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Xbox Live Games with Gold in December

by Al McCarthy on November 27, 2013


December’s Xbox Games with Gold program will once again see another lackluster set of releases with the original Gears of War & Shoot Many Robots.  Starting on Sunday December 1st, Xbox Live Gold subscribers can download the six year old, Gears of War.  The game will be free for gold subscribers until the 15th.

Then on December 16th, Shoot Many Robots will be available until the end of the month.

If you live in Germany of Japan, you’ll get Halo Wars.

Comparing Xbox Live to PlayStation Plus is getting comical in the games department.  While Microsoft has confirmed that they’ll continue their Games with Gold initiative, they’re gonna need to pick up the pace and offer their subscribers games that have some value going forward if they want people to actually take this promotion seriously.

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  • Facts First

    These are really good games especially for free. WOW Thanks Microsoft’ Keep them coming!

    • tuck

      another internet microsoft commenter

      • Ian Williams

        Another phony robot

    • Guest

      Doesn’t it get old being so far up microsofts ass? You probably enjoy it.

    • NathGamer

      You certainly are easily impressed.

    • Shannon Novosel

      Too bad there old and cheap to buy now

    • JP

      You sound so fake

  • RoadShow

    I am very happy games with gold is going to come to xbox one but microsoft seriously needs to step up their game. I think the completely free is a bad route for them. You need xbox live to do anything on xbox anyways (you know it’s true) so why not just make it more like sony’s PS+ so that they could put bigger and newer titles on the service?

    Stop being so damn stingy.

    Then if they would just drop all the paywalls for basic features I wouldn’t have hardly anything to bitch about anymore. Just piddly stuff like hardware performance, expensive accessories and lacking what the competition has in terms of features/quality.

    Still it’s almost nothing, if microsoft would drop those paywalls I wouldn’t even dis it anymore. Just quietly go on my way playing playstation.

  • Whitbizzle

    Embarrassing. No need to say anything else.

    • jaskdavis

      It is. I don’t mind them giving out Good Games like gears of war, but they need to give out newer games like PS+ does too. Like PS+ giving you Shadow of the colossus and then giving you Far Cry 3 too!

      • Whitbizzle

        Gears Of War is one of my favourite games but this was 7 years ago. I don’t see how they can release free games on Xbox One when there no games that are old on that or do you think they will just give away arcade games to start with? Or 360 games?

      • Lacerz

        The UK Plus subscribers get treated to some of the best games. We get good titles in the US, but the UK offerings are a step up.

        • RoadShow

          Yeah they are but sometimes the EU titles come the US later down the road (like sleeping dogs).

  • Mark Danger Hopps

    lol xbox gold

  • RoadShow

    Sorry had to

    • Facts First

      Resogun – Crap
      Contrast – Really Shitty
      Binary Domain – Umm OK
      Galga Legend – 7 years you say?
      Ibb and Blob – Mmmkay
      Uncharted 3 – Well its up for debate, but most people say its bad
      XCOM – meh
      ico -meh
      shadow of colossus – double meh
      poker night – crap
      little big planet karting – poor copy of mario kart meh
      star war pinballs – shit
      dragons dogma – sloppy poop
      oddworlds – old dried up shit
      sine mora – japanese shit
      gravity rush – shit
      wipeout – shit
      uncharted portable – this isn’t quite shit, its more like a really wet fart
      hotline maima – is ok but bad with the vita controls

      • RoadShow

        LOL you took the time to write all this $hit out that no one gives a damn about what pathetic lies and BS you spout.

        I loved your Uncharted 3 comment

        “Uncharted 3 – Well its up for debate, but most people say its bad” – LMAO

        • Dakan45

          uncharted 3 was the worst of the series dipshit

          • Lacerz

            No. No, it wasn’t.

          • Dakan45

            Yes it was the most borring one

          • Lacerz


          • RoadShow

            This guy has been showing up everywhere. He’s a total troll and PC elitest. He also makes no sense at all.

            Watch out Facts First! you got some competition from Dakan45

          • Dakan45

            sorry dipshit you need to take care of your wife more and spend less time on the internet dipshit

          • JohnPaulGremlic

            Many say they just got better and better. The first was the lowest rated. Wrong again “dipshit”.

            Maybe you should think before opening your troll mouth.

          • Dakan45

            Maybe you should stiop sucking off roadshow or admit you are a fake acount dipshit

          • RoadShow

            Wrong again moron

          • Dakan45

            yes dipshit because higher rated on metacritic mirrors the fans view on it. iTS NOT LIKE IT WAS PAID REVIES OR ANYTHING

          • James

            Uncharted 3 got better users score than the first Uncharted. You know scores that are given by fans…

          • RoadShow

            What are you even trying to say? User reviews are exactly in line with the critic reviews.

          • Dakan45

            What i am trying to say is that you are a married man, yet you daily spend more time here pwned them xbots than doing mature things.

            Go ahead post some more pictures about sony exlusives and how sony pwns when your wife jessica is calling you to go to sleep.

            This is you basicly


    • Shannon Novosel

      He doesn’t even own a PlayStation system but tries to spill his b.s. first

    • Dakan45

      Sorry brah sony sucks and so do you

      • Lacerz

        You’re pathetic. Brah.

        • Whitbizzle

          Is there a report button for this uneducated fool?

          • RoadShow

            Dude this guy trolls everywhere and just attacks attacks attacks. Cursing and whining like a little immature girl.

          • Lacerz

            When you hover over a comment, you’ll see a flag to the right. Click it.

  • Wizard of Peace

    More crap?

  • logik893

    Another weak lineup… Only upside to this is that you can keep the games forever. But the titles have been disappointing.

    • RoadShow

      I do like the completely free aspect of it however since you can’t do anything on xbox without xbox live it kind of defeats the purpose.

      Still that part of it is cool. I personally think they should adopt Sony’s approach, it would go in line with what the xbox live subscription already is and should open up the ability to give newer and bigger games.

      We will see how it goes, I’m curious to know what kind of games will be coming to xbox one.


    Should have been GoW: Judgement…..might have made me turn my xbox on this week.

  • Facts Second

    Garbage of a company. There giving a 6 year old game for free
    for the “Gold Members”.

    • Facts Second

      Disappointing really. PS+ is 100x better that peace of
      ***t. Those who don’t believe here’s:

    • Facts Second

      Disappointing really. PS+ is 100x better that peace of
      ***t. Those who don’t believe here’s a fast fact

  • RoadShow

    Nice link dude. Man out of all the times I visit wikipedia I never looked up the instant game collection. Gotta be the damned best list I’ve ever seen. Thanks dude.

  • Mitchell Groenewegen

    Despite being old games, I am too cheap to go out and buy them otherwise. It’s a great way for some gamers to experience classics that many others recommend. I am excited to try gears of war for the first time, ain’t no shame in that

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