5 Things We’d Like to See From Mario Kart 9

A new Mario Kart game is said to be on the way!

by Gordon Bicker


New details have emerged about a new Mario Kart being in active development, specifically, Mario Kart 9. This has prompted wide internet discussion about what the series holds in store for the future. Fans have been revving their engines and want to start the hype train on the way to their destination of a new Mario Kart game. Furthermore, with any new game arriving in a franchise, it creates discussion based on what sort of features the latest instalment could aim to bring to the specific series. This article will take you through a list of five things we’d like to see from the ‘reportedly’ upcoming Mario Kart 9.

New Mario Kart Characters

The Mario Kart series has been renowned for its iconic cast of characters tearing up the raceways that players have been accustomed to knowing and adore. Whether you are playing as Mario, Luna, Peach, or even Bowser, you will be sure to enjoy seeing the characters sitting in their iconic vehicles and racing for first place as if their very existence depends on it. Maybe it does…who knows…? There were 36 total characters in Mario Kart 8 however 6 of those were only available if you had purchased the various DLC packs for them.

One particular thing that would be nice to see from the next instalment is an even more diverse range of characters to join the Mario Kart sphere. Where’s Kirby in the roster? Samus? Even Star Fox? There are numerous Nintendo characters that haven’t made the list yet for Mario Kart and it will be a joy to see if any new characters will be added in with Mario Kart 9. With Metroid Dread making its strides, it certainly isn’t off the cards that we won’t see Samus in the next instalment.

New Maps with Unique Elements — Racing for Perfection

Mario Kart 8 had included a host of maps that offered something different for players. One such feature was driving in anti-gravity where players would be able to convert their vehicle into a gravity-defying machine as they drifted around ceilings and hit other racers on the track in order to throw them off the track or simply gain more speed.

The maps were tailored to include a range of dynamic changes throughout the tracks. There were sections underwater, sections in the air, and even more; these inclusions all kept things fresh and also was reminiscent of Mario Kart 7. In the future instalment, it would be excellent to see a continuation of these features but also once again add in something new to the mix. Whether it be a change to a vehicle or drastic map changes which are memorable and keep players on their toes. Either way, brand new maps on top of the fan-favourites would be a joy to also observe being added to the game.


Items Galore! Adding New Items to the Mix

Any Mario Kart game wouldn’t be complete without the electrifying items scattered throughout the race tracks. Where racers will make drastic changes in lanes in order to obtain them or push others off the track if they think they’re about to collect them. The items are truly what is able to turn the tables in the races with a single blue shell being the decimator of many a first place victories. In Mario Kart 8 there were four new items included, these were the ‘Piranha Plant’, the ‘Crazy 8’, the ‘Boomerang Flower’, and the ‘Super Horn’ all being added to the experience.

With four items being added to the previous instalment, it would be likely that there will be even more items this time around for players to obtain on the tracks. Some fans have been looking for items such as an ice flower from the Mario series which would freeze racers on the tracks and make them drive slower for a short amount of time until the ice unfreezes, that item would certainly keep players wanting to try and avoid any players with an ice flower on their hands to utilise.

New Multiplayer Modes — Cruising for a competition

Notably, a vast range of players adore competing in multiplayer modes in Mario Kart 8. There was an excellent array of various maps and modes for players to take part in with some unique ones added into the mix. The standard racing multiplayer modes were of course also their for players to spend their time within.

For the next instalment, it would be interesting to see even more multiplayer modes added to the experience. There has been rumors from the community that perhaps there may be another type of battle royale added to the mode list so that Mario Kart also gets its own share of the battle royale action. Either way, inclusion of modes that haven’t been featured in any instalment before would be an excellent addition for all multiplayer Mario Kart fans.

Full Story Campaign — Mario Kart 9 Could Set the Standard for a New Campaign

One particular feature that fans have been asking about for a long time is a set ‘story mode’ for players to be able to immerse themselves in Mario Kart lore and have a great experience completing potential story missions. If this was added to Mario Kart 9, there could be an excellent narrative interwoven throughout that would create more interest around the universal lore of the series and moreover, it would offer players something new.

There could even be a story type similar to Super Smash Bros or where a particular cast of characters would have to utilise the skills that they know for the tracks in new ways. Perhaps even switching into areas of different gameplay at points outwith the karts.

Players will be likely to receive further information on the development of Mario Kart 9 when the developers decide to reveal any information on the title. It will potentially be shown this year with some form of trailer since players now have been getting hyped about it and know of its likely existence in development. However, it may still be a few years before we see the next Mario Kart being released.

Will you be planning on finding out more information on the latest instalment and purchasing Mario Kart 9 when it releases?

Mario Kart 9 will likely arrive on Nintendo Switch.

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