Hardest Elden Ring Bosses Ranked: 10 Boss Battles That Will Make You Rage Quit

SPOILER ALERT: Check out who are perhaps the most painful bosses to fight in Elden Ring.

by Elliott Gatica


Elden Ring is the latest installation from FromSoftware, the creators of perhaps the most legendarily difficult games like the Dark Souls franchise, Sekiro, and Bloodborne. Maintaining the philosophies of those games, this one is no stranger to throwing ridiculously hard bosses at the players. The bosses in these games are notorious for really being punishing. Now that the game has been out for some time, here are the ten hardest bosses in Elden Ring.

The 10 hardest bosses in Elden Ring ranked


10. All the Dragons

As early as getting to the Dragon-Burnt Ruins just east of your starting location, you’ll see the Flying Dragon Agheel. Whoa, it’s a giant dragon that flies around and blankets the entire ground with fire! It seems cool at first, but then you realize everything it does just one-shots you. Using flasks is basically worthless here. You won’t be able to use them since everything kills you. Its attack patterns can easily be read, but one mistake and it’s back to square one. Apply that knowledge when taking on the Glintstone Dragons, or Greyll, or even Decaying Ekzykes.


9. Draconic Tree Sentinel

If you thought the Tree Sentinel from the beginning of the game was bad, wait until you get closer to the capital city of Leyndell. The Draconic Tree Sentinel is an upgraded version of the normal Sentinel, sporting a wide array of magic attacks. Before, you only had to account for it running at you and swinging. Now you have to worry about blankets of lighting, fireballs shot from the horse, and the absolute worst part, the tracking lighting bolts.


8. Astel, Naturalborn of the Void

While carrying out the Ranni questline, Astel will be one of the last bosses you fight. This is a massive dragonfly-looking creature that resides in a massive arena. The aesthetics may be very pretty, but it has so many ranged and defensive attacks that you have to respect its space from mid-range. Get too close and you might get blown up by its pink magic or shockwaves. Get too far and you’ll get blasted by its laser attack.

Also, locking on to large bosses messes with your camera so much. In some cases, it can be motion-sickness inducing from its sporadic movements and teleportation.


7. Beast Clergyman/ Maliketh, the Black Blade

A story-related boss with two parts. First off, getting through the Crumbling Farum Azula is a pain because of all the tough enemies, including the Draconic Tree Sentinel at the front gate. Once you finally get to the Beast Clergyman, he does not let up for a second. He charges at you, throwing projectiles at you and creating lots of AoE attacks that make it hard to get in without taking damage. Once you get his health down to 50%, the fight transitions into Maliketh, the Black Blade.

Maliketh is even more agile and violent towards you. Now he has more jumping and combo moves where, if you even block one, drains all your stamina. With a broken posture, you’re basically dead. The bleed damage from his sword drains your health in an instant. Even if you utilize the four pillars in the arena, he can easily close the gap and in some cases, hit you behind them.


6. Radagon of the Golden Order

This is the first form of the final boss in Elden Ring. Radagon may seem very straightforward with its short-ranged melee attacks and beam projectiles. While that’s true, this boss has a set of slam moves that are a bit tricky to avoid damage from. Since this boss has two forms, it’s ideal to have as many flasks as possible so when you get into the second phase, there’s more of a chance to survive as it hits you with its own set of devastating moves. Radagon isn’t too difficult per se, but it’s more of a nuisance in lowering your flask count as you hit the second phase.


5. Fallingstar Beast

For all the poor Tarnished who fell for the trap chest in the Dragon-Burnt Ruins, the Fallingstar Beast is a monstrosity that will put many to a quick, gravity-crushed grave. When you enter its arena, it’s almost right in your face. You have very little time to react before it charges at you or does some crazy purple gravity move. Not to mention, its size is almost like its living in captivity. Should you get caught in basically any of its moves, it’s game over. Unless you power level and return, this boss will basically be a skill check.


4. Crucible Knight

How bad can a knight with a giant shield be? Well, if you made the regrettable decision to go into the Stormhill Evergaol, you’re going to fight this guy. He does not flinch, so heavy weapon users are going to feel even worse about this. Pair this with his surprisingly deceptive range. It’s hard to get a few hits on him without bouncing off his shield or getting caught in a random slash from his sword.

What’s even worse is that this simple tank of a boss has a second phase where he’ll sprout wings and start charging at you. Take that, magic users, you can’t cheese yourself through everything with your Glintstone builds.


3. Godskin Duo

Both the Godskin Apostle and Noble are annoying in their own right. Their hitboxes are weird and they both have weirdly agile second phases that consist of covering a lot of ground and shooting projectiles. Now, put them together and what you have is a nightmare. Imagine having to run away as the Noble rolls towards you as the Apostle shoots fire at you from afar. You better have the stamina to be able to spam roll to safety, or you’re looking at a headache of a fight in the Crumbling Farum Azula.


2. Mohg, Lord of Blood

Following the quest of White-Faced Varre, you’ll fight an optional boss who will be crucial in reaching the bad ending of Elden Ring. Mohg, Lord of Blood, is the definition of “BS” mechanics in a Souls-like game. His moveset is mostly easy to deal with in his first phase, but then when you bring him below 50%, he’ll start this evil chant where he’ll cast this blood spell across the entire screen that can’t be blocked or dodged. It deals lethal damage and stuns you.

You’ll need to acquire the Purifying Crystal Tear and infuse it into your Flask of Wondrous Physick. If you consume this at all during the fight, that whole blood spell into his second form transition will be completely negated. Then you still have to deal with his second, winged form. He’s much more agile, covers lots of ground literally with his blood and fire moves, and is just hard to hit. The blood loss procs are so annoying to deal with, making you waste so many flasks to heal with.


1. Starscourge Radahn

The biggest of the bad in Elden Ring is none other than the warmonger with a hilariously small horse. Starscourge Radahn easily takes the number one spot for the hardest bosses in Elden Ring. One false move is all it takes to lose against the legendary demigod. Since the developers know he’s so difficult, it almost seems like you have to summon all the warrior NPCs from the ground to fight alongside you. I can’t imagine how you’d fight him without them.

Elden Ring is still a good game, but that doesn’t mean we can’t rant about some of the hardest, headache-inducing bosses. However, that feeling of satisfaction after finally toppling the greatest foes is like no other in a video game.

Elden Ring is out now for the PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S/X, and PC.

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