Kingdom Hearts IV: Best Marvel Characters and Worlds That Should Be Included

by J.R. Waugh

Kingdom Hearts IV is on the way and fans are already speculating on numerous aspects of the glimpses we’ve seen so far.  Since the last numbered entry there have been additional possibilities for additions to the Kingdom Hearts universe, one of the most notable being the intellectual properties of Marvel.  This presents a wealth of opportunities for worlds in which Sora could find himself much like in other Kingdom Hearts games, and we went ahead and listed some of the most interesting possibilities of characters, hero or villain.  Read on for our list of the Best Marvel Characters and Worlds That Should Be Included in Kingdom Hearts IV!

Kingdom Hearts 4: Best Marvel Characters and Worlds That Should Be Included


Captain America (Sam Wilson) – Earth-616


Given that we’ve already seen Steve Rogers’ take on the iconic superhero in Square Enix’s 2020 game, it would be fun to see the current MCU character take on the role, Sam Wilson, formerly known as Falcon.  Whether he is flying solo or accompanied by his wingman Bucky Barnes (see what we did there?) he would be a fun character whose mobility would make for an interesting ally.  It’s fun, picturing him trading shields with Goofy, and fighting off the likes of Hydra on Earth-616, the planet Earth of the Prime Universe as shown in the movies.

Magneto – Genosha


Magneto is one of Marvel’s most powerful and memorable villains and would serve as a fun nemesis, whether it’s for the X-Men who could also feature as supporting characters or any responding Marvel hero.  Magneto is a character who has at multiple points aimed for global domination, and his particular powers would make for a visually spectacular fight, especially if you fight him on one of his most memorable home bases like Genosha.  But it also brings up an interesting question: if the keyblades are at least some parts metal, would Magneto even be threatened by them?

Spider-Man  (Peter Parker, Grown-Up) – New York City


One of the most memorable and marketable of Marvel’s properties, Spider-Man is technically possible even though his latest games were Sony console exclusive.  But we’re solely speaking hypotheticals here.  He would be a great character to interact with Sora, with plenty of charismatic banter, but it would be ideal if he were an adult Peter Parker entirely because young Peter is pretty played out.  Maybe a keyblade shaped like a slice of New York-style pepperoni, call it ‘Pizza Time’ since we’re throwing around dreams here.

Doctor Doom – Latveria


A truly dominant, iconic villain who will have been in Marvel comics for 60 years this July, Doctor Doom would be a formidable menace to face, and where better to fight him than in Latveria, the country he rules?  And not only this, but his dimensional traveling abilities would make for an interesting way in which he could pop up in other Marvel-centric areas or other worlds in Kingdom Hearts in general.  If done right, this could be proper, good treatment of something related to the Fantastic 4, of which he is their archenemy.

Doctor Strange – Mirror Dimension


A sorcerer of Stephen Strange’s caliber would be a welcome addition to the character roster in Kingdom Hearts IV.  Given the glimpses of greater photorealism in the recent teaser trailer, it would be interesting to add a dose of crazy to it in the form of the Mirror Dimension.  Perhaps he can trade spells with Donald Duck, or teach Sora tricks like astral projection or use his Cloak of Levitation to get around?  Either way, we’d be on board.

Kang the Conqueror – Chronopolis, Quantum Realm


Kang the Conqueror is going to leave a huge mark on the MCU, so Kingdom Hearts would be wise to harness this for hype but also because he’s just a great villain. Primarily an opponent to Ant-Man, the Avengers, and the Fantastic Four, Kang is a dangerous foe capable of time travel, possesses a powerful intellect, and is more than capable in a fight.  If the sources are right, he will make his true major appearance in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, ruling over Chronopolis within the Quantum Realm.  Notice that a lot of the greatest Marvel villains rule major cities yet?

Thor – Asgard



Thor Odinson is one of the OG Avengers, a powerful alien god of thunder whose powerful weapons Mjolnir and Stormbreaker make him a fierce close combat fighter.  He would be incredibly fun as a supporting character or an ally to fight directly alongside Sora, whether on his homeworld of Asgard or, tying in with the upcoming film, New Asgard as he figures out his place in the universe.

Each of these characters would tie in nicely either as support characters or opponents for Sora and since so many tie into upcoming films or established franchises, the game could follow these plotlines as closely as they wish.  Of course, this is all merely hypothetical, but any of these choices would be great to see in the game if possible.

This concludes our list of the Best Marvel Characters and Worlds That Should Be Included in Kingdom Hearts IV!  We’re excited about the prospect of Marvel in Kingdom Hearts and are eagerly anticipating more updates on the game.  Stay tuned for more!

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