Funniest Bugs and Glitches from the Release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The kind of beautiful mess you can't help but watch.

by J.R. Waugh

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have had a tumultuous, buggy mess of a launch period. While the games are undoubtedly fun with a robust battle system and free-form approach to how you play through the story, it’s impossible to overlook the amount of ugly but amusing glitches we’ve all come across while playing either version. But the players are choosing to laugh instead of being outright frustrated because the bugs and glitches in Scarlet and Violet are funny, and hopefully, by the time we’re done laughing, we could maybe get the patch these games deserve.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Have Hilarious Bugs and Glitches, Here Are Some Top Picks

While we’ve made it no secret that Scarlet and Violet have some glaring technical problems, the bugs and glitches are amusing to see when you take a step back from an observational stance. The same attitudes were had about Cyberpunk and Skyrim, both of which have been much more positively received later on even in light of the bugs. But in Scarlet and Violet, the bugs range from falling through the ground, character models bugging out completely, capture animations being odd, and even NPCs walking right through battles. But people are choosing (mostly) to take things in stride:

It would be more amusing if these were less common, but most players will encounter a glitch like these. Most won’t be enough to break the game, although it has caused some sessions to outright crash, while others turn the game into nightmare fuel:

Credit to BahamasGreatCrossing, Clip via The Pokemon Company

But in addition to goofy and crazy glitches like these, the game performs poorly when rendering the open world. While playing in Gyms or indoors these problems are far less common, hinting at an otherwise good experience, but Game Freak seems to not be taking the initiative to fix these problems, and they’re getting worse with each release. We’ve made our thoughts known on the matter, and what could be done for the future.

The Buggy Game is Funny, But is It Playable?

Overall, yes, the game technically runs and will be a fun, wholesome experience, aside from some technical hangups that are impossible to ignore, for better or for worse. But while we wait on some form of patch or anything to indicate the developers hear our frustrations, let’s continue to have fun with the game with some of the bugs and glitches’ greatest hits:

Compilation credit to ZenPlayZ

And if you’re unconvinced by a mere 40-second clip, perhaps this will convince you (and hopefully entertain you) with some funny glitches and bugs from Scarlet and Violet:

Compilation credit to Beta Brawler

One might compare these experiences to living out a fever dream. To an extent, they could very well be right, and this could be one long nightmare we’re having before we wake up to pop in the game and find the game is fine, or perhaps we can look past the issues and enjoy them. Alternatively, we could wake up to something we were still not yet expecting:

“Hey, you. You’re finally awake.” Screengrab via Bethesda Game Studios

The best attitude to have during all of this is to continue taking the game in stride and appreciating its strengths. It’s still a Pokemon game, and is enormously popular, so people will enjoy it even being fully aware of its flaws. Part of that is potentially denial, but it’s also support for a beloved franchise, and if anything, other franchises with similarly buggy releases have had their loyal supporters, and it paid off. There’s ultimately no harm in loving something imperfect, as long as the developers don’t abuse this trust.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet released on November 18, 2022, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on November 22nd, 2022

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