Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: All New Switch Skills Shown in Trailers

Expand your moveset with brand-new Switch Skills in Sunbreak!

by Marc Magrini


Monster Hunter Rise is gaining plenty of new features with the upcoming release of its Sunbreak expansion. New monsters will be joining the already massive roster supplied by the base game, and brand-new mechanics and abilities will help bolster players’ arsenals in many ways. Among these additions are new Switch Skills designed to support different playstyles using the same weapon. Three Switch Skills were originally available in the base game, but now two extra skills have been added for every weapon. There is a possibility that there’s more Capcom hasn’t shown off yet, but for now, here’s every new Switch Skill in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak!

Any information about the new Switch Skills not shown in the showcase videos is taken from the official Monster Hunter Twitter account.

All New Switch Skills in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Sword & Shield

  • Destroyer Oil – A silkbind move that that coats the sword in special oil. Flinching the monster will be made easier with each attack of the sword. It replaces the same slot as Metsu Shoryugeki and Windmill. This new move seems to work similarly to oils from Monster Hunter Generations.
  • Twin Blade Combo – A combo of attacks that solely uses the sword. It replaces the basic sword/shield combo accessed by pressing the Chop button three times. The official Monster Hunter Twitter account notes that this attack will be very helpful for players trying to inflict statuses or deal elemental damage.

Switch Axe

  • Elemental Burst Counter – A silkbind attack centered around countering the monster’s move. A successful counter will lead into an attack known as a Power Finisher, causing the hunter to swing the sword around, immediately amping the Switch Axe and allowing it to perform a Zero Sum Discharge. It replaces the same slot as Switch Charger.
  • Axe: 2-Staged Morph Slash Combo – A move that replaces the Wide Sweep. The axe quickly switches to Sword Mode to deal a powerful slice, then switches back to Axe Mode for a strong sweep. During the combo, Sword Mode attacks will be stronger and Axe Mode swings will fill the switch gauge faster.

Heavy Bowgun

  • Setting Sun – A silkbind attack that creates a floating ring in front of the hunter. It lowers the speed of bullets that pass through it, allowing multi-hit and piercing ammo to deal more hits at once. It is currently unknown which move this replaces, but the video showcases the Counter Shot and Counter Charger Switch Skills separately with the same build. Therefore, it’s likely that this new attack will replace the same slot as Free Silkbind Glide.
  • Crouching Shot – A move that replaces the Charged Shot. The hunter crouches down, temporarily increasing fire rate. Ammo restrictions apply, and it’s possible to overheat the bowgun by using this move.

Insect Glaive

  • Awakened Kinsect Attack – A silkbind move that fires the Kinsect at the monster. It consumes extracts to deal more damage. After hitting the monster, you will launch forward to continue attacking in the air. This attack is reminiscent of the Extract Hunter art from Monster Hunter Generations. It replaces the same slot as Recall Kinsect and Diving Wyvern.
  • Kinsect Slash – An aerial attack that replaces the Jumping Advancing Slash. Each attack will automatically absorb extract. Upon absorbing red extract, this move will change into the Enhanced Insect Spiker, sending the hunter hurtling downward and thrusting the glaive forward.


  • Impact Burst – A silkbind attack where the hunter slams the hammer in the ground and spins it, much like the Hunting Horn’s Infernal Melody. After using this move, shockwaves will be added to all charge attacks, causing monsters to flinch more easily. It replaces the same slot as Impact Crater. The shockwave buff is similar to the buff gained from the Impact Press move from Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate.
  • Spinning Bludgeon: Charge – An alteration to the Spinning Bludgeon move. It seemingly lowers the maximum number of swings in exchange for re-applying charges as it spins. This allows the hunter to release multiple level 3 charge attacks in succession through use of Charge Switches. The showcase video shows this as replacing the Silkbind Spinning Bludgeon move, but it seems to replace all variations of the Spinning Bludgeon.

Great Sword

  • Strongarm Stance – A silkbind move that brings up the sword, guarding against monster attacks. It can be used while charging, allowing the hunter to use a True Charged Slash or Rage Slash immediately. It replaces the same slot as Hunting Edge and Adamant Charged Slash.
  • Surge Slash Combo – A move that replaces the first charged slash used by the Great Sword. Instead of charging, the sword will deal a flurry of strikes leading into new attacks.

Hunting Horn

  • Silkbind Shockwave – A silkbind move that launches the hunter up in the air, buffing the horn. This buff will create delayed shockwaves each time the hunter attacks. These shockwaves are highly effective at causing stun, exhaust, and part damage. This skill replaces the same slot as Slide Beat.
  • Swing Combo – A move that allows the hunter to attack while sliding to the left or right, repositioning themselves to avoid monster attacks. The video mentions it replaces the Crush Attack Combo, but it simply seems to replace the basic Crush attack done after a Left or Right Swing.


  • Butcher’s Bind – A silkbind attack that fires an arrow attached to both the monster and the bow. If the next arrow hits the same spot, severing damage is applied, allowing monster tails to be cut off with this attack. If the second arrow misses, the silk-lodged arrow will vanish. So far, there is no information on whether there’s a limit to how far the hunter can move without the silk breaking. This skill replaces the same slot as Aerial Aim and Focus Shot.
  • Stake Thrust – A thrusting move that replaces the Melee Attack. This will thrust an explosive stake into the monster. Arrows fired at the stake will deal additional damage depending on their type. This is somewhat similar to the Wyrmstake Blast from Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, though this ability is given to the Bow and not the Gunlance.

Charge Blade

  • Ready Stance – A silkbind move that allows the hunter to block an attack. It replaces the same slot as Axe Hopper and Counter Peak Performance, though it seems to be an alternative to the latter. Heavy knockback will keep the user in Sword Mode and allow them to retaliate more quickly.
  • Phial Follow-up: Firing Pin – An attack that replaces the regular Phial Follow-up. Energy from charged shield or sword attacks will build up on the monster instead of detonating immediately. This buildup can be detonated by attacking in Axe Mode.


  • Bullet Barrage – A silkbind attack that launches the hunter forward with a Blast Dash, then fires every source of ammo the Gunlance has. If the Wyrmstake, Shelling, or Wyvern’s Fire attacks aren’t available, they will be automatically reloaded before the move. This skill replaces the same slot as Ground Splitter and Hail Cutter.
  • Eruption Cannon – A move that replaces the Wyrmstake Cannon in favor of a single explosive blast. Using this move will increase the damage of slashing attacks for a time. Since Monster Hunter Rise changed the mechanics of the Wyrmstake Cannon, it’s unknown if the Eruption Cannon will be affected differently by Normal, Wide, or Long shelling.


  • Skyward Thrust – A silkbind attack that launches the hunter up in the air before thrusting downward, similar to the Insect Glaive’s Diving Wyvern move. The attack will hit multiple times as the hunter descends. It replaces the same slot as Ancor Rage and Spiral Thrust.
  • Shield Tackle – A guarding move that deals stun damage to monsters. It replaces the Guard Dash move performed by moving and attacking while blocking. It seems to work similarly to the Great Sword’s Tackle, moving slightly forward while dealing light damage and possibly stunning monsters.

Long Sword

  • Harvest Moon – A silkbind move that creates a large, grounded circle made of silk. Counters performed in this circle will hit monsters multiple times. Staying inside the circle will also keep the Spirit Gauge from depleting. Like the aforementioned Heavy Bowgun, it’s unknown which slot this skill replaces, but one can assume it might replace the same slot as Serene Pose based on the showcase video.
  •  Sacred Sheathe Combo – A move that replaces the Special Sheathe. The hunter will slowly charge their weapon before dealing powerful slashes that increase in strength based on their Spirit Gauge level. The move will automatically cancel if the hunter is hit during it, making it risky to use unless the monster is already downed.

Light Bowgun

  • Wyvern Counter – A silkbind attack that pulls the hunter back, allowing them to fire a shot while retreating. It seems to resist attacks up to a point, making it easier to escape aggressive monsters with. It replaces the same slot as Fanning Maneuver and Fanning Vault. It appears somewhat similar to the Bullet Geyser attack from Monster Hunter Generations.
  • Critical Firepower – A skill that reduces the Light Bowgun’s effective range and increases recoil in exchange for stronger attacks. Certain ammo types are exempt from this change.

Dual Blades

  • Spiral Slash – A silkbind move where the hunter launches forward, rapidly spinning the blades into the monster. When the attack connects, the hunter will continue to hit the monster by spinning against it. This skill can be used on the ground or in the air. It replaces the same slot as Piercing Bind and Tower Vault. It appears to be identical to the Spiral Slice attack from Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate.
  • Slide Slash Combo – An attack that seemingly replaces the roundslashes used after certain basic attacks. The hunter quickly moves to the side, allowing them to quickly reposition themselves mid-combo.

These are all the new Switch Skills shown off in Sunbreak’s trailers and pre-release content. As always, this information is subject to change, including which slots the skills replace and even the final names of each move. At the very least, since these moves were confirmed to be in the game, fans can expect to try out all the new Switch Skills here for themselves when Sunbreak releases!

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will release on June 30, 2022.

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