Old Metroid Games Surge in Sales Due to Dread’s Popularity

Metroid Dread creates a flood of new sales for past instalments in the series...

by Gordon Bicker


Metroid Dread has made its prominent landing into the hands of gamers around the globe with positive reviews all over the games industry. Samus has certainly made her mark once again on the Metroid games landscape once again and it is a joy to watch the experience getting the attention it deserves for its exquisite gameplay and story. Notably; players have highlighted the fact that the boss battles are excellently crafted and the combat feels fluid in every sense.

Along with all of the latest features and mechanics, there is an omnipresent sense of attention to detail on the lore of the Metroid series interwoven efficiently throughout the entire adventure. The Metroid series has been around since 1986 and with time comes progress and technological advancement. Samus has been through the majority of gaming eras so changes come in waves of immense great alteration.

The success of Metroid Dread has led to past Metroid games skyrocketing through the store charts and taking their throne in 2021 for—the appropriately named—’Metroidvania’ games. Twitter user ‘Shinesparkers‘, a Metroid fan community and website, pointed out the eShop sales in the United Kingdom for the month of October so far. It showcases that Metroid games have completely made their presence known across the majority of Nintendo platforms.

As shown above, for Nintendo Switch itself, Metroid Dread has taken the number one spot for sales, showcasing its adept ability to gain the attention of players and fans around the globe. The Wii U on the other hand has Metroid Fusion taking the top spot which is an instalment of the series from 2002. Yet another greatly critically acclaimed Metroid game, fans of the series may have had their gateway into the world of Metroid with this game which saw Samus exploring the surface of the planet SR388.

Following on from that, Metroid Fusion from 2004 takes the second spot for the sales chart. It is clear to see that people have been binging through the series after Metroid Dread was released. There are four titles in the top ten sales chart alone on Wii U, with even the 3DS having Metroid: Samus Returns as its number 3 highest seller this month. The series is thriving in attention at the moment and the developers must be ecstatically happy and proud of their accomplishments with the latest title.

Will you be delving into the series and picking up the Metroid games this month?

Metroid Dread is available now on Nintendo Switch.

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