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The Walking Dead Season 2 – Why I Made the Tough Choice at the End

| September 2, 2014

The Walking Dead Season 2 - Why I Made the Tough Choice at the End Articles  The Walking Dead Season 2 The Walking Dead

The illusion of choice that so many people complained about last season was removed at the end of The Walking Dead Season 2, replaced with real, meaningful choices that are determined by you. Sure, everyone ended up at the same point right near the end, but then they were allowed to choose for themselves an ending that was tailor-made for their character and their story. As our review stated “The Walking Dead has been known for its weighty decisions that play a major part in future installments, but this is a whole new ballgame.”

The beauty of the ending scenario of The Walking Dead Season 2 is apparent in the number of online discussions and full-blown arguments that have centered around it. Many feel that their ending was the best, or that they missed out on a better ending.  I feel that simply by discussing them we prove that all of the endings are fantastic, and show the diversity in both Telltale’s audience and the stories that we have all created in the games.

Obviously, any ending discussion will be rife with spoilers, so if you haven’t finished The Walking Dead Season 2 you might want to turn back now. Conversely, if you have finished, but haven’t seen the other ending possibilities you can see them all here. So, after all that let’s get to the real reason why I’m here. To explain why I made the choices that I did in The Walking Dead Season 2 and why I feel the ending worked, even if you think the other one was better.

The Walking Dead Season 2 - Why I Made the Tough Choice at the End Articles  The Walking Dead Season 2 The Walking Dead

I, along with 37% of players, chose to shoot Kenny and leave with Jane for Howe’s where I let the family join my newly formed group. According to the current stats this is by far the most popular ending, yet from anecdotal evidence it is the ending most looked down on. People seem to feel that “Jane was a psychopath” and that killing Kenny wasn’t right. Many viewed the ending where Kenny and Clem make it to Wellington and felt that it was better, thus damaging the Howe’s ending in their eyes. I disagree with almost all of this and feel that this ending is either just as good or better than the other because of one simple thing, it forced you to make the really tough choice.

Killing Kenny was the hardest thing that I have ever had to do in a video game

Killing Kenny was the hardest thing that I have ever had to do in a video game. I literally wept as soon as I clicked the option and had to take a minute to compose myself. Kenny had been my friend for the last two seasons and killing him had almost never crossed my mind right up until the end. And yet, when the time came it was the obvious choice, it had to be done, and despite my emotional distress I clicked “Shoot Kenny” without any hesitation.

Somehow Telltale had taken a character whose semi-resurrection in Episode 2 brought joy and made it so that I was totally willing to kill him. Looking back I realize that I had resigned myself to this fate long before it actually happened due to Kenny’s actions and their effect on the group. Kenny had shown signs of instability since meeting back up with him, but after Sarita’s death the psychosis seemed to set in.

The Walking Dead Season 2 - Why I Made the Tough Choice at the End Articles  The Walking Dead Season 2 The Walking Dead

By The Walking Dead Season 2: Episode 5 he was full of so much rage that he beat and berated Arvo to the point that it forced Bonnie and Mark to try to flee. This doesn’t wash away the actions of those three, who I would probably shoot even faster if given the chance, but it shows how Kenny had become a cancer in the group, eventually leading to its death at my own hands.

On the other side there was Jane, who’s triumphant return in Episode 5  had caused me to pump my fist in the air with excitement. I had grown to admire and respect her character in Episode 4, despite a couple of mistakes on her part, and was sad to see her go. Her coming back was excellent by itself, but to have it happen at such a crucial time, saving Kenny and possibly others, made it one of the highlights of the series.

Adding onto that was the knowledge that she returned for Clem. Jane was a lone wolf throughout the entire time Clem had known her and her leaving was logical given what we knew of her character. Her return was solely because she had come to care about Clementine and wanted to make sure that she was OK.  As soon as I saw her re-join the group I knew that I would choose her over the others whenever possible.

The Walking Dead Season 2 - Why I Made the Tough Choice at the End Articles  The Walking Dead Season 2 The Walking Dead

This was of course tested in those final moments, and many disagree with me that Jane was the obvious choice. Let’s get one thing out of the way. Jane lied about AJ. This seems to be a sticking point for many, especially if they didn’t figure it out before the full reveal. For me though it was obvious from the moment she told Clem to “stay out of it”. Once she said that I knew what she was doing and it might have helped me to forgive her for everything that followed. Others who were duped might have felt more betrayed causing the backlash that I spoke of earlier.

What would Kenny do if Clem had accidentally gotten AJ hurt or killed?

Once Jane showed up at that Rest Stop without AJ it was clear what was going to happen. These two had been going at each other for hours, and this was the tipping point. The only decision left was which side Clem would be on. For me, it was Jane from the moment she put her knife away. While she was provoking the confrontation through her actions, she was showing that Kenny was the aggressor here.

While she may have went too far in pushing the situation to this point by hiding AJ, she was right in her assertion that Kenny was so unstable that he would kill over “an accident”. This is an important thing for Clementine to see as she had placed a lot of trust in Kenny and would continue to do so if it weren’t for Jane. What would Kenny do if Clem had accidentally gotten AJ hurt or killed? What would he do if we were with another group and something happened to Clem or AJ? There is no way to know because he had become completely unstable to the point of murder over what appeared to be an accident.

The fact that it wasn’t actually an accident doesn’t make his actions any less insane and damning. The fact that if you stick with Kenny you end up in Wellington doesn’t change that he had become a dangerous element whose mere presence could destroy long-standing groups. And the fact that he admits all of this only cements my confidence that I made the right choice.

The Walking Dead Season 2 - Why I Made the Tough Choice at the End Articles  The Walking Dead Season 2 The Walking Dead

Whether you shoot Kenny or stick with him until Wellington it becomes clear that even he knew that he’d become too dangerous. If you kill him he tells you that you did the right thing, and if you make it to Wellington he admits that you and AJ are no longer safe around him. Looking back over the history of the character seems to cement this.

Even during the relative calm of The Walking Dead Season 1 Kenny showed signs of instability. His many confrontations with Larry and Lilly almost split the original group. His attitude toward Ben was another instance where many might feel he was justified in the end, but there is little argument that he didn’t push things too far and ultimately exacerbated an already bad situation. On my playthrough he even killed Larry while Lee was trying to save him, showing early signs of the damaged and dangerous person he would become by the end of The Walking Dead Season 2. 

Those are just some of my reasons why I ended up with Jane back at Howe’s, and why I was totally happy with that. My Clementine knew that Jane was lying about AJ and was pushing Kenny to see how far he would go. And she also knew that Jane was completely right that he would take things way too far. In the end I was with my friend, who I felt I could trust as much as anyone can be trusted in a situation like The Walking Dead. And I also started on the road to leading my own group by letting in the wayward family.

What about all of you? What ending did you get and did you like it? Do you feel like the other endings are better and do they retroactively make yours worse? Let me know in the comments.

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  • With you all the way. I made the same descision. Kenny is/was a ticking time bomb who has nothing to live for right now.

    Jane made a pragmatic choice that really showed a lot of initiative. She’s actively looking out for Clem in a much more competent way than Kenny ever has.

    • ***UPDATED POST***
      I decided that while waiting for season 3 (yay they announced it!!!) I will create a video series of what choices I made during the game. You can watch the first episode here (full episode 1):

      I played the game as I would make a choice in real life. Considering I didn’t realise the “plot” of Jane at start (when she says “prepare to see what Kenny is capable of doing” just before the fight), I HAD to shot Kenny in order to save her, seeing that Kenny had clearly become mentally unstable. BUT when I opened that car door, and realised that Jane “went too far” to prove her point, I decided to leave her behind and move along alone,as I believed that this “plot” of hers was also a sign of an unstable person (in terms of pushing the fight with Kenny too far). Not only that, but she forced me to harm a friend just because she wanted to get rid of him (no matter what his mental status was, we could leave him behind instead of killing him). Last but not least, as Kenny correctly pointed out (if you chose to let him live instead of her), she could at any point say that the baby was fine and end the fight, so…. yeah.

      • But from her perspective having him around the kid or clem put the kid and clem in danger. In the heat of the moment I can totally see why both of them weren’t acting rationally.

        People keep mentioning things which happened on their playthrough, but the dialogue and actions of characters and the way everyone feels about those actions are pretty different depending on the playthrough. In my playthrough there is no way jar by could have justified how much of an idiot he was being. On my playthrough when we got back to camp the look on clem and janes faces when they saw carver was perfect.. Like. Shit Kenny really was psycho. – he wasn’t like that for everyone though.

        • Duder

          I initially hated Kenny in the first game. That is until he gave up his own life to save Ben’s. In my play through of season 2 Kenny did everything to help and save Clem and AJ. Jane just flat left everybody and only came back to use Clem to make herself feel better about leaving her own sister to die. That is truly selfish. She then pretended to let the baby die and Kenny actually took it as she KILLED AJ. Listen to his words. She did all this to prove she was right. Not about Kenny but about only looking out for yourself. Kenny killed her because if she could kill an infant than she could kill Clem. He again was risking his life for her. I let her die. Even when we got to wellington he was going to give up his own life to make sure Clem and AJ were safe. I couldn’t leave him to die after all he had done. He made some bad choices and flew off the handle but it was all to save what he thought was his family. Clementine Is always the glue. Kenny taught her that the glue is most important to family. Jane taught her that the glue is useless. That is why she was unstable and not someone to stay with.

          • He acts pretty differently based on your choices, as does Jane. From my perspective Jane had become a much more sympathetic character..

          • MeiTantei Omkar

            @Duder I think Jane came back as she said “90% for Clementine”. Both weren’t bad people. I think Kenny’s rash talk and attitude could be handled. Some of Jane’s beliefs were negative but she cared about everybody, which is important, especially Clem and played a part in saving some people’s lives. Anyway I think sweet Clem would have taken care of both Jane and Kenny.

          • Mister X

            Did Jane go back and save Luke? Did Jane even bother seeing if he was alright with that leg?

          • Loop Hole

            But she did get them out of Carver’s base by educating the group about covering themselves with zombie guts and taught them how to escape and survive the herd. If she was as selfish as some have stated she could have escaped without the others once she convinced them it was a good idea to use the herd as distraction. She also had a second chance to abandon them after the group fucked up her plan by freaking out and getting scattered but she went back for Clem and Rebecca. What people seem to overlook is that every time she had considered leaving the group or when she had left the group it was always when they were in a place of safety and she always came back when they were in danger. If she was truly selfish she would have used them as distraction to get away like Shane did in the TV show. She looked out for them until she felt they were safe and then left which is pretty much what Molly did at the end of season one’s fourth episode.

          • Mister X

            I’m with you Duder. Saving Kenny was the only option in my opinion. Let’s look at the details here

            Kenny loses Duck
            Kenny loses Katjaa
            Kenny loses Clem and Lee and whoever has remained in group 1 to either save Ben or save Christa by sacrificing himself.
            Kenny loses 3 people from group 2 a the start thanks to Luke’s dumbass group.
            Kenny loses Sarita.
            Kenny is about to lose Clem and AJ after newly formed group 3 decides to abandon his ass.
            Kenny will sacrifice himself again once alone with you for Clem and AJ and noone is around. Noone is affecting his mental state or his anxiety. Look at him. He loves you.

            Wow Mixel is confusing me and so is the rest of the world who can’t see this.

          • Loop Hole

            If it was not for Jane they would never of been able to leave Carver’s compound. Period! Then when the group got scattered amidst the herd of walkers she came back and lead Clem and Rebecca out through the forest using her cow catcher technique.

            All of Jane’s plans worked whereas all of Kenny’s plans were rash and failed just like in season 1. His plan for escaping the truck (when he was being advised to keep calm by those who knew Carver) flopped when he got knocked out during his freak out moment. His plan flopped when he tried to plant the walkie talkie in Clem’s pocket even when I insisted Mike should go and take it to Luke, this resulted in Clem getting caught in the comic store and getting unnecessarily bitch slapped and man handled by Troy in my play through. She had not been hit or gotten in any trouble before then as I was keeping a low profile.

            Jane’s teachings were all beneficial for Clementine. (Leg sweep technique,searching fresh walkers for supplies,using a Flint to light fires).She may have been initially selfish but her coming back when she did saved the group when they were being attacked by the Russians and by episode 5 it is evident that she care’s for Clem as she see’s her as someone that can realistically survive and someone she can invest in a friendship with as she no longer fears loosing her the way she lost her sister and doesn’t see Clem as someone she has to constantly watch over apdue to her being so capable.

            Out of Jane and Kenny she is by far the most stable and better for Clem long term. Kenny’s hot head antics would not have got him much further in that world. He is too impulsive whereas Jane is quiet, assessing situations better and typically stays in control.

          • Loop Hole

            Kenny did not Kill Jane because he thought that if she could kill an infant she could kill Clem. He killed her because in his mind she took the last bit of hope from him. After loosing Sarita AJ was the last glimmer of hope and the reason Kenny was brought back from the dark places he spoke of. The opportunity to Raise AJ was his second chance at making up for failing his son,Duck in season 1 which he stated out right. When he thought Jane was responsible for AJ’s death he flipped out. Who’s to say he wouldn’t have flipped out on Clem in the same situation, given how he reacted to Clem when he blamed her for Sarita’s death whether you cut off her arm or not.

        • KenFan

          He wasnt psycho its just a good revenge for his dead eye and nearly dead situation and lol when i played i let clem watch kenny kill carver he just look out for the people he think is his family everyone gets mad bro its not just kenny everywhere they look is destroyed and shit and his family gone and carver put his new family in danger of course he would do that

          • Mister X

            Kenny was the epitome of family. Kenny is The Walking Dead game. Kenny reacts badly towards bad choices made by the player towards him. It even happened with Lee. If you back Kenny, more people stay alive for at least a little longer. Kenny’s group was doing way better than Luke’s group was after running from Carver. Luke’s group got everyone killed over and over again and got all of Kenny’s group killed. And they were perfectly fine stealing just like someone who stole the boat in season 1 and got Clementine taken, and Lee bit.

          • Lossftw

            “He looks out for family”

            Same thing could be said about carver

          • Xaioque

            dang i was so angry there was no “side with Carver option”
            but i gather that would lead Clem to certain doom. sigh!

        • Steven Stewart

          Kenny was hot headed and unstable. But it is like if you are in prison. Kenny had problems, but he was unfailingly loyal and honest. He was willing to lay down his life if he felt that it was the right thing to do and he was unafraid of violence. These are things that are to be valued especially in an uncertain and dangerous world. Kenny’s unpredictability was predictable. He had a couple of on/off switches. Jane’s unpredictability was based purely on self interest and her loyalty was also selfish, I felt. When Kenny promised to care for Clementine, you knew that he would do that until his dying breath, unlike Jane, whose loyalty was dependent upon her own assured survival.

      • quiff

        i made the same choice and ended up with just me and AJ. As soon as i realised what Jane had done i had to replay the ending and ended up with me, kenny and AJ walking away from Wellington. Ive looked at all the endings and these are the 2 im most happy with.
        I thought jane was awesome but her actions at the end made me rethink. Even if you go with her all she seems to worry about is you and herself and the only reason she worries about you is due to guilt of her little sister.
        I now have 4 saved files of different endings (didn’t bother with “with jane and not family”) and till next year to decide which choice was the correct one and more importantly which one i want to go forward with in season 3.

        • KennyFan

          i dont know why you hate kenny but kenny might be a bastard and shit but he got a big heart to help the one he know as family like the way he want to save his son duck except duck can no longer live coz of the bite but with a little help from others he will be fine kenny was just being lonely he need someone with him and what happen to AJ kenny would thing she just left him somewhere to die and a baby kenny dont want the baby to die in vain so he tryed to kill Jane. kenny just wanted to have a family and the baby he want it to be hes son like clem he wanted to protect them Jane as i played the game they want to be alone jane always give up let everyone die like luke ,sarah and the dudes who wanted to get on the WHOS.and really the base got berrys a farm for the others and jane dont want to help even if theres a family with a kid that needs help kenny is awesome for me i like kenny hes badass and funny,friendly (friendly to the dudes who he knows he can trust)we cant blame the guy kenny when the ending is near i i let kenny kill jane even thought jane is nice to clem when i got to the wellington place theres where i truly think ken is really nice he want the kids to be safe he dont think about himself he think about those he love

          • Conrad Morris

            I fought kenny in the third episode of season one. You guys are dumb for not killing him earlier he is a mad man. He tried to kill lee for gods sake!! And remember in the final episode of season 1.. He looks Clem right in the eye and points a gun at her. Thank god for Amir.

          • Conrad Morris

            Duck only got the bite because of that bastard Luke. While it didn’t directly show this there is evidence in season 2 that shows that Luke, unseen, forgot to kill a walker

        • RoxyH82W8

          I did the same.

        • ido

          there’s a way to do this without doing the whole story from the beginning on a different save slot?
          like copy the whole save to a new slot and then only rewind the last chapter
          or backup the save to a DiskOnKey and then rewind the last chapter and back it up to?

    • The Magic Christian

      I hated Kenny from season one so this was a great gift to me.

      • Conrad Morris

        Yes yes yes I agree Kenny was a shooter. I may be a conspirator but I’m pretty sure that there was a fourth group that Kenny was secretly involved with (season 2 episode 4) where he cares less about children in it, which is just horrible.

    • L.A.M

      You know, you can still leave Kenny. Personally, I thought it was better to go to Welington. I mean, I know Jane dies that way, but if you really don’t like Kenny, you can just leave him. I thought that was better for A.J and Clem. Not only that, but the family that comes in Jane’s ending, will have the place all to themself. Kenny gets what he wants. Clem and A.J are safe. The family came be safe without me being required to trust them. Everyone wins. Except Jane… Well I guess she took one for the team.

      • Mister X

        Anything could have happened to AJ while Jane was playing games. Walkers can get into a car within seconds. AJ could have made the slightest peep and been a sandwhich for a walker before Jane could make it back.

        Jane abandoned Luke after playing doctor. And didn’t give a shit about him crossing that lake or clem.

      • Steven Stewart

        Jane was trash. She possessed no qualities of honesty or loyalty. Only her guilt over her sister made her come back for Clementine. Would you rather stay with a predictable liar or an unpredictable friend?

    • Jamie Parsons

      Yeah I know, like that time she left. And that time she fled the truck and left Clem in the snow surrounded by walkers. And that time she was supposed to be looking out but instead seduced Luke. Real responsible one that Jane.

      • There is no correct ending, they all act differently depending on our actions.

        Jane made some mistakes, but Kenny did too. He’s had a lot more chances at this point and was going totally off the rails. Jane has time to grow. I like how the story is panning out for my clem.

        • KennyFan

          Ill go for ken hes stronger and i just like the guy hes cool when i use lee i always side to ken is friendly to hes called family and i hate clem she thinks shes badass
          i want the old clem the new clem sucks my opinion dont be a d*ck about it OK

          • Conrad Morris

            But what about the poisoned food that Kenny sneaks to lee? That was pure betrayal if you ask me

    • kian

      Wait a minute she abandoned her sister .do you understand this?????she could end the fight with saying AJ is fine or something and she died for nothing

      • Different opinions. Also totally different stuff happening depending on your actions. She survives my playthrough.

        I trusted her (moving forward) more than Kenny, that’s for sure.

  • Felipe Dos Santos Silva

    I’ve stayed with Jane too, Kenny was a good guy,but he was loosing it sometime he will become like Carver. Although I’ve banished the family in the ending part.

    • Steven Stewart

      Kenny will become Rick

  • Albert_Scoot

    I felt both were out of line and waited for Kenny to kill Jane before putting Kenny out of his misery. Jane was not a safer choice by any means as she would be just as dangerous and would abandon the group and Clem if she felt she couldn’t take it anymore.

  • JVChrs

    Agree with you, 100%.

    As soon as she started to show real initiative and pragmatism in Episode 3 I knew she’d be the one I wanted to get close with. She then further opened up and even bonded with Clem in Episode 4, revealing that she secretly had a strong emotional core underneath the armour that she puts on to appear all tough and solitary. I feel like every piece of advice she ever gave to Clem served to make sure that Clem survived, no matter what the situation and no matter who with, showing that she really cared about Clem, even from really early on. The minute she broke her trend of leaving when the goings get tough and returned more or less specifically for Clem in Episode 5 AND effectively saved the day was the minute I wanted Jane to stick with Clem until the very end no matter what. I was literally hoping and praying that out of every one else, Jane would survive the season.

    So whilst killing Kenny was hard, and whilst Jane’s methods of opening Clem’s eyes to Kenny’s erratic behaviour were dubious at best, I shot Kenny the second Jane’s life was in danger because I knew that despite Jane’s history, everything Jane was doing and had done was to ensure that she and Clementine would stick together, as she truly believed that was their best chance at survival, with Kenny’s increasingly unstable behaviour threatening the lives and the integrity of the groups in both Season 1 and Season 2 on more than one occasion.

    Ultimately I feel it narrows down to this, both characters have their way of coping with loss and the world that they now live in, with Jane leaving and going off by herself, and with Kenny becoming aggressive, inconsolable, and even murderous. I sided with Jane simply because Jane can redeem her coping mechanism by changing her mind and deciding to come back for whoever she’s left, whereas after Kenny has murdered someone, he can’t then change his mind and bring them back to life. Jane’s actions can be redeemed, Kenny’s can’t. Jane lives.

    • FatAlbert1020

      Mmhhm, Jane showed some real initiative alright, if you know what I mean *wink wink*

      Kenny’s behavior becomes eratic, but at many points justified. Leading up to the beating Arvo got from Kenny, Arvo used the trust that Clem had put in him to rob there group, even after (at least in my storyline) Clem had chosen to spare his life. Then the plan to walk across the river once again puts there group into jeopardy, eventually getting Nick killed, and nearly causing Clem to freeze to death. Arvo ran, probably hoping the entire river would break in. Then Arvo tries to all out kill Clementine, proving Kenny’s hunch about him right. Yeah he was a kid, but he made some seriously grown up decisions

      Something that might’ve influenced our decisions differently though is how Jane told the lie. When Kenny walked out the rest stop, I thought Jane had set up some fake death scene for the baby using its cloth. I assumed this, other players might not have. If you did, I think that’s where the lie went too far. They’re was no way of knowing until I found the baby. But until then, I had to assume Jane had painted herself as a baby killer in the eyes of Kenny, and in light of Kenny’s promise to AJ, that was just too far

      • Jamie Parsons

        Say if this happened in the first season and I was Lee and thought Jane had killed Clementine, hell I’d want to kill Jane too.

      • MeiTantei Omkar

        @AyoItzDaPreacher Jane said it was an accident, never said she killed the baby.

        • Mister X

          Said that baby was slowing them down twice when it showed up didn’t she?

        • torridd

          Exactly. He assumed she killed him and never gave her a chance to talk. She could have tripped over a branch trying to get to safety and AJ was surrounded. Does that deserve death?

      • Mister X

        His name is Luke. Not NICK.

    • MeiTantei Omkar

      I killed Kenny, but I think he died for nothing. His attitude and decisions were very much possible to handle, especially by Clementine, but everything went too fast, everybody was already scared of Kenny, & the group fell apart, losing Kenny like that felt like such a bummer.

  • FatAlbert1020

    Well, I gotta go against the current here. Like 12 percent of other gamers (I couldn’t believe it was this low) I ended the game with Kenny, refusing to go into Wellington without him.

    I think you payed too much attention to his bad parts and ignored the times Kenny opened up to Clementine. I don’t know if you’re path included this, but Kenny made a promise to Clementine, that he would protect AJ with his life, raise him right, like he should’ve done with Duck. He was down to earth, stripped raw, but still had the capacity to love after all he had lost. This scene rang like a bell in my head when I was given the chance to shoot Kenny. I couldn’t have let him die with so many broken promises, and killed by the last person he truly loved? It woulda made me sick. He gave his eye for Clem, got the nonsense beat out of him twice (by Carver and Jane) for Clem and AJ. After everything, there was no way I’d let him die over something that was spawned by someones lie (but it is important to note whether the gamer knew Jane was bluffing about the baby. I knew from the beginning, but still went with Kenny)

    Plus, Jane had literally ZERO experience with children, didn’t want to hold AJ unless I shoved him in her arms. Kenny knew what it was like to have a child, and would give his life for one, like he tried to do in my Wellington ending (leaving him outside would’ve surely lead to his death because he’d have no purpose without AJ and Clementine) and countless other times. He knew how to fix cars, friggin trains, just about anything when the time called for it. Survival was nearly guaranteed with Kenny. Stuck with a baby, and someone who would lie to get a point across was not on my to do list.

    And the most gratifying, most fulfilling feeling I have ever experienced in all my years of gaming, was when Kenny and Clem raced to the top of the hill and saw Wellington. I cried. The man in me disappeared, and the next 15 minutes was a cry-athon. I knew there’d be a catch. I didn’t care. I couldn’t imagine what Kenny was feeling. It musta been like staring at the gates of heaven, into the eyes of God. I knew he could drop dead there and be happy.

    It felt so gratifying for me too. In a world where the person that cared about me most could’ve died a million different ways, I chose the one right path that kept him live. All that we had been through, in 10 of the ugliest, heart wrenching chapters ever chronicled on console, I felt I did him right. It’s so hard to explain, but this ending felt like it was the closest thing to finding a way for Lee to stay alive. And now the more I think about it, the more it feels true.

    But yeah, cool stool bro if you liked you’re ending. I wouldn’t have had mine any other way

    • Lord_of_the_Ninth

      I also stuck with Kenny. It was a much more emotionally driven ending in my opinion. When comparing the two Jane’s ending just feels – meh.

    • John

      I agree with you 110%!

    • kat♡

      I agree 100%

    • kenny4ever

      That was perfectly written my friend. I knew right away Jane had a plan when she came back without AJ. She proved she was unstable and couldn’t be trusted right then(i feel she even showed signs before this). Kenny may have a hot temper but he, in my opinion, always had reasons for what he did. He loved clem and even AJ. He showed what he was willing to do to protect them. Kenny is just the guy I’d want with me. I also chose to stick with him instead of going into wellington with AJ. I cried like a baby throughout episode 5.

    • Walt Weathersby

      That was frickin beautiful

    • AJM

      Both Jane and Kenny aren’t exactly the most stable of people. However if you want to think about this clinically, both trust you, both care about you and both are at least decent at surviving (well Jane is more than decent, surviving so long by herself). Honestly if I had to break it down I would say that staying in Wellington would be the safest option but I can only say that after reading every ending. If you stuck with Kenny you would have to kiss goodbye to staying with any new groups. Groups are fragile enough in the post-apocalyptic world without Kenny being the catalyst to their downfall or at very least a major part in it. This is evident throughout his part in both seasons 1 and 2.

      So back when I had to choose, I knew that even if we found Wellington, there would be little chance that it would work out and if we didn’t find it then we would have never fitted in with another group. That would mean that it would have been Clementine, an aging Kenny and a baby/young child against a world of walkers and bandits. Despite all of Kenny’s promises to raise the child right, I don’t think he would have had much of a chance.

      Back to Jane. The main criticism of Jane is that she lied to you and used you, but she did it so that she could save you from Kenny. She knew that Kenny’s irrational behaviour would get them killed, most likely from other people. She was aware that she couldn’t simply tell Clementine to leave Kenny as she tried that, she needed to show to her just how dangerous Kenny could potentially be. I mean if the baby did die out there? Would Kenny turn psychotic or just simply give up. I seriously doubt he could go on after that. The fight also clearly showed that Kenny was done with reason. What if the baby died of the cold (unlikely but he was in no mood to ask) or what if in the blizzard a walker bit the baby. It’s not as if she just dropped the baby and ran, but as I said Kenny no longer cared.

      Trust definitely shouldn’t be the issue with picking Jane. She has only cared about 2 (possibly 3) people in the whole apocalypse and I got a huge vibe that Clementine was the only one of those people she could trust to survive. If she didn’t care about you she would have left you in a snap, but she did something which I very much respect her for. Modern audiences have gotten used to the idea of dying for or killing someone because they love them but it has been taken to a whole level. She puts their friendship, trust and Clementine’s respect for her on the line to save her life. She knows Clementine won’t just say oh I see the folly of his ways, thanks for that chum! She knows there is a good chance Clementine will not forgive her and may even turn on her. I don’t know if she counted on Clementine to save her by putting down Kenny (I thought there is no way she could have that much foresight but she puts her knife away either trying to look like she was trying to avoid conflict and/or trying to make the fight turn out so Clementine would have to pick.)

      A lot of people are saying that they cried or to quote the article “Killing Kenny was the hardest thing that I have ever had to do in a video game”. For me it was one of the easiest choice I have made in the walking dead. I had a far more difficult time deciding whether to let the family in or tell them to leave. I was decided about shooting Kenny about 1/3 of the way into episode 5. I remember thinking to myself if I have to pick between anyone and Kenny, the other person is going to win, unless it is already too late to save the group (don’t worry, I would never have picked Arvo, but if it were between Bonnie and Kenny then I would have had a tougher time). It’s not that I don’t like Kenny, I was glad to see him in season 2, but when I saw him revert in the compound, I remembered why he was the most difficult character to deal with in season 1.

      As for the baby, Clementine is probably the best person to raise it as it not only seems to bond with her, she was also raised in the post-apocalyptic world by the legendary Lee. She knows what it is like growing up in the new world and also where other children went wrong, like Sarah.

      So in the end I felt that going with Kenny was like tying a noose around your neck. I couldn’t have predicted that Kenny wouldn’t have been allowed into Wellington. Although that seemed like the ideal scenario it just seems too perfect. If there is one thing the walking dead has taught me it is that the bigger the group of survivors, the harder they fall. In the end I think sticking with Jane is the best choice because not only does she have your back (just like Kenny), she is willing to make compromises for your safety, something which Kenny cannot do. If it isn’t shouting, beating up or killing, it is beyond Kenny. I don’t mean that he is stupid (he is very handy), he just doesn’t know how to deal with other survivors.

      • Mister X

        Kenny’s group was doing just fine before you show up with Luke’s group. And Luke’s group is 75% of group 3.

      • belovedklowny

        I was really annoyed at seeing Kenny return in season 2, so shooting him at the end was pretty much a no-brainer. I originally shot him and then left Jane behind. In the end I went with the ending in which both Kenny and Jane are dead. At least now I know that neither one of those psychos is going to be back to haunt Clem come season 3.

    • V

      Yep, I totally agree to that!

      I wonder why only 13 % of other players made that choice.

    • iLL wiLL 01

      Yeah I feel the same way after all the video games ive ever played since atari which is probably easily almost every arcade console or at least tried the game even for 5 min and it sucked….THIS WAS THE MOST EMOTIONAL GAME AND HARDEST CHOICE I HAD TO MAKE IN A GAME!!!and thats saying alot from my standpoint! I also agree with your decision which was hard but who could leave and shoot kenny after all you been through with him. I believe he’s the next closest person in line after LEE to Clementine. I feel I made the right decision in leaving wellington with kenny and I hope if season 3 comes that they’ll follow this story instead of creating a whole new lineup like they were thinking of doing with this season!

    • VAL

      Kenny all the way man! It was the right thing to do. PERIOD. Loved my ending at Wellington with Kenny, then made the tough but only reasonable decision to stay at Wellington with the baby while Kenny was left to fend for himself – but he did that all for me and the baby. Perfect ending.

    • KennyFan

      The part where you says that Jane had no expieriensce (not good at grammar) at taking care of a child jane left shes sister to survive jane might have cared to clementine but what about aj if a zombie horde just come up on them she will only try to save clem and not the baby.AND she dont know how to make a kid happy all she could tell to clementine was survive and teach him stuffs like leaving others behind to survive and not taking others on there group kenny is WAY WAY WAY!!!!!!!!! more better than jane

    • torridd

      But again, I think most pro-Kenny people stayed with him because he was a link to the past. Now, if you just want to live with Kenny and AJ, that’s absolutely the right choice. However, if you want to be involved with other people, then you’re taking a big chance with Kenny.

  • Gamble

    Basically you’re an idiot. Kenny went and found a baby that had been killed, Jane made it look like she’d killed him to pull him into a fight and then tried to kill him. So you side with Jane? Moronic.

    • Mister X

      I feel the same way about it. Lie to someone to drive them over the edge and tell them its your fault after abandoning the one person you’ve been looking after and now they want to take them from you too? Hilarious.

    • torridd

      She never said she killed him. I think another reason people side with Kenny is the Wellington ending, but our lives can take so many directions based on our choices. Wellington looks great, but it could be another Terminus. Even if it is safe, you can’t live in a bubble. Clem has to be around other people and Kenny can’t deal with other people.

  • Justice

    Did exactly the same, except for cry when Kenny died. As much as I tried to keep them/us together as a group I was always going to pick Jane. Found it obvious Jane hadn’t really lost the baby and had just put him somewhere by the way she clearly wanted to see Kenny’s reaction and think it was the right decision as he would have done that sooner or later. Watched the other endings and I really like all of them, including turning the family away (which I didn’t do) because Clem looks pretty dangerous and quotes Lee. So glad the decisions actually make a difference in this season. I assume that Clem won’t be the protagonist in the next game. If that was the case then the beginning of the next game will be different depending on the ending we chose in season 2, I guess, meaning we would miss out on substantially different game play from the ending we didn’t choose.

    • MeiTantei Omkar

      Oh dear, if Clem weren’t the protagonist that would be heart-breaking for me. I don’t think that’s going to happen. I wish to play as Clem again and again and again :’)

    • Mister X

      I liked this comment but Kenny didn’t deserve that from you. If you trick someone to see their reaction during this moment in an apocalypse, you deserve what’s coming. And Jane couldn’t take Kenny alone even with one eye.

    • imaginaryGHOST

      Eh, they could always forward it another 5 years and have her alone with everyone else dead/missing.

  • Lemoncakes

    Jane and Alone endings exist solely for people who succeeded in getting a Kenny ending to point and laugh at.

    You basically wrote an article aggressively defending and explicating a mistake. This is something a person who gets a Kenny ending doesn’t have to do, because they know to the bone they made the right choice.

    • DerekDudage

      This is how I feel. I know that Kenny may have been messed up, but as another poster said; Jane didn’t know the first thing about taking care of a baby. I chose Kenny without any thought and I actually cried at the ending when Kenny was pleading his case at the Wellington entrance. I chose to leave him behind my first play through, but decided to stay with him for my second. The Jane endings are a joke. There is none of the emotionally moving stuff that made me cry for the first time ever playing a video game that the Kenny endings offer. And as you said, I knew “to the bone” that Kenny was the right choice. I’m not putting anyone else’s choices down. This is just my personal opinion and experience.

    • K

      That’s funny since there are plenty of comments on this article alone justifying their choice to let Kenny murder Jane.

      Moments of kindness don’t wipe away the obvious signs of Kenny becoming emotionally and physically abusive. A moment here and there where he promises to take care of Clem/AJ don’t change how he treated Clem after Sarita died. The fact that he had a more emotional ending doesn’t change that he can get so blinded by rage that he would kill someone who had put their weapon away without allowing them an explanation. Or that he could beat a defenseless kid near to death. If he was capable of it in the past then he’s capable of it in the future, no matter how moving his ending was.

      That is not to say that I disapprove of the choice to end with Kenny. Personally, I was never attached to Kenny and I do believe the decision to bring him back in this season was a bit of a cop out, but obviously those are my own personal feelings toward the character and the endings. I understand whole-heartedly the decision to end with Kenny as it is without a doubt the more emotional of the 5 endings and to be completely honest it has a more interesting narrative for season 3. Plus, many people did feel an attachment to that character.

      What I do disapprove of is the condescending attitude with which people insist they have the “right” ending. There is no general right ending. There may be a right ending for you and your Clementine, but there’s a reason there are several endings. Having a right ending would entirely defeat the purpose of a choose your own ending game.

      (To be completely honest, I would’ve preferred Luke over both of them.)

      • Lemoncakes

        Calling Kenny’s relationship with Clem “abusive” is as hyperbolic and histrionic as a 13 year old calling their parents “slave-drivers” for making them clean their room.

        Defending Jane and Arvo after the crap they’ve pulled is equally laugh-out-loud hilarious.

        “Let the shady liar who’s lying explain herself!”
        “Sure Arvo tried to rob us and got Luke killed but not such a bad g-*Clem gets shot*”

        Beyond that this reply just reinforces my original point: people who get a Kenny Ending don’t need to fall back on the tired “there’s no right and no wrong” argument because their ending was vastly more satisfying than everything else. Others need to engage in mental gymnastics and silly equivocations to justify their horrible finales that are devoid of any catharsis or closure.

        Seems easier to me to just admit they messed up.

        I actually think it’s more clever of Telltale that they gave you Good and Bad endings, especially considering all the ways in which the game pushed hard to make you pull that trigger, even up to and including outright deceit.

        • Bimmy

          You care far too much about this to be taken seriously.

        • Grey

          You remind me of Kenny. The whole world is just black and white to you. You vehemently berate others on their “mental gymnastics” while you’re contorting yourself into the belief that their was a “good ending”.

          • Mars

            Some things ARE that way man. Jane was a manipulative bitch who poked and prodded an emotionally damaged man who was in the process of healing to prove a stupid point. While Kenny obviously has faults, he is at heart a good person who has literally gone through hell and back, while Jane on the other hand cares only for herself.

          • Cunomaglus

            A good person, yep.

            Starved for Help: I got your back, Lee! ::Lilly shoots the St John brother who’s attacking Lee while Kenny cowers in a cow stall::

            Ep 3 (can’t remember the title): “Let that chick suffer, it’ll buy us a minute or two!” A couple of minutes later, it’s time to escape the pharmacy, Lee gets attacked, Kenny eyes the door and doesn’t help, Lee saves his own ass again.

            No Time Left: Now, I’m a good Christian man but even though you mostly sided with me all the way through, that one time you told me my idea sucked so I’m not gonna help you save an 8 year old girl.

            Kenny was a dick.

          • Lemoncakes

            No no, keep going, tell me how in any way the non-Kenny endings are in any way on equal footing with the others and not superior.

        • Bonj

          You’re right that Kennys endings where more satisfying but at the end of the day you let Kenny murder Jane and did nothing. If Wellington had ended up being a fabrication would letting Kenny kill Jane still have been the right choice? You’re the one hiding behind your safe and satisfying ending to justify letting Kenny kill Jane. The difficult choice was to shoot Kenny, but it comes down to your own set of morals to decide whether that is the right choice.

          • Mars

            She fucking asked for it when she provoked the confrontation just to prove that people will explode when you push them, NO SHIT SHERLOCK. There is ALWAYS a chance for redemption, even for someone physically and emotionally traumatized as Kenny. I could not in good conscience shoot him, I would prefer Jane would live but I will not shed a god damn tear for her.

          • Bonj

            That’s fair enough. Jane fucked up, but she also had redeeming qualities like Ken did which is why I couldn’t in good conscience let her get stabbed. When I shot Kenny I hoped Clem wouldn’t shoot to kill but she got unlucky with her shot bless her. I ditched Jane and still miss Kenny massively but I reject the idea that I made the wrong choice. God I love this game!

          • Lemoncakes

            Yes, because Jane’s garbage and the narrative gave you continual hints to continue towards Wellington from the first scene after the prologue on.

            Saying the difficult choice is to “shoot” Kenny is lol when the game practically hand-holds you and pushes you to do it.

            You’re terrible at this.

          • Lemoncakes’ViewsAreComedyShow

            Good job, it sounds like you have an opinion. Funny part is that you think yours has any actual merit over someone else’s. And that you think you could possibly prove that you are right. You can keep trying though, I’m sure people you don’t know would love to continue wasting your time, like listening to a child try to argue why kissing is gross and having no real bases, and thinking they can’t possibly be wrong.

          • Lemoncakes

            You’re creating sockpuppet accounts and having meltdowns over my comments.

            You’re doing this to defend a relativistic framework that states there is no good or bad, no right or wrong.

            If you had a moment of self-reflection you’d see how laughable this is.

            This moment will probably never arrive for you, because you’re an awful poster who cannot resist the baser impulse to make a complete fool out of yourself.

            A parallel could be drawn to the endings of TWD S2: Hubris and character flaws prevent many people from achieving the Good Endings with Kenny. Instead of admitting they’re wrong, they’ll get really mad or engage in metal gymnastics where they post articles like this one to try and justify their terrible, objectively wrong decisions.

            It’s unfortunate, but such is the human condition.

        • Izo

          People who are wrong tend to not like to admit it :) It’s human nature :)

      • Mars

        You know when you go back and look at all of Kenny’s comments on people, it turns out that nearly all his observations of people are fucking DEAD ON. I have played through season 2 a couple times, once blind, the second more informed, and I can honestly say that the Jane endings were the bad ends. The woman is a manipulative bitch and will poke and prod someone who is emotionally damaged and in the process of healing just to prove a stupid fucking point. I did do the Jane endings myself, just to see what they were like, and I honestly felt dirty and vile afterwards, so much to the point that it literally left a bad taste in my mouth. While with the Kenny ending, stayed with him of course, I never in all my years felt more sure of myself that I got the perfect ultra good ending.

        • ugh

          Ugh, you’re so fucking pious it’s blinding.
          No good end.

          • Izo

            He’s not pious – he’s just being honest. Kenny does consistently seem to be right an inordinate amount of the time, albeit it’s generally after the fact. He does seem to be good at judging other people’s character, at least.

            He was right about there being a boat in Savannah. Unfortunately it got stolen.

            He was right about Arvo being a snake in the grass. Or did people forget how Clem gets shot, or what side of the ambush Arvo was on?

            He was right about Ben being a major screw-up (and I am one of the few people who felt bad for Ben – because unlike Arvo, Ben isnt a bad person – he’s just godawfully stupid).

            He was right about how they shouldnt have trusted Vernon.

            And he was right about Jane’s character, even if he was wrong about her actually killing AJ, since Jane was going out of her way to make it seem like she did just so she could push him over the edge. Which is a moronic thing to do to someone who is already on edge. Even in the pre-apocalyptic world, let alone a post-apocalyptic one. If I was to kidnap your daughter, then tell you she’s dead and it was an accident, and refuse to tell you WHAT happened…. chances are I’m going to be on the taking end of a beating or death.

            Not to mention Kenny constantly risks his life for Clem or gets beaten to protect Clem – and even for other people like Ben (or Christa, depending on your choices in season 1).

      • Izo

        The defenseless kid who SHOOTS Clem as soon as he has a weapon. Who’s so brain dead stupid that he is angry at Clem for shooting his sister AFTER she was a zombie and coming for her and the baby. Who’s at least indirectly responsible for Luke’s death. Who has him and his friends rob you, regardless of whether you rob him of the much needed medicine or NOT. Who lies about why he has all that medicine. Yeah. Right. Defend Druggie douchebag Arvo some more.

        Kenny yells at Clem after losing the person who brought him back from the brink. Then apologizes afterwards. Jane lets her sister die. Jane tries to get Clem to let Sarah die. Jane has to be forced to even try to save Sarah. Jane pretends that she killed the baby, after multiple time talking about how the baby is a liability. And again – you are not the player in the game. You’re the CHARACTER in the game. And even Clem thought Jane had killed AJ. No matter what choices you make, Clem says this to Jane at some point.

        “Jane… what did you do!?” Then can say stuff like ‘not again’ or ‘how could you’ – it’s clear what even CLEM thought Jane did, and Jane never bothered to say the baby was safe – even to CLEM. Why? Because she knew Clem would tell Kenny that to calm him down.

  • animark

    Is it just me or was the eye patch signifying that Kenny was going to be like the govenor. They both lost family, their self control along with them. the only way to cope was to be in control of their group especially when they found a new purpose or someone to protect and would do anything or kill anyone who stood in the way of that.

    • FatAlbert1020

      That is a pretty darn good observation. At points in the game, you may not have been able to tell the difference.

      But in the end, you saw the real person, whether it was Kenny or the Governor

    • Izo

      Pretty sure Kenny having one eye doesnt make him the governor, any more than Rick having one hand in the comic book makes him Captain Hook.

  • Epic Myth

    I won’t lie, I cheated. I played the ending three times. The one that felt true to me was putting Kenny down and leaving Jane behind.

    1. The scene with Kenny, as much as I loved the guy, reminded me of the first episode where Clem had to put down the dog who bit her. Kenny and Lee had their troubles but Kenny was always loyal. But when it comes to groups, he was cancerous and it can split people apart. Thinking about it, really, Kenny had a great hunch for things that weren’t right too. Kenny’s right not to trust Jane because ultimately, Jane deceived them. I put down Kenny because he suffered long enough and he can be with his family in heaven.

    2. As much as I loved Jane and how interesting of a character she was — the big sister Clem never had — she deceived Kenny into a fight that forced Clem to betray a longtime friend. Putting down Kenny was an act to give him peace and the act of watching him stab through Jane was not something Clem should watch. If you ever read On Killing, to shoot is more merciful than to stab. The act of stabbing is psychologically in the same sphere of sexual penetration, which can be uncomfortable for someone to do or to watch. I saved Jane, but once the baby turned out to be okay, I had Clem leave her.

    And yeah… it was painful to hear her yell, “i did it for you! I can’t do this by myself!” But I felt it was the right thing to do for Clem.

    Kenny’s in heaven, fishing for a heavenly catfish with his family. Jane’s got to live with her dishonesty.

    In my mind, it’s what Lee would have done. (And oh how much I miss Lee… he was a good guy.)

    • cheese

      I agree with everything you said.

    • MeiTantei Omkar

      I would have forgiven Jane to be honest, but after I did it looked like Clem was left with a bad opinion of Kenny, I wouldn’t allow that, so I redid the scene & left Jane.

  • Lie Maid

    I could tell that they were going to force Clem to kill either Jane or Kenny, and to be honest I would probably have killed Kenny – if for no reason other than to put him out of his obvious misery – were it not for Jane’s actions leading up to the final confrontation.

    Even your reasoning for defending her because she said it was an accident makes no sense, because she was still quite clearly trying to piss Kenny off and make him see her as callous and uncaring. If she’d really wanted to prove how unstable he was, she’d have come across as apologetic and pleaded with him to believe her. Instead, she basically acted like the baby was no big deal to her and told Kenny to bring it. Just because she put her knife away doesn’t make it any better.

    Let’s also not forget that this is the same woman who cockteased a guard at Howe into helping them escape then shot him in the balls and used him as bait for the walkers. Obviously the guard was a douche for following Carver but this sort of conniving action and disregard for life is no better and made her come across no less unstable than Kenny. Same goes for her threatening Arvo in episode four despite having no knowledge of his character or motivations – compared to Kenny attacking him because his actions indirectly led to one of his comrades dying.

    So no, your line about how Jane was a benign and loyal presence doesn’t wash. You’ve either forgotten or deliberately ignored the many factors that made her just as erratic and difficult to trust as Kenny was. That she would make a man already on the edge believe that his last reason for living had perished just to prove a point to someone who already knew he was unhinged speaks volumes for her own psychotic mindset. It was therefore a totally easy decision to let Kenny axe her, even though I also anticipated that she had been lying. If she was willing to stoop that low and be that cunning, she couldn’t be trusted. Kenny, for all his faults, has never been a bullshitter. You always know what his intentions are and what he’s feeling, which makes him far easier to manage than someone whose priorities seem to waver depending on what the plot wants to get across at that time.

    As others have said, the entire point of this game is for you to make difficult choices, so there isn’t really a right or wrong answer. You saw Kenny as the bigger threat, I saw Jane as the bigger threat. Others still would have either let both die, or killed Kenny then abandoned Jane, or stuck with one while mourning the other. The most important thing is that we all had our own personal experiences and, hopefully, our decisions reflected genuine critical reasoning and instinct instead of just being made for the sake of making them. That’s what an immersive C&C game is supposed to do, and what too many of them (e.g. most recent BioWare titles) have not done, instead focusing on making people make lots of mostly pointless choices to increase replay value. That’s why this game, and to a lesser extent The Wolf Among Us, stand out as pushing the medium forward. The only wrong choice you could make would be one that acknowledges the game’s artificiality.

    • FatAlbert1020

      While we’re painting Jane as a loon, she did leave her REAL little sister behind on a rooftop, where she was more than likely torn limb from limb by walkers, just because she didn’t have the will to live. Can anyone see Kenny doing that? He couldn’t even shoot his zombie son

    • kenny4ever

      Very very good points. It drives me crazy that people are trying to paint her as more trustworthy and more stable than Kenny. Not to bash anyone’s choice, but come on!!! I plan on doing another play through and i will still choose Kenny over Jane. Even if it means not having a different ending and possibly effecting season 3. I play 2 save files. One with a compassionate Clementine and one with a self serving eff everyone else Clementine haha. I feel both would still choose Kenny. One for the obvious reason of loving Kenny and having history, and the other because he is a more useful companion.

      • Pat

        See, I never painted Jane as more trustworthy. But the whole time, I was thinking I wanted to kill Kenny somehow, just to put him out of his misery and hopefully give him peace. And I know that if Kenny were to die, he’d prefer someone that he loved to put him down. Jane’s actions were a notch on the crazy side, but from the start, I knew what she was doing. I thought it was wrong of her to do, but I thought it did prove her point. I’m not saying there was a definite right decision to this, but I knew when Jane changed her whole way of life and came back for Clem, that she trusted Clem, and so I could trust her. But that might just be me.

    • Mozz

      I went for the same ending. Left with Jane and let the new family in.
      The key factors for me was remorse from the character’s and their actions in bettering themselves.

      I couldn’t let Kenny kill Jane after Jane against her own judgement helped to find Luke and Sarah, help Sarah again, come back just in time to save Kenny.
      Even when she causes problems with Arvo, she immediately regrets it.
      She’s trying to do what’s best whilst being cautious in a world that requires it.
      I also was aware of Jane’s plan regarding AJ so that wasn’t a problem for me, more of a necessary (if a bit excessive) action.
      I chose to leave with her and include the family simply for AJ. There’s no way Clem would keep him alive on her own.

      On the flip side, Kenny argued with everyone. At first it was Luke, then Mike, back to Luke, then Jane when Luke was gone. It was going to be the same with anyone and it didn’t look like it was going to get better any time soon, meaning it impossible to increase the group/family.
      At the same time, he couldn’t see he was doing anything wrong as he was blinded by rage from all he has been through.
      If you notice at the museum area when he’s talking to Sorita (in spirit), he even states he can no longer go on only snapping out of it for Clem, the only person he feels he has left. He wanted to die at that point, I felt.

      His forgiveness in the last moments meant a lot and made me feel like I made the right choice.

  • Erin

    I chose to let Kenny kill Jane and actually left Wellington with aj and Kenny. Halfway through the episode I knew that I would have to choose between Kenny and Jane, but I didn’t anticipate that it would be a life or death choice. If it hadn’t have been life or death for the two I would have chosen to go with Jane. I left Wellington with Kenny though because I didn’t let Kenny kill Jane just to lose Kenny anyway

  • John

    I let Kenny kill that stupid bitch Jane. All she cares about is herself and playing her stupid little games. She deserved to die. Kenny is the closest thing to family that Clem has left. Does he have flaws? Sure. But we don’t kill those who we love simply because they have flaws. Jane was nothing. She was an untrustworthy new character who Clem has absolutely no bond with. Jane got what she deserved, got left a bloody corpse in the middle of the snow in my game. My Clem didn’t turn her back on the only family she has left, my Clem didn’t desert Kenny and stay in Wellington either. I like to play the game making the decisions that I would make in real life too. In real life, I’d have shot Jane back in the rest stop prior to her and Kenny rolling around outside. So she was trying to open Clem’s eyes to the flaws of someone that Clem loves, big deal. We see the flaws of those we love and we all choose to look past those flaws. If I had been Clem, all I would have seen is some loose cannon bitch trying to hurt someone whom I held dear. That is why I would have loved to kill Jane myself had the opportunity arose. But since it didn’t, I allowed Kenny to do it. And then my Clem walked off with Kenny, she stuck with her family. It is about loyalty.

    • kenny4ever

      Fuck yea to this!!! Loyalty is all that matters In a world like clems. Jane proved she couldn’t be trusted numerous times.

  • Matheus Fernandes

    Man… I really can’t understand why people choose to stay with Jane…
    I mean… i would rather be alone than with that bitch!
    She puts a little baby in danger just to prove a point, she makes you kill the most close friend you have in a fight SHE got into and could’ve ended at any time by saying that AJ was fine…

    I mean… If Kenny is a psycho, Jane is a double psycho!
    Kenny’s just being Lee…
    Season One: Vernon wants to take Clem away so he could take care of her, cause’ the fucking sonnovabitch thinks Lee’s putting her into so much danger and pain… Lee says that HE is taking care of her and he will destroy anyone who gets between them… I mean, it’s the only choice yo ucan make, the other too choices says “You’re probably right” and “Maybe…”.

    Kenny just see you as the only good memory about Lee, Katjaa, Duck and Sarita too… you’re the only thing that’s left to him… so either you shoot Kenny to put him out of his misery, or go with him to Wellington (I decided to not stay in Wellington cause i have a fucking strong connection with Kenny… i can’t let he wander around this world alone after all of the things he’s been through…).

    Fuck Jane, Kenny is the best choice, Leaving with AJ is the #2 choice…

  • kat♡

    By the time Clem woke up in the backseat of the car and they were STILL arguing, I knew I didn’t want to end up with either of them. Kenny was the only one I trusted would always go back to save Clem, even if he was unstable. I didn’t trust Jane with Clem’s life, even though I liked her more. In the end I went with Kenny to the safe community/barracks place and left him. Jane’s response if you leave her was enough to make me sure I didn’t want to change my ending haha.

  • Arya

    First of all I want to say I’m happy that Season 2 had a larger number of endings which is really cool and helped me to make my OWN Clem.
    I stayed with Kenny and I’m really grateful with my decision ’cause Kenny was like a father to Clem in Season 2. I didn’t want Jane to die, but between Jane and Kenny … Well I’m sure as hell Kenny was a better choice.
    In the end, I rejected to stay in Wellington and I went with Kenny ! Damn ! I love this man !

  • im gay lol

    kiss my ass

  • DoodTheMan

    I enjoyed playing Clem as both wise past her age and a psychopath. I stuck by Luke until he got offed because he was the most useful out of the group. Jane was basically what I was trying to play Clem as for the season so I stuck with her at the end. I had absolutely no qualms about shooting Kenny, I had been waiting to ever since he came back from the dead. His whole “hear a rumor and chase it no matter the cost” shit with the boat and then Wellington and whatever he was gonna come up with next got old pretty damn quick, and seemed to keep getting everyone killed.

    • Kareem Abdul Jamima

      Well, you can’t really fault his strategy. Walkers can’t swim, get a boat, fish for the rest of your life. For a fisherman like Kenny, it was a no brainer, a win-win. And the craziest rumor he decided to follow, Wellington, turned out to be true

  • Jared

    I killed Kenny because he was scary for most of the game. Jane seems detached, but she’s showing growth. Kenny has his wonderful moments, but they’re either when he’s preoccupied with a task or when Clementine can talk to him alone. When he’s interacting with other people, he causes friction. Jane, on the other hand, seems to be learning to care about people again. My interpretation of the last scene was that she was risking her own life to show Clementine how dangerous Kenny was, because, frankly, she’s not caring too much about it now. I admit that she did things I didn’t like (running away from the car, not mentioning the baby when it was possible that she could die at any moment) but those are in high-tension situations that she’s not accustomed to because she’s just learning how care again.
    In summary, Kenny is constantly getting worse, while Jane is getting better, and that’s why I chose her.

    On another note, I was very surprised that so few people asked to leave with Bonnie, Mike and Arvo—I was hoping that I could go back in, grab the baby and maybe Jane, and just leave without Kenny. I wanted to give Arvo a chance, partly because he looked kind of like Ben at first.

    • Izo

      Of Bonnie, Arvo and Mike, the only one I really trusted was Mike. Bonnie’s the one who had the idea to steal all the supplies – which would leave AJ to die (because Bonnie’s promises to AJ’s mother to keep AJ safe apparently is as unreliable as she’s proven to be back when she let Carver raid the ski lodge – god I hate Bonnie). But I love Bonnie compared to how much I hate Arvo. Even before he shot Clem, the guy was an untrustworthy, lying backstabber. Mike was the only one of the three who seemed to be a decent, trustworthy guy. His main problem was he seemed to be a pushover – and easily manipulated by others. Like Luke said ‘he tries too hard to make himself part of the group before he’s earned it.’

      Arvo’s only like Ben in that both Arvo and Ben are screw-ups. But where Ben was a stupid screw-up, Arvo is a malicious screw-up. Ben never did anything intentionally trying to hurt anyone. He stole stuff for the bandits because of an idea that they’d leave the group alone as long as they kept getting supplies. It was a stupid idea and he should have told the group about how the bandits approached him first… but he wasnt MALICIOUS. He took the axe from the door because he’s an idiot who thought – ooh, a weapon – and didnt have the idea in his stupid head that maybe it was keeping the door locked in order to keep the zombies out. He left Clem when the zombies attacked because, frankly, he’s a coward. Not malicious. Just a coward and a screw-up.

      Arvo, on the other hand – he’s not only a screw-up (screaming out repeatedly which would have had zombies getting the group if Kenny hadnt knocked him out, running on the ice which I’m going to give the benefit of the doubt that he was a screw-up in that and not actively malicious)… but he also was hiding medicine (even from his group, and his NOT sick sister) – probably because he’s addicted. He lies about his sister btw. He lies about Clem stealing – because whether you steal or not, he says you stole. He told his group about Clem’s group so that they could ambush Clem’s group. The first thing he does – VERY FIRST THING – is to point a gun at an unarmed Clem’s head who’s telling him to just don’t shoot and calm down. He keeps giving Clem the evil eye since she shot his ZOMBIE sister, and if he didnt know she was dead when he had to have noticed she wasnt breathing anymore, and then the next thing she’s coming towards Clem, then he’s even dumber than one would have originally thought. Oh…. and he shot Clem – regardless of whether she’s armed, puts her gun down and is unarmed, calls out for Kenny and Jane, OR asks to come with Mike, Bonnie and Arvo. He shoots her no matter what.

      So yeah, Ben is a stupid screw-up, but Arvo is an EVIL screw-up.

  • WrongPassword

    I didn’t care for Jane myself. Sure she was self reliant and skilled but she was far too willing to abandon people. Her talk about abandoning AJ just disgusted me. The fact that she hid AJ in a refrigerator of a car to manipulate Kenny and Clem infuriated me.

    Everyone knew Kenny was going nuts but he was still barely salvageable until Jane provoked the fight. I shot him, apologized and comforted him. I cursed Jane and remained silent because I couldn’t forgive her but I couldn’t let Clem go alone. I let the family in because I’d rather trust in the kindness of strangers than Jane’s promise to never abandon me again. If I ever got a chance next season, I’ll leave Jane to rot.

  • Clem’s badass response to Randy’s thinly veiled threat tempted me, but ultimately I chose to admit them. The wife and the kid seem nice enough, after all.

    It’s kinda obvious that something bad will happen at Wellington if Clem chooses to stay there, despite those endings arguably being the most emotionally wrenching.

    • WrongPassword

      My thought on this is that something bad will definitely happen at the hardware store while Wellington probably will end badly.

  • The Magic Christian

    So glad I killed Kenny and chased off the family at Howe’s. Badass Clem all the way.

    • ClementinekilledCarver

      Why… would you chase the family off at Howe’s?

      • The Magic Christian

        I couldn’t trust them. My Clem went Full Rick, all she need is a beard. LOL

  • George

    I think I have a different reason than any one of you for killing Kenny and sticking with Jane. On the one hand, I did believe Kenny was a ticking time bomb, ready to explode and take one or more members of the group with him, but he also had history with Clementine and a decent ethical core. To heck with Arvo; I wanted him dead myself and would have killed him at the earliest moment if I had a chance. Jane, on the other hand, just didn’t seem to care for anyone and I could see her leaving at any point. Yes, she came back for Clementine, but I’m wondering just how long that will last. That woman is just waiting for anyone and everyone to betray her or get her killed, and in the end that’s all she cares about.

    I still chose Jane over Kenny, though, because she was a much more interesting character. Kenny has been a one-trick pony throughout both seasons, and we’ve already been there/done that. There’s nowhere else to go with him, and I was pretty bored with him. Jane, on the other hand, is very promising. She’s starting to come out of her shell, showing that she does have a decent streak, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she turns into a much more lovable character during the next season. It’s kinda like; would you rather have saved Dale or Daryl from the TV series, when they were first introduced?

  • Nick

    I knew that Jane had probably deliberately hidden AJ, or at least deliberated obscured what happened to him in order to make Kenny show his ‘true colours’ the moment she told me to stay out of it. That was basically what cemented things in my mind – undoubtedly Kenny had developed some violent depressive episodes over the season, but the fact that Jane KNEW this, and decided she was going to tweak it, seemed worse to me. A bit like deliberately putting booze in the glass of an alcoholic and then blaming them for what happens. I wonder whether TT were trying to hint at sociopathy in her character – I’ll be honest, I’d rather be with a guy with almost pathological anger issues directed at everyone but me and the baby, then be with someone with sociopathic tenancies with unknown motives for much of what she does. At least Kenny is a known quantity – Jane is still too mysterious at the end of the season.

    In the end, though, I went in with AJ into Wellington, leaving Kenny behind. As much as I thought I should go with him, a few things swayed me:

    a) Kenny’s objective is to keep the baby safe. I can’t imagine AJ would be safe outside, given what precipitated most of the final act of the episode was the ticking clock on getting formula for AJ. The bust up between Jane and Kenny is mostly for this reason, and everything was banked on Wellington rather than taking the easier route to Howe’s. I actually think this was a misstep from TT – Kenny seems far too willing to not let the kids go into Wellington, and instead resume travelling with them, after the game has spent the better part of half the season developing Kenny’s almost pathological need to protect AJ. Getting to Wellington in a short time was enough to be ready to kill basically everyone, yet he’s happy to go back into the wilds with two kids with maybe a month’s supplies, and who knows how much actual baby food (surely formula at this stage)? Really?

    b) In relation to the above, it made more sense for Kenny’s mental well being to go into Wellington. He does not have to stress about whether AJ will have food, etc, and presumably can just wander around by himself and check back in in a couple of months (though why he couldn’t turn up for a monthly visit or similar isn’t clear). Can’t imagine the status quo would help with the psychopathy – he would be in the same depressive and constantly stressed state from the last two episodes, but for several months.

    c) As much as I think Kenny is the lesser of two evils, he’s still dangerous. A child and a baby would probably be better of in the camp than with him, in terms of day to day care and not being raised exclusively by an adult with tenuous mental health. (which kids can pick up on and which can also be very affecting). Again, not sure why Kenny can’t visit or ‘check in’, unless Wellington is Yet Another Evil Survivor Camp ™.

    d) Lastly, at a purely subjective level, I thought going into Wellington, and Clem being able to start a ‘new life’ in the light of what Lee and Kenny (and others) wanted for her was the more poetic and thematically satisfying of the two Kenny endings.

    • WrongPassword

      I think Kenny respected Clem’s judgement more than his own. In all the endings, he always ends up agreeing with her even if she shot or abandoned him. I do agree that leaving him was the best option though. If it was just him and Clem, then I would have left with him but AJ’s too much of a burden.

  • ace008

    I had to shoot Kenny, but after finding out that Jane lied to me I came to the realization that it was her fault that Kenny was dead. She made Kenny mad and kept on arguing with him until it went too far. Kenny might of tried to kill Jane but she also tried to kill Kenny. I couldn’t forgive her after that and I decided to leave by myself which is what I think thus while season has been leading up to. This season has been about Clementine growing up and becoming an exceptional survivalist. Jane kept on talking about how she could make it on her own and with this ending it leaves her alone with AJ and now anything can happen. No matter what your choice is at the end of season 2 I am positive that season 3 will be a great one.

    • WrongPassword

      I couldn’t forgive Jane myself but I kept my mouth shut instead of leaving. I figured it was better to have have her as an unreliable meat shield than to have nothing at all.

  • Sean D

    Great article. Just finished and glad I came across this as felt like I was only one. Agree with the reasons Kyle makes (Although I turned the family away as trust issues came into play after everything). As much as I loved Kenny, I just couldn’t sit back and watch him murder Jane. I really liked Jane – She was a broken lone wolf when we first meet but grew to care for Clem (redemption for her sister perhaps), saving her a handful of times and coming back to help her. I think she meant well for Clem. Yes, her way of showing Kenny unhinged went to far and I didn’t agree with the method but hey this is the walking dead world. Hindsight of seeing the other ending did make me sad, yes I wanted that emotional happy ending for Clem and Kenny – I teared up with Kenny at Wellington (bravo telltale for the dialogue in that) but I couldn’t have it at the expense of looking away and am happy with my choice. Kenny was a good guy who had been through so much (in fact, too much) – it would break most people- so it really was a tear jerker to say goodbye. I guess it boils down to that I couldn’t see him kill someone who was good to Clem no matter how much I wanted the fairytale ending. P.S Loved Lee dream sequence

    • Dylan

      boo yah

    • Izo

      Would have been nice to have been able to shoot Kenny in the shoulder, or shoot Jane AND Kenny non-lethally, or fire a shot in the air to get their attention.

      But TT gave only one choice – shoot Kenny to KILL him, or let him kill Jane, the woman who, as far as both Kenny and Clem thought had killed AJ or left him to die in order to get away from zombies (again, it’s the mindset of the characters, not you the player using metaknowledge, which most people who side with Jane seem to rely on to ‘know’ that AJ is okay)

      So if it’s ‘kill Kenny’ or ‘Let psycho survivalist Jane die’ – well… bye bye Jane. Say hi to your sister.

  • WrongPassword

    Y’know, in hindsight, if they were planning on this type of ending, they probably should have replaced Jane, Christa and Omid with Molly. Having Molly take care of Clem, captured by Carver and then come into conflict with Kenny would have made a much bigger emotional impact while strengthening the connection between chapters. They wouldn’t even have to tweak the ending much. Jane was basically a copy of Molly anyway.

    • Dylan

      whos molly

  • A-Cherry-Dub1984

    I made the heartbreaking choice to shoot Kenny, but instead of heading off with Jane, I left her and took the baby away into the sunset. I agree that Kenny seemed to want to die a long time ago. In retrospect, he died when Katja and Duck died. He was living but he wasn’t alive. I was gonna go back and let Jane die by the hands of Kenny, but as in real life, the hardest and heartbreaking choices must be made and rationality and reasoning are often thrown out the window. It was sad to have to lose Kenny, but I also had to leave Jane, cause anyone who is willing to lie and manipulate a situation like she did with Kenny is capable of anything, in my mind. She would be a liability to me down the road, even though I felt she was cool and respectable.

    • Dylan

      I would say that Kenny was alive but wasn’t living. :D

  • Teej

    I made the same decisions. Kenny was my 2nd favorite character after Clem. The only 2 moments in the game that made me tear up was when you find Kenny, and when you kill him. I NEVER wanted him to die, but in that situation, you had to kill him. Especially since he has nothing to even live for anymore. The only thing I could think of would be to father Clem and the baby in some way, but I’ve heard that when you save Kenny, he tells you that he’s just gonna be dangerous to the both of you. It’s his time to go. Even though I wanted to go to Wellington, it was still worth it. I didnt know Jane was lying about the baby, but I didnt really care either. I was actually kinda mad that the baby was still alive. In a real zombie apocalypse, I wouldnt want a baby to die, but for a video game, I was tired of hearing a baby cry all the fucking time. I wanted it to die, and I really liked Jane. Also, I feel like helping the family wouldve been a bad decision at any other point in the game, but for this to be the last decision that you make in the entire season 2, you know theres more to it. and when you let them in, the lady hugs Jane, so I’m pretty sure theyre not gonna kill us all.

    • Izo

      Yes, because hugs mean they’re not going to kill you

      Except for the people who hugged Kenny when they saw him (almost everyone), and the 34 percent who then killed Kenny.

  • QueenB

    I didn’t shoot Kenny. I just couldn’t. One reason isbecause of his love for AJ. I feel that right now AJ is the biggest priority and Jane wanted Clem to leave AJ with Kenny and escape. Kenny seems hellbent on keeping AJ safe. No matter how crazy Kenny got I think he loves Clem so I trust him.

    • Dylan

      sure Kenny and who’s army. All you need is Kenny right no need for a group. he’s gonna explode again and the same thing will happen all over again. Only thing you have to worry about jane doing is leaving… see? see? me has points

      • Izo

        You mean worry about Jane leaving you to die at the hands of zombies even if she can save you, because not saving you gives her a slightly better chance at survival.

        As opposed to Kenny, who can and will risk his life to save you. Heck, he risks his life to save Ben.

  • Dazzy

    I was thinking about putting something up on a blog myself lol.
    Anyway my Clem made a different choice and chose to look away, honestly I think that too many people got easily swayed by the characters in the game in reaction to Kenny’s behavior. Yea sure he was high strung and seem to be loosing it but when the shit hit the fan he had their backs. Just look at what those three tried to do, escape with the vehicle and all the supplies without a thought for baby AJ.
    And Jane I liked Jane she was a ok but how much did Clem know her ? They only met a few months ago and she abandoned them once already. Though she did come back and I’m sure she would have been good to Clem I think what she did, deliberately hiding the baby to provoke a death fight with Kenny just to prove a point to Clem was inexcusable since she knew he was close to loosing it.
    Like Lee said ” sometimes you have to hurt someone else to protect the ones you care about” and I’d think that Clementine would have cared a lot more about Kenny and AJ than Jane.
    But that’s just the way my story ended.

    • Dylan

      Kenny was deluded and thought that you were duck half of the time. AJ replaced you. What if clementine had been the one walking back to the gas station? don’t quite know what would’ve happened. But seriously how could you click look away, damn that’s cold.

      • Dazz01

        I thought the comment you replied to wasn’t posted and reposted one above, anyway. Kenny was frustrated,depressed and under a lot of stress and physical pain after almost being beaken to death so he was a bit unpredictable but he said if you had chosen to let him live that he would never have hurt Clementine and I think he meant it. He proved who he was when he begged for them to be taken in, putting them before himself. I liked Jane too but unfortunately one had to die and I honestly think Clementine would have stuck with Kenny and would have looked away as to me she’s not a cold blooded killer,though she might not have liked what happened.
        I wish J ane had lived too but just couldn’t kill Kenny.

      • Izo

        Kenny called Clem Duck -once-. And immediately realized it. It’s not delusion. He was happy finally and got into the frame of thinking of happier times, when his son was still alive.

  • Dylan

    Oh my Gosh you people and your “opinions” ugh. I appreciate the few people who can actually provide supporting reasons and evidence to their claims instead of histrionics and “bewiefs” The fact of the matter is that there is no right or wrong choice, as is the apocalypse. It is a giant grey hypothetical area that we love to guess at what it would be like. I’m a bit of a pessimist and would assume that we would all be Kenny’s for no other reason than huger alone. I mean I go a day without eating and you better get the fuck out of my way. Anyway, back to the game. On my experience I was spilling with warmth and joy exploding with a kind of sepia colored nostalgic drug when I saw Kenny. I had been so sad that Lee wasn’t here that Kenny basically replaced him. (like my own father) However, From the get-go Kenny showed signs of that “alpha-male horse-shit” and started causing havoc in the group, I really hated that, I wanted everyone to get along. Of course, I sided with Kenny on just about every issue: choosing him over Luke (slightly difficult, well not really Kenny was a father-figure) and then Jane came along. At first she was nothing more than a mutual asset, but she opened up and obviously cared for you just as Kenny does. And without a doubt that ending was the hardest thing I had to do. I wanted both of them to live, I knew what Jane was up too But I had to side with one. And, I just couldn’t watch Kenny plunge that blade into my friend. I took a while to press “Shoot Kenny” but I knew I did what had to be done. Listening to Kenny’s final words reinforced my decision (although I felt horrible for doing so). Of course, the baby lived, for some reason I was not troubled by this, I knew her plot immediately I just couldn’t lose both of them so I brought her along and started a new group. I immediately want to play again and see the other endings but I know I shouldn’t. Oh and what’s with this “5” endings nonsense I thought It was either save jane go to howe’s or save Kenny and go to Wellington. I guess there’s an option to leave jane or shoot Kenny afterwards… but that’s still only 4 endings. what’s the 5th?

    • Izo

      Dylan: the five endings were:

      1) Kill Kenny, go with Jane back to Howes – let the family in.

      2) Kill Kenny, go with Jane back to Howes – threaten the family with a gun and make them leave

      3) Let Kenny kill Jane, go to Wellington with Kenny – let Kenny leave you and AJ at Wellington to keep you safe and Kenny leaves alone

      4) Let Kenny kill Jane, go to Wellington with Kenny – refuse to go into Wellington without Kenny, and you, AJ, and Kenny leave and stay in the area of Wellington until they hopefully have spots open

      5) The fifth is actually a couple of different possibilities, both with the same ending – AJ and Clem alone:
      a) Kill Kenny, then tell Jane she can screw herself when you find out AJ is still alive and leave her alone, taking AJ with you.
      b) Let Kenny kill Jane, then shoot Kenny (he’ll say it’s all right before you do it) – then leave with AJ.

  • Dazz01

    I decided not to kill Kenny, deep down inside he was a good guy and if you reached Wellington with him he would have proven it by his willingness to let AJ and Clem go. I liked Jane too it was a tough call.

  • Ivaylo Nikolchovski

    First of all, let me say Hi to all. This is my first comment
    here :)

    Now… I will tell you what happened in my playthrough.

    Majour spoilers ahead!!!

    I liked Kenny from the beggining of the first season. I
    supported this crazy man constantly also because of his family – his son and
    wife. At the begining of the season I saved his son. After this I gave food to
    Duck and also to Kenny. In Macon I passionately defended his son, because I was
    sure he was not beaten, or at least because I wanted to give Katjaa a chance to
    prove me wrong.

    However, I refused to side with Kenny when he decided to
    kill Lilly’s father. This was the first time when I felt that Kenny is quite
    unstable, when the situation is desperate I started to understand that the guy
    is too reckless and ungrateful.

    Come on Kenny, we were not even sure if the man was dead,
    and you just smashed his head, while I was giving my best to save him?!?!? WTF?

    Lee: Kenny wait a minute let’s try to save this poor

    Kenny: Ohh no, no, he may turn into a zombie;

    Lee: So what? We just killed half a docent of this walking
    idiots, so now what, suddenly, the three of us are not able to deal with one
    dead guy??!? Wait a moment man at least to see if he is REALLY dead, please.
    Just a second !

    Kenny: F**k you Lee – baaaaaaaam –brutally killed him…

    Jesus F**k… Ok… moving on…

    After this I killed Duck, again to help Kenny. Poor Kenny…
    However, after this Kenny started to go from bad to worse- fast!

    Lee: Kenny what are we going to do now?

    Kenny: We go to find a boat;

    Lee: Where?

    Kenny: In the middle of nowhere!!!

    Lee: But….

    Kenny: F**k you Lee. I do not know where is the boat, or if
    it is there, or if it is working, or anything at all, but I will drag you all
    with me to look for it!!!

    … Ok… moving on…

    Lee: Kenny, we are in the middle of zombie infested city.
    Some crazy fu** is stalking us, there is not even one boat here, they are all
    gone man! Let us leave this hellhole and go somewhere else!

    Kenny: F**k you Lee. I will try to fix this half sinker
    peace of sh*t over there, you MUST try to locate another one…

    … Ok… moving on…

    So, we are in the middle of Savannah, there are millions of
    zombies around us, someone is stalking us, there are some crazy dictatorship in
    Crawford, we miraculously ménage to find a small boat, which is not big enough
    for all of the survivors around us (and which by the way is not working) so what
    does Kenny propose?!?!

    Kenny: Why don’t we go even deeper in this living hell, and
    look for 2 (two) parts for this stupid boat, in order to fix it????!!

    Lee: WTF MAN?!?! DO we even know if there are parts for this
    boat?! Let’s leave Kenny, this is not smart man!!!

    Kenny: Hell NO!!! F**k you Lee. F**k you ALL. This IS THE

    … Ok… moving on…

    So, at the end of the season, after all of my support and
    after I follow his idiotic fixed idea to find a boat, Kenny refused to come
    with me, Christa, Omed and Ben to save Clementine?!?!?

    Kenny: Sorry Lee, you did not support me when I brutally
    murdered Lilly’s Father, so no, I will stay and guard the boat.

    Jesus Fu**ing Christ??!

    Kenny decided to stay and guard the boat, got beaten by some
    old, sick and dying people and at the end, he was even locked in the garage.
    Holly Mother of God !!!

    Season Two:

    After the great experience, that we have in ALL of the big
    cities and towns along the way in the previous season: Macon, Savannah,
    Crawford, Atlanta and Kenny’s great idea to find a boat in the middle of the
    biggest shit-holl, now Kenny have even better and brightest idea:

    Kenny: Why don’t we take our 11 years old Clementine and the
    newly born babe and go to a place named Wellington. This place (if it exists at
    all, I am not sure) is:

    – located further than Savannah;

    – is situated in frozen desert;

    – surrounded by nothing else than snow, ice and zombies;

    – and we will go there NOW, immediately NOT A SECOND later.


    … Ok… moving on…

    On the road to this place Kenny killed a couple of people,
    lost his second wife, was nearly beaten to death, lost his eye and start
    drinking again… Great, Just GREAT;

    On the top all this, after I tried to save his second wife,
    Kenny threatened me. I was almost sure, that he is going to attack me…

    … Moving on…

    So here we are : Kenny, me and Jane, in the middle of
    nowhere, alone, with no food or supplies, Jane is putting aside her knife and
    trying to reason with this old fu** and what is happening?

    Kenny attack Jane, kick me aside when I go between them, and
    try to murder the woman. The same woman that saved his ass, (and actually all of us) not a day ago ….. ?! ……. ?!

    Enough with you Kenny and your obsessions.Enough with broken civilization, cities crowded with zombies, crazy ideas and plans.

    Before Lee died he told me to stay away from cities, so I am going to do exactly this.

    I will go alone, or with one or two people (in this case with Jane). And I will go as
    far as I can go from all sorts of civilization, town, villages, cities etc. If there is one thing the walking dead has taught me it is that the bigger the group of survivors, the harder they fall.

  • desibee

    My decision was covering Luke on the ice. Since going for help on
    that cracked ice seemed like a bad idea. I shot the walkers to save him
    time. He couldn’t survive. Not my fault. He tried to save me from the
    risk that I could end up like him. I respect that. But I remember he was
    “kissing” with Jane and let walkers come near us. Sarah died at the
    end. Never liked her. But she was not in a position to be saved.

    Ok now the hard ones:

    let Kenny kill Jane. Because the game did not give me an option to
    shoot near them to end fighting or wound Kenny who was on top of Jane to
    stop the fight. I let Clem on wondering if she’s gonna chooce on her own but she didn’t.

    For me Jane is untrustable. Why?
    In Carver’s place when escaping she shot the guy in cold blood to make
    him bait for walkers while she was talking to him like she was trying to
    convince him to help us. He was open for a talk… He died.
    Killed the guy by stabbing him from the neck in cold blood. If I’m not
    mistaken, that fighting scene with the Russians would end more
    peacefully. More or like I felt that way. Anyway she could take him
    hostage or sth imo. But I might be mistaken on this. Not that important.
    She LEFT Clem ALONE in the car while there was an active walker like
    10cm away from Clem. Basically she left Clem to her destiny, she didn’t
    care about her.
    4) She left before. On the observatory deck. If Clem
    didn’t catch her leaving she shouldn’t even bother telling her reasons.
    Or say goodbye. Because she told Clem she cared about her also called
    her a partner early that day.
    wrong. She would abandon Clem soon without a second thought.
    6) Ok I
    admit I liked the character at the beginning but everytime she talked to
    Clem I felt like she tried to make her leave others and become “her
    dead sister”. She talked like she was trying to turn Clem on others.
    That felt uncomfortable.
    7) She doesn’t want to be around people. I
    get that but she started to trust again, got used to the idea that being
    around other people might help you but in any hard situation she gave
    me the impression she would run away without looking back. Yes she came
    back this time but for how long. I mean she can leave for good when Clem
    is in a bad situation. Read no.3 again.
    8) Oh thanks for the knee trick Jane. Now you can “kiss” with Luke as long as you want.

    Kenny perfect? NO. But he is trustable. Yes he is unstable but did not
    kill anyone on purpose for no reason. Did bad choices in the past like
    with Hershel’s son. Killed Larry in season 1 but actually he was dead
    already. He just rushed the head crushing, waiting for a little while
    when Lee was giving cpr would be a better idea.

    Kenny went
    through a lot of thinks that’s normal if he is a little lost. But he is
    handy. He has open eyes to dangers around. Ok he has “an open eye” now
    :) I get angry with him when he talks angry with Clem but he always
    makes it ok later. I’m used to this because he has been always like
    this. It’s his character. He talks bullsh*t when he’s upset and angry.
    You just need to ignore that at that times. Like in real life.

    He is handy. He cares family the most. And Clem and AJ is his family now.

    cares for the baby. Others don’t care him like he does. Mike, Bonnie
    and Arvo did not care, they tried to leave Clem,Kenny,Jane,AJ without no
    food. That’s selfish and means kinda death sentence for them in that
    world especially for the baby. Jane would not care about AJ if it wasn’t
    for Clem. She thought it’s a burden.

    Actually I feel the same
    about the baby but I couldn’t let him die even if I had a choice in
    game. It’s just wrong to leave someone to die without trying to save

    SO I let Kenny kill Jane (wish I had options to shoot
    somewhere near them or wound Kenny to end their fight and not to let
    anyone die. The story would make someone leave alone and alone only
    after my choice)

    I told Kenny he is dangerous, without a second
    thought. But I tried to keep the group going and since I thought Clem
    wouldn’t raise a baby alone I went to Wellington with Kenny.

    front of the Wellington walls I did not leave Kenny alone even if he
    said he is not capable of taking care of us anymore. He will sacrifice
    his life for them when the time comes. I can’t let him go along an
    uncertain path, he is kinda family. We are a gorup. Remember what the
    lady says in Wellington? Sth like “we only give one bag per ‘group’ … Yes they are.

    may be a bad choice at the end but how can we be sure if Wellington is
    safe? I mean ok that place seems like a fortress but they use a
    loudhailer to communicate to Clem,Kenny and AJ who are away like 5m? How
    stupid and reckless is this? And why the hell the woman goes inside to
    ask when she has an intercom thingy on the ears? And what we heard about
    Wellington is just rumors and how old the news?

    And is there any reason that life in Wellington is not the same like in Carver’s place?Like a prison I mean :)

    Ok maybe I’m just trying to rationalize my choice but what the hell…

    PS: The game gives us hints what lies ahead. Remember:

    telling Clem she is a natural when Clem comforts the baby in Arvo’s
    place. That was a hint that later you(Clem) can take care of the baby
    alone. You had that option after Kenny and Jane’s fight.

    -Telling Luke “I would come back for you” (if you choose to say) was a preparation of the ice scene where Luke was in trouble.

    telling Clem that at a time she would have to choose to leave the group
    or not. Which happened when Mike and Bonnie was LEAVING US TO STARVE!
    and we had a chance to ask if Clem would join them. Or leave Jane or
    Kenny after one of them dies or leave Kenny in front of Wellington in my

    – I’m not a big fan of Kenny btw. But he is
    here and I went with him rather than being alone or stay in an unknown
    so called safe place called Wellington. I’d rather not see him in
    season2 but he acts kinda like a dog doing what Clem decides to do it
    was ok to have him. You can convince him to what you want and that’s
    good :))

    – I would not like to go with the baby but I had to, so I’ll try to do my best to keep him alive.

    Multiple endings in the game is perfect. I hope to see that in later
    episodes. But I hope that every choice doesn’t end up the same since it
    makes no sense in a game like this.

  • Nimir

    “What would Kenny do if clementine got AJ hurt ?” is a good question i killed Kenny who i prefer ever more than Lee…. He would do any thing to protect the baby or clem he would bcome the next carver or Larry i forgive jane only because it would be stupid to survive by our own i also disagree for new ppl to join our group bcuz they seems a burden and i cant make kiddish decisions all over again as Jane said we need to make bad decisions to save our people

  • Bonj

    I loved Kenny, and would have stuck with him until the end. Despite knowing that Jane was lying, I could not just let Kenny murder her. It wasn’t a question of who I liked more, as Kenny would win every time. He was my boy from season one and every hard decision he made was in the interest of those he cared about the most. I reject the idea that he would ever hurt Clem and don’t buy into the idea of him being a monster. Despite this… I shot him. It was a question of what was right, I would have shot Jane had they traded places, and I couldn’t forgive her. I felt terrible straight away, especially as Kenny died thinking they’d almost made it to Wellington, and that AJ was dead. Its a testament to Telltale that they managed to get me to shoot my best friend, and its made me question whether or not i’d be able to make that decision in real life…

  • CareBerry

    I am so sick of people defending Kenny.
    He was dangerously unstable. I don’t care who he’s ‘lost’. Know who else lost everyone? Clem. Her parents, Lee, Omid, Christa, Rebecca, Luke and all the other cabin survivors, as well as the Motel ones.
    They have all lost people. They are all unstable.
    ‘Stay with the axe crazy murderer, because you’ve known him a while and OF COURSE he won’t hurt you.’
    Anyone remember that part whete Clem is screamed at over Sarita’s death? When she is pushed to the ground during Kenny and Jane’s fight? He would hurt her. I shot Kenny, and I did feel guilty…until I got to Howes and saw the mess he made of Carver’s face and all I felt was relief.
    I don’t understand how Kenny has fans. I won’t bash you, each to their own. I sympathise, but not enough to let him kill Jane.

    • Wybe

      I agree, but I chose to kill Kenny and leave Jane. I think that was the real ending.
      All groups fall apart in the end.

    • Izo

      Wait… you feel sorry for CARVER? Carver who basically beats Alvin to near death, beats Kenny to near death, throws Reggie off a roof killing him, breaks Carlos’s fingers, shoots Walter in the head, oh… and had a gun on the group as they tried to escape his prison/camp …. that’s the guy you feel sorry for because Kenny beat his face into marinara sauce?

      Did you feel sorry for Troy? Heck… did you feel sorry for the St. Johns?

      Btw, Jane punches and pushes you to the ground as well if you try to stop HER. Oh… and Kenny apologizes to Clem -if- he yells at her about Sarita (which only happens in one choice tree). Give him a break already.

      Btw…. -everyone- is potentially unstable in the Walking Dead, or they’re dead. Except Omid. But he’s dead now. And Chuck. Who’s also dead. And Walter. Who’s dead. Actually yeah. Everyone in the Walking Dead (on TV, in the comics, in the game) is some level of unstable in order to NOT be dead. Kenny’s not uniquely unstable.

      • ClementinekilledCarver

        I felt sorry for Andy St. John. They were doing it to survive, after all.

        • Izo

          They have a farm, with which they can grow food, and they have an electrified fence to keep the zombies out…. so they eat people.

          WHY feel sorry for them? They don’t need to eat people to survive.

          Actually, even if they didn’t have a farm and food (which they do), they’re EATING PEOPLE. They’re cutting people’s limbs off and eating them. This isnt some sort of ‘Alive, the novel’ stuff happening (in that, the people ate the dead – they werent chopping off the surviving people’s limbs). They’re like Gareth from the TV show. They’re friggin’ evil.

  • zunzun

    Fact is Kenny has always been there. Yah he made some borderline evil actions but it was always for the best. Hiding behind his “evil” was the best choices he just delivered them in a bad way. In my opinion Kenny all the way. Lone wolf is stupid and Jane was almost as bad as Kenny.

  • Solidus-Snake

    I didn’t shoot Kenny to save Jane, I shot Kenny to save him from himself. I think what really made me realize that Kenny could no longer function ina safe way was when I told her, ‘You shouldn’t make him mad’ and she replied ‘Anything makes him mad’. That one option hit home for me, and made me realize, Kenny was just too full of anger and suffering to even fend for himself. Even if he didn’t get others killed, he would most likely get himself killed soon or later due to his constant paranoia.

    When the ‘forgive Jane’ option came up, I was mad. I didn’t ‘forgive’ Jane, I just knew the best chance of saving AJ was with a strong partner, not a partner I actually liked. I really liked the farewell scene with Kenny, and the fact that he actually admits he knew he couldn’t go on himself. It reminded me alot of the farewell scene with Lee, and made me realize, Kenny had in some ways become the new Lee.

  • Sebahack

    From the dialogue with Jane i presume the baby was alive, and when i choose not to shoot kenny from this suspicion i was happy, Guys come on JANE LEAVE A BABY ALONE IN A CAR WITH ZOMBIES AROUND, JUST TO PROVE THAT KENNY WAS CRAZY!! no discussion here. Kenny is a man, a man with troubles, a real man, who lose all, his wife, his kid, his friends, his new girlfriend, and only try to do his best in that fuck up world, but one thing im sure, Kenny will NEVER do something like that. I Respect him. Greetings from Uruguay (sorry for the engrish)

  • Courtney Baker

    I made the same decision and believe for all the reasons you stated that it was the right choice.

  • Jamie Parsons

    Jane was a bitch. There was no way I was ever choosing her. How much shit did Jane put Clem through. First, Jane abandons her own sister. She wanted to let Sarah die, twice. The second time she did let Sarah die. She continually told Clem to abandon her friends. She seduced Luke when they should have been keeping watch. She tried to rob Arvo which led to him ambushing us. She left us. She ran away and left Clem in the snow alone. She wanted to trick Kenny so she could kill him. Kenny may have been unhinged but he was right about everyone.

  • Fred Nichols

    I did shoot Kenny, but I must say I had his back almost the entire way through this Season. Clem from my storyline knew how to handle him, and quite frankly I never really liked anyone from the second season group except for Jane. Bonnie, who I actually liked after “400 Days”, lost all respect from Clem (for me) when she lied to set up our group’s ambush…even to the point where I was rude and cross with her in my replies back at Howe’s. That said it was no surprise that she was able to flip flop on us and go with a guy (Arvo) that was had just intended to gun us all down, rob us, and leave us for dead regardless of the fact that Clem had spared him from Jane robbing him. She was a fake as a wooden nickel in my book. Mike, however I did like, and was surprised that he was going to leave, but he had not spent enough time with us to thoroughly endear himself to Clem. The rest of them were either whinny (Nick and Luke both), Bitchy (Rebecca), or just plain untrustworthy the entire time. The truth is I made Clem be a tough little girl who watched Kenny kill Carver, had no real remorse for Arvo, spoke back with spitfire to Carver, and was, generally speaking, untrustworthy of this new group of people. As such, I played the game anxious to find a time when I could split from this group and go it alone. That said, I treated Jane after making me kill my friend, no different than Lilly in Season 1. As soon as I heard the baby cry at the very end my mind was made up that I was leaving her. It was a no brainer just like I left Lilly at the side of the road.

    By the way: I did actually like Sarah and tried to save her each time, ultimately unsuccessful :-(, but the hardest decision in the game so far was whether or not to chop off Lee’s arm…killing him, and killing Kenny were sad, no doubt, but they weren’t “hard” decisions per se.

  • Hrdlodus

    I must complete agree with you. I killed Kenny. I cried, I wanted crush something, but I didn’t hesitate.
    But I didn’t leave with Jane. What she did was so bad, I couldn’t be with person, who intricks and push people over the edge. Especially person, who I loved after Lee’s dead the most. Can’t be with someone, who play with me. Who force me to kill the most loved friend. My most favorite character in 2nd season was Kenny. I liked Jane, but only liked, nothing more. Still I killed Kenny, because he fell over the edge.

    And, of course, I got the worse ending. Alone, on the road, with a baby, broken but obstinate. Never want to be with anyone, don’t trust anyone.

  • MeiTantei Omkar

    It’s true that Kenny gets mad quicker than anyone else, and is reckless, but he is a good man, and his recklessness can be handled and used, especially if Clem is the one doing it. However as far as my ending goes, I had to stop Kenny, even if Jane had to leave the baby, it was a zombie apocalypse, and there’s sometimes not a choice, and Jane is trustworthy and Clem really likes her, (I like her a lot too, I actually double fist pumped after she came back :D) I didn’t think about the future as in who would be better for me, I just wanted to stop Kenny, but when I found out that the baby was fine, it was a crazy thing to do and we lost a good friend in Kenny, but I still forgave Jane, but it looked liked Clem was left with a bad opinion of Kenny, now that was something I couldn’t let happen, so I redid the whole scene and left Jane, and now I’m alone with AJ, and that’s my Clem’s ending. I want to see the with Kenny ending now but it’s hard to kill Jane :'(

    • Izo

      Um… Jane isnt trustworthy. Jane is the complete opposite of trustworthy. Trust involves being able to… well…. trust what the other person is saying. So, considering Jane’s major thing was the lie about AJ being dead …. I don’t see how she’s so trustworthy.

      You don’t have to kill Jane. You just don’t save her. You know – like she didnt save Sarah, or her sister, or Luke. Trust me…. either of the Kenny endings are so much better. The one where he leaves Clem and AJ at Wellington is -probably- the ‘intended’ ending, given how long and elaborate it is, but I personally liked the one of Clem, AJ and Kenny all ending up together not in Wellington (Because there’s an implied hope that they stick around the area and might come into Wellington in the future)

  • Luke

    I refused to pick up the gun and be a part of the fighting, Kenny killed Jane and I left him the same way Lee left Lilly

  • DannielParker

    Kenny. Jane. Whatever god they believed in is sorting out their bullshit now.

    Lone Wolf And Cub ending. All the way.

  • kian

    Jane died cause she want to prove that she was right about that right??? To risk your life to prove a point. I think kenny is better. Kenny was more better in season 2 after he lose his family

  • Giannis Chef

    i didn’t kill kenny i killed that whore so clem and kenny went to wellington but that bitch didn’t allowed us to get in the safe place so i choosed to get in with AJ junior :D i miss you kenny but i have to keep going for the best of AJ :(

  • b00x0rz .

    First of all what a fantastic game this is! No other game made my emotions run so high.

    I have ended up with Jane and new family too. But while I am happy to be with Jane I am very suspicious about new family that I have accepted, I have a feeling that in season 3 I will find out that I made big mistake.
    The new “family” are white couple with black child!? And while the man does not say this is their/his son if I remember right he does say he is a “father of a boy” too. Hmmm…
    Season 1 tested my patience to the max. I tried to be nice, helpfull and honest.
    Season 2 groups constant f****g moaning and bickering was enough for me.
    Kennys psycho outbursts made me shoot him without even blinking. You are my friend Kenny but treat other people the way you want to be treated yourself, all of us lost loved ones so keep your anger to yourself!
    Remember Carver sonny jim? Well dont be like him you asshole!
    In real life it would be very easy choice for me too – Molly or Jane minus that annoying baby.

  • Delsaur

    No need to compare Kenny and Jane, no need an argument about which is better and why, or more trustworthy, no need to explain our reasons to be with either or neither of them… Only one question: How long? That’s the only thing I’d like to hear from Jane fans. How long? How long is it going to take for Jane to consider AJ or Clem or both as liability for her own survival? Like drain on resources, slowing her down, baby’s noise attrackting walkers and many more possibilites… And to be honest; I think it would be far too optimistic to think that Jane would just leave them alone when she thinks they are. Actually I am expecting her to use them as bait when it’s her own life at risk, or somehow make sure Clem doesn’t come after her…

    • b00x0rz .

      No need to explain why and who or compare Kenny with Jane and then you are asking Jane “fans” to do exactly that? What a stupid comment…
      As if Kenny is not liability himself lol

      • Delsaur

        I am not comparing her to anyone, if there were only two options being with Jane or alone, I would ask the same. I am not praising Kenny, and Jane doesn’t need to be against anyone to make me think that. And I am not angry or surprised at all for being called ”stupid” by someone who can’t get my point here… I can’t remember saying especially Kenny is better nor can I find anything praising Kenny anyhow in my previous comment… And I am not defending Kenny in any aspect (I had to point this out otherwise you wouldn’t understand). I am not talking about how Kenny is good, I am talking about how Jane is bad. Being alone or with anyone (yes including Kenny, but nothing special about him) is much safer than being with Jane. You can get hurt when you are alone or with Kenny or anyone else, this is the TWD world afterall… But when it comes to Jane, it will be betrayal or unconcern instead of mistake… And I don’t feel the need of insulting you since I’m just trying to explain my thoughts instead of fighting on ”how accurate they are” unlike some really young fella…

  • graywolf

    for me I shot kenny but felt so bad about it that i did not forget jane for pushing kenny to do this. the reason I felt betrayed cause kenny was my friend since season 1 and when I watched kenny on in season 2 I felt like wow that is so awesome and me killing kenny was the hardest thing I ever had to do in this game.

  • Stanimal032

    Kenny had lost it. Shooting him gave him peace and he was finally with Duck and Katja. He even seemed to be at peace with it afterwards. Kenny was my boy throughout Season 1 and 2 but you could tell that he was a ticking time bomb and he’d hit Clementine before even if by accident. He wasn’t thinking rationally at all and was going to be dangerous no matter what from that point forward. Jane is a strong woman and she is pretty well grounded too. She gives Clementine and AJ the best chance to live going forward.

    It was tough to do, but it was the right thing to do in my opinion. Clementine couldn’t just sit there and let Kenny kill Jane like that.

  • akaTycksy

    why was my comment deleted?

  • Deterth

    In my playthrough, I really loved kenny and always tried to support him and keep him sane.
    Jane, was a stable character who really cared about clem. She taught Clem how to survive for god sake, she picked up where Lee left off, and she could see that Clem was one of her best options as a partner. Clem had a good head on her, solid, dependant and most of all I think Jane knew that Clem was one of the only truly trustworthy people she would ever meet.

    I shot Kenny because he was trying to kill someone who had done him no wrongs.
    After reading through multiple reviews and seeing all the endings, I’ll admit, I’m dissapointed with my ending of staying with Jane and refusing people entry. But i also think that it was the right decision.

    Kenny dying was awful, but it had to be done. No matter how much I loved Kenny and how much i knew that he would always be there for Clem, there was no other way of stopping him then to shoot him, and so it had to be done. I didnt cop that jane did it on purpose till afterwards, but I didnt care, whether it was on purpose or not, Kenny having the capacity to kill someone close to Clem after she put her weapon away and made herself defenceless was just too much.

    My prefered ending would have been Jane and Clem getting away by themselves…Without the baby.
    I know it sounds awful but i was sick of the baby after that scene. It had killed one of my favourite characters and was risking the lives of both Clem and Jane. I want to see Clem and Jane survive, to see them grow up and form a friendship that no one can break. Where no matter what happens, they do their best to survive. And they bloody well do a great job of it.

    Stupid baby.

  • FrankyPi

    I wish I could save both of them ?. They were both good people. I hate endings like this ??

  • Pommes

    It´s right that Kenny did some bad things for the group at the first sight, but I decided not to kill him because at the end he always was right. I made the mistake at season 1 to disagree with kenny and agree with the woman that later drives away (I don´t remember her name), and he was right with the russian bastard who made me really angry when he shot clementine, and the last one he was right was that Wellington is safe and a better place than the one you would go with Jane. After I realised that Kenny did some bad stuff, but always made the right decisions and was always right at the end I decided to stay with him. I think Kenny is one of the most positive/human characters so he didn´t deserve to die by my hand. But Jane didn´t deserve either, especially because AJ is still alive, but she thought he was dead herself. I liked her very much because she showed me the knee trick, but at the end, if I sum up all of this points, it is better for me not to shoot Kenny. Kenny made wrong things to do the right things which makes it even better, he is a very good group leader in this hard times, while Jane left the group once. And at the end it is better for Clementine and AJ to stay with kenny because he made another right decision, he decided to go to the north. I know there are some points against Kenny, like the fact that he says it was right to shoot him himself and he also said that being alive is a bad thing for him once, and he attacked Jane first, later we get to know it was for no reason, but he made so many good things for everyone that being shot by Clementine is not a worthy dead for him. And on top of that doing nothing is a lot more comfortable for a little girl. Another point to bring up is if you don´t kill Kenny there isn´t the ending of killing Kenny so he doesn´t say it was the right decision, and if you kill him you never get to know that Wellington is closed for strangers so you would always think about taking the wrong way back to Carver´s place. The last point I want to mention is that Kenny has lost so many loved ones and has suffered long enough, already at season 1, whereas Jane is just a person that joines the group like all the others, so Kenny did more for the group at both seasons, and everything he did was good (besides attacking Jane), so in my opinion, Kenny hasn´t be shot by Clementine.

  • Max

    honetsy i am going to play through it myself with my own choice i am still deciding and i will watch all of theese different endings on youtube.

  • Max

    going to welligton is dangerous who knows it might be like the old place you were made slaves at for a short time. and staying with kenny is dangerous. going on you own is just stupid. so go with jane and either let the family in or not.

  • Dubs

    Kenny murderer!! You’ll burn in hell for this! Of course he’d fly at someone for letting a baby die. People have got killed for much less earlier in the game.

  • RoxyH82W8

    Where to start. I will start by saying, if the choice was available, I would have choosen Luke for Clem to stay with.
    (Also, I won’t go into details why, but I want Bonnie DEAD!)
    I too came to respect Jane and knew early on I wanted Clementine to stay with her.
    And logically I understood Kenny was a danger, a cancer within any group, unstable and I would have to LEAVE (not kill) him when given the chance.

    When given the choice I didn’t hesitate to kill Kenny even tho it upset me, as I was preparing to leave with Jane.

    But when I heard the baby crying, that Jane had set up the brawl, that she duped me into killing a man (even if crazy) who had my back from the get go. I was very angry and in that instance I chose not to go with her.
    Anyways Jane is always warning Clem about not letting other people drag you down. I could imagine Jane ditching Clem & the baby in a life or death situation.

  • adzowry

    Jane might have reminded me of Molly, a character I grew a fond of during season one. But when she started arguing with Kenny, I didn’t like her as much as I did when she was first introduced. I chose Kenny over her and had two great ending options. The ending proved that Kenny’s aware of his anger and wanted Clem and Baby AJ to be safe.

    I did it also for Duck’s sake.

  • Ron Burgundy

    I killed Kenny my first play through, hardest click of my life, and felt pretty shitty,

    In my second play through i left with Kenny to wellington, and we seperated, that was when the tears started rolling, It takes a lot for me to tear up in games and that just about did it.

    My third playthrough I left with Kenny and stayed with him (Which i kinda want to be the canon ending)

  • JJM

    I killed Kenny too. I actually believed Jane when she said she couldn’t save AJ. It’s forgivable she couldn’t save him. Accidents happens. So when Kenny loses it and tries to kill her, I knew I had to kill him since he was about to kill someone over an “accident”. Even though it was really heartbreaking since Kenny was my bro ever since Season 1 and was sad he pushed me to it since there was no need. But to hear Jane manipulated the whole situation and forced me to kill him for no reason at all, I knew I couldn’t forgive her. Things could’ve gone so much worse in that cabin and she still went ahead with that stupid plan. Someone like her just can’t be trusted.

  • Ina

    I chose to go alone. I didn’t shoot Kenny, but I decided to leave him behind. I wished that I could save Jane, but at the same time she made sure to teach Clem an important lesson: Don’t be afraid to go alone. I think Jane knew that Kenny would kill her, I think she was ready to accept that outcome. So in the end I think Clem is in fact better off alone (without having to kill Kenny, who is her long time friend)

  • Jess

    I actually couldn’t make a choice on weather to shoot Kenny or not. To be honest, I started hating Kenny in season 1. He was too hotheaded. So I just looked away not knowing the result would be. I think Jane could have said something about the baby being alive so it wouldn’t go as far as it did. But I didn’t think he would kill her. Kinda broke my heart because I did like her.

    In the end, me and AJ went our seperate ways from Kenny. I couldn’t let my Clem and AJ be around someone so short tempered. I have a good feeling Clem and AJ will be just fine. Clem may be little but she has gained a lot of experience and survival skills.

  • Leap Master

    I couldn’t decide who to shoot. Kenny had sacrificed so much for Lee and Clem, but siding with him was always difficult and he was clearly unstable. Jenny had also done so much for Clem, and was clearly a little bit more sane, though she wasn’t always truthful and seemed like she always had plans of her own.

    Kenny plunged the knife into her chest as I failed to pick an action. I never expected us to even make it to Wellington, seeing the walls and seeing Kenny give up everything just to get us inside cemented it as one of the greatest endings I’ve ever experienced.

  • RobLi

    Kyle, I absolutely agree with your argumentation. I also understood what Jane was going to do, of course it was very manipulative, but because I understood what she was going to do, I also understood why she was doing that and that it was necessary..
    I really liked her from the very first second and am glad, that telltale games gave us so much different options to choose the best for ourselves.
    Can’t wait for the next season to see, if the family, I invited into our new home, really is trustworthy. ;)

  • Jack

    I killed Kenny because I don’t believe for a second that Clementine would just avert her eyes and sob, allowing Kenny to murder in cold blood. That seems totally out of character for her no matter how you decide to play. Shooting Kenny was the right choice. He admits it.

    I know far too many people that ended up alone but did the ending over again to save Kenny and make it to Wellington. In real life you don’t get do-overs. You make tough choices and you live with the consequences. These people got soft and nostalgic about Kenny rather than realising that their choice to shoot him, no matter how hard it was, was the right thing to do.

    As for Jane, what she did at the end was unforgivable. Even if you as the player already sussed that she didn’t really get AJ killed and it was a test. Her putting AJ’s life at risk – an innocent, defenceless baby – is the sign of a true sociopath. Kenny might have been an angry buffoon, but he was not a sociopath. For anyone to give Jane a second chance after she risked AJ’s life seems insane to me (due to this choice being so calculated). What if her plan to win the fight fell through? How did she know that AJ would not die in that car if she herself was killed in the fight? Or if zombies attacked them all? She had no way of guaranteeing AJ’s safety. She just said that to cover her tracks and garner sympathy. Really it makes sense that she really would have hoped AJ had never cried to alert Clem to his presence so that she could sneak off with Clem sans baby and just have another shot at playing big sister.


    The *real* hard choice is to go it alone. Killing Kenny was hard. Leaving sociopath Jane behind was easy once she proved herself to be heartless and reckless. Not to mention that the going alone ending is the most badass of them all. But then, no one wants to make the tough choices do they? ;)

  • Dean

    I picked shoot Kenny and go alone without Jane. Primarily because my priority was the baby. Jane lied, and put the baby in the car with a field full of walkers and left it alone. She also forced me to Kill Kenny of which I was pissed at. She didn’t have to instigate anything and could have done better to not get him mad. In the end they were both reckless and unstable and not worthy of clementines presence, especially with the baby. Clems hard as nails so my faith in her to go alone helped me make final decision… All tough though. Hated making them.

  • Sarah _98

    Well, I somehow disagree with you .. Why have we never related what happened with the dream Clem had of Lee didn’t happen much earlier by the way ..and it took place after leaving Lilly behind ..a decision Lee had to make to save those who he loved ..after killing Doug/Carley and considering her a threat to the group ..same decision Kenny decided to make when he considered Jane a threaten to AJ and Clementine ..As he believed and as it seemed, she killed a baby who was life for him and maybe he believed that she was selfish and could sacrifice Clem too . That was why it was very very sensible and expected for him to go mad..It’s logical ..As it was said in the game –> Hurting other people for those who you love is actually a part of survival ..and it was shown by both Lee and Kenny’s actions..

  • BastianvanDero

    5 Endings ???
    No ! Not for me
    This game will have only 3 Endings.
    no matter how many times I play season 2.
    1. With Kenny, 2. Wellington, 3. Alone ..thats all my options i will choose.
    I don´t like Jane she deserved to die !
    Even when i want to finish the game as alone… she still will die through the knife.

    About Kenny:
    When you go with him to Wellington and the 9 day later message shown up:
    -He was smiling.
    -He even made a race with Clem (at this moment he wasn´t instable or even a ticking time bomb, for me, which Mixel wrote in the comment [the oldest comment] ).

    well he said at Wellington that he can´t protect them anymore … *or something similar”, but a few dialogues earlier he said that he will raise AJ better as Duck
    enough reasons for me to stay with him, because, when a 11 year and a new born can survive 9 days on his side … (think about food, water, toilet paper, baby stuffs and even safe nights)

    I prefer a good friend which i treated even as Lee as a friend (during the season 1 ) over a 2 chapter Jane.

    She made all wrong !
    She didn´t helped Sarah even when Clem said it to her
    She is the psycho, who put salt in Kennys wounds.
    She could have stop the Fight with Kenny several times, but she didn´t
    She also let Arvo alive ( I still want a kill Arvo choice)
    I think she is more instable as Kenny was …she threats Clem as her sister

    The saddest part for me in season 2 was:
    regardless how many times i said to kenny “kill Arvo” or “shoot Arvo”, he didn´t.

  • BastianvanDero

    missed edit button .. sry

  • Renni

    I’m right along with the author here. Given the actions of Kenny and his traumatic past, eventually he was bound to snap (he was a serious liability). I had to go with my gut feeling. I just knew I could trust Jane. Though she was a bit jaded in the beginning, those walls came down when she realized how much she desired human interaction.

    Jane liked Clementine enough to come back despite her own past mistakes and regrets. In away, being vulnerable around the right people who have your best interest at heart are the ones you can trust. And I think that’s what true friendship/companionship is about. When you trust someone, you can sense it. So much that your willing to put your life in their own hands. If this were real, I would have been on Jane’s side too!!!

    • Lena_0166

      ::I’m Renni btw, just created my login::

      Furthermore…You have to ask yourself, why did Jane tell you to stay out of it? She may have manipulated the situation, but regardless, it was always going to be a fight to the death. In a way, Jane put her own life at risk because she most likely trusted Clementine to make the right decision and at the same time Jane was willing to die for her own doing. That’s a very bold thing to do and that’s why I respect Jane and thought she was worth saving.

      I think some people are missing the point about this entire game. Though it was a cunning act on Jane’s behalf, in a post z-apocalypse, you have to make the tough decisions and sometimes that means losing people who are a liability to the safety of others.

      People keep bringing up loyalty, but seriously how far are you willing to go to stick it out with someone (Kenny) who’s willing to kill at a moment’s notice with zero rationality??? That makes no sense to me. Though I do believe in redemption, it was obvious Kenny was heading down the path of destruction and was far from being ‘saved’, at least in that staged moment.

      I chose to do what I thought was “morally right”; to intervene because she didn’t deserve to die. And I couldn’t let Kenny kill her for what he believed to be an “accident”.

  • BastianvanDero

    it is still not a reason to provoke kenny the whole time.
    she did not stop to harassment him.
    Thats why i was sitting in my chair “head-shaking” the whole time during this scene.

    what did she said to rebecca in “Amid The Ruins” … you do not have to right to talk about my sister …. something like that.

    she also have not the right to provoke kenny with his family either.

    This child game “i can see an As*hole” and how she act makes me angry. thats why i let her stabbed to death every time.

    She haven´t to prove anything and i really don’t want bad haircuts

  • Jayden Jaramillo

    Kenny is my favorite character. He has been through so much losing his son, wife, girlfriend, and best buddy Lee. Even though he has nothing to look forward to he still carries on. If you would of seen the Wellington ending he cares a lot about Clem and AJ. So I chose to stay with Kenny

    • BastianvanDero

      me too

  • John Seminario

    The ending was tough for me too. However, there still are some pretty obvious morally right choices. Regardless of how you feel about Kenny (I fucking loved him), he’s about to kill a completely innocent person. Whether you suspect Jane is lying from the start or not, she probably never would have meant for the baby to die. Then you find out that AJ’s alive and you’re suddenly super pissed at her for lying. That shouldn’t stop you from going with her, though, because you’ve got a goddamned baby with you. You’d be stupid to go off on your own. My only complaint is that I can’t choose to stick with Jane without forgiving her. Where’s the “I hate you to death for creating a ruse ending with the death of one of my oldest friends, and I’m only sticking with you because there’s strength in numbers” option?

    • BastianvanDero

      Innocent ? who ? Arvo ? Jane ?
      No, they are all guilty.
      The only panic attack which i had was at the scene where Jane threatened Arvo with a gun.
      and do you know why i had this panic attack ? i couldn´t find the “shoot Arvo” choice. time was running and i couldn´t find the choice.

      i never heard of Arvo, never saw him before but when i appeared the first time i wanted to kill him,

      i don´t like his character, glasses, even his voice and don´t ask me why. this dislike came in a second.
      and regardless how often i said to kenny, shoot him or kill him, kenny didn´t made it :(.

      Nearly the same was with Jane, always talks how bad kenny is and stuffs. The most thing i hate is when peoples talks about a person behind is back. every sentence of her was shit i hate her character.
      in my first game i was always sticking up with sarrah, made friends, and always helped her, but jane want to left her behind …
      no, no no i don´t want to live with a person with this bad character who let friends behind.

      i could write down 100 more things that i don´t like of her, i never liked jane … saw her the first time and want to get rid of her… true story

      This guy in this youtube video has the best opinion worldwide why he hate Jane, check it out.

      (he isn´t actually talking about jane only, he counts every game error and bug and count them) but still worth a try)

  • Kashan Preston

    I chose the same you did first time around: Clem with Jane and AJ at Howe’s with the family. I didn’t know she was lying though, I was too enthralled by the moment. Also I panicked when the option to shoot Kenny came along. I really, really so didn’t want to and I got frantic coz I really liked how protective of Clem Kenny was. I guess I chose to save Jane due to the bond she had with Clem.

    • BastianvanDero

      do you mean what John Seminario did ?

      Iam like this
      first time i saw Arvo, i panicked because i couldn´t find the “Jane … kill Arvo” choice.
      first time i saw Jane, i wanted to get rid of her, she is so annoying and always this “your group is bad, kenny is bad” makes me angry.

      and i was forced to hang up with her the whole amid the ruin episode.

      The fact that i don´t like her, will never change. so i will always get rid of her in the final episode even when i want to go with AJ alone. she will always be stabbed to death.

  • Cuppycake909

    Should i stick with kenny because i’m on the train part with clem right now and i’m confused on what i should do

    • BastianvanDero

      do what ever you want to do.
      he can be lee´s / clem´s best friend or not

  • ClementinekilledCarver

    These Kenny fantards are still raiding the comment section and getting more likes than anyone else…
    How pathetic.

    • BastianvanDero

      Kenny isn´t perfect, but Jane is worse :)
      i know over 16 reasons why i hate jane

  • Fjam

    I Just finished this episode now and I can’t get over how good the conclusion was. I ended being alone with AJ after shooting Kenny and leaving Jane. Throughout the previous episodes Kenny, Luke & Jane were the only ones that held my trust, loyal and honest people, one introverted, masking her feelings, the other extroverted wearing his heart on his sleeve and Luke who came across pretty level headed which I think are a good balance of personalities for a group. Kenny was just a sick guy to be honest, just needed looking out for, he was always willing to help those he cared about which is ideal in any Armageddon/end of the world scenario. I liked both characters because they were polar opposites I think, both were wrong yet right at the same time. Janes little ploy with the Baby pissed me off though and I don’t understand when you say you knew her plan as soon as she said ‘stay out of the way’. How could you possibly have known for certain, don’t get me wrong I had a strong inclination of her plan but me knowing didn’t make it anymore right regardless. Kenny had been victimised by the group for being outspoken throughout the season yet he was at the same time the constant that kept the group going so why give him such a hard time? The scene in the truck after leaving Arvo and his minions (I hated Arvo from the start, not because he was Russian (Kenny) but because he was a lying sack of s*** and came across to me a little twisted), similarly with bonnie but for different reasons. Tipping point for me with Bonnie was when she blamed me for Luke’s death; me going over and helping Luke was definitely the lesser decision, killing the walkers first and giving Luke an attempt at crawling out without extra weight on the Ice is still wiser with hindsight. If I could’ve when confronting them at the car I would’ve shot Arvo and then Shot both Mike and Bonnie in the leg, leaving them with one bag of supplies and the house. Leaving 2 people a girl and a baby to die without supplies is dark as f*** and shouldn’t even have been considered. Sorry for the aimless writing if your reading I’m high but I’ll swiftly conclude by saying Jane antagonised Kenny for ages then hatched a psychopathic plan to drive him into a senseless rage with the aim that this will evident that Kennys a bad person, implying that he would react the same with clementine. Which is horse**** because Kenny didn’t trust Jane, never mind think of her as a daughter like Clem, so the two outcomes are uncomparable. Jane playing with Kennys heart in such traumatic stressful times only to prove a point which some may argue is moot regardless, just screams psychopath or at the very least terrible judgement. That’s why I’m alone. And I shot Kenny for his own sake as much as anything else, I didn’t want him to die in hindsight, but at the moment of decision I shot him without hesitation, so I’m clueless because at the same time I don’t regret it haha really left me thinking great game.

  • Alden

    He died with his family. I killed him without hesitation.

  • Benji Spetter-Goldstein

    I killed Kenny and abandoned Jane in the end. At first I killed Kenny because I thought that he was in the wrong for overreacting and attacking Jane after she said that the baby was gone, but once I found out that she hid AJ I couldn’t stand to stay with her. Kenny is a character who was there since Episode 1, and I only killed him because I thought that it was the safest decision after Kenny went off the deep end. But once Jane showed that she was a liar and was willing to let people get hurt without thought, I was done with her. If alone with AJ means being away from someone that disgusting, then alone with AJ it is.

    • BastianvanDero

      Iam not sure if clem can handle it with AJ alone.

  • Jesse Brodie

    i Kept Kenny alive, he may be unstable but he still had a Purpose, to protect clem and A.J, Kenny is Clems friend and yes it is a hard decision but no matter what my Clem stayed with Kenny, and i know My Lee would have Kenny look over clem since lee is gone

  • MVW

    I was emotional when Lee died but by the time I killed Kenny I felt like I was putting down a rabid dog. I felt I was doing him a favour
    I also left Jane as I felt it’s what Lee would have done had anyone put Clem in danger as Jane did with AJ, and at that point Clem was taking on the role of Lee with AJ. The final scene was very fitting and I’ve no interest in seeing any of the other endings.
    Now where is season 3?

    • BastianvanDero

      it comes this year. an exact date is not sure, maybe late summer or later

  • Naberios

    It’s Mike, not Mark. And I would have shot Arvo in his good leg, let him marinate in the pain over night, and then shot him in the head in the morning. Mike was some weird, bleeding-heart bitch. How quickly & easily some people seem to gloss over the fact that it was Arvo leading his little group of eastern European thugs to ambush & attack the group that caused the major damage to the group in the first place. But no, he’s just a skinny little man-child with a gimpy leg, he’s gotta be a good guy underneath all that right? Fuck no, his actions sealed his fate. And if I would have had full control of Clem when the thieves were trying to make off with the truck & the supplies, all 3 of them would’ve been put down starting with Arvo.

  • GumballWatterson

    I strongly, strongly disagree with siding with Jane. Hell, even if you killed Kenny but left Jane I’d be happy to accept your choice. I believe that Jane didn’t come back for Clem in EP 5, I believed that she came back for the part of Jaime that she saw in Clementine. I started episode 4 liking Jane but all my respect for her was lost when she said; “Some people just can’t let the past go.” Which is not just hypocritical of her to say with her constant Jaime this and Jaime that, but it’s also a boot to the face for Clem as she obviously still lingers on Lee which is NOT a bad thing at all. What Jane did to Kenny on EP 5 during the car ride was so morally wrong… She pushed an already broken man, knowing full well how he would react, over the edge. That wasn’t even the worst part though, the fact that she placed AJ in a car to ‘prove a point’ was what made me want nothing more than to have a choice for Clem to kick Jane’s dead body… She didn’t do it for Clementine, she did it for herself, for her own personal gain. To my Clem, Kenny was family and you never give up on family no matter how broken they are. Yes, Kenny was unstable and to some extent dangerous, but he would never lay a finger on Clementine or AJ, he wants what’s best for the two of them. If Jane made it to Wellington with Clem, do you think she would give her and AJ the choice to stay? No, she wouldn’t. Her actions from previous episodes proves that.

  • naturallythe1

    Kenny to the end and I left with him too. Knew him before I knew Jane and Jane LEFT her sister. Kenny would save you no matter what. He put his family first and you WERE his family. Jane seemed to care less about others. Kenny had a fire but he was always passionate about what he cared for and who he loved.

  • Brent

    It would matter if they weren’t making a season 3… but they are. And since they are and the choices are so different in starting positions and people, then whoever you picked to stay with you will die in the very beginning of season 3, just like Omid and Christa did at the start of Season 2. If they didn’t do this then the amount of branching off of possible storylines would be pretty hard to convalesce. I don’t doubt they could do this, I simply doubt they’ll put in the amount of effort it would take to do this; that is, to keep each person’s traveling companion choices alive for a long time in the new storyline. You’d need a huge event to draw the storylines together as far as places. Why would Clem in the far north be in same place as Clem in the south? It’s much easier just to kill everyone off except the baby, which is the one choice you can’t get rid of, and have Clem make her own way to wherever the new storyline is.

  • mulatdood

    For me the point of taking care of the baby was to protect Kenny’s will to go on. When Jane comes back without the baby I’m thinking, “Well time to take out Kenny”. When she reveals that the baby is alive I’m thinking “Kenny is dead so it isn’t really an asset anymore.”, and wanted to leave it behind. In the end I was with Jane and that “father” was making my trigger finger itchy so I sent them away. I’m not sure how smart leaving them alive is but I didn’t have an option about that.

  • Tymeshia Peterson

    Think you so much can i have this games please

  • Adam

    Kenny was another Carver, that was all I was thinking about, well before Jane mentioned it.
    Jane had Clem and the baby first in her mind, and wouldn’t hurt either.
    Kenny hurt Clem when she tried to stand between them. Couldn’t trust Kenny after the way he treated Clem after Sarita died and the way he treated Arvo.

  • Connor Russ

    I spent way to much time on kenny, I will drag his cold dead body around if I have to. #kenny4life

  • Sam

    I was pretty bothered that Jane left Clem behind at the truck. She was holding AJ, of course, and was basically defenseless. There was probably nothing she could have done. But it really didn’t seem like she stuck around long enough to find out… she appeared to have had her mind made up before that door even opened.

  • Mr. Q

    Admittedly in my first play through I was kinda startled by some of my choices because of how hardened my Clementine was. Ultimately I did kill Kenny and stuck with Jane for similar reasons as above. But the next time I decided to keep Clementine’s innocence alive and stick with Kenny. Both Kenny and Jane did questionable things and I felt more or less unsympathetic to both of them. However I felt that despite what Kenny does, how terrible it is or how I feel about it Clementine and AJ deserve sanctuary in Wellington. After everything those children lost and everything they’d been through I decided Wellington was worth the cost. Besides after what happened with Carver fuck going back to Howe’s. And the thought of Clementine alone with AJ is just haunting…

  • Joshua Swanson

    I have 4 saves. One with Jane and the family. One where I left Jane. One where I stayed at Wellington. One with Kenny.

    For everyone debating on the endings I say this, whomever you ended up with in the end reflects on your personality.

    The arguments that Kenny was unstable, while on the surface seem to be an accurate assessment, ignore one simple FACT. That fact is Kenny is being judged by his actions with no regard to his intent. Yeah he may be kind of an asshole sometimes, but he is ALWAYS looking out for his family and those friends that he considers family.

    Those that judge him harshly, in my opinion, cannot HONESTLY say that they would react differently were they in a similar real life situation. A zombie apocalypse has taken your wife, son, a good friend (if you played Lee as such), other friends, and your new spouse/significant other. Losing a child alone is enough to send even some of the strongest people into a place from which they cannot return.

    Now some woman, that would turn her back on you in the blink of an eye, has told you that the newborn baby that you have taken as your own, as his parents are dead, is also dead. What would you do? How would you feel?

    To those that say that you would not react in a similar manner to that of Kenny I say you are either delusional to think that you would not or are on some sort of psychotropic drug that deadens your emotions.

    Which is the true psychopath, the person that is willing to do anything, including kill, to protect their family and friends? Or is the true psychopath the person willing to put an infant’s life at risk to evoke a reaction from someone that has not had the time to properly greive the most recent loss of a loved one?

    For me, Jane’s actions are more indicative of the true definition of a psychopath. She does not feel love or remorse, only indifference. Perhaps the reason for this is because of guilt she feels for leaving her sister to die.

    The same may be said for Kenny, but his actions do not support the argument. He couldn’t put Duck out of his misery, and perhaps feels he is responsible for him being bitten. Calling Clementine Duck at the lodge was a Freudian slip that happened because he again had the makings of a family with Sarita and Clementine.

    The evidence goes on and on and I have already rambled on long enough. My point is this: I can easily see myself being more like Kenny than Jane. Not just because I am a male. I mean the type of person that they are. Kenny is always looking out for loved ones whereas Jane only looks out for number one.

  • Joshua Swanson

    This is not directed at any one person but these are my thoughts.

    I have 4 saves. One with Jane and the family. One where I left Jane. One where I stayed at Wellington. One with Kenny.

    For everyone debating on the endings I say this, whomever you ended up with in the end reflects on your personality.

    The arguments that Kenny was unstable, while on the surface seem to be an accurate assessment, ignore one simple FACT. That fact is Kenny is being judged by his actions with no regard to his intent. Yeah he may be kind of an asshole sometimes, but he is ALWAYS looking out for his family and those friends that he considers family.

    Those that judge him harshly, in my opinion, cannot HONESTLY say that they would react differently were they in a similar real life situation. A zombie apocalypse has taken your wife, son, a good friend (if you played Lee as such), other friends, and your new spouse/significant other. Losing a child alone is enough to send even some of the strongest people into a place from which they cannot return.

    Now some woman, that would turn her back on you in the blink of an eye, has told you that the newborn baby that you have taken as your own, as his parents are dead, is also dead. What would you do? How would you feel?

    To those that say that you would not react in a similar manner to that of Kenny I say you are either delusional to think that you would not or are on some sort of psychotropic drug that deadens your emotions.

    Which is the true psychopath, the person that is willing to do anything, including kill, to protect their family and friends? Or is the true psychopath the person willing to put an infant’s life at risk to evoke a reaction from someone that has not had the time to properly greive the most recent loss of a loved one?

    For me, Jane’s actions are more indicative of the true definition of a psychopath. She does not feel love or remorse, only indifference. Perhaps the reason for this is because of guilt she feels for leaving her sister to die.

    The same may be said for Kenny, but his actions do not support the argument. He couldn’t put Duck out of his misery, and perhaps feels he is responsible for him being bitten. Calling Clementine Duck at the lodge was a Freudian slip that happened because he again had the makings of a family with Sarita and Clementine.

    The evidence goes on and on and I have already rambled on long enough. My point is this: I can easily see myself being more like Kenny than Jane. Not just because I am a male. I mean the type of person that they are. Kenny is always looking out for loved ones whereas Jane only looks out for number one.

    • Loquacious

      But you have to judge people by actions, not intent. If I say a bunch of hurtful things to you in the guise of “helping” you, and I don’t “intend” to hurt you, then that doesn’t matter. You’re still hurt by what I’ve done, and I’m still responsible for it. You can sympathize with Kenny without excusing his actions, and same by Jane.

      What I keep seeing with a lot of Kenny fans is people getting into his head to the point that they don’t see how his actions affect the group, and they detach morality from his actions as long as they can sympathize with them. This isn’t helpful to me; you absolutely can like a character while not condoning their actions. For Kenny to try to kill Jane because of what she indicated was an accident was wrong. It doesn’t matter how he feels about it. For Jane to trick Clementine and Kenny that way was wrong. It doesn’t matter what her aim was.

      That said, I think calling Jane a psychopath is not accurate and she is also a sympathetic character. From her perspective, Kenny was always unstable and she feared him, and she had every reason to based on his behavior around her. The game was really carefully structured so that you would have to choose between two evils, not an evil and a staunch good in either direction.

      We’re also leaving out someone important: Arvo. Arvo who has a gigantic language and culture gap. Arvo who very clearly doesn’t know how to regulate the situation that happens with the ambush and the baby. Arvo who is also plagued by grief, but who instead of catching a break after his loss, is subjected to Kenny’s unpredictable rage and physical abuse. Jane and Mike and Bonnie and Luke are all complicit in this, by never stepping to Arvo’s defense until the situation was truly desperate. Arvo is just a kid, and Kenny threatened him constantly and left him in the cold and nearly beat him to death. You can hate Arvo for turning on Clementine, that’s fair enough; I see where he was coming from but do not defend his actions against her. However, to condone and defend the abuse that Kenny subjected him to on the basis that “but Kenny felt bad” just identifies an inability to see beyond Kenny’s feelings.

      Kenny may not have turned on Clementine in a similar situation (if Clem managed to hurt AJ by accident), but considering his attitude towards her over Sarita and his total lack of hesitation to beat Arvo the moment he had someone to beat, I don’t think Clementine is safe with him. Also, it’s unreasonable to expect everyone, in the game and outside of it, to sympathize with a single character, whoever that may be. The Walking Dead is a complicated mix of characters and focusing on just one and trying to justify everything they do and defend them against all criticism is missing the point.

  • Jayden Jaramillo

    I picked Kenny all the way and decided to leave Wellington with Kenny because clearly he cares about Clem because he begged the girl at Wellington to let Clem and AJ stay and he has been my favorite character ever since. He is one of those characters that have nothing to live for but he keeps moving on. Clem and AJ are the only famy he has left.

  • Donnos

    When Jane returned without the baby I was wondering wether she actually killed him or just left him behind to see what Kenny would do thus proving to Clem that he´s very much insane. But when Jane didnt say anything during the fight about just trolling I really thought she killed le babeh.

    The loyalty I felt towards Kenny resulted in me not doing anything when he slowly drove the knife in her chest, and the fact that between camping and action scenes he came across as still being a good guy driven to insanity by f*cked up sh*t ( same as with Rick in the series ) I couldnt bring myself to bust a cap in his *ss.

    This feeling was confirmed when the babeh was still alive after all , proving Jane was somewhat psychotic herself and I felt like I had made the right choice. I left with Kenny towards Wellington and after hearing he wouldnt be allowed in chose to go back into the wilds with him. Hoping for a chance to be allowed in at a later stage.

  • Sjiden

    My Clementine shot Kenny. She hesitated but, when she saw the knife
    close in on Jane, she felt she had no choice in order to save Jane’s
    life. My Clementine loved Kenny and Jane, they were both people she
    trusted who had helped her out a great deal however, in every relevant
    choice in the game, my Clementine had let the others, including Jane,
    know she was aware that ever since Carver’s, Kenny had become
    increasingly unstable. Every time someone brought it up, she told them
    Kenny actions were worrying. She even told Kenny in the car that what he
    had done to Arvo was inexcusable and that he was scaring the others.
    Kenny was aware of it, he was trying to get it under control. So when my
    Clementine shot Kenny and Jane revealed AJ was still alive (it had
    already crossed my mind that might be the case but, I wasn’t a hundred
    percent. Didn’t have much time to consider it) Clementine was horrified.
    She trusted Jane. She had stuck up for Jane every time someone had told
    her she couldn’t be trusted. She had always understood Jane’s cold
    survival mentality, had even agreed with it more often than not but she
    knew that deep down, Jane was someone who cared about people, someone
    she could count on. Then Jane betrayed her and it ended with Clementine
    murdering Kenny, the man who had almost died to spare Clementine from
    Carver. It was true, Kenny was a time bomb. He was too broken, too
    ripped apart by everything that had happened to function. Maybe he was
    just trying to hold on to a substitute Duck but if that’s true, Jane was
    also just looking for a substitute Jaime, trying to curb her guilt for
    leaving her sister to die. My Clementine heard Jane out. She wanted to
    forgive her, to agree to go. She wanted to team up with her, to have her
    at her back , to have someone she could trust and depend on. And my
    Clem knew Jane would do that. But it was over. Jane hadn’t trusted Clem.
    She’d betrayed her. Clem was aware Kenny was unstable but, she was
    going to put up a fight, she wasn’t gonna give up on him until she had
    no choice. In the car ride north, she’d given up on the idea of
    wellington and had told Kenny to turn the car around. She would have
    backed Jane up and gone south. But thats not how things happened. Jane
    saw Kenny as a threat, a threat Clem was aware of but was willing to
    handle for the moment, and purposefully pushed an unstable Kenny that
    needed help over the edge. Clem took AJ, the sight of the man that had
    saved her and helped her for so long dying at her hand still in her
    head, and left. What Carver had said to her, about her being tougher
    than the others, had affected her more than she knew. What Jane had said
    to her, about leaving the group if it got too dangerous, about how she
    didn’t owe anyone anything had stayed with her. She would make it on her
    own or she would die. That was her best chance and AJ’s best chance.
    Throughout all season one, the adults in the group had failed her but,
    she had always been able to count on Lee. In season two, she had tried
    to rely on others, people she could look up to like Kenny, Jane, Bonnie,
    Luke, Pete but everyone either ended up dead or their hangups
    endangered everyone (Kenny losing it, Luke and Jane shacking up because
    they were lonely). No more. She would be her own person from now on, not
    some carry on trying to be the voice of reason for an increasingly
    desperate world. She would carve her own way in the new world,
    constantly torn between the ruthlessness necessary and the need to keep
    her humanity. After all, the only person she’d been able to truly rely
    on had been Lee. She would be AJ’s Lee, and that would be enough.

  • Adam Moody

    I have played both games and i think kenny is just upset and having clem and AJ around calm’s him down and he would do anything to keep them safe. Jane left the group when they need her the most and clem was upset for her leaving and so was luke. My clementine left with kenny and not stayed at wellington.

  • Adam Moody

    I have played both games and enjoyed them both. I think Kenny is just upset about his son dying and his wife and now Sarita, Having Clem and AJ around he has something to fight for and to protect. Jane left the group when thing were crucial for me that is someone you can’t trust to stick around at least Kenny stay’s and protect’s the group bonnie can’t be trusted and mike joins with bonnie the only person Clementine can count on is Kenny that’s why my Clementine went with Kenny and not stayed at Wellington.

  • [Spoiler Info Ahead] Kenny’s SOLE motivation and DRIVING force is his Father instinct. Throughout both seasons, everything he did ran through the filter of “what’s best for Duck” and then “what’s best for Clementine” and finally “what’s best for Clem and Alvin.” I decided well before the last fight that I was with Kenny no matter what. And I’m glad I did. In the Good ending (*wink*}, he begged to have the kids granted access, forsaking his own safety. A true self-sacrificing father.

    By contrast, Jane was a self-interested survivalist who gladly took every opportunity to let weaker pack members fall behind and had already proven she could walk away from those who depended on her if it suited her. She intentionally deceived Kenny to instigate that fight, and he was right to be furious–had he been the one carrying Alvin at the time, there’s no way he would have shown up without the baby as she did. He would have died before allowing anything to befall that infant.

  • Jayden Jaramillo

    I picked to let Kenny kill Jane and I left with him and AJ from Wellington. Jane was phsyco like Kenny said, “she could have stopped the fight whenever she wanted to.” She was to caught up to having Clem all to herself.

  • sasman1

    I think everyone who’s defending Kenny is forgetting that even he agrees that killing him/leaving him is the right thing to do. Jane may not be perfect, but she sure as hell wasn’t crazy like Kenny when all is said and done.

    Plus, the point remains. Remember how angry and awful Kenny was to Clementine after Sarita died? And how long it took for him to come around? What would stop him from harming or even killing her if something happened to AJ, especially if he somehow saw it as her fault, just like with Sarita.

    Btw, I obviously went with Jane and denied the family at the end. It said only 10% of players took that route, but what benefit would letting them in give? Jane and Clem are some of the most capable survivors out there. Either the family would have betrayed them just like so many others had, or it would have been more people to get attached to, more loose ends, and more conflict decreasing their chances of survival.

    Like Lee said, sometimes you have to hurt others to protect the ones you care about. Sounds to me like my path got both Lee’s and Kenny’s blessings with the highest chance of survival for Clem. Win/win, in my opinion.

    Most interestingly though, how are they going to start season 3 with so many deviating paths? I can’t wait to find out in the continuation of one of the best stories ever told.

  • Ady Barbu

    i chose not to shoot kenny, he may be crazy sometimes, but he cares about clem and aj, this is why he fought with jane, thinking she killed aj and their fight turned into a fight to death. Jane tried to attack him with the knife, she even said that she wants to kill him after you pick the optin back off jane.Kenny never tried to kill a group member before, except larry, who he may have turned into a walker in season 1.But we know kenny from the beggining of a new day, he did some mistakes but i cant belive so many killed him.

  • Some Guy

    Shooting Kenny was incredibly difficult. Afterwards, I did what I usually do and go online to see how the scenario plays out if I chose a different way. Given the fact that a lot of outcomes are inevitable despite your effort, I figured Kenny would die either way so it would hardly be a major spoiler. The Wellington endings however, legit made me cry. I’ve never felt so emotional about a video game.

  • Xaioque

    Yeah i totally agree with you the moment i saw Jane without AJ i knew what was going down. I really adored the bond with Jane as she is the only character besides Lee to equip Clem with knowledge for survival, everyone else just demanded and I even considered as you said to leave with her at the first chance i got. However Kenny was by far a better choice for me. In my opinion Jane and Kenny had the same level of psychosis. And i saw two options at that critical moment.

    1, someone who would gamble with people’s lives to prove a point (seriously leaving a noisy crying baby in a walker infested area?), and someone is wounded emotionally “a time bomb waiting to happen” as she said why provoke that person to wrath?

    2, someone who would go above and beyond for the safety of his comrades (no Russian pun intended) even becoming another Carver.

    Honestly since season 1 i though that Kenny spoke some of the most bat-shit-crazy stuff, but my guts told me to stick with him (as Lee) and always seemed to pay off (even as Clem)

    So like you said Killing Kenny was the hardest thing that I have ever had to do in a video game and i just couldn’t.

    • BastianvanDero

      i totally agree

  • Andrew Kruse

    I agree. Kenny wasn’t exactly a bad guy but he was becoming more and more unstable as well as dangerous. I knew Kenny would become a threat for being too hot headed and quick to fight. I feel Jane incited Kenny to act this way, so I did not forgive her but chose to go with her (by choosing nothing). However, as you said that Jane was trying to prove Kenny’s danger if someone accidentally lost the baby, that makes a lot more sense to me and I feel I can forgive her now. Unfortunately my first thought literally was that she threw the baby to save herself as messed up as that is XD. Thank you for this article, I was seriously feeling torn after everything that happened and needed some discussions going on.

  • BananaHeadFartMan

    I was against your choice, but after reading the article I reluctantly agree with you

  • Papa Ken

    Same here. I agree with you But I chose not to invite the fam. Think of it the dream of Clementine after she was shot by Arvo, Lee gave his advice to Clem that hurting someone is not avoidable if it is for someone you care about. (I cant remember what he said) Jane said that there are not much food left and they have AJ a baby who should be feed well. I guess that makes sense. My confidence boosted when Clem said the advice of Lee.

  • Sam L.

    i hated Kenny in Season 1 , he was always arguing with everyone…he was more baby than clementine, crying all the time!
    he had his moments in season 2 and of course it was great to have an season 1 character in season 2. but most the time kenny was still crying like a baby and arguing with everyone, i mean his first contact with the new group/Luke, how long did it take till he argued with Nick/Luke/everyone and it never stops !
    when sarita got bitten he let it all out on Clem -> that was the point i really started hating him again!
    He accidentally hits Clem, if you decided to help Arvo!
    For me it was just right to go with Jane, Kenny´s time was over he now can rest in peace with Duck and his Wife! Jane is an new interesting character, so i´m looking forward to season 3!

    (sorry for grammar!)

  • Raymond Mach

    I didn’t kill Kenny and I went with him to Wellington. When we got there we figured out only me and AJ could get in, and I decided to leave Kenny behind. Now It is really eating me up and I feel like I made the wrong decision by leaving Kenny. 21% of players left Kenny in order to make it into Wellington.

  • Cameron Grove

    There’s a lot more to surviving then just surviving. If you give up on those you love then what’s the point. I choose to stick with Kenny all the way even if he is broken. I never really liked Jane all that much. But I never hated her either. I also knew what she did with A.J. and that only pissed me off. The fact that she endangered Alvin and picked a fight with just to prove a point was sickening. Yes I know that in terms of survival it was a dumb and naive choice but if in the end your not happy then what’s the point? When season 3 rolls in and Kenny endangers A.J. with his nonsense then I’ll make the hard choice but until then I’m staying with him. Kenny’s all clemintine has left and she’s not throwing that away so easy.

  • Alfie The Arctic Wolf

    Made same dicesion Kenny just couldn’t deal with his surroundings and he had to be put down… it was hard because I loved and cared for him for season 1 and season 2 but after what I saw what he was doing in episode 5 I just knew he couldn’t do this anymore… it was so hard but I had to do it I cried for like 10 min it is such a emotional game. best game I ever played!

  • Sina Pätzold

    I got exacty the same ending. For me too, the important point was that I guessed AJ was alright from Jane’s words before. However, I do believe Jane’s plan was not ok. From teh way Jane acted, all provocative and even insulting Kenny, she didn’t act as if AJ had died in an accident, she didn’t act as if she was sorry. She acted as if she had left AJ out there to die in teh snow or even killed him herself because he was a liability. Fro what Kenny knew of Jane (since jane never told him she came back for Clem) that fit with her character as a lone wolf so he had no choice but to think she abandonned or killed AJ and if she did that to a baby, what was to stop her from doing teh same to Clem? He was right to fight her to protect Clem.
    For me, going off alone was no option because whiel Clem might find a way to keep herself and AJ save, I knew that choice would condemn her to never trust anyone again and my Clem didn’t want that path for herself and certainly not for AJ. She wanted to believe in eople.
    So it was either Kenny or Jane. I knew Kenny made the right choice in fighting jane, though killing her was too far. I knew Jane didn’t actually hurt AJ but provoking Kenny like that was going too far.
    That is why the choice was so tough. In the end I shot Kenny and went with Jane simply because I believed her to be better fitted to take care of AJ. I actually hated that I hat to say I forgive her because I really, really didn’t but my Clem didn’t believe in Wellington and teh most important thing was keeping AJ save and fed. Kenny had teh plan to get on a boat before and we set all our hoped on it. If season 1 taught me something then it was that you can’t ake it your goal to find one save place to stay at forever. You’re always movong, finding knew groups and friends. That is how the world of TWD is like now and taht is why going with a survivor like Jane was the better choce over going with a dreamer like Kenny.
    Even though it turned out Wellington did exist, they wouldn’t let us all stay there (which I found brilliant btw) and even if Clem and Aj stayed there lone, I doubt they’ll spend teh rest of their lives there. Just look what happened to Carvers supposedly save camp. Or Kenny&Saritas lodge. Or the cannibal farm. Or Crawford. It’s not about the goal, it’s about the little scenes like that eveing at teh campfire at Luke’s birthday or Chirstmas at the lodge. That’s teh real goal and unfortunately, more often then not Kenny would ruinn those…

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