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Where Are The Cloud, Bayonetta, And Corrin Super Smash Bros. Amiibo?

| August 23, 2016

Where Are The Cloud, Bayonetta, And Corrin Super Smash Bros. Amiibo? Articles News  Amiibo

Nintendo’s amiibo figures made their debut in November 2014 with the first wave of Super Smash Bros. figures, which was followed by many other amiibo launches in the time since. Most of the Super Smash Bros. roster is complete, but there are three that still have no release date and the lack of any information is starting to get pretty strange.

The on-disc roster amiibo for Super Smash Bros. concluded with the release of Falco last November, which actually came after the release of the first DLC amiibo in Mewtwo. Since that time, we’ve seen the release of the DLC characters Lucas in January, followed by Roy and Ryu in March alongside Famicom R.O.B.

Before those last few were even released, we got announcements for amiibo based on the final three DLC characters Cloud, Bayonetta, and Corrin with the usual “in development.” However, since that time, there has been almost zero mention of these amiibo at all. They were not discussed in the Nintendo Direct earlier this year, and they were not discussed at E3 where a second Super Mario amiibo series was announced and given a release date right then and there. A series based on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was even announced there, but no more details on the final three Smash amiibo were given.

The release of amiibo has definitely slowed down this year compared to the last, with secondary lines like Animal Crossing and Kirby not selling as much as the Super Smash Bros. line. This is why you would think they would be trying to get them out before the end of the year to get a little more excitement around amiibo again.

We already know that the Super Mario Bros. Wave 2 is coming out in November, so it could be possible to get an announcement soon for a release in say October. However, it’s starting to look more like we may be waiting into 2017 to get these final amiibo at this rate.

With many rumors of a Super Smash Bros. port coming to NX, perhaps they want to launch the three amiibo alongside that game or something, because it’s almost a foregone conclusion that the NX will include some sort of amiibo support with their level of success. Even if they do come out prior to the NX launch, it’s possible Nintendo could bundle a release date announcement into when they actually reveal the NX in what should be the near future, since they do like to tack on random announcements to others at times.

Is the wait for the final three Super Smash Bros. amiibo starting to make you lose interest in amiibo collecting as a whole or is the wait a welcome relief on your wallet for the time being? Make sure to let us know in the comments below and also tell us if you’ve been buying the other amiibo series as well.

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  • Kyle Good

    The wait sucks. I have collected every single smash bros character and have been waiting on the last three amiibo so i can be done with this nonsense. I originally was gonna collect a few, but then you get started and it becomes an addiction. Ive kept myself from collecting any of the other lines of amiibo but it is just killing me knowing these 3 amiibos are yet to release. I keep checking google but havent seen any info in months. Any updates would be greatly appreciated.

  • Bowser Jr.

    Nintendo made a mistake by not keeping certain amiibo rare. While there’s a short-term gain to be made by producing as many as possible, the behavioral element of the consumer is being ignored. Amiibo were much more popular when they were hard to find. Seeing lines outside of a store hours before opening is free advertising for Nintendo and helps create hype. They gave into all of the crybabies who went on internet tirades about not being able to find certain amiibo.

    • Jeremysheer

      Yeah I did that with jiggly puff and I will never ever ever ever do that again I got up at five in the morning to go to target and no one was there went back to bed got there at 7:53 people standing out line and there was a four figure policy I was sweating bullets because I saw these ball hogs getting three maybe four Jigglypuff and Robbins at a time luckily I only wanted one and walked out with one now he’s so freaking common it’s ridiculous I don’t know why you think staying up all day and camping out at a store is fun for you im in my 30s i dont have time
      For that crap anymore

  • Jeremysheer

    With that said all I want is cloud and I will be done with this stupid figure thing I have 10 of them and I didn’t plan on getting the six Pokemon I just wanted five but I need cloud because he’s awesome

  • Austin Ward

    Yeah it’s just gotten to the point where it’s stupid.

  • lastsigma

    Will the Switch release before the Final 3? Five months to go before we find out.

  • Flagur32

    Since Cloud is my Smash main, and im not that hard interested in Amiibos otherwise, its the Only Amiibo i will actually buy in the close future. Too bad just this one won’t get released for whatever reason. Dang Nintendo. Good for nothing these days. Fukk Reggie. :/

  • Libra Riviera

    I do wonder, if the Corrin amiibo does eventually get released, what happens if you use it on fates?