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Games That Should Be On the PlayStation Classic

The inclusion or exclusion of some of these games could make or break the micro-console.

by Dylan Siegler


For those who have yet to hear, Sony just announced that they are releasing the PlayStation Classic, a micro-console pre-loaded with 20 games, later this year. First of all, let’s get one thing straight: Sony has already made some strange decisions with the PlayStation Classic. One of the most notable is that the micro-console will come with a USB cable, but not an AC adapter. So those looking to buy this product better either have a spare AC cube lying around or USB ports plugged into their walls so this thing can get power. Also, the controller design they decided to go with is the original PlayStation controller design, which kind of makes sense, but also means that there will be no analog sticks, which will likely be a pain for a number of games.

To make up for some of these shortcomings, the PlayStation Classic needs to have an absolutely killer lineup of games to get people buying it despite its lack of helpful hardware and pretty high price point. We already know that Final Fantasy VIITekken 3Wild ArmsJumping Flash, and Ridge Racer Type 4 will be included on the micro-console, with fifteen games yet to be revealed. Below is a list of games that I propose be on the PlayStation Classic to fill up those fifteen slots.

In coming up with this list, I tried to include some of the most popular and/or successful PlayStation games. Precedence was obviously given to PlayStation exclusives, which is a trend that we can already see in the five games already announced for the PlayStation Classic, with Tekken 3 being somewhat of an exception since it was an arcade game first, but was exclusive to the PlayStation when it became a home console game. Also, no analog sticks means no Ape Escape.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Here’s a fun fact: a year after this game’s launch on the PlayStation, it was released on the Sega Saturn, but only in Japan. Despite this, I think we can still pretty much consider it a PlayStation game. It was exclusive to PlayStation everywhere outside of Japan (until it came to the Xbox Live Arcade in 2007), but more importantly, it’s one of the PlayStation’s most popular games and is often heralded as one of the greatest Castlevania games of all time. With a game this popular that’s associated so closely with PlayStation, Sony would have to be fools to not include this game on the PlayStation Classic (unless Konami won’t give them the rights to it).

Chrono Cross

Though the SNES Classic Edition holds an excellent lineup of games, many were disappointed by the absence of one of the original SNES’ most popular titles: Chrono Trigger. It’s not entirely clear why this game didn’t make the cut, but hopefully its PlayStation-exclusive sequel, Chrono Cross, can make it on the PlayStation Classic. Though it may not be as popular as its predecessor, Chrono Cross has developed a huge following and is very loved by all who played it.

Crash Bandicoot

Come on, there’s not going to be a PlayStation Classic without one of the PlayStation’s most recognizable mascots. Just which Crash Bandicoot game will be included on the micro-console is in contention, however. Most people seem to agree that the second and third games in the series are vastly superior to the first entry, and since it’s not like you need to experience the events of the first game to fully appreciate the later games, it seems likely that either Cortex Strikes Back or Warped will end up making the cut. One thing’s for certain: there absolutely has to be a Crash Bandicoot game on the PlayStation Classic.

Crash Team Racing

But why have just one Crash Bandicoot game when you can have two?! Seriously though, this game is a huge departure from previous Crash Bandicoot games, as this game is a kart racer whereas the main series games are platformers. Despite the fact that a racing game has already been confirmed for the micro-console, Naughty Dog’s take on the kart racer genre specifically could add some nice variety to the PlayStation Classic’s lineup.

Gran Turismo

Speaking of racing games… Gran Turismo is one of PlayStation’s longest running exclusive series, so it’s hard to imagine that a game from this series won’t make an appearance on the PlayStation Classic. Once again, there’s likely to be a debate as to which entry in the series should make the cut, but it’s probably pretty safe to assume that the series will be represented on the micro-console.

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver

After a number of Gex games, Crystal Dynamics turned their attention to their next big series: the Legacy of Kain series. One of the most popular games in this series is Soul Reaver, which technically isn’t a PlayStation exclusive, as it ended up being ported to PC and the Dreamcast, but it got its start on the PlayStation. Since this game did end up on other consoles, it’s possible that it won’t make the cut, but if it does, the series’ legion of fans will surely be happy.

Metal Gear Solid

I simply can’t picture a universe where Metal Gear Solid isn’t on the PlayStation Classic any more than I could picture a universe with a PlayStation Classic that doesn’t have Final Fantasy VII on it. This has to happen. The only possible reason Sony could have for not getting the rights to this game and putting on their micro-console would be if they’re trying to target a younger audience with this product and therefore don’t want any M-rated games on it. But that would be ridiculous. It’s mostly nostalgic twenty-or-thirty-somethings who buy these classic micro-consoles, and if Metal Gear Solid doesn’t make it onto the PlayStation Classic, there might be riots in the streets.

PaRappa the Rapper

Again, this was another popular PlayStation exclusive and it would seem odd if it somehow wasn’t included on the Classic micro-console. As a rhythm game, it would also add some good genre variety to the lineup.

Resident Evil

Or Resident Evil 2. Either one. Both ended up getting ports to other consoles, but most fans know the series’ early days as PlayStation games. As a series that really popularized the survival horror genre, and is largely known for the PlayStation versions of its early games, there almost has to be a representative from this franchise on the PlayStation Classic.

Silent Hill

Another highly influential survival horror game, but this one has the distinction of being an actual PlayStation exclusive. Whether a Resident Evil game makes the cut or not, it’s probably pretty safe to assume that Silent Hill will.

Spyro the Dragon

Pretty much the same exact argument for Crash Bandicoot applies here. This is an extremely popular series, with its first three games being PlayStation exclusives and often considered the best games in the series. Once again, though the first game is beloved, the second and third entries in the series are generally seen as the superior games, so it’s likely that we’ll see either Ripto’s Rage or Year of the Dragon appearing on the PlayStation Classic.

Street Fighter Alpha 3

Like Tekken 3, this game started off as an arcade game before coming to the PlayStation. Unlike Tekken 3, however, Street Fighter Alpha 3 eventually got ported to other home consoles as well, which may disqualify it from being considered for the PlayStation Classic, especially if Sony decides that one fighting game is enough. That being said, these two fighting games are pretty different, particularly in terms of graphics, so who knows? Fighting game fans in particular would likely be stoked to have both games on the micro-console.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2

Once again, this is a game that eventually came out on other consoles, but it came to the PlayStation first, and let’s be real, the PlayStation version is pretty much the only one anyone cares about. In addition to adding more variety to the micro-console, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 also boasts a ridiculously high Metascore (review score aggregate), so it would be odd to not include such a dearly beloved game, especially when that game’s best version was the PlayStation one.

Vagrant Story

Between Final Fantasy VIIWild Arms, and Chrono Cross, you might think that there’s already enough RPGs. But Vagrant Story has the distinction of being an action-RPG, so, you know… variety. It’s also generally considered to be a lost gem of the PlayStation library, so it could be neat seeing it included on the PlayStation Classic.

Wipeout XL

The last game on this list is yet another one that started off on the PlayStation, but eventually found its way to other consoles. Plus, it’s another racing game, which would make it the fourth one on the PlayStation Classic if the rest of this list is right, which may seem a bit overkill for a single genre. However, in the research I did for this list, I found that a lot of people seem to really love Wipeout XL, so I thought I’d include it here.

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