadsheet shows your fanboy-ism. I can make a spreadsheet making the Xbox far more superior. but I ain’t got time for nonsense.

        • RoadShow

          LOL please try.

          PS4 has a seperate processor to handle many background tasks. Not talked about much. Snap mode is really nothing also you have no idea how many apps PS4/X1 will have which of course will just build over time.

          The reason 360 has so many apps is because it didn’t have a browser for 8 years of it’s life.

          Unlimited cloud storage? Who’s to say PS4 wont’ have that? With PS+ we got twice as much cloud storage as Xbox live.

          Dedicated servers. PS3 has more of them, just because M$ is touting 300,000 servers doesn’t mean Sony won’t have the same option. Unlike M$ Sony puts the money back into the service. We are talking about BILLIONS per year here so the possibilities are endless.

          Make your fking spreadsheet. It will only show how wrong you are.

          • logik893

            Until Sony announces that they will offer unlimited cloud and dedicated servers, it is all speculations. speculations that you fabricate just like most of your posts. if you posted something of an unbias opinion, people would take your opinion seriously. but nobody is taking you seriously yet Allen. You talk a lot of ish, and have tantrum problems. do you need a hug or something?

            Btw, ps3 has 29 available apps, X360 has 80+. MS only had about 8 2 years ago. maybe they spent some of that money you always talk about in giving us the consumers, something more than video games.. I also heard MS is offering a one year free subscription for Kinect fitness on XB1. They will have p90x dude and and Jillian chick. do you know how much those programs dost? Go do some more research to add to your middle school spread sheet.

          • RoadShow

            whatever YOU ARE THE ONE ASSUMING things.

            Like I said PS3 has dedicated servers and more than 360 does from what I read, PS4 is going pay to play and we got Gaikai what makes you think we won’t have that? Just freaking look at how things are now, Xbox aint got nothing on PS3 except cross game chat. PS4 is only going to dive deeper into that perfection.

            Again with the cloud storage. PS+ is cheaper, offers free games and has DOUBLE the cloud storage already. Gaikai had tons of servers before Sony bought them out and vamped it up for PS4.

            You are the one acting like Sony isn’t even competition. I’m not writing biased $hit. What’s listed above is exactly what every other source has written and is factual. I am just listing it out in another way. It’s fking measurable the difference between PS3/360 and PS4/X1. It’s a fking fact and nothing on that list is fan boyish or a lie.

            I will not put your biased, half sided lies on my list. I gave credit where credit was due, unfortunately xbox just doesn’t have much to give credit for. Let that fking xbox live run out and you basically got nothing but a single player POS, you can’t do anything. Let PS+ run out and you can do pretty much everything.

            you just can’t handle the truth.

          • logik893

            I said you’re missing points on your ultimate spreadsheet. never asked you to add my points, nor i want them added to it. lmao…

            wish there was a JOKE button so I can click it after the funny things you assume.

          • Mattress

            Give up bro. Not worth it. If you disagree then you ignoring “the truth” which apparently only Roadshow and other Sony fans are capable of accessing.

          • logik893

            you’re right! I guess the clueless peeps truly prove the point that ignorance is bliss. *sighs*

          • Mattress

            And this is why I can’t take you seriously. Any good points you make are hidden away amongst abuse and claiming you know the “truth” and the rest of us are idiots. It’s kind of pathetic if you actually believe that.

          • corvusmd

            Dude, you SERIOUSLY have no clue what you are talking about. Trying to compare PSN to XBL is a horrible idea for a PS fanboy. They hand away so many free old useless games because they have nothing else. 360 has more dedicated servers than the “updated” PSN will have unless Sony is saving a MAJOR MAJOR announcement for some reason. MS’s latest “update” costs more than twice of ALL of PSN/Gaikai that cost $386 Mil. PSN/Gaikai isn’t even on the top ten of most servers by company (number 10 has 30,000). MS has over a million, and at launch 300,000 will be dedicated to XBL….have fun with your old $5 bin games…if you actually want an enjoyable online experience, go XBL…but please don’t buy a headset, no one needs to hear your ignorance.

      • corvusmd

        This is the most ridiculous comparison I’ve ever seen. If you are this delusional you deserve a PS4, please stay away from XBL, it’ll be a better place without you.

        • Allen

          Wow I’m the fanboy and you just like all this gen still can’t give me valid points. You have to make up this imaginary unconfirmed Xbox advantages. And no I did not make 1 advantage into many also the fact that you say ps+ games are old are just further proof I am right. Lol XBL 6 months of games are from way back to 2006 but ps+ games some from last year or this year are old? You are the blind pathetic losers. I said I’m open to hear other views and even apologized for it coming off like a troll. But son these are straight facts and really I keep thinking of more things on ps4 side. Oh well DON’T engage me in a respectful debate, don’t tell me your side (because you got nothing)

          • TrueGamer

            there is no respectful debate with you… your a fucktard with no facts/sources. You exist only to spout nonsense to make the ps4 appear better than it actually is… I’ve seen several posts that state actual facts proving you wrong and you STILL keep replying with the same bullshit and ass-smoke. Its alright to feel hurt and upset… I would feel that way as well if I were you.

          • Allen

            No you haven’t. What am I wrong about? Just tell me? You can’t. I’m listening. What’s impossible is to get very valid points into your blind head.

            Nothing I listed is wrong, I am willing to take on the 3 things dude said above. Dedicated servers, Snap mode, apps. Was there something else? Is there some advantage xbox has that I’m not seeing?

            I’m waiting for your “respectful” answer. Every post I have here is respectful but I get nothing but hate from you and other xbots. I say because you are scared and running from the truth. Too blind to take the facts into consideration.

            I will even respect peoples opinion if they pick Xbox one. I just want to make sure those people are informed, not misinformed.

          • CalmTheFuckDownFanboys!

            For fuck sake! All of you please just stop this whole “debate”. Allen, you have your own valid points concerning the PlayStation 4. The rest of the xbox fanboys, you all have your own valid points. Now can we please end this nonsense and just buy the console we want and not argue about which one is best.

      • TrueGamer

        lol@ your troll chart… Roadshow… you are the embodiment of misinformation and truly have not a fucking clue what your talking about. Nice try though, Ponyboy.I think you should complete it first before taking a screenshot. First of all you have no information… XBL already gives free games (and you keep them even after you cancel the sub, unlike PSN) Exclusives not on pc?? im not even sure wtf your going for here as both consoles offer exclusives AND multi-plat. More powerful? In what way? Do some ground work and find out exactly how the XBox One Azure Cloud makes it more powerful… No PS+ to stream? Where did you find this information about which networks require what to stream?? Didn’t think so. Free Exclusive Content… what? Did you just put this on there to expand your retard list? Free to play games… LOL we already have them, why would they decide out of the blue to stop. Add these to your XB1 side: Cloud Computing (with possible backwards compatibility), Kinect 2.0 sensor, 1080p skype anytime (even while gaming), ability to share digital content, full swapping of inputs via voice/motion instantly (ANY HDMI device) full integration with windows 8 and win phones. Xbox Live over PSN has already proven time and time again to be the dominating service. You, sir, are just flat out wrong and nobody needs a retard chart to prove it.

        • RoadShow

          OMG you really are that retarded?

          I WAS TALKING ABOUT PS4 AND NO. YOU DON’T GET ANY FKING FREE GAMES ON XBOX ONE. ONLY ON XBOX 360 AND ONLY FOR 6 MONTHS AND THAT IS 12 YEARS TOO LATE. The 360 free games are old as $hit and you fking know it.

          Titanfall on PC. Gears of War on PC, Halo CE & 2 on PC, Left4Dead on PC, All the Battlestations on PC, All the Fables on PC, Alan Wake on PC. GET THE POINT?????

          It is common knowledge and even acknowledged by M$ that PS4 is more powerful than xbox one.


          Xbox may have some free to play games and I acknowledged that it’s possible XBL isn’t needed for fee to play games. If you know something let me know.

          You are really grasping at straws to get some features. PS3 AND PS4 ALREADY HAVE FREE VIDEO CHAT. The new PS Camera is 1080. YOU CAN’T EVEN FKING ACCESS SKYPE WITHOUT XBOX LIVE!!!!

          You are one freaking ignorant son biotch

          • kierangunn

            Killer Instinct is Free on Xbox One

          • RoadShow

            Killer instinct is only 1 character free. You gotta buy all the other characters 1 at a time.

            Do you know if you need xbox live to play it? As far as I know even free to play titles (I can’t think of any on Xbox one but for PS4 as example planetside 2, DC universe online are free to play titles, even online without PS+).

          • Ippoletta

            Or….how about telling the whole truth and letting people know that there is a $20 option and a $40 option that comes with everything including classic skins and the original KI arcade game and all 8 characters for the first season :) and im pretty sure there will be an offline mode for the game, all fighters have one.

          • RoadShow

            And $20 is about right for a game like this. Wow $20-$40 – that’s one hell of a free game.

          • Ippoletta

            Obviously the free part is only the F2P demo with rotating characters. we have the option to buy whoever we want for $5. because not everybody uses all characters… they will only have 1 or 2 favorites at the most. “gee that’s sure gonna break my wallet”. nobody’s going to bother with that F2P demo version, they are just going to buy the $20 version, and most will buy the $40 version.

          • RoadShow

            I never saw where they said the 1 free to play character would be rotating.

            $5, $20 – $40 is not a fking free game LOL.

          • kierangunn

            Skype is cross platform video chat on Xbox One

          • RoadShow

            You must have xbox live to even use Skype on the Xbox one. The only platform that uses Skype that has that paywalled.

          • Neph

            PC wins!!

          • RoadShow

            Of course PC wins. Best graphics, best input for FPS, emulators & tons of smaller games & xbox supposed exclusives.

            I just prefer the less hassle on my console and ease of navigation for everything on a big screen TV.

            I can’t wait to see more about the “steam machine” but I still just see it next to my PS4 if I ever get one.

      • Crusina .

        1. A Much more advanced online infrastructure. This is a absolute fact. Azure is second only to Google in terms of size. Gaiku right now has approximately 15,000 servers TOTAL. Microsoft is giving 300,000 out the of the approximately one million servers they own. And that’s not even counting the number of servers people are using Azure to do everything from host games to their work.

        in the year 2011, yes 2 years ago during phase one of azure ms computing cloud MS only had 24 nodes worldwide. One node in Chicago was set up this way:

        700,000 square feet; it uses a modular design based on containers with a capacity of 112 containers, with each holding 224,000 servers – using Dell. So in 2011 just one (of 24) 700,00 square foot facility had 112 x 224,000 servers =24,640,000 servers

        And in addition Azure had a total of 24 Data Centers.

        24 X 224, 000 = 591,360,000 SERVERS

        And that was just in 2011.

        Compare nearly 600 Million to 15, 000.

        In 2011 Microsoft spent 8.6 Billion dollars just on R&D. The entirety of Sony’s value as a company is about 11 Billion. Think about that.

        To continue this has been said before, but because Microsoft has the ability to run so many servers they can have a cheaper price then anyone else. Which is why

      • Crusina .

        You want a comparison? Fine.

        Microsoft’s online infrastructure is vastly superior
        and much much much larger. How much larger? Let’s put it into perspecitive,
        Gaiku has about 15, 000 servers total about what the 360 has now.

        In 2011 when Microsoft bought Azure for something like 15 Billion Dollars (FYI
        the entire value of Sony as a company is about
        11 Billion) they only had 24 Datacenters worldwide. But here’s the
        catch, here’s what each server looked like on the inside:

        700,000 square feet; it uses a modular design based on containers with a
        capacity of 112 containers, with each holding 224,000 servers – using Dell.

        so in 2011 just one (of 24) 700,00 square foot facility had 112 x 224,000

        =24,640,000 servers per Data Center

        24 X 24,640,000 = 591,360,000 total.

        Compare almost 600 Million total servers
        (And that’s just back then, Microsoft spent 8 Billion on Cloud R&D last
        year) and the fact that they are adding 25 new data centers throughout
        2013-2014. You can no begin to see the scale in which Sony is out numbered.

        If you don’t care to read what I typed


        No more host advantage and every game gets super cheap dedicated servers.

        This also enables Microsoft to beat Sony’s
        Gaiku at it’s own game, which they did with the recently leaked Rio which
        streamed Halo 4.

        Explain to me how Sony can best that?

        Smart Match that actually works. No more being
        paired with people who deserve to be tossed out of an airlock. Sony hasn’t
        announced anything like that at all and most likely won’t.


        Waiting for Matchmaking to get you a match? Watch Game of thrones in seconds
        while you are waiting and then get reminded when your match is found.

        Did you get lost while playing Call of Duty: Linear Corridor shooter 500? Snap
        the internet app and play with the map side by side with your game.

        Watch porn while playing Halo? Done. Want to watch a livestream of twitch while
        building in Minecraft? Done. Want to Snap Killzone: ShadowFall while playing…wait
        what? Well you could do that too if you wanted.

        Achievements and Challenges.

        Your achievements carry over but we have something new: Challenges.

        Completing these can be a solo or community task but when done they reward you
        with actual things. A new weapon camo, clothes for your avatar, etc.

        The online Marketplace. Microsoft want’s you to
        be able to sell/trade digital games something that nobody allows you to do.
        They also want to bring back pretty much the only loved feature of the original
        Xbox One…family sharing…which by the way is less restrictive then Valves
        sharing program.

        The games. Crimson Dragon? Dragonlicious. Dead
        Rising 3? Zombielicous. Forza 5? Delicious!

        The Last of Us? No? Well…a guy can dream =P

        The point is, the Xbox One has a lot of
        great games, exclusive and not for the launch. And of course theirs…Titanfall.

        Probably going to be one of the biggest
        games of 2014 Titanfall does something that seems to be a lost art. It does

        I mean think about it, when people talk
        about Battlefield or The Witcher or Forza. They talk about realism, and
        explosions, and particle effects, and people walk away going “Holy crap that
        was surreal!” but when people play Titanfall (and look at the numerous articles
        on it) People talk about how “fun” it was. People will line up 6 hours for five
        minutes to play it because it wasn’t super complicated, or realistic, or
        massive open world with 500 miles of detailed terrain. They just had fun.

        And I think that’s what will make Titanfall
        so great and why it’s such a coup for the X1. And if you say it’ll end up on
        the PS4…maybe Titanfall 2 will but not this one. The reason is because Sony’s
        Online infrastructure wasn’t large enough to handle the game. See point one.

        The Controller like the PS4’s offers numerous
        improvements in general, but the most well liked feature is the Haptic Rumble
        which apparently adds a ton to the game, especially in feedback. Drifting to
        hard in Forza will have the rumble triggers responding to that so you know to
        lay off.

        Did you know
        Watch Dogs on the Xbox One will be more dynamic then PS4 version?

        And Developers are already talking about the power of the cloud. One of the
        year’s most anticipated titles, Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs, the developer just told NowGamer that the Xbox One city will be more dynamic than
        any other version of the game.“There are quite a few, obviously there are the
        graphics but you don’t need me to tell you, but there’s also everything related
        to the dynamism of the city,” continued Guay. “For example, we’re able to
        simulate the water in full 3D, if you go on a boat the waves that form will
        affect other boats. We’re also able to spend more time giving brains to the
        other people on the streets so that they can basically be smarter, and there
        can be more of them. It’s what I call dynamism; basically, the way the city
        reacts to you, we are able to push further on the Xbox One.”

        Again, Sony’s online infrastructure isn’t up to snuff.

        Did I
        mention the 300,000 Servers the Xbox One is getting?


        If one person on the Xbox One has Gold than anyone else on that Xbox One gets
        gold as well. Also if you go to a friend’s house all your digital games follow
        you and if they don’t have gold and you do, now you both can play online because
        your gold gets shared.

        So when you buy A 12 month subscription from amazon for 35 bucks you get lots
        of features plus all of that and a much more expansive, stable, and open online


        Kinect allows 1080p Skype chat in addition you can also do group chats,
        normally a 5 dollar a month fee for free. Not a big deal but it’s a nice one.

        My dad
        absolutely loves the NFL intergration the Xbox One has. You can watch a game
        while having a stats app to the side, or you could snap Fantasy
        Football league for up to date stats on all your players while watching the
        game…or playing a video game. I absolutely don’t care for Football. Hockey all
        the way!

        Every single
        person get’s a personalized home screen with their own apps, shortcuts,
        etc. This is great for not having to
        wrangle with your friends or familys settings.

        Cloud Storage for both SILVER AND GOLD Members. Courtesy of a very large online

        Smart glass is vastly improved and can have up
        to 16 Devices logged onto the same Xbox in addition to the 8 players who can be
        logged in at once…24 people on one Console.

        As you
        pointed out, Cable TV pass through is a feature. Maybe it’s not one for you (or
        me for that matter, I don’t watch TV) but for millions of other people, it’ll
        be a big deal.

        Look at that
        black box! It’s all sexy…liquid black as you can get blackness…and it’s sharp
        cornery things that…turn at an angle. Plus if you got invaded by a robber it’d
        be much better as a weapon then the PS4. I mean imagine being smacked by this
        thing. (FYI, that was a joke point)

        Apps, this
        was mentioned before. FYI Xbox One is running on what amounts to a Windows 8
        Kernal. This means that any games or apps made for the Windows OS can easily be
        ported over to the Xbox One. This means access to thousands upon thousands of
        apps and as a bonus, it also means that if a game were to be ported over to the
        X1 all that would need to happen would be for them to add controller support.

        Xbox Fitness

        This is another doozy. These programs cost a lot. Like $300-600/month
        with a 6 month commitment. People are
        very much into these programs. So just because you aren’t doesn’t mean others
        won’t be and since we get a free entire year of four of these programs. That’s

        Also have you seen Tracy Anderson? That girl is hot enough to make -273 heat up to something like the
        temperature of the sun.


        Read and watch just a few examples, look up more yourself

        Build an entire world using Kinect



        Watch any of these livestreams and see the game for yourself

        And that’s
        all I can think off. Go list Five things that the PS4 can do that the Xbox One
        can’t do. I don’t mean things like free games or paywalls. I’m talking about
        Five things the PS4 can do that the Xbox One physically cannot do or has not
        been announced yet.

        Then I want
        you to compare the things they both do. Like I want you to compare what the Eye
        does in comparison to the Kinect.

        Try and find
        five things the PS4 does that the X1 can’t physically do.

      • Crusina .

        Every time I try and respond to this post with my list of reasons why the Xbox One has a lot of advantages…it never posts it. WTF.

        • RoadShow

          Really? Well send it to my personal e-mail if you would like. I am very curious to know.

  • Lacerz

    Hahahaha! Microsoft continues to “lead” from behind. Way to follow Sony.

    • jaskdavis


      • Lacerz

        Aw man.

        Actually, if true, yay! How Sony and Microsoft will implement it is left to be seen, but it’s good news for fans of both systems.

    • corvusmd

      RIIIIIGGGHHHHTTTT….cause Sony was the first to think of backwards compatibility…that’s a new idea. Just cause YOU just found out about it doesn’t mean they haven’t been talking about the possibility since the console announcement….your ignorance isn’t fact…get more informed.

      • Allen

        Sony invented the concept of backwards compat. On PS2

        • NikolaiX

          Pretty sure Microsoft did that before Sony did. With Windows 95

          • RoadShow

            LOL okay buddy. Windows is not a console and PC games should be backwards compatible with those “Operating systems”.

            Playstation was the first to bring it to a gaming console

          • NikolaiX

            Your assumption that PC games “should” be backwards compatible with other operating systems just goes to show how well Microsoft has been keeping Windows backwards compatible after all these years, despite the different kernel / chipset changes etc. But if we’re talking about Backwards compatibility with consoles as opposed to Sony vs Microsoft, I’m pretty sure the Gameboy Colour had this capability as well.

          • RoadShow

            Microsoft didn’t do shit. Developers chose to make those versions of windows compatible. Microsoft purposely took out any other capability with Halo 2, that game was limited to 1 OS – Vista. No one got fking vista, it was a scam to force new at time OS.

            Now days I could understand with Windows 7 & 8 being compatible with Directx11 but with Vista there was no reason to be exclusive to that OS.

            Microsoft has done everything they can to screw over every gamer they can. PC, orig. xbox, Xbox 360 & Xbox One.

          • NikolaiX

            You seem to be forgetting that DirextX 10 was released only for vista at that time, which was the reason that Halo 2 was exclusive. And if a game built for vista was able to run on XP or earlier, I’m pretty sure that would be called forwards compatibility, instead of backward. I also remember being able to run games built for Windows 3.1 back when I had vista, and I’m pretty sure a game from 1993 wouldn’t exactly call itself ‘vista compatible’. If that doesn’t count as backwards compatible, then I’m sorry, but neither does game streaming.

            That last comment of yours just proves you as nothing but a Microsoft hater.

          • RoadShow

            Na Micro$oft has done much harm to the gaming industry. They are ass raping ass holes, you are just too blind to see it.

            Oh yeah that’s right about the Halo 2. They used Direct X 10 as a cover for forcing upgrades to the much hated Vista OS.

            Find this on the matter:

            “The news that Halo 2 would be a Vista only title had angered gamers but did lead to discussion regarding the possibility of DX10 functionality in the game as Microsoft’s new APIs will only be available on Windows Vista. Microsoft has now shattered those hopes and has left us wondering whether its choice to make Halo 2 a Vista-only game is purely marketing based.”

      • Lacerz

        DRM. Self Publishing. Used Games. Bundled Headsest. Backwards Compatibility. Sounds like you’re the ignorant one.

        • NikolaiX

          All of which the Xbox One comes with, minus the DRM. Sounds like YOU’RE the ignorant one.

          • Lacerz

            You don’t follow well, do you? These are all items that Microsoft had to change to make their console more like Sony’s.

    • Ippoletta

      Right because… the xbox360 doesn’t already do this. and everything else that PS4 has copied from it. sit down fanboy.

      • Lacerz


  • Mike E. Delta


  • RoadShow

    Bringing 360 games to PC but using an xbox controller? Halo on PC was the best but you need Mouse/keyboard support.

    Too bad none of the xbox 360 Halo’s have the best Halo map ever made which was PC exclusive (Death Island).

    • jaskdavis

      Death Island (Silent Cartographer) is not the best map… LOCKOUT Halo 2 All the Way! But I would say Death Island was one of the best maps for Halo 1 and Beaver Creek and of coarse, Blood Gulch!

      • RoadShow

        No way. Death Island was based on Silent Cartographer but wasn’t the same map. It was a beautiful island with perfectly placed vehicles, power ups and weapons. I could play that map all day and not break a sweat.

        Blood Gulch was alright but was always full of snipers. The most fun I had on it were modded servers with 100x powerful sniper rifles.

        Of course to each his own but Death Island is in my top 10 maps of all time in any game. I think that says how much I loved that map.

  • GK15

    Streaming 360 games to a Windows phone/Surface tablet would be awesome!

    • RoadShow

      As long as you don’t have to use a smart phone or tablet controls. As much as I hate xbox controller I’d much prefer it to some clunky touch screen controls.

      I was gonna get GTA Vice City for the iphone until I watched a gameplay video on it. Screw that.

      • GK15

        Agreed. Touch screen controls suck for most games. The only game I like it on is ME: Infiltrator. That game is sick and the touch screen controls actually work well once you get the hang of them.

        XB Live arcade games might work well on a phone though. And you can plug the Xbox controller right into a surface tablet and it works right away so that would be sick.

        Probably won’t happen though. It would be just too awesome.

  • logik893

    If Microsoft can add this to the X1, it would be great news. The question would be, how much would the games go for? And will we be able to stream the 360 games we already own,

    But for now, let’s just wait and see if MS brings this to the table.

  • Body_landslide

    haha all these comments

  • Neph

    PC wins!!! Just to piss of all fan boys of x1 and ps4. Since in reality no specs of either of these will ever beat pc since it is the one that creates them.

    But personally I think so far as of now sony has a hand up on microsoft for the ps4 and microsoft needs to pull hand out of a$$ if they don’t want to lose the console war.

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