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NBA Live 13 leak provides 10 minutes of Alpha Footage

by William Schwartz on August 22, 2012

EA has maintained silence on NBA Live 13. Basketball fans are awaiting the return of the franchise, which EA has promised to be a bold re-entry for a series that has played second fiddle to 2K Sports’ NBA 2K series for nearly a decade.

Leaked footage of NBA Live 13 surfaced earlier on YouTube, and was archived away by numerous sources. The footage pits The Miami Heat vs. The Oklahoma City Thunder and has fans already showing disappointment in the upcoming release. EA has pulled most of the content from YouTube, and issued a statement on the leak.

“The video appears to be captured from a pre-alpha build months ago, and is not an official EA Sports release. It does not represent a final build or feature set for NBA Live.”

Furthermore, Operation Sports suggests that NBA Live 13 will be a download only title, as the video contains an “Exit Game” option in the on-screen menus like other downloadable titles.

NBA Live 13 Leaked Footage

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  • matt

    its completely an alpha doesnt look like the physics have even been put in the game yet

    • jt

      yes true i just hate how most ppl can judge a game based on this its crazy

  • reece

    i hope this is not the final game cos the graphics and gameplay suck, presentation is great with ESPN though

  • Omar bravo

    I just want it to come out. I don’t care if is not the best basketball in the planet. I just don’t like 2k12. I’m a nba live all the way. I like to create my self and be place in any team. 2k12 you cannot do that and it sucks. I miss nba live 13. In my opinion I believe we will get some news tomorrow because is August 23 and that is mr labrons number. Can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow.

    • arian

      your a idiot this game is horrible

      • Omar bravo

        Your and idiot you know for a fact ea is not going to sale a game that is bad at this point. Decently want it to come out better than what we saw

  • Christian

    Yes, you can create a player and put him on any team in 2K12. So your only reason stated why you like Live and don’t like 2K, is entirely invalid. However, EA makes games for people with similar “smarts” as you.

    • Omar bravo

      Nba live 13 that’s right

    • Robert

      I understand you lie 2k12 does tat mee you smarter……… There are a lot of different opinions. There is no reason to be offending anybody. Omar bravo you on the te other had should relax there is no reason to talk bad about 2k . Some people do have the time to play games I dont have time but I steel play 2k12. Cristiand and Omar you guys seem to be upset about this war of ea and 2k. We just need to see what happens. Finally cristian at the end you go buy your 2k and Omar you go buy your nba live.. Have fun.

  • tyson

    i bet it will good i dont like 2k i will not buy it but this looks like live 95 but i will still buy live #loveforlive

  • Omar bravo

    In nba live 13 you can place your player in any team and put any ratings you want. You don’t have to be working spending your entire day trying to improve your player. Since you may have all the time in the world nba 2k12 is the game for you. Some people work and havea life. Nba live lets you put your own ratings and you can put your self in any team. The only way to put your self on any team in 2k12 is buy using a USB and transferring data to the computer and so on. If you think you can place any created player into any team. I want you to tell me how smarty people like you.

    • Robert

      Hey dogg I understand you but is better to have a choice of two games instead of one. Looks like you are a big live fan. But there is other people who like nba 2k better. No matter what just like you like live. I personally love my player mode is a challenge to the real life. On the other hand you like more arcade feel. There is nothing wrong. We just need to have choices and we need both games to come out so we can make a decision of what to buy

  • Omar bravo

    Tell me how you can created a player and place him in any team. Since you know it all. 2k12 is for people like you that spend there entired day in the couch and don’t do anything else but video games. I work and arty and do a lot of things besides video games. Nba live is the right game for me because you don’t have to spend the entired day or weeks trying to ake your player better. In nba live you just create your player put the ratings you want and the place your player on any team in that’s it. There is no grading when you shoot or pass like 2k12. I love nba live your free to shoot when ever the fuck you want with out grading. Finally before you get ahead of your self. I play basketball in real life. I know 2k12 is more realistic but nba live 13 gives you the freedom to just enjoy the game with out grading and building your player. I just want to enjoy my game and be able to o the fuck I want and any team I want to play in.

  • Robert

    Nba live has always been my favorite game. 2k12 for me is good if you just want to play acseason or against the computer. I don’t like my payer mode. Mostly I like to created your self and just play

  • Michael

    Omar you can easily go to rosters in the main menu and choose create a player and create a player and max out all of his stats if you want and assign him to any team. you dont have to go to my player mode to create a player. if you actually had the game you would know this…

    • Robert


  • Michael

    OH MY GOD this game looks beyond horrible….i am sitting here cracking up laughing…they could have made this game on ps2…

  • SupaWhiteHotFire

    Is this a joke?

  • L.D.