Best Possible Locations for GTA 6: 5 Settings We’d Love to See

Where do you want GTA 6 to be located?

by Jasmine Butler

It has now been a long eight years now since Rockstar Games released their last Grand Theft Auto entry, GTA V, and the fans have been left wondering about the ins and outs of the rumoured next entry, GTA 6. One of the most spoken about focal points of the entry is where will the game be situated? Previous maps in the series have given us larger-than-life and vibrant worlds which we will surely hope continue in their next installment.

With next to no information released so far about the next GTA title, let’s take a look at some of the most talked-about locations that have either been rumoured or look a possible location for GTA 6.


Vice City

It has been highly rumoured that GTA 6 will be returning to the shores of Miami, or Vice City as it is depicted in the Rockstar world. Vice City was first introduced to players in the 2002 game titles Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The map took us over the popular Florida city during the height of the criminal underworld.

The game was set in 1986, so GTA 6 could bring the map to the present day or even the future, showing how it has changed since it was first introduced. With the way Rockstar has been making their maps recently, it wouldn’t be a surprise if they add surrounding areas such as Key West and The Everglades to make the playable area larger.

If you are missing the city of Vice City, it has been rumoured that GTA: Vice City, alongside 3D universe entries GTA III and GTA: San Andreas are going to get a remaster, and it’s tipped to be released before the year is over. The remaster is also rumoured to be released on the Nintendo Switch, the first time a GTA title will be released on the handheld console.


Rio De Janeiro

Another rumour that has come about in the long days we’ve been waiting for the next entry in the GTA series is a Latin America location in Brazil.  The rumour titled “Project Americas” states the game is inspired by Narcos and set to be set in the 1970s/80s era, the height of infamous Brazilian and Mexican drug cartels, with a fictionalised Rio De Janeiro at the heart of it all.

Drugs have always been either heavily used by GTA protagonists or they have gotten themselves involved with drugs, whether it was their own choice or not is a different story. So, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the main story is focused on all-around drug trades, further south of the States border. It would be a change of scenery from the polished landscapes of Los Santos, switching it for the Copacabana and carnivals. Just think of the music they could add to enhance the experience. It’s certainly a map I’d love to see in the series.


Expanded San Andreas

For the second time on this list, we’re revisiting an old map. One of the more beloved games in the GTA series is GTA: San Andreas. Not only did fans fall in love with protagonist Carl “CJ” Johnson but they also fell in love with the map. The game took us to fictionalised versions of Los Angeles in Los Santos, San Francisco turned into San Fierro and the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas was brought to life as Las Venturas.

San Andreas may have been used again in GTA V which saw the series return to Los Santos, but we saw what a new engine and fine-tuning done to the map to make it an even more immerse and alive map than previously.

It would be great to see the return of San Andreas with the same level of remake/remastering as Los Santos received.  It may not be high on Rockstar’s list to visit a map for the third time but GTA Online players have been more than happy to continue causing chaos at faux Los Angeles so you can never say never.



Many games over recent years have decided to dive into the England capital. Watch Dogs: Legion decided to use the city for its cyberpunk styled futuristic map and Assassins Creed Syndicate took players to Victorian London. London certainly feels like a favourite for the developers at Ubisoft so it wouldn’t be too much of a surprise if Rockstar looked at the city for its future game.

Yes, GTA has already been to London in the original Grand Theft Auto entry but hasn’t made a return since the games have been in the 3D/HD universe. It would be fun to see all the die-hard GTA fans have to drive on the left-hand lane for a change, not that many players follow the Highway Code.

Like previous entries, London wouldn’t necessarily have to be the only England location in the game. Adding local landscape areas like The Chilterns or Surrey Hills, similar to Blaine County being in GTA V, would really open up the map from just be situated in a sprawling metropolis.


European Heist Trip

This idea is completely different to what Rockstar has done in the past, but it could rejuvenate the series, especially after the long wait for the next title. America may have been the forefront for GTA games in the past so it would be ambitious if Rockstar ventured to Europe and visited a handful of cities.

Heist movies are always shown in the most glamourous of locations. The Italian is set in coincidently Italy and the popular TV show Money Heist is based in Spain. The protagonists could be seen heisting their way across the allure of Europe. The heists, like GTA V, wouldn’t focus solely on banks but could target the big money-makers in Monaco or the riches of The Vatican. The opportunities are endless.

Although it doesn’t look likely that this is something Rockstar would do, it would be a change for the fans seeing a heavily story-focused game traverse over several countries, taking in multiple cultures along the way.

Grand Theft Auto VI is currently in development.