Battlefield 2042 Beta Changes: Everything Being Changed for the Full Game

Specialists, communication, gameplay flow, and more!

by Noah Nelson


The Battlefield 2042 beta has come and gone, and DICE has learned a lot from it. There are plenty of changes coming to Battlefield 2042 to make it even bigger and better than it would’ve if it released five days ago, which was its original release date. From Specialists to better communication, there is a lot to be excited about as EA and DICE put their players first.

From Oct. 6 to Oct 10, the beta for Battlefield 2042 gave players full access to two Battlefield 2042 maps and four Specialists. Players had tons of feedback and from a recent post from EA, it seems like healthy and positive changes will definitely be implemented into the final release of the game. Let’s get into it.

The Specialists

One of the most exciting new additions that will set Battlefield 2042 apart from other entries in the series is Specialists. If you missed the open beta, or haven’t heard about just what these Specialists are, EA explained a little more of what we can expect. Specialists are niche class members that have a specific Specialty and Trait. The class system isn’t getting removed, meaning the classic Assault, Support, Engineer, and Recon classes will still be in 2042, but now there will be Specialists in each class that will offer players more value and team cooperation.

There will be 10 Specialists in total at the launch of Battlefield 2042. In the open beta, there were four available to play as, like Casper, a Recon Specialist with a drone Specialty and movement sensor trait, or Mackay, an Assault Specialist with a grappling hook Specialty and a nimble trait. Other Specialists will have Specialties like wingsuits, riot shields, smart explosives, and enemy scanners, just to name a few. While class-based Specialists are sure to add variety to an already chaotic game, only one member of your squad may be a specific Specialist which encourages team synergy and keeps the game balanced.

The Communication

Another big change that is being rebuilt and added from data learned from the beta is better communication. Battlefield has always made it easy for players to work effectively as a squad, and that tradition isn’t dying with 2042.

Battlefield games have big maps, and I mean big maps. So big that DICE has called their map UI “Big Map.” Though it wasn’t accessible in the beta, players will be able to pull up the Big Map whenever, allowing them to see which zones belong to who and where their teammates are.

Commorose is a staple in Battlefield games and will return in 2042. This is the ability to ask your square for specific things, like ammo, a vehicle pick up, or backup. Players can also use it just to say thank you. Hand in hand with commorose is the ping ability. Ping, the ability to tap a button to notify an enemy troop, vehicle, or location will function a lot better in the full release of the game.

The Gameplay Flow

Battlefield 2042 will feature an Insertion Flow and End of Round cinematic. The Insertion Flow is a time given to players at the beginning of a match that will allow for the customizing of load-outs, communication as to who will be what Specialist, and an overall cinematic of the map. Battlefield games have always gone above and beyond to make players feel like they’re playing in a movie, and this opening sequence definitely helps with that.

The End of Round cinematic isn’t uncommon in Battlefield, either. As the round wraps up, there will be a summary of who did the best in your personal squad. Things like who did the most vehicle damage, who healed the most teammates, and who got the most headshots will be displayed here. After that, the top squad of your entire team will get a moment of glory as their characters walk out with their specific stats.


As always, expect smoother servers, updated UI, and streamlined performance as a big change from the Battlefield 2042 beta. Though the game won’t launch without its bugs and balancing issues, players can expect to experience the best version of Battlefield 2042 on launch.

There is a lot to look forward to with the newest installment of the Battlefield series. Whether you’re excited to play Hazard Mode with your squad or are looking to noodle around in Portal, the creative mode, odds are that you won’t be disappointed with Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042 will be available on November 19, 2021, on Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, and PC.

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