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Minecraft Gets Pistons & More in Update 1.7

by Bill Hess on July 1, 2011

The world of Minecraft is expanding, and with update 1.7, players will get the all new piston mechanism which can add a new dynamic to your creations. The update was intended to add a load of new features which were to be deemed “The Adventure Update”, but those have been pushed to patch 1.8 for the time being. Meanwhile there were plenty of changes to the content, like the ability to now sheer sheep and leaf blocks.

If you’re still wondering about the adventure update, it’s still said to be “a significant time away”, but Notch expects to be dishing out more details as the development process continues. The next update is supposed to change the way the game is played, according to the creator.

Check out the full list of changes for update 1.7 below, as well as the charming trailer for the update.

+Added pistons
+ Fire or redstone is now required to trigger TNT
+ Fences can be stacked
+ Added shears
+ Shears can be used to pick up leaf blocks
+ Shears can be used to shear sheep without hurting them
* Sheep no longer drop wool from being punched
– Removed Herobrine

Say Something
  • nick

    Not a fan of the shears. Getting wool shouldn’t be complicated.

    • StrongTube1

      ok, then how can you make beds?

  • Zach

    Ever gotten wool in real life? You can’t just hit a sheep with whatever you have in your hands… Or simply your hands.

    • nick

      lol, because minecraft is all about realism /sarcasm.

      IMO It should be more difficult to collect dyes then wool. Dyes are too easy. Wool SHOULD be easy.

    • Primey0

      In 1.7_01 and after sheep still drop wool but only one and only on death.

    • Primey0

      My comment was meant to be a reply…

  • Derp

    Removed Herobrine? So…it was real?

    • mml915

      no he was like a glitch of some sort he would appear on iron doors and shit i cant remember the whole thing

  • Ben

    Derp notch was joking about removing herobrine

  • Aloan

    Where are the Banana trees, the coconut trees, the bats (peaceful outdoors from dusk to dawn and in caves and mob/ light grey color (vampire species), the scorpion roaming on a cave, the frog (peaceful) chirping on a swamp, the hang glider? there are lots of fun stuff to put in there still. Thank goodness mo creatures did something to aid the rest of what I did not mention.

  • jason

    make an intelligent species that can build there houses and forts

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