7 Best Golf Games on PS5

Want to find something new to enjoy on your PlayStation 5? Check out these excellent Golf games!

by Shaun Cichacki

While it may not be the most exciting sport in the world to watch, there is something just so relaxing and enjoyable about partaking in a game of Golf on your PlayStation 5. Alongside some of the more realistic offerings that will put players into a near-photorealistic environment, there are plenty of exciting and enjoyable arcade experiences.

No matter if you are looking for something to sit down and relax with or something that gives you the ability to smash a golf ball a mile away, there are quite a few excellent offerings available on the PlayStation 5, and here are our thoughts on the best of the best.

Best Golf Games Currently Available On PlayStation 5

There is more than enough for gamers to get their thrills with on this particular console, especially with the addition of backward compatibility with the PlayStation 4. Here are our choices for the best Golf games currently available for this console, in no particular order.

PGA Tour 2K23


For gamers hoping to hit the virtual links in the most realistic of fashions, there is currently no better way to make that happen than with PGA Tour 2K23. Offering some of the best visuals on the list, players will find themselves hypnotized by the beauty of the greens around them. With a large selection of official courses, gamers that can only dream of the PGA Cup will find this to be an excellent addition to their collection.

Alongside all of the official courses, gamers will also find an in-depth character creator and course creator, giving them a perfect opportunity to make something akin to their local course, or make something so completely outlandish that it could never be done in real life. The freedom of creativity runs wild within this title and makes it a great choice for any fan of the sport.

Everybody’s Golf


This is one for the arcade enthusiasts that don’t care much for realism in the sport. Alongside plenty of power shots and gorgeous cartoon graphics, players will also find that this is an extraordinary party game to get friends riled up. What makes this title unique is the ability to roam around the world where it takes place.

With a hub world to explore, countless amounts of customization for your character and caddies, and so much more, there is plenty to love with this game. Even as a fan of the sport, players can disregard the powerups and still find that it’s an excellent addition to their rotation of golfing titles. Incredibly unique, and deserving of a new entry very soon.

Cursed To Golf


Don’t let the adorable art style fool you, Cursed To Golf is a brutally difficult golfing game that takes inspiration from countless Rouge-Like titles and turns it into something incredibly unique. With a soundtrack that gets your blood pumping, to a challenge that will make Elden Ring players feel at home, Cursed To Golf is something quite special.

Rather than exploring a large 3D world, Cursed To Golf is a 2D sidescrolling title that has players putting their skills to the test every time they approach the tee. It’s also something that will push plenty of gamers to the limit of their skills, as it is unrelenting in its approach to making players have to fight for their life on every hole. A truly unique experience that can help gamers branch off into a new favorite genre.

Golf With Your Friends


Another choice out of the left field, Golf With Your Friends is a unique, multiplayer-focused attempt at making the sport of Golf more exciting than it ever has been before. There’s a reason that it is still popular since its release back in 2016, and the high-flying action that it brings to our screens is to blame.

Not only is it faster-paced than a normal round of Golf, but players will also need to ensure that they’re making better shots and getting to the goal faster than their friends and opponents. Matches can get crazy quickly, making this more intense than some rounds of Modern Warfare 2. This title regularly goes on sale, so make sure to give it a try as soon as possible! Unfortunately, there is no cross-play for this title, so you’ll only be able to play against friends on the PlayStation family of consoles.

100ft Robot Golf


Another oddball choice, 100FT Robot Golf does what it can to make the sport more interesting to those that may not have a clue about it. While it may be a bit of a niche title, it tries something that nobody has thought of before: instead of destroying a city fighting against the likes of Godzilla or another Kaiju, what if the robots had a nice day off for a round of Golf?

Don’t worry, for those that still want to destroy the city, you can. It’s a very unique title, and while not as polished visually as other titles on this list, there is something so satisfying about watching a city crumble around you as you nail a hole in one. This one is great for stress relief, as well as some great opportunities to get gamers into the sport that may normally not care for it.

Golf Club: Wasteland


When most gamers think about Golf, they think about hitting the greens of their choosing and needing to progress towards the PGA Cup, or the rough equal of it. However, in Golf Club: Wasteland, players will find themselves entranced in a deep story, excellent soundtrack, and art style. It’s a unique title for sure, and something that could honestly leave plenty of gamers scratching their heads at the overarching themes.

While there are plenty of games that tackle these kinds of themes, this is quite unique in the fact that it takes players through more than 30 unique courses that will have them reflecting on matters in their own life. A one-of-a-kind title that shouldn’t be missed by those that like the sport or a story that can make them think.

Party Golf


Another great choice for those hoping to kick off a party in style, Party Golf throws any semblance of realism out of the window and gives gamers the chance to get wild and wacky quickly. Starting with the choice of balls available, players can select some of the most outlandish picks and get to hitting the links quickly.

Thanks to its frenetic pace and ease of play, gamers of any skill level can jump into this and still be rather competitive against their friends, even if it is a stroke of luck that landed them with a hole-in-one. Nobody is the loser with this title, as it’s quite a blast for everyone involved to get lost in.

Thankfully, every choice on this list is a great stroke and an excellent addition to your library of titles. As the PlayStation 5 continues to mature, there are bound to be even greater choices added in the future, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for more excellent choices to the roster of available golf games!

- This article was updated on January 11th, 2023

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