Best Destiny 2 Gifts Your Favorite Guardian Will Love

Getting gifts for your Guardian has never been easier!

by Gordon Bicker

Destiny 2 has dedicated fans all over the world and when searching for Christmas gifts it can be a little tough to figure out exactly what to get. Thankfully you won’t have to worry too much longer about that with some inspirational ideas that this list will give you. While the Guardian you have in mind is busy acquiring the best sniper rifles that they can get their hands on, you can instead work out what gift to get them. This article will take you through the best Destiny 2 gifts.

Best Destiny Gifts to Get This Year For Your Guardian

Destiny 2 ‘The Stranger’ Statue — $55.77 – $69.99


The Exo Stranger has been a key figure in Destiny history and a lot of lore surrounds them due to their overall mystery. Having a beautifully designed statue of them gifted to someone will certainly be a way to ensure your gift stands out. Not only that but the statue is an official item by Bungie in their store. This means that you get a true and authentic design with your purchase. The statue stands at 10 inches and has a detailed snowy base design. The passion and love that went into the creation of the statue are clear.

Destiny 2 Sheet Music — $20.00


If you have a Destiny fan in mind who is also obsessed with music, then a gift that may surprise them is the official sheet music of the game which can be bought through the Bungie store. You are able to choose a particular cue and there are lots of options to select. View from Orbit is even available which is a greatly known score. Let your guardian embrace their musical talent this year.

Numskull Official Destiny Gaming Locker, Controller Holder — $40.62


Amazon has a brilliant listing for a Numskull Destiny controller stand which is perfect for those who want to keep their room decorated with Destiny equipment. It has room for four controllers on the side and even comes equipped with a headset stand at the top. Not only that but it doubles as an equipment/item locker so you can store even more within the box. The Destiny logo is front and center making sure your guardian knows they are the best around.

Titan Unisex Zip-Up Hoodie by EMP — $60.00


A Destiny gift list wouldn’t be complete without at least one item of apparel for your guardian to show their support of the franchise anywhere they go. This hoodie is designed by EMP but can still be bought through the Bungie store if you prefer. It is a Unisex hoodie meaning that it is nice and easy to work out a size. There is also a ghost zipper which is an excellent feature of the overall design of the hoodie. Speaking of subtly, the design is not too bright and bold meaning that you can blend into the environment around you without standing out a ton if you like that.

Sparkle Black – 3D Printed Destiny 2 Ghost Shell With Built-in LED Light — $50.00


Etsy can be a brilliant place to get great customizable gifts and this particular item is one of them. TheHumbleHammer on Etsy has a listing that sells a Ghost Shell with an LED light. This light can be selected from a range of colors and the shell itself is of great size. Along with the LED light choice, the customization doesn’t end there as you can also select the color of the shell itself and even have a custom Gamertag or name printed onto it.

Destiny 2 Hive Worm Plush — $30.00


Everyone loves a good plushie and Destiny fans will be very familiar with Hive Worms which are found throughout both installments of the franchise. The Hive Worm Plush is cute and of great material to cuddle up to. If you are simply just wanting to have it sitting somewhere as a decoration it will do that job just as well with its green eyes staring off into the distance.

Prime 40’s Artemis Plush — $30.00


Another plushie that you won’t want to miss out on is this adorable doggy which will keep any family home full of cuteness. This specific item was created based on the ‘loyal companion’ emote which was created for Make-a-Wish at the request of someone very special. When you buy the plushie through the Bungie store, one hundred percent of the profits go to the Bungie Foundation which means you will also be supporting a charity with your gift purchase.

Destiny Grimoire Anthology Volume I — $25.00


For those guardians who love reading olden-day books and books in general, the Grimoire Anthology Volume I is a perfect gift to purchase. It is of a suitable price and has many pages for someone to gleefully read through. The actual covers and design of the front and back are beautifully crafted and feel extremely nice to hold.

The best Destiny 2 gifts can be sitting right under people’s noses from time to time and now with this list, you can make sure you get the gift that will be remembered for years to come. Let your Destiny fan get busy collecting the best scout rifles in the game as you scout your way to their heart during the holiday season.

Destiny 2 is available right now for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Google Stadia, and PC.

- This article was updated on November 17th, 2022

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