12 Best Female Characters in One Piece

Fools who don't respect the past are doomed to repeat it.

by Gabriel Rodrigues
Robin in Wano

One Piece is famous not only for its vast world but also for its remarkable characters. Eiichiro Oda gives life to everyone that crosses paths with the Straw Hat pirates; it doesn’t matter if they appear in many arcs or in only a few chapters. Oda creates backstories and personalities for them that quickly make you get emotionally invested in their lives. And the female characters are no exception, as some of them can also be considered a few of the greatest anime characters in general. So let’s check out the best of them.

Best Female Characters in One Piece Ranked

One Piece has a big selection of incredible characters that made a great impression on fans and the main characters. Here we have a list of the 12 best female characters in the anime.

12. Viola


Viola, also called Violet, is a member of the Riku family in Dressrosa who joined the Donquixote Pirates and worked as an assassin and army officer to protect her father’s life and the rest of the kingdom in some way. She is one of the characters with the strongest resolve in the anime. Viola uses her charm and powers to manipulate and persuade people into working for her and doing what she wants, but she actually is also quite noble and trusting.

11. Jewelry Bonney


The captain of the Bonney Pirates is one of twelve pirates from the Worst Generation. Deu to her Devil Fruit ability, she can change her age and appearance at will, making it great for stealth operations, like when she invades the Reverie and tries to save Bartholomew Kuma. Her past with the character is also one of the reasons fans are so interested in her, as it promises to be another story that’ll make us cry our hearts out.

She also presents herself as a very intelligent person that knows when to fight and how to escape difficult situations, mainly in Sabaody when she stops Zoro from attacking a World Noble and making things even worse for the pirates there.

10. Boa Hancock


Hancock is one of the most important Warlords of the Sea and Amazon Lily’s empress. She is the most powerful warrior in her country and is feared by many pirates and marines. Even Sengoku, one of the Fleet Admirals, has acknowledged her great strength. She is capable of fighting equally to equal with Blackbeard and Pacifistas at the same time.

Her charisma allows her to be forgiven even if she does something evil, and she’s trickery enough to aid Luffy in breaking into Impel Down, the World Government’s maximum-security prison for the most dangerous criminals.

9. Perona


Perona is one of the Thriller Bark arc’s antagonists. Her selfish and immature personality makes her very funny, and fans love it. Thriller Bark is one of the funniest parts in One Piece, and she plays a big part in that. You deserve a prize if you can watch her fight against Usopp and not laugh even a little bit.

Her Devil Fruit powers are also one of the best in the series, being able to create and control ghosts that drain the morale, self-esteem, and will to live of anyone whom they pass through. She can also use them as a form of surveillance and as bombs.

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8. Dr. Kureha


Kureha is Chopper’s mentor, adoptive mother, and one of the best doctors in One Piece. Besides doing everything she can to treat someone, even threatening them if they refuse treatment, she stands up against Wapol’s tyranny. She’s another character with a great will to face hardship, one of the reasons Drum Island wasn’t in a worse state.

Dr. Kureha is also very intriguing, as she tried treating Gol D. Roger’s disease, knew his real name, and was the first person to mention the Will of D. And we have no idea how she knows about those things.

7. Curly Dadan


Curly Dadan is a mountain bandit who sort of became Ace and Luffy’s adoptive mother after Garp asked her to take care of them. In a way, she’s the stereotypical petty criminal, but she’s also one of the characters that shows the most care to Ace, Luffy, and Sabo, like when she invades Blue Jam’s territory with her family of bandits on a rescue mission.

She also is the protagonist of one of One Piece‘s saddest moments when she hits Garp and asks why he didn’t do anything to help during the Summit War in Marineford.

6. Koala


After being set free by Fisher Tiger, she eventually joined the Revolutionary Army and became a high-ranking officer, often working with Sabo and Hack. She’s a pretty sympathetic, playful, and strong character. She is so agile and skillful that, even without a Devil Fruit power, she can work closely under the army’s top leadership and defeat marines and pirates sailing the New World.

Her backstory is a tear-jerker (yeah, One Piece is full of that, but hers is on another level), and she left a lasting impact on characters like Jimbe and Arlong.

5. Vivi


Debuting as an antagonist, Vivi quickly befriended the Straw Hat Pirates and was part of the crew during the Alabasta arc. She cares for her country and does everything to fight tyranny happening. She also brought a more humane aspect to the crew, as most were insane and powerful people like Luffy and Zoro. We got a different perspective on how they think and work.

Vivi had the opportunity to live a carefree life without worrying about standing up for her country, but she gave it all up to help rebuild her country.

4. Vinsmoke Reiju


Known as Poison Pink, she is the princess of the Germa Kingdom, a commander in the Germa 66 army, and Sanji’s only sister. Despite a rough childhood and her family’s disdain for compassion, she is kind and empathetic. She is the only person in the family who tries to help Sanji and the rest of the Straw Hats in Whole Cake Island.

Reiju knows her country is only a war machine that propagates more violence and hate and that everyone would be better off without it. She also doesn’t hide behind her actions, knowing she is also responsible for what her country does as one of their military leaders.

3. Big Mom


Owning one of the biggest bounties in the One Piece world, Charlotte Linlin, best known as Big Mom, was one of the Four Emperors and a member of the legendary Rocks Pirates. As a kid, her benevolent actions always ended up hurting others as she didn’t understand her amazing and dangerous strength. That led to her trying to fulfill her dream of a world without discrimination by using force and violence as the primary method.

And Big Mom became even more charismatic during Wano when she suffered amnesia and developed a strong relationship with Otama. Her care for the little girl was wholesome and lasted even after she recovered her memories.

2. Nami


Nami is probably Luffy’s best and most emotionally involved crewmate. She displays her empathy for Luffy’s dream and the other Straw Hat Pirates many times throughout the series. Nami also is different from most of them, as even though she gets stronger with time, she still mainly battle using her wits too.

Nami is also one of the most developed characters with a lot of depth. Her backstory is heart-wrecking and explains a lot about her personality, for example, her love for money; she isn’t extremely greedy, Nami is like that because money is what would set her and her village free. And, after everything that happened to her, she still forgave Hachi and had no contempt towards the other fish-man. Her fight against Ulti in Wano was full of highlights, like her bravery in protecting Luffy’s dream and fighting for Otama.

1. Robin


Robin is just a top-tier character; everything about her is so well-done it’s crazy. Her characterization, ambition, backstory, power (easily one of the greatest and most op Devil Fruits), and behavior towards the other characters are some of the best parts of One Piece. How was quiet and closed off at first, but, mainly after Enies Lobby, started getting more friendly and talkative with the crew is a great side of her. Also, the importance of her themes and how they discuss the preservation of history and knowledge is fascinating.

Robin also has one of the best plotlines in One Piece that is connected to many of the biggest mysteries in the series. Enies Lobby and Water 7, arcs very important for her character, aren’t widely considered some of the best for nothing.

- This article was updated on February 1st, 2023