Best Elden Ring Mods: 11 Best Mods to Download Now

Change up your whole Elden Ring experience with these mods

by Caleb Stultz


With Elden Ring meeting much-anticipated expectations since its launch, it is no surprise that modders on PC have already come up with new and fun ways to expand on the already masterful experience that is Elden Ring. In this open-world game, Elden Ring has turned out to have so many portions of the game that are left to explore. With that said, gamers on PC have new downloads ready for them that alter that experience from just minor tweaks to full-on overhauls to the game. Here are 11 of the best mods to download now to change up your experience in Elden Ring.

11 Best Mods to Download for Elden Ring

Before we start, a word of advice: Using these mods online will more than likely get you banned. If you are someone who appreciates the online system that is ingrained into Elden Ring, including Co-op play, invading, or the helpful/funny messages left all over the Lands Between, using these mods may keep you from accessing these parts of the game. The Elden Ring Mod Loader tool is the best way to keep all of your mods for the game in check. Loading mods into the game will be much easier if you have this tool at your disposal. You can also find the anti-cheat/offline loader software tool to help you as well.

1. Elden Ring Easy Mode


For players just entering the series with fresh eyes, it may have come as a shock to find the difficulty spike of the FromSoftware games compared to many other AAA games on the market today. If you are not a purist who wants to go after difficult, unforgiving bosses again and again here is an easy mode to help you make it through the game with less obstruction. It changes up the following parts of the game:

  • Reduce 50% of incoming damage
  • Player deals 25% more damage
  • Get 10x Runes

Link: Elden Ring Easy Mode

2. Grand Merchant


This mod is for the players who do not want to track down every merchant in Elden Ring. If you ever just wanted that first merchant to have everything stocked for you to buy, then this mod is a godsend.

According to the mod’s description, the Grand Merchant “grants easy access to all items via the Item Crafting menu, similar to Honest Merchant from DS3. Everything is craftable for free.”

This merchant does not sell all the magic in the game.

Link: Grand Merchant

3. Melina Spirit Summon


Oh, how we love our accord. Instead of just hanging out at the Sites of Grace with you, the Tarnished, from time to time, what if instead, Melina came to fight alongside you in the Lands Between? This Melina Spirit Mod does just that. Her special ability as a Spirit Summon allows her to cast an AoE healing spell, shoot lines of fire, and cast an AoE damaging spell.

Link: Melina Spirit Summon

4. Final Fantasy VII Buster Sword Mod


Do you want to hone your inner Cloud from FFVII? This mod gives you just that. The crossover may not be as niche as you think, considering big swords are all the craze with Strength builds. This mod gives you a fun, tanky weapon to fight off enemies with throughout Elden Ring. The Buster Sword swaps out the Greatsword.

Link: FFVII Buster Sword

5. Unlock Framerate


This one is for the big rig PCs that can handle everything Elden Ring offers and more. With a hard cap at 60 FPS, it’s no wonder many players would want to have this kind of mod to make the Lands Between silky smooth with unlimited frame rates.

Link: Unlock Framerate

6. Magic Overhaul – Sorceries


With the expansive system Elden Ring has put into place, it will take a long time for players to explore all the nuanced builds that come with Sorcery in the game. However, every system has its flaws and there are some parts that really make some spells more viable than others in Elden Ring.

The Magic Overhaul mod for Sorcery in Elden Ring attempts to fix that problem by creating new spells while simultaneously fixing others already put into the game. This mod changes your experience to give you more viable methods of taking down your foes in Elden Ring.

Link: Magic Overhaul—Sorceries

7. HDR Fix & Reshade


This mod, from Vanguard1776, helps alter the graphical portion of Elden Ring. This modder has a good track record of re-shading many AAA games. Be sure to check out the range of screenshots from the mod to see if it is something you would like to see in your own game.

Link: HDR Fix & Reshade

8. FOV Increase


Giving you more room to see what’s happening around you is never a bad thing. This mod gives those wide-screen, curved monitors their moment to shine. PC players, more often than their console counterparts, usually get more out of having this option on their games. In the base game, Elden Ring does not allow for a FOV increase.

Link: Extended Field of View (FOV)

9. Ranged Weapon Overhaul


According to Phemeto, “This mod aims to rebalance most of the game’s ranged options, such as the Bows, Great bows, Crossbows, Ballista, and throwing weapons.” The mod’s creator said these weapons are “lackluster,” so changing them up may make your Archer build more viable in the Lands Between. Check out this video to see all the changes made in this mod.

Link: Ranged Weapon Overhaul

10. Thomas the Tank Engine Tree Sentinel


First Skyrim, now Elden Ring. No matter where you go, Thomas the Tank Engine shall find you. What better way to introduce you to the Lands Between than to put the first boss on the back of the steam-powered monstrosity that is Thomas the Tank Engine?

It is a relatively simple reskin, but taking down this beast is easier said than done.

Link: Thomas the Tank Engine Tree Sentinel

11. Remove Black Bars in Ultrawide


PC players have probably had the toughest time immersing themselves into the Lands Between. One way in which it takes them out of the experience is the black bars that appear on the sides of the screen when using ultrawide resolutions (higher than 1920×1080).

Link: Remove Black Bars in Ultrawide

Though the game has only been out for a little more than a month, modders have been extremely fast in making minor and major changes to Elden Ring. These mods are available right now for download to change and enhance your experience in the Lands Between.

Elden Ring is available now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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