Who Are the Main Characters in Attack on Titan

Whether you are new to the series or are returning, here are all of the main characters in Attack on Titan.

by Noah Nelson


In Attack on Titan, everybody is a main character. Every character introduced has their own specific motivations, backstory, and purpose in the plot. Since the show has finished Season 4 Part 2 and will be airing Part 3 in 2023, there will be spoilers in this article. Because there are so many potential main characters to get through, I will stick to the 5 main characters that the main plot of Attack on Titan revolves around. Without further adieu, here are the main characters in Attack on Titan.


Eren Yeager

Eren Yeager is at the center of Attack on Titan and can be called the main character. From his progression throughout Season 1 in finding out that he can transform into a titan to his turn into the bad guy in Season 4 when he declares war on the entire world, Eren Yeager’s story is very complicated and well-written. He is loyal to his friends and always has a master plan that he keeps to himself.


Mikasa Ackerman

Mikasa Ackerman can be seen as another major main character as she is Eren’s childhood friend. She is one of the best fighters, hardly shows emotion, and always protects Eren at any cost. The Ackerman family are people that were genetically tested on to protect the king of Eldia. As one of the last Ackerman left, Mikasa contains special fighting abilities and still has a couple of mysteries to unravel.


Armin Arlert

The last of the original trio of main characters in Attack on Titan is Armin Arlert. Armin is extremely intelligent, selfless, and loyal to his friends. He is one of the only level-headed and logical members of the entire Attack on Titan roster. He is willing to risk his own life for his friends and received the Colossal titan when he was about to die. At the end of Season 4 Part 2, Armin and Mikasa are against Eren and Part 3 will reveal what lies ahead for these characters.


Zeke Yeager

The counter-character to Eren Yeager in almost every way is Zeke Yeager. Appearing first as an enemy in his Beast form killing dozens of Paradis soldiers, Zeke’s objectives turn good as he is Anti-Marley and wants to work with Paradis to save them. Eren and Zeke are step-brothers from the same dad which makes their relationship more intertwined. They both battle for the Founding Titan and the power to change the world.


Reiner Braun

A Marley Warrior through and through who is against Paradis is Reiner Braun. From the beginning, Reiner has been against Paradis and has used the Armor Titan to infiltrate their island and bring them down from the inside. As the lines between who is good and who is bad are blurred, Reiner stays loyal to Marley whether he is blind to their brainwashing or not. Reiner is definitely a main character that has continued to shape the story of Attack on Titan in numerous ways.

Like I said earlier, there are so many main characters in this show that have incredible stories and real contributions to the plot. Some of my favorites are Connie, Sasha, Levi, Gabi, and Erwin. Be sure to tune in for Season 4 Part 3 to see how the epic Attack on Titan series ends.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 is streaming on Hulu, Crunchyroll, and Funimation.

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