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What Could Rockstar Games Announce at E3 2016?

by William Schwartz


Another year has gone by, and with three months remaining until E3 2016, I thought it would be appropriate to create another wishlist on what I would like to see. However instead of the traditional list as seen on other sites, I’ve decided to go with something different. Two months ago, Take-Two announced that they would be attending the expo with a much bigger presence, which got me thinking – what if Rockstar Games showed up?

Below is a list of what games I would like to see announced at E3 2016 by Rockstar Games, if by some miracle they actually showed up. The company has usually been illusive, almost never showing up for the biggest games convention, not even to announce Grand Theft Auto V.

Red Dead Redemption 2 – 70%


Let’s get this one out of the way, as it’s one of the more obvious predictions.  Ever since the successful release of Red Dead Redemption back in 2010, fans have been clamoring for a taste of the wild west on the current generation of consoles.

It’s no surprise, as Read Dead Redemption was not only a critical success for Rockstar Games, but financial as well, selling over 14 million copies worldwide.  In 2011, a game of the year edition was released, along with the expansion, Undead Nightmare, which saw John Marston, fighting off hordes of the undead as he searched for a cure to the outbreak. the DLC was met with positive reviews, while adding hours of additional gameplay.

Rumors have swirled about a sequel having been in development for years, with the title even being touted as Read Dead Revolution, of course most of the information is false, and should be taken with a grain of salt. However if Rockstar plans on announcing a sequel to one of their most popular IPs, E3 2016 would be the appropriate place.

Grand Theft Auto V Online Updates and Single Player Expansion – 80-90%


Was there any doubt? Grand Theft Auto V smashed all kinds of records when it released in 2013, and has continued to update the solid multiplayer offering with months of constant updates and online modes.

It would be remiss to say that Rockstar Games wouldn’t announce new content for GTA Online. There are a abundant of possibilities that range from the promised cops and robbers mode, or smaller updates in the shape of new weapons, vehicles, and accessories. But what everyone really wants to hear news about, is the news of a single player expansion for the game, featuring the return of our main characters.

Continuous rumors suggest that single player DLC is being worked, but the voice actor of the character Michael, Ned Luke, dispelled this by saying he had not been informed of any such content. Of course Rockstar Games has been coy before, and it wouldn’t be too surprising that an expansion could be in development. Fans have suggested that it will also open up the casino seen in production in Los Santos, but this is all guess work. Just the other day a rumor popped up that Grand Theft Auto VI began production, so if news for DLC is expected, E3 2016 is the place.

Bully 2 – 50%


If there is one game that Dan Houser is vehemently open about making a sequel to, it’s Bully 2. Ideas of the follow-up to the beloved classic from Rockstar Games has been passed around for years, with the most prominent that it will feature Jimmy Hopkins in his college years.  In an interview with Polygon back in 2013, Houser spoke of the challenges moving forward with the sequel in today’s society.

“I thought, we thought that the word’s strong. It’s a strong word, an emotive word. Maybe too emotive in some ways, but we were confident we were not making a game which you were a bully. You were equally not lilly white of course, but you were not a bully. You were sort of standing up to a culture that encouraged bullying by being this tough kid that wasn’t sucked into that kind of world and was friends with some of the weaker kids, but by no means a saint.”

2012 saw the closure of Rockstar Vancouver, the original studio that developed Bully, but many of the developers joined a new studio, with talks of the follow-up still being discussed as they decided how to proceed. E3 2016, would be an appropriate event for Rockstar Games to unveil Bully 2, and seeing how enthusiastic most of the staff  is that a sequel will happen, its not improbable.

Agent – 50%


As mentioned in my last article about games being in development hell, Agent, will be brought up again seeing as there could be a chance for it to rise from the depths of limbo. Originally in development as an exclusive for PS3, Rockstar Games has been silent about any details concerning the status of the game, but recent trademarks and rumors could indicate that we might see Agent again.

Agent, would be an equally surprising trailer for the event, with the company showing it in action for the new generation of consoles, and not as a PS4 exclusive anymore. I consider this option because President of Sony’s Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida, said he only had some knowledge of its status.

There’s almost no new information to be shared about the game, except a few screenshots from an artist over at Rockstar Games. Darren Charles Hatton, said that most of the staff working on the project was moved to help work on Grand Theft Auto V, and expressed he was unsure if the project [Agent] would ever be published. If the title doesn’t make an appearance in June, it’s safe to say that the game is probably canceled.

New IP – 10%


I only give this the lowest possible chance because it sounds like Rockstar Games has their plate full already with several titles in development, however that doesn’t rule anything out. It is entirely possible that one of the many studios could be developing a new IP. There are no solid rumors or anything concrete that suggest that anything new is in production, but the game industry is always unpredictable.

Most of this is a dream that not only I, but thousands of fans want to see come true. It would be nice to see the company do away with the mystery and blow us all away at E3 2016, but chances are probably low. To be honest though, I just want Manhunt 3 to be developed.

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