Animal Crossing Villager Tier List

The ULTIMATE guide to Animal Crossing's lovable NPCs

by Kara Phillips

With a franchise containing as many loveable characters as Animal Crossing, there is bound to be a debate on which characters are best compared to those universally disliked. For example, during the launch of Animal Crossing New Horizons, players quickly became obsessed with certain characters, evenspending real-world money on visiting them on other players’ islands. For the disliked characters, the internet went feral on how to kick them off your island quickly. But, when ranking every Animal Crossing villager, there’s more to consider than personal preference, and player reception comes into it a surprising amount so, if you’re curious to see where your favorite villager ranks, read on.

Every Animal Crossing Villager, Ranked

As the years have passed and more Animal Crossing titles have been released, we continue to meet various characters to adore. Even though every player is bound to have personal favorites, there has been a general consensus on favorite and least favorite villagers since the launch of the first title. That being said, when it comes to ranking every single villager, preferences and favorites are destined to differ from person to person and given just how many characters there are to rank, sometimes the general appearance of a character plays a big part too.

In total, there are 397 villagers as of Animal Crossing New Horizons. While this figure is bound to change in the franchise’s future, the vast majority of villagers in the tier list below will stay in the same position. The table below ranks every villager from S, the favorable, lovable critters which the internet has lost its mind on more than one occasion, to F, the intensely disliked villagers which players would instead reset their island than face.

SFilbert, Ione, Lucky, Maple, Marshal, Sasha, Sherb, Shino, Snake, Stitches, Zucker
AApollo, Beau, Bob, Dobie, Gayle, Genji, Goldie, Ketchup, Lionel, Lolly, Marina, Marty, Merry, Molly, Olive, Pietro, Pinky, Roald, Skye
BAnkah, Antonio, Audie, Bea, Chief, Chrissy, Cookie, Diana, Dom, Erik, Etoile, Fang, Fauna, Francie, Judy, Julian, Kabuki, Lobo, Marlo, Melba, Merengue, Muffy, Norma, O’Hare, Octavian, Peanut, Pekoe, Petri, Punchy, Raymond, Rosie, Shep, Sprinkle, Tangy, Tia, Weber, Whitney, Wolfgang
CAnchovy, Annalisa, Apple, Aurora, Azalea, Bill, Bluebear, Bunnie, Butch, Camofrog, Cephalobot, Celia, Chai, Chelsea, Cheri, Chevre, Coco, Colton, Cousteau, Cranston, Cube, Daisy, Dora, Drago, Ellie, Eunice, Felicity, Flora, Flurry, Freya, Frobert, Fuchsia, Gladys, Gwen, Hamlet, Henry, Hornsby, Jay, June, Kiki, Megan, Mitzi, Nana, Papi, Patty, Pecan, Piper, Pompom, Poncho, Poppy, Portia, Puddles, Roswell, Sally, Static, Stella, Sydney, Sylvana, Tad, Teddy, Wade, Walker, Zell
DAce, Agnes, Alfonso, Alli, Amelia, Annabelle, Annalise, Avery, Baabara, Bangle, Becky, Bella, Bertha, Bianca, Billy, Biscuit, Blair, Blanche, Bon Bon, Bones, Bruce, Bubbles, Buzz, Callie, Carmen, Caroline, Carrie, Cashmere, Cherry, Chester, Cleo, Clyde, Cole, Croque, Deena, Dierdre, Deli, Dizzy, Doc, Dotty, Drake, Drift, Faith, Flo, Frita, Friga, Gabi, Gala, Gigi, Gloria, Greta, Hamphrey, Hippeux, Hopkins, Hopper, Ike, Jacob, Jaques, Jeremiah, Jitters, Joey, Julia, Kid Cat, Kidd, Kitt, Kitty, Lopez, Lucha, Lyman, Lucy, Maddie, Maelle, Maggie, Mallary, Margie, Midge, Murphy, Nan, Nibbles, Olivia, Opal, Ozzie, Pancetti, Pango, Paolo, Pashmina, Pate, Paula, Peaches, Peck, Peewee, Phoebe, Pierce, Pippy, Plucky, Prince, Puck, Pudge, Ribbot, Ruby, Rudy, Sly, Sterling, Stinky, Stu, Timbra, Tipper, Toby, Tom, Tutu, Twiggy, Vivian, Wendy, Willow, Yuka, Zoe
EAdmiral, Agent S, Al, Alice, Angus, Anicotti, Astrid, Ava, Axel, Bam, Benedict, Benjamin, Bettina, Biff, Big Top, Bitty, Boots, Boomer, Boris, Boyd, Bree, Broccolo, Broffina, Buck, Bud, Canberra, Candi, Cesar, Chabwick, Chaddar, Charlise, Chops, Chow, Claude, Claduia, Clay, Cobb, Curlos, Curly, Curt, Cyd, Cyrano, Del, Ed, Eggbert, Elise, Elmer, Eloise, Elvis, Eugene, Flip, Frank, Freckles, Frett, Gaston, Gonzo, Goose, Graham, Grizzly, Groucho, Gruff, Hans, Harry, Hazel, Huck, Hugh, Iggly, Katt, Keaton, Ken, Kevin, Klaus, Knox, Kody, Kyle, Leonardo, Leopold, Limberg, Lionel, Louie, Mac, Mathilda, Mira, Mint, Miranda, Moe, Monique, Monty, Moose, Mott, Naomi, Nate, Peggy, Penelope, Phil, Quillson, Purrl, Queenie, Quinn, Raddle, Rasher, Renee, Reneigh, Rex, Rhonda, Ricky, Rilla, Rio, Rizzo, Robin, Rocco, Rod, Rodeo, Rodney, Rolf, Rooney, Rory, Roscoe, Rowan, Samson, Sandy, Savannah, Scoot, Shari, Sheldon, Simon, Snooty, Soleil, Sparro, Spike, Spork, Sprocket, Tabby, Sylvia, Tammi, Tammy, Tank, Tasha, T-Bone, Tex, Tiffany, Tiansheng, Tucker, Tybalt, Ursula, Velma, Vesta, Vic, Victoria, Violet
FBarold, Beardo, Boone, Coach, Derwin, Diva, Jambette, Marcel, Marcie, Olaf, Rocket, Truffles, Vladimir, Walt, Wart Jr

Animal Crossing New Horizons is available on Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on January 11th, 2023