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Xbox One hacked for Homebrew?

by Al McCarthy on April 18, 2014


Hackers are claming that they’ve found an exploit on the Xbox One that will allow homebrew on the console. A chat log that comes from the EFnet lobby #xbonehack has hackers claiming victory in their quest to jailbreak the Xbox One.

“Let’s just say it’s already done,” according to one poster in the chatroom. Claiming that he’s got “great news for Xbox One hacking.”

“We will see examples within the following months… right now is the discovery phase, development must be done,” reads the log which can be found on Paste Bin. “Think of the most radical situation that could have possibly happened. The thing that would most hurt the security. That’s what happened.”

The post alludes that the keys needed to sign files for the Xbox One have been discovered, and that to stop the exploit, Microsoft would need to roll out new hardware to combat it.

“Xbox One full homebrew will likely be a reality in a short time,” the conversation concludes.

While the post offered very little proof when it comes to the bold claims that were made, there’s no doubt a large community of modders and hackers that are looking for a homebrew solution on the Xbox One. If true, homebrew won’t be the only thing we’ll be seeing on the Xbox One in the near future. The ability to run unsigned code on the console would likely lead to piracy on the Xbox One.

Piracy is a problem that Microsoft has been combating on their consoles for years. Modified disc drives on the Xbox 360 allowed players to play pirated games on the console, which Microsoft fought through numerous updates and storage changes. Console mods like JTAG wrought havoc in multiplayer games, like Call of Duty, which allowed cheaters to host modified lobbies and other unsanctioned activities on Xbox Live.

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  • Xtreme Derp

    If true this might actually increase sales of Xbox Ones.

    • Gamez Rule

      Xbone will have the ability to run unsigned code leading to piracy on that console, so I wonder IF hackers will make something allowing Xbone exclusive games to be played on PC soon?

      • Primeee

        Dream on. That will never happen.

        • Iramohs

          That’s not true at all. The best part is that since the x1 is using a x86 architecture, there will be no need to emulate the hardware. Only the software. Which makes emulation twice as easy. It’s just a matter of when it will happen, not if.

          • Primeee

            So did the original Xbox & we haven’t got a emulator for that. The x86 architecture would be it slightly easier but it’s still going to be a huge task.

          • Gamez Rule

            That’s what I was thinking. By next year it could well be the norm.

          • gjfhf

            it would never happen because most of the graphics and stuff is hosted on the cloud so you would only get the code not the game

          • Smarter then you

            Are you stupid? Just curious?

          • Smarter THAN this idiot

            The irony is your tag uses Then when it should be THAN retard

          • Zeke

            I thought the same thing as the other’s when I read your first post, but after researching the Xbox One a bit, I found that you’re correct. The Xbox One uses the AMD64 (known as x86) processor architecture just like 90% of computers these’s days.

            In theory, it would be possible to dump the game code – and modify the code in ASM to work with an emulated Xbox One dashboard. So yes – software emulation would be rather easy in this situation since the processors aren’t PPC’s like nearly all game consoles have been since the N64/PlayStation era.

            This could actually be possible… however, you would still need Microsoft’s signature to emulate the software, as their software certificate need’s to signed and inplace – as well as their encryption keys.

            However, a skilled hacker could easily bypass this by merely removing signature enforcement on the emulated Xbone OS.

            Also, the game graphics wouldn’t be an issue either. If this emulation software ever came to light – all you would need is a legit Xbox One serial number and model number (as well as some other special dications) to receive the information needed to play the game from Xbox Live.

          • Stevi g

            Why would someone need an xbox one emulator for pc? All the games that have been or will be released for xbox one are also released/going to be released for pc as well so…..

        • John Lalani

          You are a moron, they’ve done it already with the XBOX 360.

          • DonaldTheWhiteMan

            The Xbox 360 uses a PowerPC you moron! PCs typically use x86 or x64 architecture. Translating code to another language to execute is slow. You don’t know shit about emulation.

          • John Lalani

            You obviously lack programming skills, that’s all

          • DonaldTheWhiteMan

            Face it John, you are an ugly nerd idiot. You can’t even emulate an original Xbox on your fast ugly nerd PC. They can barely emulate a junk Wii.

          • John Lalani

            Yep, you’re mad; no one blames you for sucking so bad at life though.

        • william

          Dream on !????. Thats what they do. Hackers are the dreamers mate. Nothing is impossible when it comes to software; or hardware for that matter, given the fact that consoles are running architecture that is very similar to pc this generation. If you know the difference between risk and cisk processors then you would understand that the only other home console to run this type of architecture was the original xbox. Now look back to the amount of homebrew that was available for that machine. it was the most hacked console on history, Looks like sony has also went this way and it is only a matter of time before it gets the ass ripped out of its security. and the reason for this is the challenge that it presents to these people. the glory of breaking that system is what keep them going and it will not stop. It will always be an issue. Infact i seem to remember having the same discussion about the time the ps2 hit the shelves and i can run ps2 games on my pc no prob and have been able to do this for years, why i can even ruin them on my mobile. So instead of criticising the question go and look back at the history of the other consoles and you will find the same answer as there always will be. TIME is all it takes. Noob!

        • Adam Fox

          I don’t see why it would be so hard with this generation….they are using off the shelf parts for the most part, to me its no different than wiping out Windows on a PC and installing Linux…..this is the first generation where i would say “I don’t see it happening”….because in this generation…I *CAN* see it happening…

        • Thess

          Unlike every previous generation, this gen of consoles are just PCs.

          its possible, and with XBONE basically a slightly modified windows8 pc
          its not impossible

          • Zeke

            The Xbox One OS actually has it’s roots in linux. The Xbox 360, however, was based on Windows and actually used only a slightly modified version of the Windows 2000 Kernel.

          • didwe

            Every generation is exactly like a pc, just because it wasnt running xp or vista doesnt mean its not a computer

          • dikhead

            Please shut up and die

          • kris

            The original xbox was x86 based and is still extremely hard to emulate. Have a look at the emulators for that and chihiro hardware and it will become quickly apparent that it is far from easy.

          • Major Suave

            The X360 was more like a pre 2006 Mac or a PS3. (they use IBM power PC processors – The Xbox 360 chip was actually designed by the same team that did the PS3 chip at IBM as soon as they were done working on PS3)

            While the PS4, Original Xbox and Xbox one are like PCs (they use X86 processors)

      • swifty

        actully news just hit that xbox one games will be playable with a controller through a PC streaming service!!!! No trolling some real shit :) ps4 era ended with ps 1

        • Gamez Rule

          We saw MS streaming halo 4 months ago. It’s not new news, but Sony is already doing it why MS talks about it.

      • Kavan Lyles

        Already did.

    • JP

      or not

      • Xtreme Derp

        A lot more people would pick an Xbox if they could get the games for free.

        • JP

          that might be true too

        • JP

          but they are losing software sales tho

    • 111AlaN111

      Did you know they did that hack to the PS3?

    • 111AlaN111


      It has a parentheses in the dot before “com” so make sure to erase them.

      PS4 was hacked much before jaja!

      • neko working

        and that was fake LOL

        • 111AlaN111

          That was not fake, the man uploaded a tutorial on Youtube, but it was deleted because of restrictions of youtube.

          • Beeger

            U my sir are an idiot

          • 111AlaN111

            Look out for it. Sony sended Tweets about finding the man and making him pay for the Hack.

            And here in this site, there are people saying that X1’s homebrew was hacked, even if they show no proof of it.

            There are proofs PS4 was hacked: “No, it wasn’t hacked, it’s a fake”

            There aren’t proofs that X1 has been hacked: “LOL, X1 hacked already!”

            Sony fanboys make no sense.

          • Robert Sørensen

            Sony fanboys make no sense…

      • vadammt

        Thats not really a hacker – rather security issue that CAN be exploited.

        But yeah: PS4 is on the way on being Jailbreaked.

  • stuna1

    Yeah but kill game sales!

    • XBetadogX

      not not really, i know many people with modded 360 , everyone has 2 360’s or more, 1 is modded and used for backups , usually games you wouldn’t buy anyway. and one for the AAA multi player games. i don’t believe for a minute the modding community harms them more then it helps them, in fact i would bet if it wasn’t for the extremely easy hacking of the original xbox and the home brew community that the original xbox had , MS may not have survived there first console attempt.

  • RoadShow

    PS3 is still one of the most secure platforms. I’ve been curious to know how easy PS4 will be able to jail break being that the architecture is PC style or if that has anything really to do with it (I just always assumed PS3 was partially so secure because of the cell processor and bitch to code for).

    But I figured xbox would be hacked first :-)

    Mainly because they were so rampant on 360

    • Xtreme Derp

      How’s your dumb MS fanboy friend taking the fact he’ll soon be sporting a Knack avatar? LOL

      • RoadShow

        Awe come on man. I’m with you but this site is special to me and I got a couple Xbox friends here I show respect to.

        But yeah he’s gonna be having a knack avatar in a few months!

      • Blarg

        So anybody who likes Xbox is instantly a ‘fanboy’? You sir, are a joke.

        • PS4!

          Oh you got to see him in action, especially on Cinemablend. His the pinnacle of Trollness, his one of the few dumbest person you will ever meet.

        • Mirimon

          that’s a valid connection though, you would HAVE to be fanatic to like the xbox console (any of them) at all, for anything, especially if that person tends to think of themselves as being reasonable and logical. Compared to other devices competing in the field, none of it’s platforms really bring anything new or innovative, all while usually costing the consumer much more money both up front and in the long run.

          • FritzJ92

            I am a Microsoft fan boy because they provide steep military discounts. But beside the point, how do Microsoft products cost more? Is it the Surface Pro that cost as much as a iPad Air? Or the $100 Lumia 520? Maybe its the $500 Xbox one that comes with a free game? Actually I figured it out, has to be windows 8 right? Because Google competing product is cheaper and less productive or Apple tax is fair do they aren’t expensive. Microsoft was stagnant in the past 2-3 years however they have started up strongly since last* year. I dare you to show me a Microsoft device that’s more expensive that competing products.

          • Mirimon

            ah.. lol.. “military discounts”??? what more of a discount could you get beside the BX/PX price comparing to local stores and then being tax free on top? Mind you, I have been on active duty over 21 years now, and with several deployments under the belt, nothing is more annoying then having to obtain and use additional devices and steps just to get an xbox to work in other regions (they are not multi-voltage capable, as well, any games you find on the local market did not work as their previous consoles were regionally locked). But I digress, lets get back to how there are costs to an xbox platform.
            replacement/repair: on average, the xbox 360 started with over an 87% failure rate out of the box, and for a long time the warranty only covered 3 months… costs came directly out of consumer wallets on that one for years. Down to today’s failure rate of ~54%. So what does that cost you? well.. after multiple repairs until the warranty is expired, the cost usually goes to the retailer at that point, who passes it along to ALL the customers by altering prices of other products and services overall, as well as the individual themselves. Costs in shipping and handling, costs in xbl for a system you do not presently have. The Xbox one is better than the 360, thankfully, starting out with a much improved failure rate of only ~64% (better than launch 360, but still far from the industry standard of 3 to 5%. That cost, regardless of warranty, comes from the consumer, who has to purchase those extended warranties anyways, who has to pay for shipping/handling/processing, who gets to spend time without the product they payed for.

            other costs?
            constantly replacing batteries for the power hungry wifi direct using controller, or spending it on charging systems or play and charge kits. That cost alone, over the expected average lifetime of the console, will cost a user MORE than they payed for the console itself.

            Proprietary headset adapters….. again.. to use what you already have or need to get, you have to spend money to make that happen or use the default mic until it breaks a week later, while your expensive gaming headsets collect dust..

            Subscription: now.. regardless of how you want to use the xb1, it requires a subscription to use any of it’s features at all, such as using the web browser, netflix, chat, etc. It also requires internet to initialize, no ifs ands or buts.. something soldiers deployed to remote locations don’t get (another reason any xbox platform, especially the xb1, is a poor choice for an active soldier), otherwise it’s simply a $500 brick out of the box. other competing products do not require a subscription to use 99% of their system, and are in fact quite the opposite.Dependability is also a factor.. xbox consoles have traditionally been far less durable than their counterparts (of note, I even have a fat ps2 missing most of it’s shell and what remains is full of holes, thanks to some shrapnel and an AK round from back in a Bosnia/Kosovo rotation… it still works 100%…), the average xbox console (when they were finally launched), rarely lasted more than 4 months in garrison environments, and 2 weeks in field environments…

            use as a media server? DLNA support is very limited, requiring use of a pc with MSFT’s own proprietary media programs to function.. again, that’s additional cost as well as time and effort on the part of the consumer.

            when you really look at how products should be sold, consumers will prefer to get more product for less money, as well as anything that requires little to no effort on their part to operate.

            a side note, several installations actually banned the Xbox One console (due to potential security risk) before and a few months after its release. Todate, it is still not allowed to be in operational areas, and can only reside in personal quarters.

            as for the Surface Pro, I got the original, back when it was over $1200 to get, comparative devices capable of full pc type operations could be found for much less (hence, why the surface platforms have been undergoing several price cuts). The product itself is solid, and by far the best bit of Hardware MSFT has ever made. IMO, had the people behind the surface pro been a part of the xb1 development, this 8th generation of consoles would see a radically different xbox, likely a more competitive product, alas, xbox one’s failures are not just in hardware, or in pricing, but combined with terrible PR and policy representation.

            I myself haven’t, and will not, order any more Xbox units for my store, it was hard enough getting rid of the first 28 that had been sitting on my shelf since day 1. The product has been handled poorly, built well behind the competition, costs more up front and will cost my customers more down the road than other products, and the policies for both users and developers are counter-productive to the gaming industry and consumer marketplace. This is further backed by the mass opinions of both end users and developers themselves. By all means, get games, enjoy your off time, even on an xbox one, but if you really want to experience a larger gaming population (fyi, xbl has the smallest online gaming population of all online gaming platforms, to include Nintendo…), larger game library, more media content with a greater field of support, then I would recommend using the combination of PC and PS4, as the XB1 does not bring you anything different from what you already likely have access to, and nearly every title for that console is available on other platforms, for less in higher quality.

          • FritzJ92

            Okay you haven’t backed your statement at all. You only proved your case on one Microsoft product. And to clear some of the fog up
            1. The Xbox one controller last way way way longer than the ps4 controller. Also all the “extra” fees you mention are optional. Nothing you HAVE to spend money on. That failure rate for the Xbox one your pulling out your pass. The PS4 and Xbox one failure rate awe pretty equal. The Xbox 360 was a serious f up. Every company has f-ups. Also the BX rate is retail price but tax free, not discounted.
            2. Your complaining about limited DLNA but thru competing product has zero DLNA. I call BS on your claim because I’m deployed at a undisclosed location and Xbox ones are allowed and as a matter of fact you can go pick one up at the bx. Also the ps4 had a day one patch also. We have a Xbox one in the CAC also.
            FYI go look up the installed base numbers for Xbox live. PSNetwork, and Nintendo U. Your very misinformed. To think Microsoft gaming population currently isn’t bigger than Nintendo. So you want me to get a PS4 and a PC to match the experience of one product? The PC doesn’t have the ability for me t Skype while I watch TV. And the PS4 doesn’t have Xbox music or a comparable service. And Sony music unlimited is a joke. Also btw find a tablet or a laptop that can spec to spec match the service pro at the price. SSD Touchscreen and in a small form factor. I understand you’ve had bad experience with MS products, but they make some great stuff and usually cheaper and better than the competition.

          • Sideways_1M

            I call BS on your controller claim. No-one has had them for more than 6 months…

          • didwe

            Funny… Mine still works and has “day one” on it.

          • Sideways 1M

            I commented this THREE MONTHS AGO

          • Mirimon

            sorry, 34 hours per charge, for 5 years before
            it loses 20% of it’s charge? and if and when you change it out, the battery
            costs less than $5…. vs. packs of AA’s/recharging stations etc…… just to
            get something close to the functionality that comes with the ps4…

            that’s the whole point, just to come in line with the standard features of the competition, who sells their product for $100
            less, you have to spend hundreds more…. that is the whole point, the xb1
            can’t match the functionality of the ps4, let alone last gen consoles, I am
            telling you to get a full experience you would use a pc and a ps4 (since the
            massive number of exclusive IP’s from Sony will not be on other platforms,
            unless it’s ran through PSNow… getting the xb1 would shortchange you on media formats and general experiences of entertainment.

            failure rates..
            OG xbox was ~32%
            360 at launch was 87%+, and only today, after many revisions and lawsuits, is down to ~54%.
            The Xbox One has improved from the 360, but is still terrible, sitting at ~64%

            fyi, the industry standard is from 3% to 5%.

            the ps4’s failure rate is less than 1%…. to date, not a single iteration of xbox has met the standard, the ps4 however, has the lowest failure rate, a low we haven’t seen in decades
            (failure rate data is concerning hardware failures within the expected life cycle for a unit from time of purchase on, regardless of warranty).. FAR apart from the xb1, (who’s major issues are, in descending order, Optical drive, HDD, OS, PSU.)

            population, yes, XBL has the smallest online
            population CURRENTLY at 30 million (down from 48 million, which was a fluff
            number in the first place as they counted silver accounts (which is the same as not having internet) as well as live for windows accounts, and still came in
            below the numbers of Nintendo’s broken network service,) XBL has been losing subs for a while now, but notably after E3 2013 at a rate of 1 million per
            week. The current number of accounts is also in line with the actual install base (which is, total sold-in figures minus hard failure rate). Note, when MSFT reports having “sold x amount of units globally” they are referring to their sold-in numbers (which are what is sold to retailers), NOT the sold-through figure (which means the product was sold to an end-user, which creates the INSTALLBASE). The install base for example, of the xbox 360, is actually about ~38 million customers. Now.. we KNOW the actual, active online population of xbl to be @ 30 million users currently. Sony had over 150 million users on PSN BEFORE E3 2013, and grew 90% on top of that.

            Simple math check.. which is more, 150, or 30? If you managed to pull your head out of your 4th point of contact you would have come to the conclusion that XBL users are indeed the smallest population of online gaming platforms of all the consoles. I won’t ask you to figure out what 150+90% is, wouldn’t want that brain to become a heat casualty….fyi, Nintendo’s Network currently beats out XBL by ~2 million active accounts, but then again, since the stripping of it, it is also in decline.

            DLNA- full DLNA such as on the PS3, is being patched in the 1.7.5-1.8 iterations of the ps4’s firmware, as well as 3d playback and MP3 support. as for music now? try using AAC (it’s like MP3, but higher fidelity), works on ps4.

            Day one patch: on the ps4, there are patches, these are OPTIONAL, you can use the major features of the system without it, furthermore, lets say you don’t have internet (like 40% of Americans), you can get the patch in USB or disc storage formats.. it also is usually included on the disc of first party titles.
            The Xbox one however.. can’t do anything, at all, no internet for day one? then NO USE OF THE UNIT… it’s a brick.. you can’t even patch it via USB, as that function being unlocked is PART of the day 1 initialization patch. This instantly excludes 40% of Americans, and any people traveling afar to places without internet. (fyi.. ~76% of all Americans play video games… more still watch movies.. so yeah, they are screwing themselves out of potential customers.).

            lol.. deployed? with NIPR net?? yeah.. must be nice in the greenzone, try it out in places where you are lucky to get clean water that week, and live on 1 MRE a day, where the only “net” you got is hopefully your bugnet.. but no really. while the majority of our forces do enjoy luxury comforts in deployment, those who do the meat of the mission are not so fortunate, and xb1 would be a poor care package for such people. It is also far less portable, and in many forward bases, the power can be either 110 or 220-240.. because of this that soldier must now run about and obtain transformers/regulators to operate the device.The PS4 on the other hand is Multivoltage, as well as being much Smaller making transport easier (important to those with limited logistics room).

            Products, you are misunderstanding me, I am stating the Surface Pro is a GOOD PRODUCT, I like it, of all the products in that category I recommend it most of all, especially for the student or professional on the go. It so far is the only good hardware product MSFT has ever come to market with. It was over priced at launch, but has since been brought inline with competitors. It’s only failing point is the Windows APP store. What I am saying is that the Surface Pro was done well, in terms of hardware, and the dev team behind it should have been the ones to work on the xb1, perhaps then we would have a more powerful, better built, and honestly competing piece of hardware, which is the real issue, when comparing the products, the XB1 offers NO competition. as for cost.. MSFT products are SELDOM ever the cheapest out there…. SELDOM….

            again.. PiP, been standard on tv’s since 1983.. you can certainly skype while watching tv…. (if you have a pc, you can do this even without PIP..), Skype was nice.. especially when I saved hundreds of thousands of dollars by using PS2’s and Eye Toys to let my soldiers video chat with their family back home during OIF1 (using basic protocols for communications, not requiring satcoms and COMSEC devices…), skype is neat, but it’s old hat, about a decade+ old, everything from phones, tv’s, to handheld game devices can use it, non-issue.

          • John Smith

            And^^^^^^^ argument won!!! Good job my friend…I agree with you completely. However, I make enough to afford both and found a good deal for $430 for xbone,kinect, controller and forza 5 tax free so i bought it for forza and halo but no doubt you are right about everything.With ONE exception. The current PS4 controller SUCKS A$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have always found sony products to be very well made. I drew these conclusions when I was a young lad, full of testosterone, gunning my controllers at walls 20 feet away and picking them back up and them working flawlessly. This was during the ps2-3 era. I have not abosed my PS4 controller once…Because im old now :) and this thing SUCKS! The R2 and L2 triggers have broken on every single controller i have bought within 1 month. Out of 8 controllers……..not ONE has lasted more than a month. This is a serious design flaw and I expected better from sony!! I am hoping they will find a solution to this problem because at $60 a piece this is a pain in my a$$. But other than the controller..Ill take a PS4 over the xbone any day.

          • william

            nvr backed it up. Dude he PAWNED you

          • joedight

            linux is free…

    • 111AlaN111

      PS3 secure? The X360 and PS3 are at the same hacking level right now. Until now anyone can say that this is real, because they have no proof, so maybe they are trolling fanboys or some kids trying to spend a joke at MS.

    • thtgg

      actually ps3 was hacked first and when anonymous hack both ps3 and xbox 360 only ps3 credentials were stolen due to their “sophistication” of security

  • You are flat out wrong

    Xbone will be more successful in China than I thought.

    • RoadShow

      Lmao true

  • BoTuLoX

    How about running Linux up on that bitch?

    • ffgfhg

      considering its windows based not linux based like the ps4 probably no

      • BoTuLoX

        Irrelevant I’m afraid. Plus the PS4 is based on OpenBSD, not GNU/Linux.

        • Mirimon

          ^^ exaclty, this makes the ps4 effectively capable of playing games that are normally either dx or OGL based with little effort in translation.

  • Zach

    Glad to hear progress is being made, the second we can run unsigned code on it then all go and pick one up.

  • LordX

    only rumours! we want proof!!!

  • g mcak

    this is bad do people remember what happen to ps3 when it got hacked people’s privet info and bank card info was take from playstation and down for weeks stop hacking if not happy with it trad it in for a steam engine console.

    • Mirimon

      “Private”.. not privet… and no.. actually, all account information was not even accessed during that “hack”, which only affected the Playstation Network services site, not user accounts, and not the console itself. You could still pay several games online, surf the web, and everything else as long as it didn’t use PSN for any routing while it was down for 3 weeks and completely remade. (the hack btw, was done out of revenge, because Sony pursued a hacker that was jailbraking the PS3 and got him sent to jail….

      Not a single cent was taken from users, nor was their information even accessed (according to the official FBI report, furthermore, Sony offer free ps+, as well as $1 million in insurance to each user if they had anything taken or damaged.. to this day not a single person has filed for compensation. and again, it was the PSN, not the ps3.. (not all applications or games use PSN for services and routing.

      imo, you need to learn a thing or two about the topics on which you are speaking before opening your ignorant cake hole…

      • Taco Bob

        Geohot hacked the ps3….. He wasn’t thrown in jail.

        • Mirimon

          no, “detained” would be the legal term, he was also sued and later settled with sony. who still pursue associates of the few spanish anon’ hackers who immediately took to attacking PSN for their actions against the jailbreaker…

          he hacked the ps3, anon hacked psn..

          nobody should be praising either, it was malicious thievery and only made things worse for everyone, including the gamers..

  • Akash Kalghatgi

    I’m in….
    Just waitin for release of console n hack in India

  • 111AlaN111


    It has a parentheses in the dot before “com” so make sure to erase them.

    PS4 was hacked much before!

  • Dom Watts

    well i sold my xbone as it was a piss poor machine but if i wasnt having to pay out on games then id by a new one although i see this as fake as none of the big boys here to say anything

    • VersaType

      You realize every console at launch sucks right?

      • BoTuLoX

        Except these ones are using familiar APIs to the developers and a well tried and tested architecture. Things aren’t really going to get as better over time as it did for the previous potato boxes.

        Better get a PC.

        • John Smith

          Too many cheaters. I have a $3000 gaming PC that i built from the ground up and I play my PS4 and shitty xboxone far more so I dont have to deal with all the cheaters online

          So now I use it for all my offline gaming and some online gaming…That is if the games are even offered!

          • John Smith

            anyone can use an aimbot and go 60-5…But it takes real skill to go legit 30-5

          • BoTuLoX

            Bullshit and you know it. Us PC gamers are bored to the death to the decade old “3000” and “5000” dollar computer.

            You know it’s bullshit. I know it’s bullshit, why do you guys keep insisting on it?

            We keep a wiki to help people that want to get into PC gaming and here’s a PC that for 420 dollars beats a so called “next gen” console. And you can see better, decently priced builds further down that page:

            Also, games cost much, much more on consoles than they do on PC, so you save a lot on that in the long run. Even if you buy a 1000 USD PC to run all your games with insane graphic settings, a couple of years of buying games will have saved you enough money to make it even with consoles, and that only gets better as more time passes.

            And no, there aren’t too many cheaters outside of chinese MMOs and shit. Nowadays anti-cheats caught mostly everything and there are systems in place to deal with them (report system, votekick and voteban). And there -are- cheaters in consoles. A lot, actually. And you don’t have anything to deal with them in there.

  • anonymous

    if this pirated games happen microsoft will win the console war!! :D i hope microsoft doesnt try to fight it back, in asia most people like me play pirated games because we have low payed jobs and the games are about 200 box pair a game!

    • The Swede

      Yeah.. Great that most of you play pirated games… Sigh. Idiot.

      Sure, the console might sell more in Asia, but the most important sales won’t happen: the games..

      What use is more consoles sold in Asia when none of you buy games?!

      • anonymous

        Well Mr idiot, if consoles get selled so will pirated games and guess where the money goes, to the normal game sellers + Xbox’s online services are the real moneymakers here, if you don’t have a console or the game, you won’t by dlc and gold now will you?

        • Nostalgia

          Please! Pirated video games do NOT support the publishers, let alone the developers. Pull your head out of your ass!
          a video game is pirated, you are basically sticking your hand in the
          developer’s pocket and taking from off their family’s table.

          could care less about modding the console, IF it’s left to private
          lobbies and stays out of public matchmaking but that never happens.

          paying jobs? I’m working two jobs, my main work being HVAC at $25/hour
          but currently very slow and minimum wage at $10.50/hour at my second
          job. I have bills and crap to pay, like my brand new car, in a very high
          cost of living area but I can at least have the human decency to
          support the developers that create the video games that I like to play.

          • anonymous

            like i said developers main money making way is the online services not the 60 box pair game they get. you are stupid to think that way, thats how they want us to think, unless they make all their games free to play for online like no gold pair month then i will agree with you but no, at first microsofts xbox one plan was to get a fee pair month for playing the game even offline, you know why? cause fuck ypu give me money problem! they are money loving AH who dont care about people just them self, so why care about them when they dont care about you?

          • Nostalgia

            What’s funny.. Sony is just as money hungry as any other corporation. But people were so gullible and sucked up that whole “We care about the gamers” crap that Sony spewed, just to make themselves LOOK like the good guys last summer. Sony cares even less about protecting their customers too!

            Anyways.. What ‘online services’ do developers make? Most video games are not like The Elder Scrolls Online charging subscription fees so developers make THEIR money off video game sales and now almost guaranteed DLC.
            Because guess what, developer studios are businesses too and need to make a profit in order to even suggestion making a sequel. Studios need to make back their money after paying their employees for a year or more so every time some selfish thieving pirate decides to pirate a video game, they are stealing food off those developers’ tables.

            Why should playing online be free? We are already paying for internet but we are using THEIR service, their servers, their network, their employees, etc.

            anonymous dude, you’re part of the problem! You have an irrational hatred for Microsoft because your peers TOLD you to hate Microsoft. Have you ever used a Microsoft product with an open mind and with at least some intelligence? Microsoft might be just a corporation like all the others, Microsoft still creates amazing quality products. With their list of amazing products, their couple exceptions shouldn’t matter much, being the fail of Windows Vista, IE and Zoom.

          • John Smith

            If I liek a game and I think they deserve money I will buy it but I have wasted far to much money on shit games…Probably totaling upwards of $20,000 over my lifetime! For the developers that make good games like bf2, splinter cell blacklist, the new tomb raider, far cry series etc…I am glad to give them my money. To the rest….fuck you, make a better game!

        • John Smith

          “selled” ?

  • jingleballs 2 foreal

    god god god god god god god god, please please please please please please please, let this be true im a die hard modder, and come out with this asap

  • zuz

    oh btw if u did not know ,xbone/ps4 have x64 cpu in it
    and one arm soc for security ,to protect all data from hacks
    = this console is waaaaaaay more secured then any last gen

  • paul365

    some websites have been saying the xboxone exploit is false!!!!!

  • Rich Yo Scales

    I guess the “scariest” part of this generation…….is no getting banned from live……as a lot more games these use xbox live for various means

  • assclown

    Just give them time!
    Creating homebrews unleashes the full potential of the consoles. As for piracy…M$ and $ony can charge less for the consoles and games. More people can afford cheaper games as pirated games costs less than 25% of the original. People won’t even bother with copies if originals are affordable. Let’s face the truth people.

  • assclown

    I own 4 consoles. Original Xbox, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and a Playstation 3. All are soft modded or chipped. The run better and you can do more with the consoles once its done

  • killbried

    this is very unlikely if not impossible the Xbox running unsigned has become more and more complex.
    but its going to be hacked just not going to be the like the older hacks like soft modding it like the original or the early versions of the 360’s like (king Kong exploit),(jtag) its most likely going to rgh (reset glitch hack) or something like it or something new I hope and i hope i can dual nand so dont have to have to buy to xbone’s so i can play online. i don’t believe in pirating or going online with unsigned code

  • YG

    if you fat lazy mutha fuckas got jobs you would have to pirate, steal or do anything illegal

    • Sucka Free

      we’re not lazy and I have a fantastic career. I just want to do my part to help undermine the Xbox brand ;D

  • Robert Sørensen

    Fanboy = self biased asshole

  • Condo Sam

    running home brew on the XBOX One would be awesome. It’s the reason the original XBOX was absolutely incredible once you added a mod chip. If this was done I would bet the sales of this console would go through the roof. I don’t like the piracy of the games but just HomeBrew.. Bring it!!!!

  • David Ventola

    ok i mod my 360 and download a few games ok more then a few but the one i like i bought the one i did not like became ninja stars. i see nothin wrong having a back up of your game. 50$ is a little to much for a game and lets face it kids dont take care of there games and for me to spend another 50$ on the same game i owned is not fare.

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