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Prepare for The Evil Within 2 with Bethesda’s New FAQ

The Evil Within 2 hits PS4, Xbox One, and PC on October 13th. Players might have loved the first game for its psychological horror elements, but the story was a bit confusing for anyone who didn’t pay full attention. Now, years later, players might have trouble remembering exactly what happened and how it might play out in this new sequel. To help you prepare Bethesda has created a new story FAQ for The Evil Within 2, containing some great new info about the upcoming game.

You can check it out right here, but beware of spoilers if you haven’t played the first title. Bethesda is quick to point out that to enjoy The Evil Within 2, players require no knowledge of the first game at all.

The FAQ opens by saying “You don’t need to have any prior knowledge of The Evil Within in order to jump into The Evil Within 2 and understand the conflict and setting, but if you want a little background info, we’ve got you covered. At its core it’s about a man who is fighting his demons (both literally and figuratively) as he journeys into a twisted world to save his daughter.”

The rest of the article goes into the events of the first game, STEM, Sebastian, and pretty much anything else you might wonder about the first Evil Within game. If you’re wanting to be fully ready for Bethesda’s new sequel be sure to give it a look.

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