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Snipperclips Plus DLC – One of Switch’s Best Games Just Got Even Better

by Kyle Hanson


Snipperclips: Cut it Out Together! was easily the second best Nintendo Switch launch title, only being beaten out by the exceptional The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. In the intervening months the Switch’s library has grown by leaps and bounds, with tons of fantastic titles being released. And yet, for new Switch owners I still find myself recommending Snipperclips. Now, with the release of some new DLC that will only continue, as this fresh content takes what was one of Switch’s best games and makes it even better.

Here’s a list of what is contained in Snipperclips Plus, the name for this new paid DLC: two brand new worlds containing 15 puzzles a piece, a new freeform mode, three new Blitz multiplayer modes, and various enhancements (some of which were added via a free update, rather than the paid DLC).

What works so well for Snipperclips Plus is that it enhances and adds onto what was already working so well for the game, without breaking any of it. We’ve seen DLC before that tried to reinvent the wheel so to speak, adding content that might be different, but not necessarily better than what was there before. Snipperclips Plus takes the concepts and levels from the original release and adds layers on top, crafting tougher or more interesting puzzles while still remaining within the framework and theme of the original.

Snipperclips Plus: Cut It Out, Together! Launch Trailer

The new worlds offer challenges above and beyond what was seen in the base game. This is great, because it did sort of feel like the game wrapped up right when it was beginning to really hit its difficulty stride. For those who finished Snipperclips and thought “I wish there was more”, this is exactly what they wanted. More world, more puzzles, more challenge, and more creativity.

Some of these new puzzles will bust your brain just trying to figure out what is needed in the first place. Once you figure that out you then need to work out how to accomplish it, such as the puzzle that has you working to get six orbs into slots as they drop from the ceiling. Playing solo is still possible, but will be much tougher, so you might want to make sure you have a skilled partner to play with.

Snipperclips Plus is a fantastic addition to one of Switch’s best games, making it more robust and challenging for those who found the original a little light in content. It was a budget title, so there was nothing wrong with that before, but getting this add-on really cements it as a solid new franchise for Nintendo. If you liked the original release of Snipperclips at all then this DLC is a must-buy.

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