All My Hero Academia Arcs

Follow Midoriya's journey to becoming an OP

by Gabriel Rodrigues
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My Hero Academia is one of the most popular anime ever; it’s hard to find an anime-watcher that doesn’t know it. As the manga is nearing its end, people might want to read the whole thing or at least their favorite parts again. But with more than 20 different arcs, it’s hard to remember when things happened and what you want to re-read, so let’s check out all My Hero Academia arcs in order.

Every My Hero Academia Arc in Order

My Hero Academia tells the story of Midoriya, a powerless boy who dreams of becoming a hero that will save everyone with a smile. His favorite hero, All Might, gives him his powers, and the boy finally starts the long road to achieving his dream. The story has three sagas (U.A. Beginnings, Rise of Villains, and Final Act) composed of many arcs. We’ll go through both the manga and the anime, as some parts haven’t been adapted yet.

U.A. Beginnings Saga

  • Entrance Exam Arc: Episodes 1-4/ Chapters 1-4
  • Quirk Apprehension Test Arc: Episodes 5-6/ Chapters 5-7
  • Battle Trial Arc: Episodes 6-8/ Chapters 8-11
  • U.S.J. Arc: Episodes 9-13/ Chapters 12-21
  • U.A. Sports Festival Arc: Episodes 14-25/ Chapters 22-44
  • Vs. Hero Killer Arc: Episodes 26-33/ Chapters 45-59
  • Final Exams Arc: Episodes 34-38/ Chapters 60-69
  • Forest Training Camp Arc: Episodes 39-45/ Chapters 70-83
  • Hideout Raid Arc: Episodes 46-50/ Chapters 84-97

Rise of Villains Saga

  • Provisional Hero License Exam Arc: Episodes 51-62/ Chapters 98-121
  • Shie Hassaikai Arc: Episodes 62-78/ Chapters 122-162
  • Remedial Course Arc: Episodes 78-80/ Chapters 163-168
  • U.A. School Festival Arc: Episodes 81-86/ Chapters 169-183
  • Pro Hero Arc: Episodes 87-90/ Chapters 184-193
  • Joint Training Arc: Episodes 91-100/ Chapters 194-217
  • Meta Liberation Army Arc: Episodes 100, 108-112/ Chapters 218-240
  • Endeavor Agency Arc: Episodes 101-106/ Chapters 241-252
  • Paranormal Liberation War Arc: Episodes 107, 113-131/ Chapters 253-306

Final Act Saga

  • Dark Hero Arc: Episodes 132-? (currently airing)/ Chapters 307-328
  • Star and Stripe Arc: Chapters 329-334
  • U.A. Traitor Arc: Chapters 335-342
  • Final War Arc: Chapters 343-379 (currently publishing)

You can watch My Hero Academia for free on Crunchyroll. The manga is in its final part and is available on VIZ Media and Manga PLUS reading app.

- This article was updated on February 7th, 2023