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Kingdom Hearts Celebrates 90 Years of Mickey Mouse

Mickey is the mouse with the most

by Jacob Bukacek


Mickey Mouse is perhaps the most recognizable character in the world, as indeed he should be. Not only is he the mascot for the single largest entertainment company in the world, but he’s also been around for ninety years now. He’s been around long enough for multiple generations of people to have grown up with him in their live. It’s kind of amazing, actually. He’s primarily been a small player in the world of video games, but there’s an exception to that. When it comes to Kingdom Hearts, Mickey is kind of a big deal, and now he’s got his own highlight reel to prove it.

In the universe of Kingdom Hearts, Mickey Mouse is probably the most important person on the side of the light. He’s king in his home realm of Disney Castle, and he’s apparently quite well respected one at that. He’s also the one of the first to become aware of Xehanort’s plans, and acts as a primary member of those allied against him. While Sora has indeed accomplished much over the course of the series, he’s really only been finishing the job each time. While Sora is off following the directions he’s been given, Mickey is right in the thick of it. It’s Mickey that gathers the information needed to move against Xehanort, and it’s almost always Mickey who shows up at the very last minute to pull Sora and the other heroes out of the fire. It’s probably safe to say that without King Mickey Mouse, Master Xehanort would have won a long time ago.

Mickey Mouse will of course return in Kingdom Hearts III, and it’s almost a certainty that he’ll continue to be the exceptional king, informant, and warrior that he’s established himself to be. Hopefully, Mickey will get the grand entrance he deserves once fans are finally able to get their hands on the long-awaited sequel.

Kingdom Hearts III launches for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 29, 2019.

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