Top 5 Essential Nintendo Switch Accessories to Buy in 2021

You'll really want to consider snagging a few of these to enhance your overall experience with Nintendo's hybrid console.

by Elliott Gatica


The Nintendo Switch is coming up on its fifth year since its initial release. While it has become rather dated hardware, this console is not slowing down in terms of sales. It’s flying off the shelves even to this day. Thanks to the recently released OLED model earlier this month and the Switch Lite from two years ago, there’s still much more potential in the system.

However, as we’re heading into the holiday season, people are going to spoil themselves, friends, family, or significant others with a brand new console— including the Switch. This guide will list the top five essential accessories for any Switch owner, despite the model.

Top 5 essential Nintendo Switch accessories to buy

1. Extra Controllers / Peripherals


This is such a huge must for people who are going to use this console as a primary gaming system. Even with the revisions done in the OLED models, the Switch’s standard Joy-Cons are still susceptible to the ongoing, controversial drift problems. Chances are, the more you play on any controller, the quality will start to wear, especially from extensive use.

Instead, invest in a primary controller like the very reliable Switch Pro controller. It’ll mostly be useful for people who play the console in Docked mode. This controller has the same functions as the Joy-Cons minus the IR sensor, meaning it can’t really be used in games like Super Mario Party, Ring Fit Adventure, or 1-2-Switch to name a few.
If you choose to play this console mostly in handheld, you may want to pick up extra Joy-Cons in the event that drifting happens.

If you are looking to buy Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, you may want to invest in getting a Gamecube adapter and some Gamecube controllers. The official Nintendo one works just fine and is relatively cheap. Other brands work just as well. As for the actual controllers, you can use any official Nintendo Gamecube controller you may have purchased since 2001. Those will work right away on the adapters.

2. Screen Protectors


The Nintendo Switch has a nice screen. The last thing you want happening to it is getting scratched, dirty, or damaged. Like you would for a smartphone, get a screen protector. This console also has some touch-screen capabilities, so you’d want to take as much care for it as possible.

There have been reports in the past that the screen can get scratched when you’re docking it. This is mostly from the fact that the Nintendo Switch does have to be put in a certain way and sometimes, certain angles it goes in can damage the screen.

Most Switch screen protectors you see in the accessories piles will do the trick, but preferably, you should pick up a tempered glass screen protector for maximum coverage. Amazon has more than enough options for these.

3. Micro SD Cards


The Nintendo Switch does not have a lot of internal storage to start off with, even if you pick up the OLED model with twice the original’s amount. Games are a lot more advanced in graphics and quality, so file sizes are much larger.

There are games on its modern competitors that have been ported over that can’t even fit in the 32 GB models. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt- Complete Edition cannot even fit in the base model. If you plan on buying games physically, this won’t pose too much of an issue right away, but as we’ve shifted into digital distribution, you’re going to want at least 256 GB of external storage.

Luckily, games aren’t as large as they are on other consoles when it comes to the Nintendo Switch. On top of that, micro SD cards have become rather cheap in the past few years. A solid card with over 100 GB of storage isn’t going to break the bank.

You can never go wrong with the SanDisk brand for storage, like this Micro SD card as an example.

4. Earphones and audio accessories


Once again, if you are a person who primarily plays this console in handheld mode, you’ll want to invest in a good pair of earphones or earbuds. The Nintendo Switch does have a 3.5mm audio jack on the top of the system. It’ll natively pick up anything connected into that port for audio.

However, as we’ve become more wireless in the digital age, wireless options are preferred. Luckily, the Switch just got a firmware update that allows bluetooth pairing for audio devices. This means the console can connect natively to things like AirPods, giving them even more of a use outside of your phone!

5. Hand grip for the Nintendo Switch


If you are primarily going to play this console handheld, you’ll definitely want to invest in a hand grip. Playing the Switch handheld revolutionizes modern day gaming, but the ergonomics could use a touchup.

Buy something like the Satisfye grip which you have definitely heard a lot of game enthusiasts talk about. It basically perfects the ideal way you’d play the Nintendo Switch in handheld mode. It’ll help prevent hand cramping, especially for those who have larger hands.

The Nintendo Switch OLED is out now, though it may be hard to find given its high popularity.

- This article was updated on October 19th, 2021

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