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AWAY: The Survival Series Is Like An Intense Nature Documentary

Find sanctuary when your home is threatened.

by Dean James


Nature is something we get to experience everyday, but that does not mean we get to experience every aspect of it on a daily basis. Even for those who live in the country, you likely aren’t experiencing the same things as wild animals with the threats of predators and other disasters that can threaten their lives. AWAY: The Survival Series was just announced during Sony’s latest PlayStation State of Play stream and looks to give us a glimpse at the journey of an animal on the run just trying to survive.

AWAY: The Survival Series puts you in control of a Sugar Glider, which looks like a mix between a badger and a flying squirrel, who is trying to just survive when its home is threatened. Set in the distant future, natural disasters force this Sugar Glider to leave its home and travel across various different environments to try and find a new home.

From the trailer below, we see very vibrant and colorful locations, with one of the coolest looking moments being the Sugar Glider trying to escape when fire is all around it. Making it even better, the developer brought in someone who has done soundtracks for actual nature documentaries in the past, so it should feel very authentic in that regard.

No release window was given for AWAY: The Survival Series, so hopefully we get a release date for the game sooner rather than later.

AWAY: The Survival Series Announce Trailer

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