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Dirt 3 Gymkhana Walkthrough with Ken Block

by William Schwartz on December 21, 2010

Dirt 3 will feature Gymkhana in the game, side by side with the off road racing goodness that Dirt 2 provided.  What is Gymkhana you ask?  Well, Gymkhana is a complex course designed to test drivers against various things in a course: tires, cones, barrels, an obstacle course if you will.  Drivers are matched against a time limit, and are tasked to perform 360 spins, 180 turns, figure 8’s, and other things that are unimaginable to the layperson.  But to Ken Block, this is just another day at the office, and he felt it had to be included in Dirt 3.  This video diary explains why having Gymkhana in Dirt 3 is important, and why it could make Dirt 3 the best Dirt title yet.

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